Newly Single ‘Sister Wives’ Star Christine Brown Scores Own Digital Spinoff Show For TLC: Watch a Sneak Peek of ‘Cooking with Just Christine!’

“Hey Kody, your former basement wife is now in the kitchen— and on her own show!”

Christine Brown is moving on from her polygamous marriage to Kody Brown but she’s not moving on from being in front of the camera!

TLC announced on Sunday that the Sister Wives star— who left Kody last year and has since denounced polygamy altogether— will star in her own digital series. The show– called Cooking with Just Christine— will also feature some of Christine’s six children with Kody. (Most of Christine’s kids currently live in Utah, where she relocated after splitting with Kody.) 

Judging from the trailer, which was also released on Sunday, there will be no signs of Kody, his Top Ramen hair or his wife Robyn.

“I’m Christine Brown, you know me from ‘Sister Wives’ but what you might not know is how much I love to cook!” Christine says in the trailer. 

“And the best part is– I didn’t even have to spend the first 20 minutes fire-blasting everything with hand-sanitizer to please Robyn!”

Although Christine will be doing the new show, she will also continue to appear on ‘Sister Wives.’ Her son, Paedon, confirmed on social media that she is currently filming for the upcoming Season 17. 

Fans appeared to be thrilled to hear that Christine will be getting her own show, away from Kody and his remaining pack of wives. Many sent their congratulations to the former Mrs. Kody Brown in the comment section of TLC’s post about the new show.

“I know Robin is somewhere fake crying,” one person commented, obviously poking fun at Robyn’s tendency to blubber so frequently. ” I can’t wait to watch this show. I love to cook.”

“I can cook too!! I mean, sure the nanny does most of that stuff now, but I should get a show too!”

“People kept shouting she should have her own show and now she does,” another person wrote. “Congratulations!”

“I’m so happy for Christine, she’s gonna flourish and have a very happy life from now on,” someone else commented. 

Christine even got support from one of her former sister wives, Janelle Brown, who reposted a clip from Christine’s new show and wrote, “This is amazing!” in the caption.

Kody, Robyn and Kody’s other wife, Meri, have not commented publicly on Christine’s new gig. 

Watch the trailer for ‘Cooking with Just Christine’ below! 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram)


  1. I will never understand how a douche like Kody got TWO intelligent women like Christine and Janelle! He and that nasty hair are a joke!!! I hope that both of these ladies find the happiness they deserve, finally!

  2. Oh,so this is what Kody is really grieving. Not the loss of Christine or his marriage, but the loss of income. I’m genuinely happy for Christine

  3. Congratulations Chrisitne! Christine must Martha Stewart homemaker type qualities because the way Janelles kids and all the others love her is very telling. Glad she can go after her own dreams now.

  4. Good for her, I’m so happy for her, I hope I time, she will meet a wonderful man who will treat her like a princess.

    1. Sobbib is defiantly jealous because she always fancied herself as the worlds best wife mother and homemaker. I guarantee Kody will be trying to get Robyn her own show now because the Sister wives platforms is dead. He cant have a show called sister wives when he treats 2 wives like is sisters and only have a married with 1.

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