Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Spotted in Nashville with Her Estranged Husband David Eason (Exclusive Details!)

“Once Jenelle saw me in my super-cool shades, she couldn’t resist me!”

Well Juh-nelle…we see ya wif David!

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans took another step in repairing her relationship with her estranged husband David Eason on Tuesday. Just one day after she dropped the restraining order that forbid David from coming near her or her kids, Jenelle and David were photographed with their daughter Ensley walking together in Printer’s Alley— an area in Nashville that’s full of bars and nightclubs. 

In the photo– which was shot by a ‘Teen Mom 2’ fan who sold it to TMZ –Jenelle is holding Ensley’s hand while David walks next to Jenelle with his arm around her.

TMZ‘s source reported in the accompanying order that there’s “no romance” between Jenelle and David and that “the reason for her change in tune is because she wants Ensley to be able to see her dad. We’re told she’s also very tired of going to court.”

However, the girl who took the photo that ended up on TMZ tells The Ashley that things between Jenelle and David looked cozy both before and after the photo was snapped!

“David had his hand on Jenelle’s lower back pretty much the entire time,” she told The Ashley on Wednesday. “All seemed happy and relaxed.

“They were playing with [Ensley] in the parking garage where she was jumping and climbing around,” she said. “It seemed like they all came together in one car…I thought I saw [David and Jenelle] holding hands briefly, too, but her demeanor did change slightly when she realized we had seen them.”

The girl says Jenelle and David seemed happy to be around each other.

“They looked relaxed and affectionate towards each other,” she added. “[They] were playing with their daughter and smiling and laughing.”

The Ashley’s source tells her that Tuesday was not the first day that David was in Nashville, where Jenelle now lives with her kids. 

“David has been there for a few days,” the source said. “He was at her house.”

David seemed to confirm this in a comment made on his Instagram photo. In the comment section of a photo he posted of Ensley with her face covered in makeup, David told a fan that he was the one who took the photo. (Jenelle recently posted a video to her YouTube channel of Ensley playing with makeup at her Nashville home.)

As you may remember, earlier this month, Jenelle HIGH!HIGH!-tailed it the East Coast to meet up with Herbie Wilkinson, whom she had been talking to since her split with David. The Ashley hears that Jenelle and Herbie’s fling ended shortly after the news of their relationship went public.

“He dumped her because he felt that being with her put his sobriety at risk,” The Ashley’s source tells her. “She was actually pretty upset about it. She has only been dumped a few times by guys.” 

Farewell, HerbNelle! We hardly knew ye!

The Ashley will continue to update on this story. Stay tuned…

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; Twitter)

106 Responses

  1. Imagine if your life was lived in the spot light (even by choice) ..what would people think about you? Better yet why care.. For all the talk especially negative talk, some people seem extremely emotionally invested in her life.. ?it’s easier to throw shade then look in the mirror I guess ?

  2. Ugh. These two. There’s nothing I can say that hasn’t been said a million times over by a million different people. So I’ll just say nothing.

  3. Anyone who didn’t see this coming is a fool!!
    This girl loves attention even if it’s Bad..I won’t put it pass her to makeup a breakup to gather sympathy.
    At this point…She has not listen to anyone giving her SOLID advice to stay away from the kinda of crazy. She has not at anytime given thought to her children. She doesn’t care she puts them in harm’s way.. She’ll always have an excuse for that abusive husband of hers..Just too bad she doesn’t give her kids the same amount of attention and care that she does that useless animal killer. I just hope her kids don’t pay the price for her returning back to the abuse…This time it’s on her
    She can’t blame anyone but herself…YOU ONLY GET TO CRY WOLF 1 TIME..

  4. Jenelle, if your past was toxic af, what do you now expect your future to be?
    It’s in your hands… Not only your future, but – more important – your children’s future?

  5. Herbie left her because he was afraid she will affect his sobriety…that’s a first. I mean, Jenelle isn’t known to be dating intelligent men, thank God he got away from her, go Herbie!

    Aaaaaand…they will be back together. For the love of God, this girl can’t be single even if her life depended on it. Poor kids.

