‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Briana DeJesus Accuses Kail Lowry’s Baby Daddy Chris Lopez Of Being Physically Abusive To Kail

“Don’t make me go get one of my mom’s high heeled shoes, Kail!”

The battle between Teen Mom 2 stars Briana DeJesus and Kail Lowry continues!

Although most of Briana and Kail’s fights have been over their mutual ex, Javi Marroquin, this time the online jabs were about another one of Kail’s baby daddies, Chris Lopez.

Briana posted a selfie to Instagram on Sunday. By Monday (after the new episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ aired), the post’s comment section was filled with comments regarding Briana’s behavior on the episode. When a fan called Briana out for talking trash to Kail in front of her kids, Briana clapped back with some pretty serious accusations about Chris, who is the father of Kail’s youngest son Lux.

The fan said she would have smacked Briana if she was Kail over the recent ‘Teen Mom 2’ reunion drama.

“Too bad she didn’t and would never lol and I wasn’t talking s**t and shut the f**k up ‘cause she gets beat the f**k up by Chris in front of her kids,” Briana replied.  (The comments have since been deleted.)

Eventually, Kail and Chris became aware of what Briana had posted, and each reacted in a different way.

Kail tried to take the high road, posting on Twitter, “Some people aren’t even worth the time and energy. I’ve worked too hard on my books and degree to throw it away on someone who runs their mouth for a living.”

Chris, who has made it clear that he wants nothing to do with the show (or its drama), denied Briana’s claims that he was an abuser.

“Let’s keep my name out of the teen mom drama ok?” he wrote on Twitter. “1 more thing lol I never beat my BM.” (For those of you who aren’t hip to the “kids’ lingo” these days, “BM” in this case stands for “Baby Mama.” #TheMoreYouKnow)

While Kail has never accused Chris of hitting her, a source close to her spoke to The Ashley in October 2017 and said things have gotten tense between Chris and Kail in the past.

“Chris was violent with Kail multiple times, once while she was holding the baby,” the source, who claimed to be present for at least one of the incidents, told The Ashley. The source also claimed that Chris (allegedly) tried to break into Kail’s house at least once to see the baby and left damage on her door frame and window.

“Some of the film crew noticed a hole was punched in Kail’s garage door, and she confided in someone on the crew that Chris did it,” the production source told The Ashley. “Nothing was filmed about it, though.”

Kail and Briana are due to meet up next weekend in New York City, where the girls will be filming the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 8B Reunion special. Kail has already predicted that fists may fly between some of the show’s cast members.

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74 Responses

  1. Then she went and met her dad for the first time and he has to borrow money how sad is that when your a teenager?

  2. Yes, Kail did hit Javi I’m sorry, but I don’t understand women who complain about being abused, and then turn around and abuse their partners. It is never all right for a man to lay his hands on a woman in anger, but we shouldn’t do it to them either. BTW, did any of you guys read the article about Jenelle saying that if she goes down, she will take the other girls with her?

  3. Kail has gotten too many pfas for no reason for any claims of abuse to ever be taken seriously. It’s sad to say but she’s the girl who cried abuse

  4. I wish people would stop using the insult that a woman should keep her legs closed. It’s just trashy, in my opinion, and not really my business how a woman approaches her relationship.

    I was watching a ep from earlier (last season? Last half-season?) where Kail was crying to a friend about Chris and his extracurricular activities. She commented that she didn’t understand why she couldn’t cut him off after all the times he has cheated on her. She said she wished she was more like Brianna, where Brianna was able to walk away from Luis (as anything more than a baby donor) but Kail couldn’t. I think the difference in this situation is that Brianna has a family—a support system. Kail does not. That’s really sad to me. Sure, I don’t agree with all of Kail’s decisions, but I truly feel sad for people without family, or healthy family relationships. It just makes me sad for them.

    1. You know, I’ve never really thought about Kail’s behavior/choices in the relation to her lack of family, but I think you’re spot on. I do not have family- zero, and I get very dependent on relationships. In the past I’ve stayed with people I shouldn’t have because I know when they are gone, I will be completely alone. This is not healthy, and something I went through counseling for. Kail’s behavior can be very aggressive and off putting, but I think the reason it’s so ingrained in her is because she’s always had to live her life and fight her own battles since she was a child. She’s been through a lot. I’ll never forget her not having a home when she was pregnant and Joe’s family taking her in, and her mother’s pathetic comments about how “absence makes the heart grow fonder” when she popped in for a single visit with her struggling daughter.

      1. Then she went and met her dad for the first time and he has to borrow money how sad is that when your a teenager?

  5. I’m pretty sure in one of those Dr. Drew episodes recently -ish that she did say he was abusive. not completely sure about regular episode but i vaguely remember her by the pool saying he was abusive then too. oh yea didn’t she hit javi

  6. Briana is a total bitch for that. To speak on something as seriously as domestic violence and use it as a “clap back” or a dig at someone shows how disgusting and immature Briana is. Domestic violence is not funny at all, but then again she probably wouldn’t know that since her mom has no problem attacking and hitting men with objects.

