‘Sister Wives’ Star Kody Brown Reveals If He Still Wants to Be In A Plural Marriage: “I Question It All The Time”

My takeaway from watching Kody & Co.

In light of his recent marital issues, Sister Wives star Kody Brown claims he questions polygamy “all the time.” 

In a clip from Sunday’s Season 16 Finale (Part 3) obtained by People, Kody is once again questioned about ex-wife Christine’s decision to divorce him, as well as Christine’s criticism of plural marriage in general, admitting it has led him to question the lifestyle, too. 

“When you really start getting honest, you start looking up to the heavens and going, ‘Geez, Father. You inspired me to do this. Why is it such a mess now?’” Kody—who is still legally married to Robyn and spiritually married to wives Janelle and Meri— says in the clip. “It really has set me on my heels and had me questioning the lifestyle itself. It’s a challenge.” 

Yet somehow he doesn’t question this look? OK…

When asked by host Sukanya Krishnan if those uncertainties include his own plural marriage, Kody replies, “Oh, hell yes … I question it all the time.” 

He stated that he now sees how polygamous women struggle in a plural marriage, and “the pain in it.” 

Kody also accused Christine of “living two lives” prior to their divorce, stating that, since the beginning of the show, Christine was slamming plural marriage behind closed doors while talking it up on the show. 

“She’s like, ‘I hate plural marriage and I hate this lifestyle,'” Kody said. 

“Well, God and anyone who has ever seen ‘Sister Wives’/encountered Kody personally.”

“She’s promoting, talking about how she loves plural marriage and all this stuff, and how, ‘I didn’t want the husband, I wanted the sister wives, I wanted this family,’ and all these things,” he said. “At the same time, she’s telling me she hates plural marriage.” 

Kody admits he made a mistake by not validating Christine’s feelings about polygamy. Instead, he says, he allowed her comments to make him angry. 


“It made me angry as hell,” he said.  

While Christine has made it clear that polygamy is no longer something she believes in, Kody’s second wife Janelle still supports plural marriage, despite the challenges she and Kody faced amid the pandemic. She did admit, however, that coming to that conclusion required her to “do some soul searching.” 

“Best six weeks of my life!”

“There was a period [during the pandemic] where Kody was away for about six weeks and I thought, ‘Wow, life is really easy!'” Janelle said, adding later, “I want to be here still. I’m here.” 

(In Part 2 of the finale, Kody admitting that, while he loves Janelle, he is not in love with her, and says that she likely feels the same way about him.) 

As for Kody’s first wife Meri, she claims to see “the value” in remaining married to Kody, even though the two no longer have a romantic relationship with each other. (Kody has confirmed publicly that he will never have a sexual or intimate relationship with Meri again, despite the fact that she wants one with him.) 

…and look how far it’s gotten you.

Though Meri is seemingly in it for the long haul, she acknowledges that Kody may not feel the same, claiming he has the option to “give up” the lifestyle if he chooses. 

“If he wants to give up [on a wife or polygamy], he can give up,” she said. “If he wants to walk away, he can walk away.”  

In her segment, Robyn mentioned that it’s not uncommon in their culture for a man to decide he’s done with polygamy and leave with none of— or just one of— his wives.

“He goes and starts a new life,” she said. “He’s tired of it.” 

“What a pity that would be…yup, a damn pity…hey, Kody can I talk to you for a minute?”

Part 3 of the ‘Sister Wives’ Season 16 finale airs Sunday on TLC.

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14 Responses

  1. I had the unfortunate experience of catching Kody’s BS AGAIN while flipping channels. DUDE! Being unable to even pretend to give a rat’s a** about your ‘wives’ NO BUENO. Wondering – have you thought of using a food taster? Yeesh! Think of what these women & children have given up to support/share this vision of heaven, only to be maligned or ignored by mission writing, wedding dress shopping, ignore the sick kid KODY. OH HECK NO. Time for cocktails, girls!

  2. Oh no, the consequences of my own making!

    Kody did everything he wanted to for years, and got 4 women to portray how *happy* polygamy was. And they all got paid to do it.

    Now everyone will watch it all fall apart. I feel bad for the kids that really didn’t have a choice in being filmed for the show. They’ll all need years of therapy and healing to understand that Kody is a selfish abusive narcissist

  3. I think Meri stays around for the money. I hundred percent think she’s in her the money. Just think ..if she and Jenelle left it wouldn’t be sister wives …. It would be the Cody and Robyn show and nobody’s watching that shit…sooo. She has her home on coyote pass to protect and her B&B. Meri’s very calculating as well. And I do think she’s lonely and enjoys the company of Robyn’s kids

  4. When asked by host Sukanya Krishnan if those uncertainties include his own plural marriage, Kody replies, “Oh, hell yes … I question it all the time.”
    “I question all the time why my wives don’t adore me when I treat them and “their” kids like sh*t.:

  5. Gotta hate this guy, more and more every time he speaks. He is scary. weird, and reminds me more and more of Warren Jeffs. You can actually see the crazy in his eyes. I only feel sympathy for the kids. The others signed up for this shit show. I admire Christine for walking away from the dysfunction. For those of the wives staying in it for the money (looking at you Meri and Robyn) best wishes. Life is short, you are wasting years. I hope it is worth it in the end for a paycheck.

  6. I love how Kody acts like he isn’t the one that has it all. I was watching old seasons and he literally makes fun of Christine for not wanting to see him having functional relationships with other wives. In the “one house” conversation, Kody was furious and acted like the wives were being ridiculous because they admitted they would feel jealous. What woman wants to see their “husband” kissing all over (Robyn) another wife and going out of their way to make that one woman happy? Meanwhile he is admitting to other wives that he isn’t in love with them, doesn’t find them attractive, questions why he married them in the first place and tells them he never wants to be intimate with them. His needs are met, he could care less if anyone else’s needs (besides Robyn) are met.

  7. I bet Robyn cried? and clung even tighter onto Kody saying she needed his comfort and support because Christine didnt try hard enough ?

    1. He already did. She has been out of the rotation for years and he rarely comes over or even contacts her.
      He checked out, he is not in a relationship with her anymore.
      Meri is still standing at the reception desk smiling because she thinks he’ll come back.
      That’s what Robin makes her believe as well. Three wives minimum and she’ll be well received in heaven or planet Kody.
      The three other wives posed no threat to her, they were/ are just friends with her husband. What more can she want?

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