Breaking! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Did Not Get Full Custody of Her Son Jace (Exclusive)


Jenelle Evans was battling her mother, Barbara Evans, in a Brunswick County, North Carolina, court room on Wednesday, hoping to finally regain custody of her son, Jace. However, The Ashley can exclusively confirm that the Teen Mom 2 star was unsuccessful in her bid to get full custody of the boy.

An insider tells The Ashley that the judge did not approve Jenelle getting full custody of Jace, whom she signed over to Barbara when he was just a baby. While Babs and Jenelle were scheduled to go to trial today, they ended up in mediation instead.

From what The Ashley hears, Jenelle did not get full custody but she will be getting more time with her son. The insider says that Barb offered to share custody with Jenelle, and that they are working out a set custody schedule so that Jenelle will have the boy on certain days. (It will be similar to how co-parents share custody of their children.)

Jenelle was reportedly in tears at the courthouse. MTV cameras captured the moments before Barb and Jenelle went into court, as well as the moments afterward.

The Ashley doesn’t have all the details yet, but from what she hears, this new custody agreement will ensure that Barb can’t withhold Jace from Jenelle for weeks at a time, as Jenelle has claimed her mom has done in the past.

UPDATE: The insider tells The Ashley that this custody agreement can be revisited at a later date, and that Jenelle plans to try to get full custody of Jace again, after this agreement has been in place for a while.

Stay tuned for more details!

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  1. I would not like to stand in Babs’ shoes. Jenelle will forever be her daughter, no matter what. She loves Jenelle, no matter what (and there has been a whooooole lot). It would have been so much easier when the bio mother of the child she raises and loves wasn’t the her own daughter.
    So I get why Babs spares Jenelle but let’s hope and pray it is the best thing for Jace too. I do hope there is something in this agreement to ensure Jace will stay out of their feuds from now on and that there is something in there to protect Jace for any harm.
    I think a judge would have given Jenelle a bit more time as well to be honest, cause she is the bio mother and she is already in his life but a judge could have ordered drug tests, counseling and such and when Jenelle failed to follow the court orders, Babs would have been in a better position. It would have made some things harder, especially in their relationship.
    Again, I get why Babs acted as a mother towards Jenelle. A mother can’t choose between two children. I am confident Babs will continue to protect Jace as much as she can.

  2. And the mom who tries to help Jace sell popcorn for the school fundraiser and goes to his Cub Scout meetings. Barb may not have made it to the pinewood derby (I think that was the event) but she tried to get Jenelle to attend in her place. What did Jenelle do? Oh, it’s spring break. You weren’t even in school, hon. Spring break is a celebration and reward for completing school work. Most adults with big kid jobs don’t get to take a Spring Break trip. And don’t get me started on Jennelle’s “my mom didn’t nourish me” bull shit.

    Finally, I would think Jenelle would be relieved to have one offspring she didn’t need to farm out so she and David could travel endlessly.

    Barb said it best–grow up, Jenelle.

  3. Jenelle is SO SELFISH. THINK OF JACE! How can you not put him before yourself, you’re his mother! You don’t take a kid who has been in one situation for 8 years and switch it all up! That is TRAUMATIZING for a child. Of course she doesn’t even think of that, because all she cares about is how she looks to the internet. She wants to have her fake “perfect family” Instagram pics to share at the playground or the beach — she thinks we all fall for it. Her stupid idiot tween girl Twitter fans do, but the rest of us have more than a couple brain cells. Poor Jace. She only wants him to prove her haters wrong and put on a stupid facade. Let the poor kid stay where he’s been for his entire life and have some stability. Don’t USE your own son. And ffs stop screaming and swearing and trash talking his grandmother who he loves. You are screwing him up on a daily basis and he’s going to end up in jail by age 13 if you keep it up. I hope he is able to get some therapy at some point, if anyone needs it, he does.

  4. I don’t think Barbara should’ve changed anything. I think Jace is content with Barbara and him going to Jenelle’s house more often will just cause more chaos. The whole situation is just sad for all those kids. Jenelle only thinks about herself. She doesn’t do what is best for her children. I can’t stand her and the way she has treated Barbara lately makes me hate her more than I already did. Her mother took care of her child while she was getting high with all her boyfriends for all those years. She’s lucky Barbara stepped in because if she hadn’t her son would’ve been taken away by CPS and she would’ve never seen him again. Does she think about that though? Of course not because she’s a dumb, selfish bitch.

