Chris Lopez Says Kail Lowry Won’t Let Their Kids Film for ‘Teen Mom 2’ with Him; Reveals How He Felt When Kail Blabbed the News of His Third Child

“I’m gonna mumble about ya!”

On the Season 11 premiere episode of Teen Mom 2Kail Lowry told her producer that the topic of her third baby daddy, Chris Lopez, was “not up for conversation, ever.” Chris was fine discussing Kail, though, in a recent Instagram Live session. Chris talked about his experience filming for ‘Teen Mom 2’ for the first time (and how Kail battled him over letting their kids film with him.) 

He also discussed his feelings on Kail blabbing to her fans about his life, and reacted when one person brought up the fact that he keeps impregnating women. (As The Ashley previously reported, Chris welcomed his third child in late 2021– a baby named Trew— with a woman he hasn’t publicly identified.)

If you don’t have 30 minutes or so to waste listening to Chris mumble, The Ashley has broken down what Chris revealed in the Live chat below! 

On what his relationship with Kail was like:

Kail describing every interaction she’s ever had with Chris…

When a follower called his, um, dealings with Kail a “relationship,” Chris corrected her, stating that they were never really together.

“I don’t even know if I could call it dating. I’m not being disrespectful,” he said. “If you go back to what [Kail] said multiple times, [she] has called my situation an ‘entanglement.’ [She has] called it a situation. Just bein’ honest.”

On Kail not letting him film their sons for the show & whether his new baby Trew will be on ‘Teen Mom 2’: 


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Chris stated that he was upset when Kail told him that he couldn’t film with their sons Lux and Creed for ‘Teen Mom 2’

“I’m thinking that I could film my kids on TV but then the mom [Kail] was like, ‘No, you can’t film the kids on TV,” he said. “Then I reached out to the people, I was like, ‘Is that true? I can’t do that?’ and then they was like, ‘Oh, we don’t care’ is essentially what they told me.” 

As for his youngest son–Trew, Chris says he won’t be making any appearances on ‘Teen Mom 2’ anytime soon.

“No, Trew will not be on the show, even though I had the opportunity to put him on the show,” Chris said. “Me and [Trew’s] mom both agreed not to. Actually, his mom and him were both asked to be on the show.”

On Kail blabbing to her fans about his new baby and other milestones:

Apparently Javi isn’t the only baby daddy who is not a fan of Kail’s blabbing…

Chris then covered the topic of Kail telling her fans things about him without his permission. (As you may remember, it was Kail who broke the news publicly that Chris was expecting his third child with another woman. Kail also revealed that Chris’ baby was a boy.)

“Ain’t that crazy? Nothing y’all have ever heard about me came from me…I ain’t tell y’all I was having a baby. I ain’t tell y’all I got arrested for domestic violence [against Kail]. ..Ain’t it crazy that the stuff y’all found out came from people who claimed they ‘loved me.’ Ain’t that crazy that you get hurt the most by the people who claim they love you?”

(Chris isn’t being totally honest here, though. It was actually Chris who blurted out that Creed was a boy and that he was the father. Back in February 2020, Kail hadn’t yet revealed either pieces of info, but Chris announced it on Instagram Live. This was just months after Chris attempted to legally give up his rights to Lux in court.) 

Anyway, when someone in the comments stated that Kail had a right to tell people about Chris’ life, he asked, “Was I having a baby with her? Was Trew her baby? No. She’s not involved in that. It wasn’t her business…no matter how you try to play it out, it don’t matter if Lux is his brother, Trew’s his brother, it wasn’t her business.”


When someone brought up the fact that Chris’ aunt blabbed the news of Kail’s pregnancy with Creed, he addressed it.

“I told you straight-up that my aunt did it,” he said. “When that happened, did I say, ‘Oh that was the right move to do?’ or did I have [Kail’s] back when that s**t happened? I had my baby mama’s back when that happened.” 

On his continuing to get women pregnant:

“When I put on my fishing hat and mumble sweet nothings in their ears, they can’t resist me!”