    1. Her house is SO toxic. It’s amazing to me that these WOMEN do not understand this bad-girl behavior is not normal past high school. Briana’s emotional growth is just so stunted by her man hating mom. Until she makes a decision to stand on her own and get out of that house (seriously, she’s making decent money now, why would she chose to live in an apartment that was overcrowded before she had any children? Assuming due to built in childcare?) she will never change.

  7. I really hate the big fake donkey butts that more and more Teen Moms are having attached. They just don’t look good. Thanks, Kardashians.

    1. They’re all in their twenties. That stuff doesn’t make sense. It just makes them look silly. Who knows how they will look at 40. I don’t even want to think about it.

    2. Especially after they get pregnant and have a baby I didn’t like them before but I really hate them after after childbirth. I think it makes them look fat have you seen Khloe Kardashian butt now she’s even hiding it with a jacket oh wait I’m sorry she never had surgery those are from lifts

  8. Ugh, Briana, can’t stand her!!! She really thinks speaking about psychical violence as a comeback is okay?! Man, she’s just a hostile human being.

  9. Briana you have a big mouth! You need to keep oit of other people’s shit! Your whole family is constantly running your mouth about something!!!

  10. Did anyone notice her trying to play with Stella while on the phone and kept hitting her in the face with a blanket? I found that odd.

      1. It was very strange. She wasn’t being playful or gentle and I wanted to tell “stop doing that”!!!!

  11. First I want to be clear I don’t care for either of them. Really Kail said this… “Some people aren’t even worth the time and energy. I’ve worked too hard on my books and degree to throw it away on someone who runs their mouth for a living.” She hosts a crappy podcast for a living where all she does is run her mouth about everyone else in the Teen Mom franchise. And Briana who has the mentality of filling Louis’ apartment with crickets and then goes on TV laughing about should not say anything about anyone. Briana clearly spreads her legs for anyone who so much as glances at her. They can point their fingers all they want but they are both disgusting.

  12. When will you kids get a real.nob and move on. Briana you like e with ma and your sister. Close your damn mouth and legs get a real job and home. You cannot take a whore and make a house wife

    1. I don’t understand the “get a real job” comments people make. They have a RARE opportunity to make millions of dollars- money they could never dream of making, especially when you add in the stats about teen moms of the world. If someone offered me nearly half a mil a season to film my life, I would take it. While they may not be traditional jobs, they have the golden ticket. Why would someone in a position pass on that to make near minimum wage?

  13. I know this is their “job” but these girls are so messy. I just want to scream at them YOU ARE GROWN WOMEN, MOTHERS. Cut the shit ladies and be positive role models for your children!!

  14. Brianna is definitely becoming Jenelle. She’s just trash. She loves to use her Instagram to promote her fighting with castmates. Like why advertise that like it’s going to get you attention? She was also bragging about sexual stuff while getting a lap dance from a thonged woman in a strip club which she ended up taking down, probably cause people said stuff. That’s just stuff she shouldn’t let her daughters see one day. They are gonna wonder why they never see their dads and look online to see the woman of the clan running them off. Good luck explaining that Brianna!

  15. Oh Brianna. One day you’ll realize that pointing the finger at someone else’s issue does not obsolve you from your own crappy behaviour.

  16. I don’t believe kail would have a degree if she wasn’t known, someone greased her grades. Last Monday’s episode kail is speaking about greeting along with people, and I quote .. “me and Chris , me and vee, me and joe, me and Javi “ GO BACK TO GRADE SCHOOL KAIL!!!

  17. As a woman herself, I think Briana’s pissy and unsympathetically callous remarks regarding ANY woman who might be experiencing physical abuse is beyond disgusting.

    If this girl and her merry band of man-hating hood hags focused more on getting some more “adequate” living quarters for her two daughters than sleeping on couches, she’d have less time for such totally unnecessary trash talk.

    Evidently no one watched you on Teen Mom 3, Bri.

    Ever wonder why?

  18. What ooks or diploma? The books were written by someone else and you boughtyour diploma. She can’t even spell. I don’t think ever hit Hulk. Guess she hit him though.

  19. This ghetto nasty ass biatch, should not be in this show,why bring this man hating coven of witches back to mtv? She has not changed at all, she is still a childish immature child, that hides behind her mom and sister after she runs her mouth and can’t back it up, she has to have ruffRox and her fat assed sister to fight her battles, no wonder the baby daddies won’t cone around with them lot giving the death stare.

    Please please get rid of her

      1. Where did I bring anyone’s race in to my comment ?

        I’m sick and tired of the race card being played when nothing in my comment or the other one you replied to were in anyway racial???

