Briana DeJesus Files Motion to Keep Kail Lowry From Making Her Disclose Info About Her Sex Life; Wants Lawsuit Testimony Sealed So Kail Can’t Use It To Embarrass Her (Exclusive Details!)

“We want to know who you’ve been humpin’, both in and out of club bathrooms!”

Briana DeJesus says her nemesis Kail Lowry is trying to pry into her sex life under the guise of the lawsuit they’re both involved in– and the Teen Mom 2 star is not happy about it! 

In court documents filed last week and obtained by The Ashley, Briana demands the court either forbids Kail and her legal team from asking questions about Bri’s sexual history, or at least promise to keep the info she discloses private from the public and Kail, whom Briana claims is trying to get her hands on the info just so she can expose it and embarrass Briana.

In a Motion for Protective Order filed last week, Briana and her attorney made it clear that Briana will not be answering the hump sesh questions Kail wants her to– unless she knows Kail can’t use it against her later.

The legal docs– filed March 7—state that Briana is asking for a protective order to keep Kail from seeking any information regarding Briana’s sexual history/behavior—without the court guaranteeing that the info disclosed would be kept confidential and not be able to be accessed publicly.

As The Ashley previously reported, Kail sued Briana  in June after Briana claimed Kail “physically beat” Chris Lopez– the father of Kail’s two youngest sons. Since then, the two have engaged in multiple acts of pettiness. (One notable highlight was when Briana sent Kail a treadmill in what was perceived as a “body shaming” dig.) You can read all about the lawsuit here.

Anyway, in the motion filed last week, Briana stated that “the subject of her sexual relationship with a third party” [whom we can assume is Chris Lopez], is “entirely irrelevant” to the defamation/libel case Kail filed against her. (Kail had previously accused Briana on Instagram of having sex with Chris in April 2021.)

Briana also claims that Kail is only asking for this information so she can use it as ammo in the years-long feud between her and Briana.

Roxanne, describing every single part of this entire lawsuit…

“The line of questioning is solely aimed at prying into the salacious details of [Briana’s] private life for the benefit of embarrassing [Briana],” the court docs state, which go on to call Kail’s line of questioning “improper.”

Later in the docs, Briana states that, while Kail sued her for defamation for saying Kail assaulted Chris, the lawsuit isn’t actually about that at all.

“The case is really about the fact that Ms. Lowry is upset that [Briana] has had a relationship with her ex,” the docs state. “That was apparent from the start.”

(Briana has continued to deny that she had a sexual relationship with Chris.) 

Briana, on keeping herself away from Kail’s exes…

The documents go on to state that, during her February deposition, as well as the one that occurred last Monday, Kail’s lawyers asked that certain testimony given be Kail be marked “confidential” and only be viewable by attorneys on the case. Briana says that, although there was really no reason to mark the testimony confidential, Bri and her attorneys allowed it to be marked that way, as a courtesy.

Briana says that, despite showing Kail that courtesy, Kail and her legal team did the complete opposite when it came time for Bri to have to disclose details about her sexual history.

“[Kail’s] counsel insisted that every salacious detail would be properly a matter of public record,” the docs read, later adding, “It is quite clear that the intent of this line of questioning was to both try to humiliate [Briana] and for [Kail] to use this information [about Briana’s sex life] for purposes that have nothing to do with the lawsuit.”

The docs go on to say that Kail’s lawyer, Nicole Haff, “sought sensitive testimony from [Briana] relating to her sexual history. There is no reason for such questions.”

The reason…

Briana was reportedly willing to answer the sex life questions—if the information was kept confidential—a request she says was refused. 

Briana made it clear that she was not objecting to answering the intrusive questions, provided the info she gave wasn’t available to the public or given to Kail to use however she wanted.

“[Briana’s] only request is that the responses not be used for [Kail’s] continued public relations campaign against [Briana], and [Kail’s] continued campaign to keep herself in the public eye,” the docs read. “This is an abuse of the discovery process. The reason for this line of questioning was to use this information for purposes that have nothing to do with the litigation.”