Chris didn’t deny that he was gifted in his abilities to knock women up. However, he insists Kail and his second baby mama wanted him to sperminate them.

“Actually, these women wanted to get impregnated by me!” he said. “If you want the facts! What are you talking about? I ain’t wanna impregnate no one! These women wanted me to impregnate them. They wanted my…nah.” 

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV) 


  1. Crazy how kail can use kids for paycheck all these years but dad can’t. Would take that to court. She just mad he would never film with her. Kail will be back filming she not giving up easy money. Just throwing pity party for herself

  2. What does this guy have that makes these girls want him to knock them up? I had a man one time, complete looser. But he had a 9.5″ penis so I kept him around. Definitely didn’t want him to get me pregnant. Why? So I could deal with his bullshit the rest of my life? Nah! I don’t see it. Must be in his pants. Lots of guys have that.

  3. Karl. Once again. Wanting all the control. How dare we see Chris in action as a father on tv rather than the narrative she provides! None of her baby daddies film anymore. She loves being able to tell her side only.
    Kail 👏🏼 is 👏🏼 always 👏🏼 right 👏🏼

  4. Watching children be used for chess pieces to one-up and or get at the other parent, truly is abuse among the highest order. Both of the idiots need to focus on the path they are putting these kids on and correct it now. It will never happen.

  5. I don’t get why he can’t film with Lux and Creed though. Kail has the final say since she has primary custody?

  6. Chris doesn’t want to film. I’ve literally only seen him on camera once, all he said was “F*** you, f*** you and f*** you” and Kail asked him to get out of her car. So I don’t get why it matters if Kail won’t let him film with the kids or not.

    Let her film and him sit out on the sidelines or my personal favorite option NIX THEM BOTH.

  7. He’s not wrong. It was none of Kail’s business to spill, and he DID have her back when his auntie went bumping her gums. And if he can’t film with the boys, then neither should she. She just loves having all of that control.

    Everything else, ew. “They wanted me to impregnate them”, like, I believe it, but ew.

  8. Yeah I’m just tired of this dudes whining. It’s quite literally documented everywhere how Kail deals with her dudes, and he does nothing but complain and not change his behavior. No sympathy man.

  9. Actually, these women wanted to get impregnated by me!

    Nobody’s suggesting it was rape, Chris, they’re just questioning whether it’s was wise.

    1. Kail shouldn’t stop filming cris should stop being petty and don’t be flattering yourself get your shit together and deal with your kids stop dip sticking around

  10. All’s Kail had to do was go to the Wawa parking lot if she really wanted a 4th child.
    Then she’d be only fighting with Chris about 1 kid instead of 2.

  11. Kail is gross. Period. I’m sure Chris is too.

    But Kail is a truly disgusting human being. Like someone you would actively CHOOSE not to be friends with and avoid at the grocery store to pretend you didn’t see her. Fame wh0re.

  12. Through the whole article I’m thinking, he’s not THAT bad. Then we get to that last paragraph about women needing his seed and if only he had any day in that 🙄

    1. Yeah, it’s gross hearing it from his mouth… but, at least with Kail, I don’t think he’s lying.

      We all watched how odd the whole Lux thing went down. I believe Kail had claimed she always wanted a mixed baby or a black father (something like that before we found out about the Lux pregnancy). Then Kail practically stalked Chris for whatever reason, after he CLEARLY said/acted like he wanted nothing to do with her and/or Lux.

      And then another pregnancy. While it definitely takes sperm to fertilize and egg, so Chris doesn’t get a pass here, Kail did everything in her power to get a baby from him. TWICE. Homeboy ain’t bright.

      1. No one believed Kail would have a random baby. I remember it being a huge thing, her finally announcing it, after it was published earlier online.

        Will she have another one with this guy? Maybe. I’m sure she wants another one with him.

        With some other guy? Sure. It’s who Kail is now. A baby mama. Its the ONLY control she has in life.

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