  5. Jenelle is so selfish. She didn’t want him in the first place, she only cared about herself and wanted to go out and party, so she signed away her parental rights…and now because she’s delusional and spiteful she wants to rip him away from what he’s known his entire life. Jace is a lot older, and needs stability and a routine…and Jenelle is too selfish to realize that. Barb was right on the 16 and pregnant episode. Jenelle treats Jace like he’s a dog or a cat that she can do whatever she wants with.

  6. I don’t think Jace is in good hands with either. Babs didn’t raise one well adjusted child and well Jenelle is Jenelle. But I guess shared custody is the best arrangement because it probably is hard, emotionally speaking, to be the only child not in your own mothers care.

    1. Jenelle is old enough now to have turned her life around if in fact she had it so hard growing up. How many more years can she blame her mother? Can’t wait to hear how her kids cruisfy her when she’s older

  7. Jenelle should not be allowed to take care of a pet. How is she allowed to have three children. She needs to be sterilized!

  8. Well…while I understand both sides, the hope and prayer is that Jenelle will prove her worth as a mum enogh to get the boy permanently. Question is….who wiuld get him were Barb to get unable to anymore? If the answer is Jenelle, then I am no sure why it can’a happen now. Keep up the good work, Jenelle. It WILL work out in time.

  9. I bet Jenelle did the same thing my sister did, copped out of trial because she knew she’d fail a drug test, especially in her state which is anti-weed. I also don’t think she even wants full custody truthfully, but again, this makes her look like the victim while getting Jace on weekends and doesn’t have to do any of the actual work like getting him up and to school each morning. My sister did the exact same thing, was all hung up in full custody then copped out and agreed to visitation because she really doesn’t want the responsibility, just wants her kid for show just like Jenelle. I guarantee Jenelle will get sick of this agreement in a few months but this time it will be her fault, not Babs, so her excuse pile is running low!

  10. I feel so bad for that poor boy. Has anyone noticed his nervous tick in his eyes poor little man. They are both not fit if you ask me Babs says stupid stiff in front of him(calling the cops during the reunion) Janelle has also I believe the court hearing was in Janelle’s favor or she wouldn’t have agreed hopefully she gotvisition in writing so Babs can’t hold him against her

  11. Poor Jace…the battle rages on right in front of him! That poor child has Barbara pulling one arm and Jenelle pulling the other one. He is constantly put in the middle of a power struggle between his mother and his meme and forced to choose one over the other. The older he gets, the more damaging all this is. He is more stable with Barbara, but only because that is the only home he has ever known. She is no more sensitive to his emotional stability than Jenelle is…she has also been guilty of saying negative things to him about where he needs to live, etc. Children should not be caught In the middle of adult issues. This child has been a pawn for years and it’s a shame . The results of today’s verdict will not change that situation. I can only hope that by some miracle, he manages to make it to adulthood without serious emotional problems.

  12. A court ordered custody agreement could work out better for Barb ( and Jace) in the long run. Odds are excellent that Jenelle won’t stick to it. She’ll be too tired to come get him, or have other plans, and then Barb will have evidence of her neglect the next time Jenelle tries to drag her to court.

    1. Exactly! It will only take her months to screw up. Having Jace every weekend means no more kidless vacations every month. Which lets be honest, will be hard for Jenelle to accept.

  13. I am so glad she didn’t get full custody,jace has a normal schedule at Barbra’s house and school and that needs to be full priority. She has two other children that she is not taking care of her boyfriend is. Janelle should stop having children with every boyfriend she moves in. You shouldn’t have to buy your men like she does. Take her off MTV and wait three years and she will be on welfare and a single mom again.

  14. At the end of the day, it’s about what is best for JACE. A co-parenting agreement seems like the best option. I understand that it must hurt Jenelle, now that she is older she wishes she could turn back time and do things differently. This is when we see the consequences of teen motherhood and the choices we make when we are young. She wants Jace to live with her full time and pretend the first 8 years of his life didn’t happen, but they did. A shared custody plan, similar to what Leah and Corey have, may work best for them.

  15. Does this mean we will have to continue to hear the “When I get Jace back” song and dance?

    The whole “Barbara is only keeping him from Jenelle for the money and screen time” is such a cop out. Babs continues to work at the Walmart Deli (as Jailnelle likes to remind everyone) she probably doesn’t have to work with the MTV paycheck, but she does. Barbara isn’t perfect, but she is the only consistent mother Jace has known. Has anyone else noticed the blank, faraway look Jace gets in his eyes whenever he is around Jenelle? He completely zones out whenever she starts running off at the mouth and harasses him about living with her as a “big family”.

    1. Yes unfortunately we will have to hear that on and on and on…the judge got the ruling right!! He’s where he should be with his true mom, the one who wipes away his tears, cares about his hobbies, gives praise when he does well, disciplines when needs, hugs and kisses from the heart ❤️
      Go Babs Congrats!!