Briana states in the docs that she could technically file a counterclaim against Kail for “abuse of process.” However, Briana says that she just wants the protective order in place to keep her private information confidential.

This lawsuit, in a nutshell…

The docs go on to insinuate that Kail is trying to discuss the info in question on a reality show (which we can assume is ‘Teen Mom 2.’)

“If [Kail’s attorney] would like to explain why this information should be placed on a reality TV show by her client [Kail], she is invited to make argument to that effect,” the docs read.

Briana again asks the court to either seal the testimony from public disclosure or prohibit Kail and her legal team from making her answer the sexual history questions.

A court date has been set for March 29 for a Motion for Summary Judgement. 

On Tuesday (after a long back-and-forth on social media that The Ashley is not covering because it’s exhausting), Briana told clickbait site Celebuzz that, “I’d best advise [Kail that] she stops playing games with me, especially as we’re both involved in a lawsuit she started. I’ve already made my lawyer aware of her latest move. Thanks again, Kailyn. Stay classy.” 

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(Photos: MTV)

50 Responses

  1. I know I’m late to the party in posting this, but how do we know that Kail is the one asking these questions? Is it sooo outside the realm of possibility that Kail’s attorney came up with this line of questioning on her own?

    I’m not a fan of Kail, or Bri, but I’m curious why we are so fast to assume that Kail is the only person in the room who thought of asking these extremely personal, yet relevant questions?

    I don’t think a woman’s sexual history should be used against her, but in this specific case, I can understand why Kail’s team would ask these questions, as it could expose a pattern by Bri of sleeping with Kail’s exes as a means of gaslighting Kail.

  2. What’s the big deal? Open the file, read: “anything with two legs, give or take”, close file, and done. Orlando knows the life DeHoesus living.

  3. Has Briana’s attorney seen the show? Because Bri got up on national television and VOLUNTEERED the information that she got the clap from a guy who abandoned his child on day one and hasn’t paid a penny towards his child. We have also seen her literally get plastic surgery on camera.
    I could go on. And on. And on. Humiliation is not something Briana experiences.

    1. Its’ the same thing as walking in a bikini and having someone expose your bra and panties pics. Consent. Bri consented to talk about her sex life on camera because she felt it was relevant to her story, but she does not consent to talk about it in court (especially since it’s irrelevant to the case) because she knows someway somehow Kail will find a way to use it against her.

  4. Why does everyone always seem to forget about kail going and meeting Devoin for her podcast before Bri met up with Chris? Everyone likes to forget about the things Kail does. It’s absolutely nobody’s business who Bri has slept with. That shouldn’t be allowed in the court!

  5. You mess with the Bull you get the Horns !!! My take on the pod cast seen was yup she did & guess Bri s Man seen it to !! None of B s men look as good as kails Anyway – hell yea she wanted some Chris ?

  6. Off topic what exactly do most of these gals do??‍♀️
    Maci: Clothing Company
    Brianna: Salon/ aesthetician
    Jade: Hair salon
    Chelsea: aesthetician now House flipper HGTV

    1. Kail has 3 podcasts. 2 of which have merch lines on them. And she reportedly makes more money doing her podcasts than she does on TM2.

      Ashley also has a podcast but I don’t know much about it.

      Macy also does speeches on her PCOS.

      Jenelle has a podcast, supposedly, but I’m not sure she has a fanbase at all.

      You didn’t ask but Cate is an aesthetician also.

      But I thought Bri worked as a Trip Advisor/planner.

      I know at 1 point in time Leah sold make up or lipsticks as a side hustle and she used to give motivational speeches after her rehab stint…but I don’t know if she still has either.

      Amber has a clothing line also but her website was down for a few years while she dealt with things. She used to flip houses at one point in time also.

    2. Eh, more power to them. How many people say “If I win the lottery I’ll quit my job in a heartbeat”? A crap ton of people. If these girls have enough to live off of, then they can do what they want. You only live once. Sure, some of them probably will run out of money someday, but I bet a lot of them will be set for life.

