Ant Anstead Files Court Order Requesting Son He Shares With Ex-Wife Christina Haack Not Be Used in Paid Social Media Posts or Christina’s TV Shows

“Good thing I have a spare couple of kids around here somewhere… “

As the custody battle between exes Christina Haack and Ant Anstead wages on, Ant has reportedly requested that their son not appear in any of Christina’s sponsored social media posts or television shows! 

As The Ashley previously reported, Ant and Christina divorced in 2020 after less than two years of marriage. They welcomed son Hudson in September 2019.  

According to the OC Register, Ant claims that Christina has used two-year-old Hudson in social media posts to sell products while the toddler is in her care. He also asks that Christina not be allowed to feature Hudson on any of her TV shows, which include Christina on the Coast, as well as her new spin-off Christina In the Country without Ant’s consent.

 In the court order filed Thursday by Ant and obtained by People, Ant specifically asks for “sole legal custody of Hudson,”–- which has been denied by the court–- or for neither him nor Christina to use the toddler for promotional posts unless both parents consent. 

“ … in the alternative, for an order restraining both Christina (and me) from using Hudson or Hudson’s likeness or image in any commercial endeavor, social media paid promotion, television or streaming program, or which might otherwise commodify Hudson without the express advanced written consent of both parents in writing,” the court order reads. 

Ant, who just last week accused Christina of only spending an average of nine days per month with Hudson over the last 20 months, claimed Christina featured their son in paid advertisements to sell products during three of the five full days she had Hudson in March 2022. 

(According to Ant, Hudson is allergic to a product featured in one of the ads.) 

In a previous statement to People, Christina said “what Ant is doing deeply saddens me.”

“If this was really about Hudson, as he says, this should have been handled privately with a private judge or mediation, as myself and my attorney have suggested,” she continued. 

The exes have a court hearing set for June.

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14 Responses

  1. People need to stop putting kid’s in the middle of there B’S.If he was so concern then why is he doing the same thing?? move on!!! He was not concern when they we’re married now it’s a problem come on!!! He isjust pist she makes more and he has to pay. Christina don’t let haters get to you!!!

  2. Hi,its sad for the children,I too came from a broken family.But I turned out pretty good.I think Ant is jealous, and I dont blame him, I didnt want my son raised by my exes girlfriend. Its only human nature.This is for Christina & Tarek: I really miss your show ❤ together, but “it is what it is”! I no longer watch “Flip or Flop”,its not the same. I do wish Tarek & Christina the BEST!This is for Ant…I understand how you would want Hudson “full custody”! I’m sorry Ant..that will never happen! The “system” will never allow it,unless you can prove Christina an unfit Mom,which she is not! That thing about Hudson being allergic to? I’m sure that will never happen again,Im sure it was found by accident,.. whatever the case. I wish “ALL”of you the “BEST”! Just remembe,you have only 1time & 1 time ONLY to make the ” BEST” out of life,there is no turning back!I ? you ALL! Tarek & Heather…Ant & Renee!
    For Christina:I’m not judging you or anyone but I need to say this. If I offend you please, that is not my intentions. Your later shows,when Tarek asks you,” do you have a minute”? I guess he wanted to share with you the the next “Flip”…on the show it showed
    your daughter(I forgot their names,dont get old)she said when Tarek asks you for a minute, she would say “NO”!I know growing on to be a teen,but to me,it showed she has no respect for her Dad!This happened on 2 occasions, That was not nice. I apologize, I just needed to tell you,not on television, im sure she meant no harm,but seeing & hearing that,not good for television. So …anyways…” LIFE IS TOO SHORT”. LOVE YOU GUYS & MUCH ALOHA from “HAWAII”

  3. You’re a awesome mommy happy mothers day Christina hall I wished I had a sister like you You’re the coolest person love your show Christina on the coast I will love Christina in the country too I live in ohio

  4. I have to agree with Any on this issue. Too many kids are Used in the process of obtaining More money. Were it a family barely surviving on 1000$ per month, I’d reconsider. But Christina has Millions and I’d imagine a fair amount of child support as well. Father’s Should Always have a say in Who Sees their child…famous kidnappings are a Thing!!!Parents do Not use their best judgement when blinded by $$$$$$$$

  5. This is sad for all of them… trying to push his Mother out of his life will only hurt all of you…
    Please take this private and do not use your Son as a pawn… the other woman in your life is not his Mother as Christina’s new Husband is not the father, but they both play an important roll in this precious little guys life!!!! Take the best and throwaway the garbage!!!

  6. I feel bad for this father, because his son’s mother doesn’t seem to prioritize the needs of any of her kids, but he knew this about her. He knew that exploiting her kids was a big part of building her brand. Be careful who you procreate with. Praying for that sweet little boy, who needs the love and attention of his mother.

  7. What he is asking for, should have been a logical thing, not something you need to go in court for! Also don’t forget so many creeps on the internet, some celebrities (including family bloggers) should protect their children more.

  8. I agree with the fist comment. The new husband is weird, she barely knows these men (except Tarek)and she rushes to marry and involve her kids. The article did mention her use of psychedelics when meeting this guy – not a good sign. Yes, her exes date too but they don’t act this way.

  9. Am I the only one who thinks the post from her new husband is incredibly weird? Like first he specificallys says “3 kids from 2 males”… why did he specifically call that out rather than say he is the stepfather to 3 children? Also, calling men “males” is just as cringey as calling women “females”

    Something about the way he writes is weird to me too. It’s like he has some kind of desperation to prove himself as a macho man or something

    1. His Instagram bio is pretty cringy too. It looks like she did it with all the emoji’s. He shall soon pass too. I give it a year or two and then she’ll move on to the next

  10. I don’t blame him. Sorry but people need to stop exploiting their children for profit. This child is too young to consent. This is why I’m 100% against family vloggers as well. It’s just wrong in my opinion.

    1. Totally agree! Also highly doubtful that the child is being paid which absolutely makes if exploitative.

    2. The only likable thing abot Christina i her cut kids so I cant blame her for tryung to maximize her appeal.?‍♀️ Every man she leaves seems bitter Bruh, you knew what kind of woman and mother she was when she broke up her first to marry you. You lose them the same way you got them.

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