  6. Dear Jenelle,

    While tmz confirmed it, seeing Kaisers shaved head was the first clue that David and his beard lice had arrived in Nashville.

    In case you weren’t aware, while you were swiping right and risking esophageal spasms, someone risked life and limb to steal items from the swamp. Luckily there has been a break in the case, your clothes can be recovered at Plato’s Closet.

    Unfortunately, David’s items have yet to be recovered. The perpetrators managed to make off with David’s only means of being a productive member of society. This unfortunate incident caused him to fall behind on arts and crafts quotas. When you crank out 2 per year and your tools are stolen prior to starting the 2nd, it’s impossible to end the fiscal year in double digits. It’s a damn shame, as I’m sure he would have stepped right up to help financially.

    This Robbery took so much more than David’s financial stability. It deprived him the opportunity to become the person his 15 year old self could be proud of, a boy with Vilitigo working 3 full time jobs. Not to be confused with the condition that prevents him from working even 1 part time job now (scratch that, same condition)

    Dropping the restraining order is not for Ensley, it’s for your selfish @ss. You may want to take a page from Olivia’s parenting book. It’s better to have no father than a child abusing, dog murdering, wife beating sociopath.

    Now that you have invited David to Nashville, good luck trying to get rid of him. Shaving and Nix can only rid you of the smaller parasites, it won’t work on Lurch the Leech.

    You two deserve each other, go buy back the pawned boat and sail off into the sunset sundown (Vitiligo). Go enjoy a life of squirrel dinners and 911 calls, but leave the kids with family, as it’s only a matter of time before something bad happens… tik tok

  7. Keep that child away from that lead based garbage makeup! She’s already got enough issues, she doesn’t need lead poisoning!

  8. Well we all knew this would happen. Jenelle is a lost cause. All they will do is move to her new location and start the same shit over. Im sure hes been telling her how much hes “changed” and shes a moron.

  9. Of course she’s back with him, she needed that shot of vitamin D. She has no self worth other than what’s reflected by a man, and she does t care a man loves her enough unless he’s batshit crazy over it. That’s why she has always provoked her calmer boyfriends until they lose their shit. It’s why her most common whine to them is “I just want you to care more”, something we’ve seen her say several times in camera.

    In many respects she and David are perfect for each other. Amd I’d be happy to let the, live their tragedy in peace if it weren’t for all the poor kids involved.

  10. Thank you for sharing this with us. I feel sad for you.

    To me this confirms once again that Jenelle puts her children in great danger. It’s no game, Jenelle.

  11. MTV agreeing to film her again or not, I truly believe that most of us have just about had our fill of this sad “penis flytrap” who would risk the life and limb of herself, her kids, and even her pets to be with a man.

    Any man. Dog killing child abusers, randoms who want to be in front of a TV camera, you name it.

    I personally am SO over this chick.

    1. And over Amber. Leah has a nice family, she will be alright. James – I hope he will end up alright. But Maryssa, Kaiser and Ensley… If anyone knows what I/we could do for them, please write it on here.

  12. Everyone, including me, needs to stop giving this bish ANY attention. I feel bad for the kids, especially Kaiser (get it together, Nathan), but she needs to be put out with the rest of the trash.

  13. Because parking garages are such cool playgrounds for toddlers. Jumping and playing around on what? These clueless twats are too stupid to even fake a lie about how normal kids play (ie NOT in parking garages!)

    1. BTW, I wouldn’t be very pleased if I wanted to enter/leave a parking garage and there were little children running around… I would wonder what kind of parents would allow that…

  14. Nobody subscribe to her YouTube Channel she doesn’t deserve to make any money of her kids misery.
    Someone on Twitter will post it for everyone to see.
    Also Nats mom lives in TN.
    So are Nat & Dolph still proud of her?

  15. So Roux knew last night this news was going to break today. How did this person know? This was all a set up by Jenelle.

    TMZ paid someone who saw D And J together

    Roux knew the news would break today

    Is J Roux?

    Is it a friend of J?

    Jenelle called TMZ she would be there.
    TMZ sent a reporter.
    Who is Roux?