      1. None of these girls are financially responsible enough to sustain their lifestyle forever. They’ll all be broke within a few years. Chelsea is probably the only exception.

    3. Does maxi even have that clothing company? I feel like she just drinks beer all day & uses the clothing company as a front to act like she does something with her life. None of these girls work a “real” job. Idk about Bri. I don’t watch the show.

  7. So I’ve stopped watching the show finally. After watching them go on vacations and buy houses and go to a vineyard that’s it! Also complain about baby daddies It’s sooooo boring! If we all stop watching it will go away!

    1. TL;DR: I don’t want to stop watching, and I don’t want it to go away. 😉

      I don’t want to stop watching. I love it! It’s not boring to me. People are a good percentage more likely to post on sites like this if they have something negative to say. So all the people who enjoy the show and don’t want it to end don’t post much. So you don’t see those comments. It seems like everyone online wants it to end, but that’s because those are the people posting the comments. Just like Amazon reviews. If people are happy with the product, they don’t post reviews usually. But if you are unhappy with the product, you’ll go to town letting everyone know.

  8. I don’t think Kail really wants to know Bri’s sex life. It’s not about that. I think it’s more that Bri runs her effing mouth constantly talking about her costars business and tells everyone “they aren’t being their authentic self on the show” when they don’t want to put all their business out there. Meanwhile Bri doesn’t want her shady ass self to be called out. Bri’s fine telling whatever, truth or not, about Kail but doesn’t want Kail to do it back.

    1. Why does the court need to know about that? Who cares, so someone is fake on a reality show and talks shit. Why would that necessitate exposing them through the courts?

  9. Bri’s right, her sexual history has absolutely nothing to do with this defamation lawsuit. Kail is ONLY asking to talk shit later. Such a fucking waste of court time!

  10. I am a broken record with this, but why is Kail still on teen mom, she is just as bad as Jenelle and Farrah and they both got kick off tm. My personal guess is that they are afraid that she will go on another network and start a series of her own( because she does have a degree in television). But still if you kick out to people for bad behavior might as well kick out Kail for her own bad behavior.

  11. All of these people on Kails side are out of their mind. Whoever Bri spreads to is her business. Kailyn is trying to get her to answer questions about her sexual life that has not been aired, never happened or is irrelevant to the lawsuit. Whether Bri was open about STD bathroom humping Luis on the show is on her, she allowed that, but she also has the right to not speak on certain things. Kail is forcing her to do that for what?! Everyone says Bri is obsessed with Kail, ummmm I don’t see that. I see Bri calling her out and yes it starts unnecessary drama but I have NEVER seen her go as far as Kailyn goes by suing and taking her to court to “confess” she slept with her ex that she is OBSESSED about. Kailyn is pathetic and Bri just snaps back, what’s wrong with that? Is Kailyn untouchable because I sure didn’t get that memo.

    1. Brianna has been obsessed with Kailyn since day 1. Even at the first reunion Brianna would not stop even though Kailyn kept trying to walk away and she has maintained that energy this whole time. Brianna started it and has kept it going for years. This girl got on a plane and flew to another state just to hang out with Kailyns baby daddy. Like she really has nothing better to do with her time than go hang out with Kailyns ex. She has no other connection to him other than Kailyn. This would be the second one of Kailyns baby daddies that Brianna has gone out of her way to spend time with. It establishes a pattern of her behavior and how far she is willing to go.

  12. Kail is going to file for bankruptcy the day after Teen Mom gets cancelled. She has not been a good steward of the money shes gotten and has used it to buy love, abusive litigation and to control people. Her other jobs are all Teen Mom centered just like Janelles and Farrah. Once they lose all the free advertising and fame from TM the side hustles also dry up.

    1. I hope she goes broke. She’s spending money and using the courts like she’s got it all. She’s so annoying.

  13. This is a bad look for Kail. Who Briana sleeps with, has nothing to do with her lawsuit. Why would kail even ask this question is baffling to me. Mind your own business lol. Your lawsuit is not about if briana slept with Chris.

