Kail Lowry Breaks Her Silence On Her Baby Daddy Chris Lopez Chopping Off Their Son Creed’s Curls; Chris Defends Himself on His Podcast

“Here’s the story behind the shearing!”

Days after Chris Lopez decided to shave off the curls of Creed— the son he shares with Kail Lowry— the Teen Mom 2 star is speaking out about the Shear Heard ‘Round the (‘Teen Mom’) World.

As The Ashley previously reported, Creed came home from a visit at Chris’ house last weekend with all of his curly locks lopped off, courtesy of yet another Kitchen Haircut by Chris. The dramatic cut came just a day or so after Kail spent a ton of money on hair products to use on Creed’s curls. (As fans may remember, Chris did the same thing with their other son, Lux, a few years back, hacking at his long hair with a pair of kitchen shears. That incident–which The Ashley dubbed “HaircutGate,” led to Kail freaking out, getting an assault charge and more.)

After remaining relatively silent about Chris and his barbering skills, Kail has finally addressed the situation on the latest episode of her Coffee Convos podcast

Creed before his Haircuts By Chris shearing and after…

Kail stated that she believes Chris did what he did just to get a reaction out of her. On his own P.T.S.D. podcast, Chris also addressed HaircutGate 2, stating that Kail chose not to come to the shearing.

“Everyone is waiting for me to talk about the baby’s haircut,” Kail told her podcast co-host Lindsie Chrisley. “I think my son is traumatized [from the haircut], to be honest…”

She added that Chris’ claim that she chose to no-show to the haircut “is complete bulls**t.” 

“This is not something that I would have wanted. I bought products for curly hair over the weekend…I did not say yes [to the haircut], I did not consent to it but he would have done it anyway,” she said. “I do think it was solely to get a reaction out of me. I don’t want to give it the public reaction that he wants…”

“Doesn’t that take all the fun out of our feud, though?”

Kail said that Chris informed her that he had an appointment to get Creed’s first haircut, but he wouldn’t tell her where or when it was happening so she could be there, too. 

“You tell me at 8:30 in the morning on Sunday and won’t give me a time or place to meet you, and you email me to say you’ll send me a video [of the haircut],” she said. “Um, that’s not how this works. I hate when these dads are like, ‘We just want to co-parent.’ Obviously not.”

Kail said she didn’t think Chris was seriously going to cut Creed’s hair, and figured he was only trying to get her worked up. 

“I didn’t think he was going to do it,” she said. “This man didn’t even take him to get a haircut; he did it himself,” Kail said. “I just said ‘where and when?’ because I knew if I said no, he was going to do it anyway.”

Kail said HaircutGate 2 actually started the day before, when Lux had a basketball game and Chris did not take him like he was supposed to. Kail said she went to the game, only to find out then that Chris didn’t take Lux. 

“Mind games….my emotions were all over the f**king place, and then he does the haircut thing the next day. You didn’t get the reaction you wanted out of me for [the game]…you want a reaction, you want to piss me off and you want to take him away from his routine. I don’t understand it.”


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On his P.T.S.D. podcast, Chris told his version of HaircutGate 2, stating that he didn’t cut Creed’s hair to bother Kail. He stated that ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans have been coming at him hard because of what he did to Creed’s hair.

“Creed got his first haircut….[the haircut] made media,” Chris told his co-host Bread. “It’s all over, and they comin’ at me crazy. You should see the messages I’m getting! They trippin’ like, ‘You cut his curly hair.’ For real, for real, it wasn’t even that curly. It was just long, and if it’s really curly it’s going to grow back curly.”

Chris said that he told Kail about the haircut but she didn’t come. 

“It was a little drama. I reached out to his mom [Kail] and told her they were getting haircuts,” Chris said. “Lux got shaped, diced him up. I lowkey waited for her. She said, ‘I’m on my way. I didn’t say nothing back, she said she was coming.’ I waited like an hour and a half before this s**t even happened, for real for real. She never showed up, so I gave the cut and that was it. 