  16. How ridiculous Barbara is holding that boy to ransom so she can stay on the show & get the $$$$$ give the boy back to his mother.

    1. She’s never even asked for child support from that deadbeat daughter of hers. How can you say she’s in it for the money? Dumb. ???

    2. Huh? You mean how babs got custody of Jace before she even knew what tm was going to be? Jace is right where he belongs, with his mom, Barbara.

    3. It’s not that simple. Barbara loves Jace like he twin and she raised him for 8 years. I WILL say that I think there were many times where Baba did the wrong thing, but end of the day Jace is not an object. He is a person and HIS feelings come first.

    4. I literally don’t understand why you whack ass Jenelle fans keep saying this. If Babs was in it for the money with Jace why the hell would she still be working at a Walmart deli? Jenelle is the one who thrives off MTV and drama, and OH doesn’t have a job. Get a grip?

  17. Thank God Jace stays where’s at, where he’s always been at and where he gets the true love he truly deserves!!!

    1. Sorry that was a bit Farrahish!!
      Just got to excited when I read that jace remains with Babs!!

      1. That’s not what I read. There doesn’t seem to be a winner or a loser here? The Ashley said Barbara agreed to shared custody, so they both won on some points and lost on others.

  18. It’s funny that Jenelle claims Babs withholds him for “weeks at a time” yet we see her with him plenty. Jenelle only makes this claim when Babs won’t bend over at the last minute when Jenelle starts screaming she wants Jace for the weekend and Babs may have other plans. Jenelle is completely selfish and immature. I wonder if the shared custody is shared legal custody or shared physical custody?? Regardless even if it’s shared physical custody I have a hard time believing Jenelle will get up early enough to drive him to his charter school which is closer to Babs everyday. She’ll probably do it for a little while but then get tired of it.

  19. I wouldn’t agree to sh** if I was barbara . I’ll let her see Jace every other weekend at the most.

    1. The arrangement might be weekends since Jenelle lives an hour away from Jace’s school. No way is that practical during the week.

  20. It seems fair to them both and most importantly to Jace. I hope they’ll be able to stop fighting now – no kid should be around that amount of negativity.

  21. Thank god for jace maybe she will wake up and realize her tantrums and drugs don’t work. Maybe she should act like a mom not like she is a movie star refusing to film with the person raising her child. Hoping MTV fires you sick of watching

  22. Jenelle going on benders and being high for weeks at a time and unaccounted for, does not mean Barbara was withholding Jace..

    1. Bc the judge would not have sides with her at all. She would have lost all custody.
      Mediation was her only option if she wanted another chance.

    2. I don’t believe she ever intended to go through a hearing. Because she knew they might ask for a drug test, which she wouldn’t pass.

    3. Probably because the judge laughed at he thought of giving her full custody. This article made it sound like there was no way the judge was going to grant her custody so she had to mediate to get anything more than what she has.

      Also, yay for Jace! This is great news. He gets to stay at home with his Meme. Jenelle’s visitation is now on a court approved schedule, so hopefully she stop whining for awhile and uses this opportunity to be a better mom (who am I kidding?)

    4. Another site quoted Jenelle saying the judge didn’t give her full custody because she and David are not yet married, just engaged. Not sure I buy into that line of logic. To me it sounds like a girl who was publicly dumped claiming the breakup was mutual. We all know the truth–you can spin your version to make yourself look favorable but no one is buying that bull shit here.

      1. Yeah, that’s not a thing. Judges don’t deny stable moms custody just because they’re engaged, but not married yet. That’s just Jenelle making up some bs justification to cover up that the judge thinks she is unstable and that it isn’t in Jace’s best interest to live there full time.

  23. Thank God for Jace that she didn’t jet full custody. There is something going on at Jenelles house. Those two are up to no good.

  24. I’m happy for Jace that it’s finally over. Now it’s time for Jenelle to prove herself and for Barbara to let go a little.

  25. Glad they didn’t give her full custody something about her current “soul mate” doesnt sit right with me. His temper is something to worry about with all those kids!

    1. Yes! He seems like someone you are accused of something awful on one of those day time tv talk shows.

  26. Does that bitch have to pay child support yet? #deadbeatforever If MTV wasn’t filming she wouldn’t have shown up for court.

    1. And how will they enforce this during the school year? Jenelle’s ‘land’ is really far away from Barbara. Poor Jace. His life has been nothing but turmoil.

  27. Could have saved a lot of money ladies… they both obviously love the boy, just do 50/50 and be done with it! So sick of this storyline geeez

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