EXCLUSIVE! A Full Recap of Briana DeJesus’ Confessions & Statements Made During Her Deposition in Kail Lowry’s Defamation Lawsuit Against Her

Bri talked under oath about her meet-ups with Chris, what Javi told her about Kail and more! And…The Ashley read through it all because she has no life…

The legal battle between Briana DeJesus and her Teen Mom 2 nemesis, Kail Lowry, raged on this week in court, with Briana attending the most-recent court hearing on Tuesday. In photos taken outside the courthouse by The Sun, Briana and her lawyer Marc J. Randazza can be seen nyucking it up and high-fiving after the hearing. 

Briana’s lawyer later told Celebuzz, “I think we got what is best in life,” he continued. “A thoughtful judge that I am confident will come down on the side that relied on the First Amendment, and not on the side that relied on negativity and smears.”

Other big news in the case from this week is that the depositions of Briana, Kail and Kail’s baby daddy Chris Lopez were made public. The 400-plus-page document contains the testimony of both Kail and Briana and is full of juicy tidbits, confessions and statements.

Since The Ashley knows most ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans want to read the gossip, but don’t have time to sift through hundreds of pages of court docs, The Ashley went ahead and took one for the noisy team and has recapped Briana’s deposition and pulled out the most-interesting parts. 

Remember, The Ashley suffered for you…

As The Ashley previously reported, Briana and Kail and their legal teams have been sparring back and forth regarding questions about Briana’s sexual history, which Briana has refused to answer until the judge promises her answers will be kept confidential. Kail and her legal team, however, have opposed the sex testimony being kept confidential and want it to be a matter of public record.

Anyway, below are some of the most-interesting things found in Briana’s testimony from March 7, which was just made public this week. The Ashley has also written a recap of events. (The Ashley will also be posting a similar recap of Kail’s testimony.) 

On The Ashley & The Ashley’s Reality Roundup:

Excuse the bragging, but The Ashley was pretty excited to read this…

Throughout the deposition, Briana discussed several different websites and “tea” Instagram pages that cover ‘Teen Mom,’ including The Ashley. 

The Ashley was particularly tickled by what Briana said about The Roundup.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup—which is credible as hell. I feel like The Ashley is a spy for ‘Teen Mom.’ They know everything. They never lie,” Briana told the lawyers.

On what happened the first time she met up with Chris, in April 2021:

What Kail believes happened….

Kail has stated that she believes Briana and Chris slept together in April 2021 when they met up in Miami, but Bri has denied those claims. 

A lot of time in the deposition was spent on discussing the first time Chris and Briana met in person. Bri admitted to meeting up with Chris in April 2021 in Miami. Chris was there celebrating his cousin’s birthday.

“We got dinner. We went to the beach. We went to Starbucks. We walked around Miami. That’s about it,” Bri claims.

Kail’s lawyer begins to ask other questions, but, at that point, Bri’s lawyer wants things to go off record, right after it was asked how many times they hung out while Bri and Chris were in Miami. They do go off the record. There’s a dispute and Kail’s lawyer vows to leave the deposition open so they can go back to that topic later.

On what Briana’s relationship with Chris was like after that first meeting:

An accurate description of the relationship…

Briana stated that the April 2021 trip to Miami was the first time they met in person, but that they had previous spoken via Facetime, text, DM and phone. She said that in 2021, she was speaking to Chris in some way more than once a week.

“Maybe every other day—I don’t know,” Bri answered.

She said around October 2021, they hung out again, this time in Philadelphia to record Chris’ podcast. (This meet-up was recently shown on ‘Teen Mom 2’.) 

She then reveals that a third meet-up happened.

She claims that, after recording that podcast episode, Chris made an additional trip down to Florida to hang out with her. She claims that they did not stay together in the same hotel room, though.

On why she thinks Kail dislikes her:


During the deposition, the lawyers pulled up The Ashley’s article from 2018 about Briana accusing Chris of being abusive to Kail. A Daily Mail article was also brought into question, stating that Briana has “beef” with Kail, something Bri denied in her deposition.

“It was more on her side than my side,” she told the lawyers. “…I don’t have any issues with Kail.”

Next, they discussed why Briana and Kail don’t get along.

“She’s always been really aggressive with me,” Briana said. “I think she hates me for sleeping with her ex-husband [Javi Marroquin].”

“Someone call Big Papi?”