        Btw I’m a black Person and I find you the racist since you are the only one bringing race in to this.

        Get off my comment and grow up
        People spout racist when others say the truth.

        Go away and grow up

        1. I literally never see you refer to any of the other moms as ” ghetto”. If you were really black, you would understand that is coded language reserved for people of color. You definitely ain’t black. Lol

    1. But but but he’s a champion for the people!! I laugh every time I read his twitter feed because he’s so political and yet this is the kind of trash he’s responsible for.

  20. Mtv should have to pay penance for creating these monsters by constructing a daycare for grown people who can’t adult so Briana and Rhine(Maci) can be looked after at all times.

  21. Bri has a long history of running off at the mouth and then, deleting. She writes checks her fat ass can’t cash, in other words, LOL.
    Rubbing my hands together, just waiting for her and Jenelle to have a falling out. You know darn good and well that’ll be pure solid gold.

  22. The one reason I believe the violence is true is that Kail never publicly accused Chris of abusing her. She filed two bullshit PFA’s, accused both Javi and Joe, and it all turned out to be lies.
    Brianna is just stupid as shit. That’s a valid argument in her mind that Chris hit Kail in front of her kids so SHE should STFU? Lol whatever girl…

  23. Kail has many issues, but this was an unnecessary low blow, especially if it’s true. It wasn’t even relevant to Briana talking negatively about Kail in front of her sons. Did she think throwing this out there would make her look better? All she accomplished was making herself look like a disgusting piece of trash…again.

  24. Briana didn’t think it was her place to tell Kail that she’d be sharing a hotel room with 2 of Kail’s kids but oh it is her place to tell everyone on Instagram that Kail was abused. This is really gross behavior. Javi better run from this girl if he wants any relationship with the mother of his only child.

  25. Brianna is a disgusting trashbag, that is some shit you don’t make fun of. And then to DELETE it??
    She’s a f*cking coward. Can’t wait to hear someone slapped that dirty little mouth of hers.

  26. This isn’t shocking haven’t all of kails relationships had physical violence whether by her or the guy? Not condoning it just sayin.
    Why is Bri even talking about it? Makes both of them look immature and petty. Javi isn’t with either of them now so why are they still spouting garbage about each other?!
    I’m these girls age I have kids where do they find the time for this and I still don’t understand at all how they haven’t matured past high school. Come on. Get off social media and get a life. If you can live without hawking your skinny teas and vitamin packs that is!!

        1. She accused jo I can’t say if she ever abused jo either. but there’s video proof she put her hands on Javi (the headshake heard round the world) and Javi admitted to fighting back to dr drew at a reunion after she slapped him around. Who knows what other dudes she’s done this to or have done it to her.

  27. Seems to me Kailyn brings out the worst in all her Baby daddy’s. I don’t understand why Kailyn doesn’t want the baby daddy’s in their kids life. Joe Doesn’t have 50/50 custody.

    1. Jo could have custody if he wanted. He is the one who chooses not to pursue it because he doesn’t want to rock the boat. If he wanted 50/50 on paper that bad, he would just do it ??‍♀️

    2. You’re reaching. I know you dislike Kail, but that comment is disgusting. Women don’t “bring out” the violent abusers in men.

      1. Wouldn’t you be upset if you couldn’t see your kid. All the abuse I’ve seen it came from her.

        1. So he’d be justifying in inflicting physical abuse if she keeps him from seeing his kid?! Nice try. Do you even hear yourself? If he wants to see his kid, he should try petitioning for visitation. There’s a novel idea…

          1. I said she brings out the worst behavior in her Baby daddy not that she deserves abuse. You just want attention and to make me out to be saying something I didn’t say. Everyone can clearly read what I said. You are reaching.

          2. Your response to me saying “women do not ‘bring out’ the violent abusers in men” was “wouldn’t you be upset if you couldn’t see your kid?”

            Yes, we can all clearly read what you said.

  28. Kail shouldnt have gotten pregnant by this guy. What a horrible choice that was. A handsome little boy came out of it but come on, she had to choose this guy to be the sperm donor?

  29. Brianna is pure 100% TRASH. Thats why her and jenelle get along. If u didnt see it happen in front of your face you dont know shit. Honey are u trying to be kail? First you take her camera hungry and fame hungry sloppy secounds all u have to do his pop out 1 more kid whos father wants mothing to do with u or ur kids and u will almost be her!!! But wait all kails baby daddys sans chris are involved. I hate this trashy thot. Just keep popping out trap babies

    1. The funny thing is you trapped nobody they run as fast as there dead beat asses can.Close your legs and your mouth. 1 more thing next time u get some half assed plastic surgery ask them to cut all those fucking hairy moles off ur face. Nasty ass. Sorry i cant stand this low life. it was bad enough with jenelle now we have to look at this garbage

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