Kathryn Dennis Has Reportedly Been Fired From ‘Southern Charm’ After Eight Seasons

…and by “wagon” we mean show.

Kathryn Dennis’ days on Southern Charm may be behind her as The Sun reports the 31-year-old has been fired for exhibiting less-than-charming behavior. 

Despite starring on the Bravo series for eight seasons, the mother of two was allegedly not offered a new contract for Season 9 due to multiple no-shows and treating the show’s crew poorly. 

A source close to ‘Southern Charm’ production reportedly confirmed Kathryn’s firing, while sharing the reasons Kat wasn’t offered a new contract.

How we picture this went down…

“I know Bravo didn’t offer her a contract, but when you treat people poorly like she has they finally get sick of it,” the source stated. “She doesn’t show up on time or show up at all during filming a lot. She treats people like they are beneath her. She can’t stand anyone doing better or getting more attention than her.” 

Kathryn, when forced to participate in storylines involving her co-stars’ relationships, hookups, pillow brand, beers or bars…

The news of Kathryn (allegedly) getting the boot from Bravo comes less than two months after she was served with a Rule to Vacate notice for non-payment of rent at her apartment in Charleston, South Carolina.

This marked the third time that Kathryn faced eviction in 2022, with the two prior complaints filed by the owner of her previous apartment, which she shared with then-boyfriend Chleb Ravanell

Kathryn, who shares two children with ex and former ‘Southern Charm’ star Thomas Ravenel, has yet to confirm the reports about her ‘Southern Charm’ exit, though she shared a quote to her Instagram Story on Monday possibly hinting at her future–- or lack thereof–- with the network. 

“Know who you are and deliver it at all times,” her Instagram Story read. 

Though the quote was attributed to RuPaul, Kathryn had reposted it from Lisa Rinna’s Instagram Story. Coincidentally, Lisa confirmed within the last week that she is also saying goodbye to Bravo and will not be returning to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 

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(Photos: Bravo; Instagram) 


  1. People may not like her, but she was the backbone of the show. Leva and Vinita (I forget her name she’s so boring) are awful TV.

    1. Kathryn was “good TV” at times. I was cheering for her to get it together, but apparently she just couldn’t for whatever reason. I have my own thoughts/assessments. I live close to her Family’s “Ancestral Home” & Charleston. I don’t personally know her in real life. I agree, Leva and Venita aren’t great on this show. Leva’s spinoff is abysmyal. Meaning Really, Really Bad…. I’m trying to hang on for a few interesting “characters”.

  2. She bares a strong resemblance to Debby Ryan from that show Jessie on the Disney Channel, before I even looked at the headline I thought the article was gonna be about her coming back to TV. And thank God it’s not, she drove me nuts!!!

    I’ve never seen this show and never plan to. Tv sucks now, I’d rather watch paint dry as opposed to watching all the nonsense that’s on now!!

  3. Good riddance! Not surprising in any way to hear she treats them poorly, she treats everyone terribly! She is a deeply unhappy person. I’ve long found scenes with her cringy and difficult to watch, usually just fast forward through her segments.

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