She went on to say that she thinks Kail doesn’t like her because she was added to ‘Teen Mom 2.’

“I think she was upset that I was stealing TV time away from her story,” Briana said.

Briana also suggested that her communications with Chris is another reason Kail hates her.

On the topic of if Briana slept with Chris, as Kail stated: 

Next they talk about Kail accusing Bri of sleeping with Chris, and some comments Briana made on social media about or to Chris. Briana’s lawyer threatens to end the deposition after a bombardment of questions about this topic.

“It’s obvious that you’ve been paid to harass her about her personal life,” he tells Kail’s lawyer, who denies it.

They squabble for a bit, and Bri’s lawyer tells Kail’s lawyer to “shut your trap.”

On Chris changing his story about whether or not Kail allegedly committed “breaking and entering” at his mom’s house:

Raise your hand if you are a little afraid of Kail…

As fans know, this lawsuit was filed by Kail, who claims Briana defamed her when she made statements on Instagram Live and in the press about Kail “beating” Chris and breaking into his mother’s house after finding out Chris had cut their son Lux’s long hair.

Briana claims that Chris “changed his story” about the breaking and entering after the lawsuit was filed. However, she insists that, while they were hanging out in Miami in April 2021, Chris told her Kail “barged her way in” his mom’s house. (It’s noted that this conversation took place in a hotel room.)

They get to a text Chris sent to Briana after the lawsuit was filed. That text said, “But why do y’all keep saying she forced her way in? My mom let her in the crib.”

“I know that he did change his story, and I think that’s because he’s scared of Kail,” Briana said.

Briana then claims that Chris told her that Kail’s lawyer called him and told him to change his story, and say that Kail didn’t hit him, and say that he didn’t say she committed breaking and entering. She says Chris told her that he refused to say what the lawyer wanted him to say. 

Chris to Kail’s lawyer…probably…

Still though, Bri insists that Chris’ story did change after the lawyer called him.

Kail’s lawyer then demands that Briana’s lawyer produce all of the texts between Chris and Briana since the lawsuit was filed.

She says she believes Chris’s statements about being hit by Kail.

“It matches her character, all the things she has done in her past against her baby daddies,” Briana said of Kail. “She stole stuff from Javi’s house. She hit Jo…she hit Javi more than once.”

“Sorry, I was on my way to the WaWa and I heard my name again. You guys need anything?”

Briana says she’s “100 percent” certain that Kail hit Chris. “I have no doubt.”  

When asked again why she thinks Chris would change his story about the breaking and entering, Briana stated, “I feel like he’s scared of Kail. I feel Kail uses their kids as pawns, and he’s scared to lose custody of his children.”

Briana then gave an example of Kail allegedly using her kids as pawns against their fathers. She told a story about when she was dating Javi, he was going to come to Florida and bring Lincoln (Kail and Javi’s son), as well as Kail’s oldest son Isaac.

“She agreed to let Isaac come on the trip, but when she found out that me and Javi were meeting up in Florida, she no longer let her son [Isaac] go on the trip,” Briana said. “And Javi was very upset about that. That’s an example.”

On how the ‘Teen Mom 2’ crew feels about Kail:

“To be fair, they all annoy me at this point.”

Briana talks about ‘Teen Mom’ Executive Producer Larry Musnick and a producer named Sandra flying down to Florida to talk to her about her and Kail’s issues, Kail’s arrest and all of the things Kail has refused to film about.

Briana stated that she’s overheard conversation among the show’s crew in which they have stated that they don’t enjoy filming Kail.

“Most of the crew hates working with Kail,” she said. “And she’s not so nice and, yeah, they pretty much say things,” Briana said.

She made it clear that she was no eavesdropping, since the conversation happened at her home.

Briana on whether or not she feels guilty for listening to other people’s conversations…

“It’s [being said] in my house so I’m listening,” Briana added. “It’s on my property. I’m there. I can hear it all.”

On the lawsuit:

Toward the end of her disposition, Briana was given a chance to discuss any topics that were not already brought up.

“I bought a new Fashion Nova for this court hearing, so I’m gonna get my money’s worth!”

“I feel like I have a lot to say,” she said. “I’m upset that this even has to be a thing. I don’t understand how someone can try to sue me for defamation of character when she already makes herself look bad. She has a record of doing a lot of things that I don’t appreciate, and I just think this whole situation is frivolous. And I’m upset; I’m upset about it.”