  16. just when you think she has grown up and made progress she does this. Stupid she will be beat and dead by the end of the year there is no way she isn’t going to hook up with him

  17. I really hoped she would make it away this time. They say it takes 6 times to leave an abusive partner. With David being so violent she is gonna end up dead. Then Ensley won’t have a Mom, Dad in prison. And poor Barb is going to end up with another child of Jenelle’s. And Kaiser is going to be with Nathan’s Mom because he is a crazy alcoholic.

  18. We all knew they were faking the breakup so MTV would cave. I wonder if they are going more public because she got her MTV contract back. She has always been and always will be a LOSAH! (Best Babs accent)

    1. Jenelle does mind games as well. On her son Jace: “Why would you say that I pulled a gun?
      You’re lying”. “Maryssa is lying”. And on Kaiser. On the police. On us. And more.

  19. After learning a friend of mine was murdered over the weekend by her ex-husband, reading this makes me especially sick to my stomach. Jenelle is a terrible waste of life, and is one of the reasons actual victims of domestic violence aren’t believed enough ?

    1. Thank you for sharing this with us. I feel so sad for you.

      To me, this confirms that Jenelle is putting her children in great danger.
      It’s no game, Jenelle. Let the children go. Decide about your own faite,
      but not for innocent children.

  20. Liar!! She had her wedding ring on today while HE was driving her around. Pictures don’t lie Jenelle Evans, oopsie, I mean Eason, smdh They’re both trash

    1. I don’t normally comment like this but I have to add: forget bubblegum, that’s gotta be like throwing a toothpick down a football field.

      I’ll be in Hell for that comment if anyone cares to join me.

      1. Why are you convinced I’m jenelle idiot!! As far as your pussy comment watch your self, that’s no way to talk to a lady.just because I’m a strong southern woman who has no time for ignorance or pettiness, but I have to say loving this convo.. Kicks heels up and smiles this is kinda fun ?

  21. Disgusting! The source that saw them is 100 percent correct. Once spotted they tried to hide their affection and will lie to cover up they’re still with each other. She can rot in you know where for everyone that physically and financially supported her.

  22. Its almost Valentines Day. She has to line up a Valentine. Surely we didn’t expect her to spend Valentines Day alone? We know Jenelle way better than that.

      1. Or a new gun, remember when they posted her firing it on Valentine’s Day after the school shooting that day. And wouldn’t even say sorry.

  23. This girl can not be single for a New York minute. She obviously left David because she was talking to Herbie. Now that that went south she’s back to David. Remember when she was posting all these quotes and stuff from the Notebook? She’s absolutely delusional. And those poor kids. PAGING NATHAN AND BABS: get custody of these children now!

  24. I’ll give this Herbie guy some credit- even though he’s desperate to be in the limelight, he obviously wasn’t desperate enough to jump on Jenelle’s drama wagon to get there. Props.

  25. I have always from day one said this was a scheme cooked up by David & Jenelle. They deserve each other. The kids don’t deserve either of these “people”. I can’t call them “parents” because “parents” actually “parent”. Something neither of these a$$hole$ have ever been.

    1. Ditto. This was ALWAYS a ploy to get back on mtv. Since they kept Amber, going for a comeback story, Dumbell thought she could do the same. They’ve always been in contact

  26. The courts should fine her and put her in jail for falsify police reports. And getting a restraining order, the dropping it? If a woman is abused or in fear of her life, the courts and state prosecute. Lock her ass up!

    1. Its almost Valentines Day. She has to line up a Valentine. Surely we didn’t expect her to spend Valentines Day alone? We know Jenelle way better than that.

  27. I hope they work things out if that’s what they both want. I truly believe she was happy with him. They should go to counseling and to AA and NA and I believe all the fighting would stop. They both were violent and I have always believed if you hit a man you deserve to get hit back. Why should a woman be allowed to beat in a man and the man just sit there and take it. They obviously love their children and are trying to do right by them or they would have never gotten custody of them back!

        1. Excuse me???just curious how old are you? You need to check yourself seriously!!!! I’m taking it you do not have a life of your own son? Don’t get lippy with me boy but thank you for recognizing I have good grammar, it’s called school.. Now take your no life, cyber trash talking butt else where.. Pooooof be gone

  28. In her newest IG story, she’s wearing a ring, that looks a lot like her engagement or her wedding ring. She’s so dumb. They all are.

