Jenelle Evans’ Husband David Eason Announces T-Shirt Line for “Straight/Heterosexual Community”; Jenelle Unfollows Him After He osts Homophobic & Transphobic Content on Social Media

The only thing sinking lower than David at this point is his house.

David Eason, husband of fired Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, is back to posting offensive content on social media. This week, Mr. Jenelle Evans shared a plethora of homophobic and transphobic content on multiple social media platforms.

Over the years, Jenelle has disputed claims that David is homophobic; however, the former reality TV star has remained relatively silent after her hubby’s latest dose of hateful postings, which include David mocking and purposely misgendering a transgender woman, and promoting a line of hateful merchandise David claims he will soon be selling. Jenelle did, however, recently unfollow him on Instagram and TikTok.

“He may be an unemployed and offensive miscreant, but he’s MY miscreant!”

In what we hope was his (twisted) idea of a joke, David told followers this week on Instagram that he was launching a new merchandise line that will include a shirt featuring his take on the Chick-fil-A logo, accompanied with the words “SUPER STRAIGHT.” 

“New merch line coming soon! A large percentage of the proceeds will go to the straight/heterosexual community which has been receiving an extraordinary amount of hate the past few years!” David wrote. “This T shirt plus a few other designs will be available very soon!” 

In response to the post, a follower asked The Land Dweller, “What if any of your kids end up coming out to you? Just curious how you would handle that?”

“My kids are normal,” David replied. 

In addition to his offensive merch (and subsequent merch-related comments), David has been keeping himself busy lately by insulting a transgender woman named Olivia Aronson on TikTok. 

The woman being subjected to David’s hillbilly hate speech happens to be a friend of Gabbie Eagan. As you may remember, Gabbie was one of the people involved in the failed Girl S**t podcast that Jenelle was fired from nearly a year ago. Gabbie and Jenelle initially got along, with Gabbie even making a trip to Jenelle’s home on The Land.

However, the friendship was short-lived, and the two have occasionally traded jabs on social media in recent months.

David mocking Olivia and another member of the LGBTQ community who is friends with Gabbie has brought the feud to a new level recently. After David mocked Gabbie’s friend in a now-deleted TikTok video, Gabbie and Olivia fired back at him.

“I don’t appreciate them taggin’ me on the TikTok. I might catch the gay through the phone!”

In response to Gabbie and Olivia appearing in a TikTok together with the transgender pride flag and stating, “F**k you, David Eason,” David has gone on to engage in some back and forth with the two, The Sun reports. For his part, David has not only mocked Olivia in multiple videos, but also misgendered her, once even referring to her as a “man dressed like a woman.” 

“Sorry my voice is so deep today I forgot to take my hormone treatment,” David captioned a video in which he mocked Olivia’s voice.

“The joke is YOU sir,” he captioned another. “If you can live your life as a joke you should be able to take a joke, especially when you take it up the arse! Keep acting like I’m just ‘attacking you for no reason’ motherf**ker YOU KEEP POSTING VIDEOS talking s**t then deleting it! F**k you.” 

David’s TikTok videos about Olivia have been deleted, although it’s unknown if David deleted them or TikTok removed them.

Some of his comments and posts (as well as some from Jenelle) are mentioned on Olivia’s page. 


♬ another one thank you – ✂️

In other Instagram posts that are still on David’s Instagram account, he shows more T-shirt designs, and claims that straight, white men are “oppressed.” He also states that Gabbie and her friends have been hating on straight people. 

When several of David’s were posted to the @TeenMomShadeRoom Instagram account, fans commented that they believe that David’s antics are a big reason Jenelle has had trouble finding work in recent years.

“Jenelle wonders why no one will do business with her,” one person wrote in the comment section.

“Dude if this guy was my husband I would be so embarrassed,” another person wrote.

Even Shen Williams— mother of ‘Teen Mom 2’ dad Bar Smith— offered her opinion on the situation.

“There no way I would stay married to a man like this,” she wrote. “I’m afraid for the kids he is raising. She is just as bad for staying and allowing her kids to be shown such monstrous behavior, he is dangerous and unstable.”