“I just know it was time for a cut…it wasn’t to be spiteful or nothing. It was just something like, ‘I’m being a dad at this point.’ Regardless of how people feel, it was time for a cut.”

Chris also talked about Lux’s long hair, which he is still clearly not a fan of.


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“I’ve got another son with hair and that s**t is annoying as hell. On some real s**t, sometimes when he comes to me, that motherf**king hair be a mess to handle. I am like, ‘We’re not doing this with the second [kid].’ I already explained that to her even [when we were] on good terms. 

“She wanted to be there but it was more in a sense, I waited and whatever. I didn’t really want to be around you type s**t. You’re disrespectful, I don’t really want to be around you but whatever, that’s co-parent s**t.”

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  1. I would bet money that this is because he forgot about Lux’s basketball game. He made a legitimate parenting mistake and didn’t get his kid to where he was supposed to be which meant Kail had something on him in this tit-for-tat score keeping way that they “co-parent.” He didn’t like that at all, so he decided to get one over on her by shaving all that baby’s hair off. Spiting Kail by cutting all Creed’s hair off made him feel better about the fact that she had legitimately called him out on his screw up at not getting Lux to the game. He was also probably hoping for a big, crazy reaction from her so that he would come out looking like the normal, sane one and have something bigger to hold over her head than what she currently had on him.

    He did something that would be public and obvious (people were going to notice and ask about Creed’s haircut), thus forcing a public conversation about it because he gets off on all the comments people make about him being the dad to these kids and having every right to cut their hair if he wants to or make whatever other decisions he wants. He gets to make a big public stink about it and have people talking about the haircut rather than risk Kail telling the story that he forgot about their son’s basketball game and she drove all the way to the gym to watch her son only to find out that he and his dad didn’t even show up because Chris forgot about it. That would’ve been embarrassing to him and would’ve played into the whole “Chris is a bad irresponsible dad and Kail has to do everything for the kids on her own if she wants it done. He can’t be trusted to get the kids where they need to be and he forgets about his kids’ stuff.”

    He’d much rather have the conversation be about how he embarrassed Kail by making the Big Macho Masculine “I’m the Dad, I can do what I want” decision to shave his baby’s head, something that he knew would at least get some people on to his side, would force Kail into a position of reacting to this story rather than telling her story, and most importantly would upset Kail and make her mad because he didn’t like that she accurately called him out about his parenting error (missing the basketball game).

  2. Kail-pectate hasn’t been silent a day in her life. She continues to do what she does best, start trouble and play victim to the circumstances she created four times with 3 men. The kids pay the price and will never have private lives. She needs them to make money.

    1. Ima say it louder for those in the back- Chris ALSO needs those boys (and Kail) to make $. They’re both pretty equal in terms of how shitty they are.

      1. I agree. But Kail set the path and chose who would father her children. After everything that happened with their first son, she cannot defend choosing to have another child with Chris. Kail will get what she always got. And so will those babies.

  3. JFC it’s hair Kail, it will grow back. This is the BS we’re now supporting in today’s society.. Lazy ass people who get pregnant to make a freaking living

  4. Short version, his Royal assness is too lazy to get out of bed when his son has a game and to take care of his son’s hair.

  5. Omg. Kail is a MORON for having kids with this dude. She’s allowed to have an issue with him cutting that baby’s hair. We all call Kail out when she does shitty, spiteful things so Chris should receive the same treatment.

    And his comment about not wanting to deal with his son’s hair? Fuuuuck that, Mumbles. Chris is a BLACK man with a MIXED son. He has ethnic hair. LEARN TO TAKE CARE OF THE BABY’S HAIR INSTEAD OF BEING A LAZY MF AND CUTTING IT.

    1. Chris is Afro-Latinx and yes he knows how to care for ethnic hair. Maybe the kids keep getting lice, which is common in non-course hair types. I also think fathers are allowed to cut their son’s hair. This is a control thing with Kail. She never allowed her other two sons to grow out their hair and said Isaac looked like a gang-banger when his hair was long.

