EXCLUSIVE! Farrah Abraham Responds to Report That Amber Portwood Is In Talks With Vivid Video

You KNOW Farrah had something to say about this…

TMZ broke the news this morning that Teen Mom OG stars Amber Portwood and Matt Baier met with the head honcho of p0rn company Vivid Video earlier this month and, while many of the show’s fans were shocked by this news, Farrah Abraham says she’s not at all surprised.

The “Backdoor Teen Mom,” who, in 2013 made her own deal with the adult film company, was happy to give The Ashley her thoughts on the possibility of Amber and Matt starring in an adult film of their own!

“I would caution them but they’re felons and criminals so [I] see why they hope to follow in footsteps of mine,” Farrah told The Ashley exclusively. “The envy of them wanting to be me never fails, as I see it [as] copying and following in my footsteps.”

Farrah stated that this sex tape story is likely the work of her former manager, Gina Rodriguez, who was responsible for helping Farrah get the deal for her “Backdoor Teen Mom” tape. (Farrah has since cut ties with Gina.)

“Again it seems like Matt and Amber work with corrupted old management of mine, who is a failed porn star.”

Farrah does not think a Matt and Amber tape is a good idea, for various reasons.

“Amber has enough mental issues and body issues [and] I doubt doing a sex tape at [the age of] 26 is in the right direction,” Farrah said. “Her [plastic] surgery didn’t work.”

“Good luck to Vivid and Matt and Amber as I see all their drama and fake scenes,” she added.


The Ashley has reached out to Vivid Video for more information on the potential sex tape and will update this story when more information is available.

UPDATE! Amber obviously read what Farrah had to say, and has responded in a series of tweets. (The Ashley has left them intact.)

“My issue with Farrah is not p0rn,” Amber wrote. “It’s her ignorance and disgusting attitude. She will be humbled one day. If anyone thinks I want to be like her is crazier than me lol. I am me and I love me!! Everyone should be there biggest supporter! Sending all my love.”

(Photos: MTV)

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  1. Sorry to say Amber that yes, you absolutely did insult Farrah every chance you got about her involvement with the porn industry, all the moms did. No one in their right mind is going to want to watch a sex tape of Amber & Matt (gross)!!!!


  3. This, to me, is insane. I dislike Farrah, but after alllll of the crap they gave her for doing porn, now Amber is considering it?! Wtf? You make enough money to not need to do that! How about going to college instead? You have no job or obligations that would prevent you from getting a degree. Use the opportunity MTV and Teen Mom has afforded you. Back when Farrah did her “video”, she was 21 and teen mom was over. I don’t agree with her decision to do it, but I can see the temptation. Amber is 26 and making half a million dollars a year (at least). Why in the world do you need to do this?

    1. Just as a follow-up comment, I read in an article that Amber had said the money will secure a future for herself and Leah. I find that SO ridiculous. You make a six figure salary every year for your appearance on teen mom. Plus endorsements, book deals, advertisements and bonuses. Yes, teen mom will end and you cannot rely on it forever. But you have no job, no child to raise during the week and no monetary roadblocks towards getting a degree. Now seems like a GREAT time to enroll in college and secure a future for yourself. Instead, Amber would rather do a porno that will ruin her life? Literally don’t get it.

        1. I’m sure she’s cashing in on that too. But Amber probably realizes that one day, Teen Mom will be over and she will eventually run out of money. Twenty years from now, people probably won’t be buying her clothes. So rather than say, hey let me go to college and get myself a career, she decides to make a porno to fix that little issue. I am in no way defending Farrah, but I’ll say it again. She was 21 when she did this, teen mom was over and he money they made from it back then was far less than what they’re getting now. She has her child full time, I can at least see why she would be tempted to cash in on that. I don’t understand Amber’s reasoning whatsoever.

          1. People won’t be buying her clothes and they certainly won’t be buying their sex tape either!!! If Amber insists on keeping that useless loser in her life then maybe he needs to go out and get an actual JOB, instead of TAKING money from whoever he can sink his greedy claws into!!!!

    2. This does give some legitimacy to Farrah saying they do that out of jealousy. Will Macy pull her kids out with 2 porn stars?