  29. Love, exciting and new
    Come aboard, were expecting you
    Love, lifes sweetest reward
    Let it flow, it floats back to you
    Love Boat soon will be making another run
    The Love Boat promises something for everyone
    Set a course for adventure
    Your mind on a new romance
    Love wont hurt anymore
    Its an open smile on a friendly shore
    Yes love…
    Its love…

  30. This stupid b*tch! ? Of course she’s going to take him back. I really hope that every single child is permanently removed from the home. David is a psychotic, abusive POS, and Jenelle is every bit as bad as David. They deserve each other, but they don’t deserve their children.

    1. And their children deserve loving and caring (step)parents / grand parents / foster parents.
      They deserve to feel safe and loved, to be happy.

      And they need therapy, Kaiser may have ptsd already…

  31. Well that explains it. She only left David because she thought she would be with someone else, but the second that guy walked away she suddenly needs David again. This girl desperately need to be single for a few years.

    1. Exactly. She’s pitiful, she’s a weak little girl, who is willing to put her own selfish wants before the safety of her children.

  32. I knew it was fake when she filled the PFA AND ONLY SAID HE LOCKED Kaiser in the car. DAVID wasn’t holding Ensleys hand he was all up on Jenelle. I feel bad for poor Kaiser. Jenelle even had the nerve to buy a new dog. Jenelle just did all this to get back with MTV. Hopefully they will go broke and end up on the street. TRASH. DRUG ADDICTS. CHILD ABUSERS. DOG MURDERER. PIECE OF SHIT. ROOT IN HELL. Didn’t fool me.

    1. I knew it was fake when the dog murderer didn’t kill all of them and burn down the house with the bodies inside.

  33. Can David record his song in Nashville?? Can’t wait to hear it! I know his drumms are not over there but he can always beat on Jenelle’s bottom for some rhythm!

  34. BTW…I never believed she was leaving him. I just got the timeline wrong. She didn’t get back with him by the end of last year…just the beginning of this one.

  35. When your diabolically wack plan to get your job back backfires…And this is exactly why she’s still unemployed by MTV, because she sucks, and this demon is still lurking around…plus she’ll be associated with him for life. She’s so damn dumb…glad Herbie quickly figured out what a piece of shit she is.

  36. Called it! Never believed she would ever divorce that ape in the first place. She finally realized MTV is not gonna take her back so show’s over. I bet she even offered money to Herbie to act as her new fling. We can see it was a fake relationship cause she never called him her soulmate! LOL

    1. These women and their choices are horrifying. Damn near 30 and they hitch their wagons to these deadbeats. They are dumber now than when they were teenagers.

  37. So any guesses where all this leaves her “co-parenting” with Nathan ??? Back to being blocked on all platforms again???

  38. I knew it was all a hoax to try to get Jenelle back onTeen Mom. Jenelle has never cared about the kids. She has used them to get money on Teen Mom 2. Jenelle’s priority has always been herself and making money without lifting a finger to do it. I really hope she doesn’t get back on Teen Mom. Let’s see how much love there is if she’s broke and can’t support that lazy bastard, David. We will also see if she will keep the kids once she can’t make money off of them.

    1. Wouldn’t surprise me if Nathan was in on all this too. He would come around and him and Jenelle would put on a show so that everyone could see they were co parenting together and maybe MTV would want her back since she is getting along with Nathan…and then none of it worked out. Nathan has a vested interest in Jenelle being hired back as well because then he gets to come back and also gets a paycheck again….just seems like all of them were looking to get back on Teen Mom. Or maybe Nathan had no part of it but all these characters in Jenelle’s life are shady including Jenelle.

  39. Like I said a million times, it was all fake and they aren’t divorcing. Is this really a shock? I know The Ashley said she believed it but she claimed to start the process of filing and there’s zero proof she ever did that.

    1. Several on twitter claiming to be in the know, insisted it was real too. There wasn’t another guy, she’s serious blah blah. She’s serious alright. A serious piece of ?

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