Click here to read The Ashley’s recap of Kail’s deposition! 

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(Photos: MTV)

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  1. “ I don’t understand how someone can try to sue me for defamation of character when she already makes herself look bad.”

    And she doesn’t even realize it lol that’s the best part. She thinks she’s so popular when really people just watch her for theatrics and drama. It’s like watching a poorly written off Broadway play with horrible acting.

  2. The only people “winning” this case are the lawyers. They are padding their bank accounts with Teen Mom money bc these 2 girls can’t get along. Imagine fighting over the likes of WaWa Javi & deadbeat Chris in court?
    The facts are Briana did bang both of these dudes, Kail you were arrested for attacking Chris. Sell the treadmill, split the proceeds & call it a day.

  3. I don’t doubt Kail is everything the producers say she is ..difficult to work with etc…but I’m shocked that they allowed all that hearsay without any objections.

  4. I hope Kail wins because if not, the war will be ON. All of them will never shut up once given the all clear. The fact that Briana claimed that she doesn’t have an issue with Kail?! Please. She lives for this! She’s done nothing but egg her on. While Briana is NOT innocent here, Kail needs to quit with this shit too.

    1. I don’t doubt Kail is everything the producers say she is ..difficult to work with etc…but I’m shocked that they allowed all that hearsay without any objections.

    2. I hope Lail loses because she can go on her podcast on on TV and says anything she damn well pleases about her baby daddies and Brianna and then when it comes to filming she refuses to film what’s the really real. She deserves a big L for this one

    3. I hope she loses because she gets to go on TV and podcast and defame ALL her baby daddy’s and Brianna ..and then when it comes to something she’s done ..she doesn’t want to film about it and refuse it to film even though she’s under contract. I think she deserves a hard out for this one. The producers don’t like to film with her and we don’t like seeing her ..and she should be off the show enough people has already called for her to be gone especially against her violent tendencies with all her baby daddies.

  5. This all started with “Bri lied about me hitting Chris and breaking into his mama’s house!” and has turned into “ask her under oath how many of my baby daddy’s she’s slept with!” How. Fucking. Pathetic.

  6. I’m so confused. Is it defamation to repeat something you heard?

    Bri testified that the crew hates working with Kail. So did she defame Kail again, in the court room, right in front of the judge?

  7. What’s Briana’s sex life have to do with defimation? When will Kail be prosecuted for her ways? Kail has hit all her men.

  8. This is just embarassing ..
    Where does this obsession with Kails men even come from?
    And of course the tv Crew is badmouthing Kail in Brianas home, OF COURSE ?
    I dont know what is up and down in this mess, but god its cringy ..

    I dont like Kail either, but i would’nt let my ex take my kid to a hookup either, dont by stupid ..

    1. Bri and Javi were actually dating, so it wasn’t technically a hookup. Why don’t you ask Kail why she’s still obsessed with her exes? Kail is the one who is paying her lawyer to harass someone over their sex life…. Why does Kail need to know if they slept together? It’s not her business. She creates her own issues!

      1. Im pretty sure he did’nt go to Florida to just “hangout” – dating or not. You dont bring your ex-wifes kid for that, and Honestly you dont any right to do it.
        Im not asking anyone anything, I still find it odd how a person who claims she got no issues with a person constantly tries to get under that same persons skin.

        The whole outting of Bs sexlife is basic slutshaming to make her seem less trustworthy, common misogyni. You pay laywers to win, and in this case B is a easy target..

  9. This is so stupid. How are lawyers involved in something like this??? Demanding to know someone’s sexual history? What?

  10. I feel like I’m watching the Parks and Rec episode when Leslie calls a disciplinary hearing to force her boyfriend under oath to say whether or not he had a good time on their date…except, this is Kail forcing a trial to try to force Briana into admitting under oath that she slept with baby daddy #3.

  11. Why did this even go to court? I know americans sue eachother for everything, but……what? Where is the crime? This is just two high school girls fighting over a boy and gossip.

    1. It’s because Brianna did an interview (got paid) and said that Kailyn broke into his moms house and hit him and the reason she wasn’t filming is because she was trying to hide it. So Brianna essentially made this story up or just heard it and spread it around… defamation. A Lot of people seem to believe Brianna judging by comments I’ve seen from fans. This lawsuit seems valid and not frivolous. You can’t publicly accuse people of crimes without proof just because you don’t like them. Honestly, I think Kailyn should sue because Brianna has kept Kailyns name in her mouth for years now.