  6. Without some court order preventing haircuts, I feel like Kail is SOL here. Sure what Chris did was shitty and spiteful, but it just confirms these two should not have procreated. TWICE.

    Also, who tf spends HUNDREDS of dollars on hair for a kid that age? If his hair was that unmanageable without those products, maybe cutting his hair would have been a wiser decision? Kail must be under the delusion the show and her podcast are going to continue to take in money all of her children’s lives…

  7. “These dads” she says. How many do you have again, Kail?

    Ps. Your kids have TWO parents. TWO. It’s not the Kail show anywhere but Teen Mom ?

  8. She’s always had an issue with the dads taking any kind of control. She had this same argument with Jo about Isaac’s haircut. Creed’s was too young to cut, it’s going to fuck up his gorgeous curls. But this is a double control thing and it’s sick. I feel for those babies being stuck in the middle of this shit.

  9. No. It wasn’t time for a haircut.

    No. Both kids don’t have to be long but cutting it too soon will mess up his hairline.

    We’ve done the haircut fight and at 3 both kids got their first cuts with scissors. At 5 they get the clippers. But not at a year and a half and still in diapers.

  10. Like it or not. Kail choose him twice. He’s the father he has a right to cut his child’s hair if he wants. Kail isn’t always right. Even tho she thinks she is. Chris has short hair. So iam assuming he likes short hair. THE END!! I always have my boys hair short like their dads. When they get old enough they can do what they please with their hair. Kail doesn’t always have to have it her way. Luxs is long. So why can’t Creeds be short. That’s co-parenting. Kail hacking vibraters. Times are hard. ?

    1. I agree with you.
      Imagine co-parenting with Karl. She has the biggest ego. Thinks she can do no wrong. Is the best parent on the show. Men are inferior. Oh-I could go on!
      Karl, YOU spread your legs for these men and YOU chose to have these boys. These men are their fathers and like it or not, have EQUAL say in how these boys dress, wear their hair, play sports and so on. You bitched when Chris was absent and not doing anything for/with the kids. And now you moan when he is doing something. NO BODY can win with Karl.
      It’s hair. It will grow back. Isaac and Lincoln have super short hair. What’s the issue?
      Vee is the Kristina of TM2. Because eff dealing with Karl.

      1. It’s just hair! I do not believe it changes their hairlines as stated above, I have 3 kids. All got cuts before 1.5 because they all had long thick hair. Everyone is fine. No one is traumatized or in therapy for it. For those people jumping on the bandwagon that this was essentially done out of hate, I can’t believe it. It’s a haircut ?? stop feeding into their drama because I see nothing wrong here. And my ex at some point did take my son to get a hair cut and totally butchered it. Guess who didn’t get mad, guess who isn’t traumatized. This whole comment section is coming off pretty cry baby right now. It’s Kailyn, everything is an issue for her.

    2. They BOTH chose each other twice. Each knowing what they were getting into. Haircuts should be agreed upon. And if they can’t agree than it should be up to the primary parent which is Kail. Part time parents don’t get the final say on anything. If she wants the bs to stop she should really take him to court.

  11. He totally did this for spite, he wanted a reaction so he has something to talk about on his illiterate podcast. You can’t understand anything he says, he is like a really bad mumble rapper. I am trying to figure out why Kail chose to have another son with this fool. She already had problems with him regarding Lux. It is unfortunate that both of the children’s parents have no issue using their children as pawns in their immature juvenile game.

    1. You can’t understand anything he says, he is like a really bad mumble rapper.

      My son works with someone like this. He calls him “Mumbles the Clown“. ?

      Anyway, I ? agree with you. This guy is an attention wh0re and has zero issues using his kids as media fodder. Lets just all hope these 2 are done with each other and there isn’t a #3.

