‘Teen Mom’ Star Ryan Edwards Takes Back Cheating Allegations He Made About Wife Mackenzie: “She Isn’t That Kind of Person”; Mackenzie Responds

“At least we can both agree that this isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever done.”

Ryan Edwards is apparently suffering from poster’s remorse after taking to social media over the weekend to accuse wife Mackenzie Edwards of cheating on him.

As The Ashley told you Sunday, the Teen Mom dad returned to posting on social media after a multi-year hiatus to blast his wife via Instagram post (and to comment on one of Mackenzie’s posts), insinuating that he was planning to file for divorce due to his belief that Mackenzie has been unfaithful to him.

“Does this mean if you two split up, I’m stuck with you?”

After posting a cheating meme, Ryan-– who shares two children with Mackenzie (and one child with Maci Bookout)–- took to the comment section of one of his wife’s post to accuse her of staying out in bars and going home with other guys. He also claimed that his past substance abuse issues were not a factor in whatever issue the couple was going through. 

While Ryan went as far as to threaten divorce during Sunday’s Instagram slam, he told The Sun on Monday that he and Mackenzie have worked things out and that he regrets the accusations he made against her. 

“I gotta be honesty, Benny…I didn’t have this nonsense on my 2023 bingo card.”

“I was wrong,” Ryan said. “She isn’t that kind of person. For a relationship, it’s a work in progress.” 

Literally everyone within the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise when they hear the word “work.”

Ryan’s comment has since been deleted from Mackenzie’s Instagram post and Mackenzie has yet to address the cheating claims; however, the mom of three seemed to indirectly respond to the rumors ignited by Ryan in an Instagram Story she posted Tuesday. 

On her Story, Mackenzie insisted that she’s unbothered by other people’s opinion of her. 

“I used to wanna protect my name in situations, now I just wanna protect my peace,” Mackenzie’s posted to her Instagram Story. “I let whoever think WHATEVER.”  

The Ashley can confirm that Ryan has not filed for divorce as of press time, nor has Mackenzie filed. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 



  1. I really hope Ryan is doing better and staying clean. He’s not a “fan favorite” here but I always thought Maci was too hard on him. Of course, it was a great distraction from her own drinking and husband problems. Maci’s husband is as bunch of a mooch as any of the other males on this franchise.

  2. You know Rhine’s using drugs heavily again when he’s back to selling stories to the tabloids every week. Drugs ain’t cheap y’all!

  3. I used to love Jen and Larry in the early years, especially when it came to Bentley. You could tell they had so much love for him and vice versa.

    But now my eyes are opening to just how annoying they are, Jen cries about everything. And it’s one thing to love your son but you dont have to “support him” as you say. Lady, you know he’s wrong…there comes a time when mamas need cut the cord and let there kid sink or swim.

    And Larry, well like father like son, he can’t stick with nothing. One minute he’s done with Rhine and the next they’re best buds again. And it’s clear to me that he has Jen wrapped around his little finger so tightly that she will NEVER leave, just like how Mack will NEVER leave Rhine.

    1. Rhine has made Jen feel like she is the reason for his drug addiction. He keeps calling her a trigger. Fine then go no contact cut her out of your life move on. But RHine wants to PUNISH her. He blames her for a lot of the negatives in his life and wants he to grovel. And until she gets a backbone it will continue this way.

      Honestly, I think that parents of addicts have a very hard time. They don’t want to enable them, but they also don’t want the last time they see their child to be over a fight 5 years ago. So they would rather just ignore it or know they are enabling but don’t care. So they can be in their life and more importantly their grandkids lives.

      Larry and Jen have done a lot to fail Rhine in the past but at some point, it has to be his responsibility for his own actions. For pete’s sake Rhine is like 35. You got to stop blaming Jen and Larry for everything that boy has done. His parents have a relationship with Bentley they see him all the time, it’s Rhine who never sees his own son.

  4. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if she cheated. But, she went into the marriage eyes wide open. Hell, he was high as a kite on the way to the wedding. AND she had 2 kids with him. I have zero sympathy for her. And I don’t believe for one second that he us sober, but if she wants out, just file for divorce. He isn’t going to contest it. He would have to put the dog down first to do anything about it.

    1. Her eyes were wide open, but we all saw on camera that his were most definitely not open. Like, at all.

  5. He must’ve realized it’s cheaper to keep her…

    First of all, we ALL know that Mack IS that kind of person. She’s a spiteful opportunist who never genuinely loved Rhine more than she loved the idea of being with someone on TV. Secondly you can’t just unleash something like that and then try and take it back like nobody is gonna notice. I don’t feel bad for Rhine in this situation. He was cheating on Mack long before she turned those tables back around on him.

  6. Called it! Saw that coming a mile away. Every time the couple decides to stay together after cheating they insist the cheating didn’t happen lol. So transparent.

    1. I mean this isn’t the first cheating scandal with this couple. Rhine has been accused of cheating on her since before they were even married.

      So many women came forward that met him through tinder.

      But Rhine seems like the type to say, men NEED to cheat it’s bIOLoGy. But women are bread to stay faithful.

  7. Why keep the relationship going? It’s obvious they’re miserable with each other if he’s out posting shit like that for all to see! I bet the tension in that household is always hostile. I feel bad for the kids

  8. Both of them are pathetic. If my husband accused of such a thing I would dump his ass. But then again, I wouldn’t marry a guy that was so high he couldn’t drive to his own wedding so we know she has zero dignity

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