‘Sister Wives’ Star Kody Brown Says He Hopes Ex-Wife Christine Will Remarry: “I Hope She’s Happy”

“Let’s change topics to something I like, such as Robyn?” 

Season 16 of Sister Wives concluded over the weekend with Kody Brown, his remaining three wives, and ex-wife Christine wrapping up their one-on-ones and discussing the recent events that have unfolded within the Brown family. 

The biggest change was, of course, Christine’s decision to end her (spiritual) marriage to Kody in November and relocate from Arizona to Utah with her youngest daughter, Truely. While Kody admitted that he was angry and grieving after Christine left, he said on Sunday that he does hope she finds happiness— and another man someday. 

“I hope she gets married,” Kody told host Sukanya Krishnan of Christine, whom he married in 1994 and had six kids with. “I hope she has a wonderful relationship. I hope she’s happy.” 

Same, girl. (Is this kind of like when he said that ‘I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving’ all passive aggressively?) 

Christine, on the other hand, seems content in remaining single at the moment. 

“I’m dating me,” she said. “I’m getting to know me better. And I’m like, ‘why don’t I just figure out this awesome life and be present in it and just love it?’ I feel light, and I didn’t know life could be like this.”

“The other sister wives have no idea what they’re missing out on!”

As The Ashley told you last week, Kody admitted on Part 3 of the finale that he now questions plural marriage “all the time,” while his remaining wives— Robyn, Meri and Janelle— claim to still see the value in polygamy. 

Sure, Jan Robyn.

As for Christine, she has made it clear that the polygamist lifestyle is no longer for her. However, Kody’s own polygamy path seems a little unclear. 

“Now I just look forward to the healing process,” Kody said. “Managing it and coming to a place where we’re friends again. We had this experience and that’s over and have a good life. Be well, be happy. But I’m still in a grieving process now.” 

As The Ashley previously reported, Kody recently told a fan in a Cameo video that he’s currently seeing a grief counselor to deal with the end of his marriage.

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10 Responses

  1. I don’t hope that she finds a man. I hope she lives her very best single life as long as she wants to and that his other OG wives see that they can be happy without him, too, and then leave. Cody and Robyn deserve each other.

  2. If being disingenuous were an Olympic event, I’d say Kody nailed the quad salchow triple toe loop. Too bad he tested positive for bullshit.

  3. Kody and Robyn pretend to care about Christine. AS IF! Kody wants her to remarry? The only reason he’d like that is so he can be a deadbeat dad, and not pay child support for Truely.

    I’d LOVE it if Christine did remarry, and ask her new husband to adopt Truely. Kody’s head would EXPLODE! LOL

  4. I have read that God will only reward Kody when he has proven to be a worthy man. (Maybe that’s why Kody is grieving).

    When Kody is a worthy man, he can call all the names of his wives and their children, their children, their children etc etc and they will all go to his own planet in heaven and live happily forever.
    When Kody isn’t worthy, his father has to call his wives, him and all their descendants and they’ll live on his planet in heaven.

    Perhaps it helps Kody’s “karma” when Christine remarries and is no longer his responsibility?

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