  12. It may be hair but your child and what they look like is important to them. As a parent myself I don’t want BD touching the kid’s hair. 1 he knows I have that under control and anything he does would just be a dig at me. Chris did it for the reaction. He knew/knows it bothers her. But she can’t do anything without ALL the haters being all, “It’s just hair Kail. It’ll grow back.” It’s not JUST hair. It’s the kids being a pawn in his bullshit. It’s the kids emotions knowing he’s trying to push her nerves. And it’s the bullshit. Now she’s still left with haters and his jacked up hair and the bullshit that she has to suppress so that the kids aren’t in the middle again. Chris is a douchebag! He always was and he always will be.

    1. She’s the petty one here.

      Whether he did it for the reaction or not, is not the issue. He’s the baby daddy, he has rights too. Not just her…although in her mind I’m sure she sees it that way. KAIL IS ALWAYS RIGHT after all.

      It IS just hair, fact is that Kail is petty and ignorant.

      1. No, that’s not the point, He should have consulted with her. No matter what shit decisions she makes, she still has custody. Could have been discussed. Petty or not, she is the primary care giver, and should have had a say in the decision. And I can not stand her, but she has a valid complaint.

        1. Consulted??? Last I checked BOTH parents had rights… whether it be the primary parent or parent that only gets visitation?

          It all comes down to one thing, Kail is a petty bitch that wants ALL control of these boys while their dads get no say and it KILLS her when they do something and don’t “consult” her!!!

          1. So by this logic what else should he be able to decide by himself? Should he be allowed to switch the kids schools, change their doctor, activities or teams they join, etc? Unless he has 50/50 split custody then those decisions should be made TOGETHER. But it doesn’t sound like he does so Kail is the primary parent so those decisions are up to her and he in fact should be consulting her. Hair grows back but they are kids and it’s part of their body and affects their daily life.

          2. Why not??

            Kail changed all that (school, drs, teams and extracurricular activities) when she moved from Nazareth. Pennsylvania to Dover, Delaware without “consulting” Jo.

            If she can do it, so can the dads.

            She laid with these dogs, she had these pups, the daddy dogs have just as much rights as the bitchy mama dog.


          3. Because that’s not there primary residence, they don’t live with him full time, he is not their primary care giving parent….all there is to it.

          4. But to take Isaac away from Jo like that was shady…do you think Jo would do that to her…NO!!

            The primary parent shouldn’t be THE MOST IMPORTANT.

            These kids have a mom AND dad, BOTH should be able to be involved without airing their petty bs!!!

            I don’t like any of these current girls…they’re all pretty shady.

            Except for Leah, she may not be sharpest tool in the shed but she’s a good mom and I have NEVER heard her say anything disparaging against Corey or Jeremy in front of the girls!!!

            Has she disagreed with them…yes. Have they disagreed with her…yes. But they handle their stuff privately and like civilized parents.

          5. I do agree they shouldn’t be airing out their bs for everyone to see. Kail appears to be handling the haircut fiasco better this time though. Probably learned a lesson from last time.

            As for her moving she can live wherever she wants and so can the dad’s. As long as one doesn’t interfere with the others visitation or they can agree on a new schedule if need be. I’m not saying she’s the more important parent but being the primary means she gets to make the decisions. I’m not sure if she has 50/50 split custody of the older 2 boys, if so than yes she should consult them about what school that attend and what not in that case.

          6. It’s hair though…she’s having a bitch fit over HAIR!!!

            Yes the kid is mixed, making his hair harder to manage and yes Chris was wrong to just cut it all off but it’s HAIR, Kail is acting like it’s a death sentence to these children. It’s natural for a DAD to want his SONS to have short hair.

            As far as 50/50 custody, I KNOW it’s 50/50 with Jo (because they had a nasty court battle to get it that way) and I THINK it’s 50/50 with Javi (I actually don’t remember a court battle concerning custody there).

            Chris is the only one that has visitation while she has primary.

            Kail needs to slow her role, she acts like just because these kids live with her then she’s the only parent.

            Newsflash Kail, it takes two to tango.