  12. This is the perfect storm of petty and vindictive and dumb and easy with a splash of physical sexiness.

  13. I thought the whole point of the lawsuit was Bri “lied” about Kail hitting Chris? Because outside of what Chris said to Bri about the incident, nothing else is anyone’s business. And I’m still failing to see where Bri was wrong about that.

    This is embarrassing for everyone that something like this is getting dragged through the courts. Cancel the damn show and unclog some of the courts.

  14. Just assume that Briana slept with Chris. She had an agenda and she is as easy to get into as a loaf of bread.

    This girl obviously likes losers, and sloppy seconds. WHO CARES???

    This guy has no interest in employment, adulthood, or condoms. Briana’s type.

    Kail, just GET OVER YOURSELF. You’re wasting your money and looking like a fool. She fucked your baby daddy. Actually TWO of them. Yup. A bunch of times. Save your money and get over it.

    He didn’t want you, and you’re going to have to get over it. Once you do, you’ll realize what a huge bullet you dodged.

  15. How is any of this a legal issue? In a way you gotta respect the lengths they’ll hustle to stay relevant, but in a world where you’re paid to talk trash about your co-stars, can you really be that mad about them doing the same?

  16. Since the lawsuit info is all free public info Kailyn might as well had filmed and talked about it on MTV. At least she would have gotten paid for this season but if you dont film you dont get paid.

  17. Kail’s only reason for doing this is to humiliate and retaliate against Briana. What does her sex life have to do with anything in regard to this subject? The lawyer asking the judge to keep someone’s personal information about that subject public, supports my theory of Kail’s need for humiliation and retaliation.

    Karma is going to take Kail down at some point. When it does, I pray the boys are clear of that mess.

  18. The best thing about this is the second Javi caption, “Sorry, I was on my way to the WaWa and I heard my name again. You guys need anything?” Pure gold. I live for Ashley’s captions.

  19. This is honestly so fucking pathetic. I cannot believe that Kail is likely spending 10s of thousands of dollars to try to embarrass Briana about her sex life. How is her sleeping with Chris or not even relevant??? Even if Kail and Chris were together, it’s not illegal to cheat on your girlfriend ???

    Briana is her own kind of mess, but Kail is going to run herself into bankruptcy over being a bitter hag

  20. “She’s always been really aggressive with me.”

    Says the girl who had her sister physically assault Kail at the first reunion and has trash talked her at every opportunity. Lmao

    Okay, Brianna. You’re the one who showed up and became Completely obsessed with Kailyn.

    1. Kail is aggressive. She’s admitted to hitting Javi more than once. She hit Chris over a haircut. She hit Jo. She’s also obsessed with knowing whether or not Chris slept with her enemy.

  21. And on the swamp JE is shifting on her indented couch, burning her 1 active calorie for the day, having anxiety chest pains because SHE is not the Center of the trash this week!
    Better start the car for YET ANOTHER ER trip David.
    This time Kail & Bri will be at fault for her (non) hospitalization, not Gabby.

  22. So, these girls are born messes. However, Briana always brings up how Kail was pissed that Javi took Isaac to see Briana in Florida. And it’s like… duh?? Why didn’t Javi tell Kail that he was gonna see Briana? Kail never had to let Isaac come at all, and also, she has to be more careful when it comes to Isaac- he wasn’t with his dad. In my opinion that’s a betrayal of trust when someone allows you to take their kid somewhere, and you purposely lie or omit who you are going to see or where you are going to go. Whatever, Lincoln is his kid, that’s fine, but Javi should have never taken Isaac around Briana.

    1. Completely agree. She doesn’t seem that smart. Issac was not Javi kid. And she keeps going for Kails leftovers , it’s gross , why. It seems like she is obsessed with her. Weird

      1. Right, Kail is nuts but Briana is sus for always going for her sloppy seconds. They’re both trashy and this lawsuit is super stupid for Kail to file. At the same time Briana needs to find another hobby lmao

    2. She can’t really control who Javi takes Lincoln to see, but I, for one, do NOT like having my children around people who don’t like me. I don’t trust that they won’t mistreat my children based on their personal feelings towards me. So there’s no way in hell that I would have let my child go either.

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