  14. Why can’t they just solve the problem school yard or West Side Story style? Pick a time, a place, and just fight it out!

      1. You have that backwards. Kail asked for the room and Bri chickened out…and then wanted to do it when she came out. Meanwhile, Kail got her hair pulled by Brit and Kail’s friend got held back by the producer. Bri wanted to be the people’s champ and it only made her look thirsty for fame. Just like that podcast and all the petty shit she is doing.

  15. They are both disgusting and shameful and it’s time they grew up and focused on raising healthy children. At least attempt to break the cycle.

  16. Who wants to make a bet that bri is trying to get pregnant with Chris so she can make Kails kids 1/2siblings

  17. So basically Briana just confirmed she slep with Chris (which she publicly keeps denying) and has the audacity to say that revealing her sexual history would embarrass her. Girl, you already told us yourself you got pregnant by a random guy in a public bathroom and that same guy later gave you a STD. You embarrass yourself with your promiscuity while being on TV. If you don’t want your life exposed then don’t go talking sh*t about other people and go get therapy, your obsession with Kail isn’t normal

  18. Bri is hella messy! Kail got sent texts from Javi (number 1, not the one Bri was with) saying she was coming to do a podcast with Chris and wanted to “have dinner or something” with him.
    AND MTV just showed Bri’s hand on Chris’s leg while they watched their friends in the rage room. While denying she was cheating on Javi 2 on the show, meanwhile knowing she sent that text to Javi 1.
    Bri loves riding Kail’s coat tails while simultaneously trying to make fun of her and calling her salty. Bri wouldn’t even have a storyline for the past 2 episodes if it weren’t for Kail. She’s obsessed with Kail!
    And Bri… you’ve been sloppy AF on the show. Kail doesn’t have to bring your sex life to light to embarrass you…you did that with the sloppy bathroom sex in club getting an STD with your deadbeat ex Louis. Nasty.

  19. Why does Brianna keep dating Kail ex boyfriends? I mean can she not find her own man? Is she that obsessed with Kail. Another thing why does Kail even care? Why is this even a law suit? Didn’t kail just turn 30? Even Brianna(I don’t know how old she is)? This is some high school drama right here. It’s time to grow up ladies. Move on and ignore each other like real adults do.

  20. Is this insane bulls**t REALLY clogging up our courts? There oughta be a law. . . . These “Teen Moms” need some real-world exposure. MTV, it’s way past time to cut the cord.

  21. How is this even a lawsuit? Kail did get arrested for hitting Chris. Granted, charges were later dropped but Briana was right about it and that kail was avoiding talking about it on the show. What Briana’s sexual history has to do with defamation I don’t know. Briana should counter sue her for defamation for saying on Instagram that she had slept with Chris.

      1. Kind of the point isn’t it…. That she can sue because it isn’t true. The judge would have already tossed the case if it was true.

  22. This is the most confusing, ridiculous thing. The judge should really just throw out the entire case and tell them both to grow up.

  23. Briana GROW UP!!! You should have thought about that before you started spreading lies about your co-star!!! Now you have to pay the Piper and be held accountable for your actions!!!! Sure Kail is not perfect either but she doesn’t spread lies, sends her nemesis a treadmill telling her that she needs to lose weight where she has a medical condition that caused her to gain weight, and sleeps with your exes like you do Briana!!!!

    1. It’s not a lie?
      Chris confirmed Karl attacked him.
      Karl has the shits she is being called out publicly. Something she likes to do to everyone else but can’t stand it done to her. I swear St Vee only speaks to her because of the saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” because otherwise EFF that.
      Karl is a manipulating nasty selfish know it all.

    2. Let’s be real, they’re both equally awful. They are both petty ***holes who have nothing better to do than get involved in a pointless, time and money-wasting lawsuit. It’s obviously they’re both bitter and miserable….and maybe they should spend their time focusing on their kids instead of acting like 5 year olds on the internet.

  24. Why does it matter if Brianna slept with Chris or not?? How does that have any relevance on a defamation suit that Kail filed?

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