          7. She isn’t having a fit though. She said she wasn’t going to react and only addressed it because people were asking her. As for her moving Isaac away from Jo.. Her husband was in the Airforce and was relocated… That doesn’t make her a bad parent or selfish

          8. Why bring it up at all though? Discuss it with HIS DAD (aka the dog she laid down with) and drop it. Address it to the people asking, don’t go public with this shit!!! She only brought it up this way for the reaction…for attention

            Her reason was not selfish no, but Jo has 50/50 with Isaac, Kail moved him away without so much as a discussion about visitation, and when Jo confronted her about it Kail didn’t care how he felt, she only cared about her…and the benefits. THAT sounds pretty selfish.

            And wasn’t Javi sent someplace else AFTER the initial relocation? And this was after she had Linc so if relocating was so important that she took one son away from his dad, why not relocate a second time so Javi (aka Big Lips) could see his son?

          9. Yes, I can see where it would be important to consult about the important issues like health and well-being…but hair??

            Talk about petty.

        2. I’m not TRUE DAT, and I’m not invested in this…I couldn’t care less how this bitch coparents (or lack thereof) with her baby daddies.

          But to publicly run the other parent through the mud…over glass friggin haircut is PATHETIC. I don’t care if it was a rant or not…this is petty but leave it to Kail to act this way.

          1. So in your logic, if this was a girl he could chop her hair off too?
            Nope!! She is the primary parent. He is the half ass parent. Nothing is 50/50 with him.

          2. If he wanted to yeah, his kid…his right.

            Ain’t nothing wrong with a girl having short hair…just like there’s nothing wrong with a boy having long hair.

            The point is, if SHE had done this, it would be all good. She’s the mom, she’s primary, she’s more important right…???, but since the DAD done it without her permission it’s wrong.


            These kids may live with you but that don’t make you the one and only parent.

      2. Why the hell are you more upset about this then the parents? RELAX….it’s not your kid. And FYI, everyone one here has a right to their opinion. It’s a freakin tv show, calm down….

        1. I’m calm, and yeah you’re right, everyone does have a right to their opinion…including me.

          If you notice, I haven’t ranted once (unlike this TRUE DAT person you think I am).

          I’ve simply voiced my opinion and replied back and forth to people talking to me.

          I only replied once to someone else to correct an error I thought I saw but when I realized I had read it wrong I apologized.

          1. Respect for the apologize. However, you seem a bit overly upset, Chill! It’s not your family, they signed up to be scrutinized. Just respect that there are other opinions. ..

          2. I haven’t shown any disrespect that I’ve noticed so I don’t see how I’m overly upset about anything.

            But you gotta admit, the topics she makes public for scrutinization are rather petty.

            Now if she brought up a health neglect issue then that’s one thing, but hair??

            I just think she nitpicks her baby daddies for attention…there NO point to her acting this way.

            I have respect for others opinions. I’m just asking for the same in return.

  13. Look all of u tabloids are hungry culture vultures & to spread some bull!!!! Specially “U know who”!!
    My son has every right to get his son’s haircut if he wants BUT to invite “U know who” to attend his sons 1st haircut IS NOTIFYING THEM THAT IT’S TAKEN PLACE!!!! U guys want drama so bad that u ignore what really happened cause that won’t get u clicks!!!! The tabloids are the true attention whores in this & at the expense of my innocent grandson!!!
    Oh & now all the sudden my grandson is having a mental breakdown due to his 1st haircut.. Lol #AttentionSeeker Son I love the haircut & so does Creed. Lux loves his shape & so do I. & when lil man (Trew) turns 1yr old & needs a cut he’ll get 1 (without all the extra acting & fan fair).
    In closing I have 1thing to say.
    Have a blessed day!!!!

    1. If he was just doing what Dad’s do why doesn’t he just surprise her and pay those doctor copays??? The things you do for your kids shouldn’t be in spite of the other parent. It should be in their best interest. If it was on the up and up tabloids couldn’t twist as easy.

    2. I see he takes after you.

      This the proud daddy that wanted to relinquish parental rights to his oh so treasured first son? The one that said, “Kail is lucky he didn’t scalp his ass” when he hacked up his hair too?

