Family of ‘Little Women: Atlanta’ Star “Ms. Juicy” Confirms She Suffered a Stroke; Creates Online Fundraiser to Help With Mounting Medical Bills

Over a week after it was reported that Shirlene King Pearson, better known as Ms Juicy Baby, was hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), fans have been given another update on the Little Women: Atlanta star’s condition. 

Ms. Juicy Baby’s reps at the Meme Agency posted on Instagram on Monday that she is out of the ICU, but stated that the ‘Little Women: Atlanta’ star still has a long road to recovery as her family has revealed the 50-year-old suffered a stroke. 

“We are thankful to announce Ms Juicy has been moved out [of] the ICU, however, there is a new journey ahead of her for healing,” the statement posted on Monday reads. “We can confirm that Ms Juicy did suffer a stroke. As many of you know, Ms Juicy is an amazing actress, TV personality, and host; however this journey and the journey ahead will not be easy.”


“Ms Juicy’s sister Tanya has started a GoFundMe in with all proceeds will go to Ms Juicy.”

“ … Ms Juicy is a very private person and wants everyone to know she is fighting and ready to go home,” the update continued. “She wants to thank her fans for showing so much love and keeping her in their prayers.”  

The GoFundMe was created Monday by Ms Juicy’s sister, Tanya Evans. According to the fundraiser description, the money raised will be used to cover household and medical bills that “have been piling up” since Ms Juicy suffered her stroke. 

“Although we don’t have a definitive date of when she will be out of the hospital and be able to get back to work, we do need your help until she recovers,” Tanya told her sister’s supporters. “Whatever you can give, we would deeply appreciate it. Thank you so much for keeping her and us all in your prayers; we are all truly thankful.” 

As of press time, the GoFundMe had raised $6155 of its $25,000 goal. 

To donate to Ms Juicy’s fundraiser, click here

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(Photos: Lifetime; Instagram; GoFundMe) 

5 Responses

  1. How does someone who is making big $$$ on a TV show have the gall to have a “gofundme” and ask people for money. Average people with average jobs pay big money for insurance so that we don’t fall into these situations. Stupid people contributing to her gofundme. She should have planned for the future like the rest of us average people do. SMDH

  2. 1. I highly doubt she has even half a million. 2. Get insurance people. I’m so tired of seeing my friends start gofundme accounts for their relatives funerals, etc. Be responsible for yourself.

  3. Net worth 2 million? Thank you for that information. If this is true, she should be ashamed taking money from people living paycheck to paycheck. I am sorry if she is sick, but damnit , if she has to million, quit begging!

  4. I wish her a speedy and successful recovery. As far as the go fund me is concerned:

    “Given her radio career, which began in 2008 on the Rickey Smiley Show, and her internet (and meme) fame since, it’s estimated that Ms Juicy has a net worth of around $2m”

    You can’t tell me that she doesn’t have some type of medical insurance. Cancer patients struggle to pay for their medications. Millions are without health insurance and suffer the consequences due to their income status. The “affordable care act” is anything but “affordable”. Every time anyone (especially semi famous) has any health crisis a go fund me is immediately started for “medical expenses”. I would say that Ms Juicy has far more resources than others.

    1. I agree. She should of had insurance through the radio show she worked for. Given the different medical conditions that are common because of her dwarfism, surely she has insurance. She’s been hospitalized in the ICU for over a week, her medical costs are more than $25,000. This amount is probably for living expenses from being out of work. She is not poor. I wonder if the gofundme is a ploy by someone she knows to cash in on her celebrity status. Ms Juicy may not even be aware.

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