David’s latest social media activity should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed his antics over the years. Back in February 2018, David fired off a homophobic and transphobic rant on Twitter, in which he compared gay and transgender people to flea-covered dogs (among other things). 

David’s Twitter rant resulted in him getting fired from ‘Teen Mom 2′,something he denied at the time– and when asked about his comments the following month, he said he didn’t owe the LGBTQ an apology, as he doesn’t deal with anyone from that community. 

“I mean, I don’t even know what [LGBTQ] means!” David said at the time. “For gay people or whatever, if that’s what that means, yeah, I’m sorry. But see, I don’t even know. I don’t study that. 

“It’s not in my life, it’s not in my family’s life to have to worry about something like that,” David added. “If it becomes a problem, then we would focus on it then.” 

“The good thing is that we know David won’t actually put out tha T-shirt line because that would be similar to havin’ a job!”

It seems that Jenelle may be trying to distance herself from David’s latest antics. The fired ‘Teen Mom 2’ star is currently not following her husband on TikTok or Instagram.

Currently, Jenelle is no longer following David on TikTok or Instagram. She has also turned off the comments of recent TikTok posts, and claims that she is taking a break from the app, due to all of the “bullying” she’s been getting lately.

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(Photos: Instagram; TikTok; MTV)

33 Responses

  1. I’m sure the Chick Fil A attorneys would love to know that David is using their logo for his T-shirts!

  2. This all started because JE ASSUMED something Gabby posted was about her. Gabby said no it’s not about JE after JE posted a video about how she unfriended Gabby because she didn’t text her back. Gabby is just a bad texter. Then A Gabbie’s friend said she doesn’t text me back either and I’m her best friend. DE then made a video mocking A for no reason. Gabby and A were just trying to clear the air. Olivia got involved when DE was making fun of A for being trans. And then all of this happened. DE is a pile of hot garbage. JE response was I dunno go tell him. In marriage you are an extension of each other. JE is also the B in LGBTQ so the fact he said it’s not in his family is a lie.

  3. He is such a angry homophobe, I’ve always wondred if he might be a closeted gay.

    My english writing is bad, Im sorry ?

  4. He’s such a dumba$$. Disgusting racism, homophobia, etc. aside, he doesn’t even make any sense when he posts or speaks. The shirts are just stupid, and if he actually tries to make them, Chick-fil-a will sue his a$$ so fast his head will spin. Big companies like that don’t play. Not that he has a penny to his name, it’s all Jenelle’s, so I guess he’ll be screwing Jenelle out of more money. Once again. Imagine being a grown man his age with a wife and children, but not having a job or your own money. Spending your time on social media trying to rile up strangers by posting hateful things. Like, grow up. Do something with your life. Whittle your little wooden toys on Saturdays, eat your gross vermin on Sundays, but get a job for the weekdays. Don’t smack your wife and kids around, be this big bad “real man” you keep trying to convince everyone you are.

    P.S. David: look up the definition of “oppression”. White straight men are not oppressed in any way. Educated, intelligent people supporting the rights of a black woman or a gay man does not subtract any rights from a straight white man. If you need it in simpler terms, let us know. Our 3rd graders can surely explain it to you.

    1. Love your post! It is so spot on. Thank you. Especially about the part of white straight men are not being suppressed when women and other marginalized people are being supported.
      Your intelligence and compassion is a wonderful reprieve from David’s idiotic non empathetic rants

  5. The best thing that happened to him was MTV refusing to continue filming this lunatic. I really don’t know how he hasn’t been banned for hate speech.

    Waste the last bit of Jenelle’s money tilting at windmills.

    And then get sued by chick fil a for the rest of it.

  6. David Eason does something that has been normal and healthy values forever except for the last 3 seconds in history(and still is not in many countries). Who is right – the big majority or the tiny hysterical click?

    1. It is not “normal and healthy values” to spew hate towards people you don’t agree with who’s lives have no effect on yours. If you are trying to say that gays have only been around for the last “3 seconds in history” then you are very mistaken, they have been around for centuries, well over a thousand years. Did you not learn about the Greek and Roman empires? Also it’s not an issue of being right or wrong. Hate speech towards the LGBTQ+ community is just as stupid as hating someone for their hair or skin color. It has absolutely nothing to do with you, doesn’t affect your life, and it’s not something they can change and shouldn’t have to.