      No job, 3 kids. Still at home, right? You raise ’em good. ?

    3. Now we know why no one can understand a damn word Chris ever says, it’s clearly a genetic trait. I guess we can thank Kail for one thing she’s doing right. Her boys won’t grow up butchering the English language like it stole their drug money. (assuming anyone believes you are who you’re pretending to be, that is, lol)

      Yes, Chris is an ass and did it on purpose, 100% out of spite. He already knew what the reaction would be, because he did the same shit before, and got the same damn reaction. He wasn’t going to get a different one with a different child, and he knew it. Who the hell cares if he’s the baby daddy, he’s not a very good one, and clearly, he’s as big of an attention whore as anyone else involved. You don’t get to decide if the little guy likes his haircut, no one gives a shit if you like it or if Chris does either, it’s not your hair.

      So what do you call this dumbass podcast he has if not him being thirsty for attention in the same way everyone else with one is? It gets him clicks, it gets him likes, it gets him attention, after all.

      1. President indeed! ??

        Chris figured he couldn’t make good on scalping Lux so he’d do it with Creed. Dude is a piece of shit and it’s hilarious his mommy came out to speak on thirsty folk when she practically chest-thumped her credentials here. lol. Can’t make this shit up. ?

    4. He is not the custodial parent and should not have “notified” her, he shouldn’t have done it at all. I’m not sure why you think you’re grandson have a break down over it is funny. That’s so fukked up. I have a son the same age and hair care is part of his routine and if that was taken away he would be upset because he loves it. Chris is just being spiteful and obviously the apple didn’t fall far from the tree because he can do no wrong in your blind eyes.

  14. Just think, when they become teenagers, you’ll have WAY bigger things to fight about!

    And he’ll have 5 more baby mommas to piss off.

  15. That’s his son too…if he wants to get the kid a haircut let him, turnabout is fair play. I’m sure you’ve done some things he don’t like.

    I’m sure he ain’t too happy that you’re his baby’s mama and he’s stuck with ya and your bs.

    It’s just hair Kail jeez…it’ll grow back!!!

    1. Everyone knows he did this to get a reaction out of her! Maybe he was hoping she’d hit him again and this time he could sue her to get some of that TeenMom money he was getting off of her when he was still sleeping with her!
      Why the hell does he even have a podcast for?! Because he has 2 kids with Kail?! Who listens to this fool anyhow?!

    2. They are his sons too when it’s time to get haircuts but not when it’s time to go to the doctor or take his son to his game. He wants the easy and fun parts of having kids with none of the responsibilities. He clearly did this to make Kailyn mad. I’m sure Chris saw that she bought all those products for his hair and didn’t want to deal with it. After what happened with Lux this should have been a discussion not a text saying he was cutting it. Chris is 100% being immature and spiteful

    3. Why are they only his sons when he wants to do petty shit, though? Why aren’t they his sons when they need things, when bills need paid, when diapers need bought, when clothes get outgrown, when they’ve been cooped up and need to get out and explore the world some more and have a good male role model in their lives…need I go on?

      He’s not the worse, but that doesn’t make him baby daddy of the year, either. He does spiteful shit in the same way many others in the TM franchise have, including Kail. She has her own issues, and plenty of them, but she’s actually a decent mom, and would be a way better one if she dropped the spiteful petty public eye bullshit drama too. Good for the goose, good for the gander.

      He doesn’t have split custody with Kail, so, yes, he does not get to have any say in the children’s care, including hair care. It doesn’t matter if he wants them to have hair like him, or hair that he doesn’t have to deal with for the small amount of time they’re in his care. If he were a more involved dad, then yes, he would get more say. He chooses to be mostly absent, and him not having decision making power is a consequence of that choice. He made it, he can live with it, and stop using his kids as pawns in whatever stupid games he wants to play. He knew exactly what would happen, I’m actually surprised she didn’t flip her wig, we all probably are. She’s handled this way better than he has, and he’s the dumbass that did it!

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