‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Catelynn Lowell Announces the Launch of ‘Cate Magazine,’ Featuring “Lifestyle, Parenting & News Content”

“This totally beats hocking baby joggers and distressed onesies!”

After earning the nickname “Clickbait Cate” for her frequent sharing of misleading headlines with unrelated stories on social media, Catelynn Lowell has signed on for a new business venture that may change the way she makes easy money shares content online. 

For years, Cate has posted phony clickbait stories– many involving her own marriage and children– to her Instagram Story as a way to earn some money. While she is just one of the clickbait offenders from the Teen Mom franchise, she’s arguably one of the worst. (Who can forget the time she posted a clickbait story claiming she and husband Tyler Baltierra were giving their daughter Nova away… )

“Definitely not getting any parenting awards for that one, are we?”

As The Ashley previously reported, Cate and other members of the Clickbait Crew (along with countless other reality stars) make fairly decent money from posting these fake stories. The stars do not post the stories themselves; they simply give a company permission to post on their accounts. 

After years of profiting off of this swipe-up ploy, however, Cate has announced the launch of Cate Magazine– a joint venture with Richie Media Corp. that will allow her to share “news to more than 7 million engaged followers” about her life, her family and ‘Teen Mom.’

Yeah, girl… we know.

“Our family is extremely excited for this new business adventure,” the site reads. “We love our fans and feel honored by their support. With the new CATE brand, our hope is to give more love to those who have been with us over the past decade. So be ready because this baby is ready to rock!” 

Nik Richie, founder and CEO of Richie Media Corp., said he’s excited to partner with the Baltierra family on this project.

Like Cate and Tyler, Nik previously appeared on Couples Therapy. (His company, RMC, runs CELEB Magazine; he also founded TheDirty.com.)  

“I’m so excited to be partners with the Baltierra family on this project,” Nik said. “We believe that CateMagazine.com will be a game changer for exclusive celebrity info. Although social media is a great outlet, a celebrity’s posts are easily soiled by publishers. 

“Therefore, the talent loses revenue and control of their own stories,” he continued. “Richie Media Corp. wants to develop individual brands that focus on a controlled, niche audience. Cate Magazine by Catelynn Baltierra will be our first joint venture launch, with many more to come. True role models of love, it’s time to broadcast the best from the Baltierra family.” 

Oh good, because MTV has already broadcast the worst…

The Cate Magazine website consists of assorted articles filed under “reality” and “exclusive.” Topics addressed in the stories include tips and tricks for moms, details about renovations Cate and Tyler made to their octagon house, ‘Teen Mom’-related content and more. (It does not appear that there is or will be a physical printed CATE Magazine.)

While the site claims to be a place where “talent”– specifically Cate– can control their own stories, some of the stories on the site have the same clickbait-vibe of those that earned the Teen Mom OG star her Clickbait Cate nickname. 

One article, for example, features the headline, “So Blessed! Catelynn Baltierra Shares Sweet News.” However, the article itself addresses alleged “divorce rumors” surrounding the couple by detailing loving social media posts from Tyler and Cate.

The story also mentions a random Father’s Day post Tyler dedicated to his mom, Kim, back in 2020. 

Cate Magazine wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, either.”

Cate currently has the link for Cate Magazine in her Instagram bio and she’s already begun posting links to the site’s content to her Instagram Stories. 

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(Photos: MTV; CateMagazine.com; Instagram) 


  1. She is the laziest parent & homemaker I’ve ever seen in my life & she eats her scabs. Hard pass.

  2. So what kind of parenting tips can this couple who have never held a job, don’t pay their taxes, can’t commit to completing anything, give to any of us actually living a real life. Here’s a hint Cate, maybe try cleaning and organizing your home before the MTV cameras start filming. After all, they are 2 full time stay at home parents.

  3. are you kidding me what can this couch slug teach anyone oh that’s right sitting on her couch smoking pot

  4. Okay, so like all her projects she will waste way too much money on it, and not follow thru.

    Oh god, its going to be filled Tyler’s terrible poetry.

      1. Yep. Or Terra Reign. Or her equine therapy center.

        Cate is truly in a privileged place to just throw money away trying a new career path every 5 years when she’s struggling with depression.

  5. Well, it’s better than selling your poop in a jar(Hi Farrah!).

    But instead of launching a magazine telling us all how to parent, maybe you should just spend your free time….Parenting your three kids.

  6. Your children are visibly unhappy, your house is always a disaster, and the lifestyle you two lead is less than envious.

    Neither of you what commitment, consistency and hard work is. That is why everything you try as a ‘career’ fails.

    1. Agreed.

      Kim has always made it seem to like Tyler is better than Cate because of her upbringing, but Tyler’s father is Butch, so like maybe she should take several seats.

      Tyler ain’t no catch either.

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