  7. Jenelle, girl, the call is coming from inside the house. Your husband is obsessed with the LGBTQ community. I bet $100 that he is having desires. I don’t have to scream my sexuality to people nor am i concerned with what any other communities are doing. That’s insecurity.

  8. this just proves that he’s DEEP in the closet ? unfortunately i doubt jenelle unfollowing him means anything but it’s hilarious that he’s giving networks and companies more reasons not to ever hire jenelle

  9. Lets be real. JE unfollowing him means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and is absolutely more about people not @ing her AND SELLING TABLOID ARTICLES than anything else, same reason she turned off ALL her comments. She stirs up drama then curls into fetal position and cries ‘victim’ when she gets backed into a corner having to account for HER OWN ACTIONS! Same old same old Pathetic BS.
    NOT ONCE DID SHE SAY HE WAS WRONG / EVIL or even simply INCORRECT and with his plethora of posts on every platform & multiple accounts she had AMPLE opportunity to do so IF SHE WANTED TO!
    We all know they are BOTH sitting behind his account cackling as THEY TYPE!

    What does it matter about her account anyway? She has at least 40 sock accounts, and those are just the ones that she made this week.

    In fact, she has even proven that (pretending to) “leaving” him means nothing either. She even lied about filing for divorce during the last stunt that made them a solid chunk of coin, they have just gotten a lot lazier now and can’t be bothered to fake the whole charade (can’t possibly risk burning a calorie!) but NEED THE MONEY!

    How can they BOTH not be horrifically embarrassed!
    These are 2 ABLE BODIED unemployed, unemployable, immature savage feral adults that live in squalor and (thankfully!) only have custody of half their genetically very diverse herd and the ones that they actually are “raising” on the isolated swamp are developed AT HALF their age, to be generous.

    Same old JE.
    NOTHING is “her fault”, ever.

    I can GUARANTEE if anyone reading this had a spouse that even spoke those words in the privacy of their own home never mind posting all over the internet and making dang sure it was a topic of conversation (as hot of a topic as LONG AGO HAS BEENS can stir up), said spouse would not be sleeping in the same bed and very likely not under the same roof.
    Actually, it’s more likely that they would NEVER be called a ‘spouse’ in the first place.

    SHE DOESNT GET *ANOTHER* FREE PASS simply bc she unfollowed on one account.
    Where is her public statement?
    Where is her social media apology?
    Where is her grand donation to LGBTQ agencies?

    Case and point.
    They are the SAME nasty person with the SAME revolting beliefs and I’m actually thankful they have yet again been exposed (via THEMSELVES), this time WITHOUT MTV AROUND TO CLEAN UP *THEIR* MESS left in *THEIR* (massive) wake!

    Olivia is gorgeous!
    This FAKE merch push in response to Olivia + Gabbys merch will be as successful as the swamp GFM in response to MOTHER OF THE YEAR*S* OLIVIAs very successful GFM!
    They cant even come up with ANYTHING original! Not that they would ever commit an ounce of energy to an actual project, even an entirely forged project (oh the linguistic irony!).
    On a positive note, if they do end up ordering merch it can sit on top of her 2850 moldy brow kits in their “40’ temperature controlled building” as a constant reminder of how successful they BOTH are (not)!

  10. Doth is protesting a lot.

    If gay isn’t in his life, fine, then it shouldn’t be a problem that it is in someone else’s life.

    This overwhelming need to prove he’s straight is.. Um.. Ok.

    1. No, he’s degrading gay people because he feels more powerful than them. Normalizing gay and trans people chips away at the unearned privilege he desperately clings to. He’s obsessed with maintaining a hierarchy that elevates himself at the expense of others.

      The whole “homophobes are secretly gay” sentiment only serves to further demean gay people. It helps straight people distance themselves from homophobia. It essentially blames gay people for their own oppression.

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