      1. I think amber is so jealous of farrah she can’t see straight, not that farrah is anyone to aspire to be.

  4. Honestly though, Amber and Matt are definitely obsessed with Farrah. Just look at how much they talk about her and how much Matt wrote about her in his book. PLUS the fact that Matt tried to get with Farrah before settling on Amber is really telling.

  5. When you understand you are a role model for felons and criminals, obviously…. kee Farrah.

    By the way, does she mean making a porn and everything around it automatically leads to a felony/ criminal behavior by the person “starring” in it? That’s what she basically says when you read it.
    Is prostitution a felony or a criminal action by the way?

  6. Farrah’s response is just fucking beautiful. My God! Can I get some of whatever she’s on? It’s been a rough week so far.

  7. Gross I never want to see Matt naked. Gary and Amber though I actually think that would be hilarious to watch.

  8. I literally have never met anyone who speaks like Farrah. It is the most bizarre thing to read or listen to. I would say it must be some sort of literacy/verbal disability but I have never seen anyone else do it. The words she uses are so mixed up and make absolutely no sense together. Even people with no education or people who are very inarticulate at least can make sense when they talk. It’s like all her sentences get 3 random words plopped into them, like it’s Mad Libs or something. It really is fascinating.

    1. Barbara's Home for Abandoned children created with soulmate of the day #justlikethenotebook says:

      Word salad

    2. It’s like she got one of those Word of the Day calendars but didn’t bother with the meanings, she just randomly throws big words in to try to sound smart and it backfires big time.

  9. At least when Farrah made a sex tape she was smashing someone attractive. Just picturing Matt Naked makes me want to vomit. Picturing him and bloated Amber making a sex tape is disgusting.

  10. I’m confused. Is Farrah now admitting her tape was p0rn? I hate to say it but they are seemingly dumber than we thought. It’s not uncommon that teen moms end up having to work very hard at several legit jobs to support their families. These girls are given the opportunity of a lifetime and they still end up doing p0rn. For me, p0rn would be the job of last resort, but these girls are gravitating to it. I don’t get it.

  11. “I would caution them but they’re felons and criminals so [I] see why they hope to follow in footsteps of mine.” Wtf? She just said she can see why they are following in her footsteps because they’re criminals lol. So are you saying you’re a criminal, Farrah?

    1. LOL!!! Farrah has no filter. It’s like she thinks it, doesn’t process it through the logical filter most human beings have, and whatever it is she was thinking….she just lets it slither outta her mouth.

    2. It literally hurts my brain every time I read anything Farrah has said. It is sharp proof of our failing school system.

      1. Clarification: “Our” as in “American”… I definitely did NOT go to school with this twit.

  12. Was I the only one who was dying for someone to make a comment on marriage bootcamp after she kept saying her butt hurt and was injured lol

    1. Her whisper crying etc was absolute gold. And the way when Paula said, what did you say? Farrah prompt;y shut up and backed down because she knew if she repeated herself Paula was going windmill on her ass. I can’t stand Paula, she’s completely vile towards her son. But I Love watching her put Farrah in her place.

  13. Farrah’s insults are so incoherent, I get embarrassed for her. While I think this would be a horrendous decision on Matt & Amber’s part, Farrah should maybe remember that she got railed in the ass on camera & pretended to be a victim because she’s painfully desperate for attention anyway she can get it. Let’s also remember which “top celebrity” currently sells sex toys of herself & brags about her stripping gigs. Don’t throw stones when your asshole is plastered all over the internet, Mommy dearest.

    1. If you look at her instagram she will have an innocent pic of Sophia and then that pic is surrounded by her and or some girls barely covered up posing provacatively it kind of disturbing.

  14. Her response is EPIC. This girl never ceases to amaze me with the crazy shit that comes out of her mouth…..but Amber is an absolute moron who’s being controlled by an opportunist. I wouldn’t be surprised if her dumbass made a sex tape with Matt, and HE sold it to vivid….No way in HELL Gary is going to let Leah anywhere near those 2 dummies if they do release a porno.

  15. Farrah is racist and discriminates against people that are heavier. Great look for a business owner. Can’t wait for when she gets sued for discrimination. There will be a good paper trail.

    1. Barbara's Home for Abandoned children created with soulmate of the day #justlikethenotebook says:

      Fat is not a race…smh

  16. Amber is 27 and still a loser just like she was at 18 when she had Leah! Leah will be 9 November 12th do the math. Amber was 18 when Leah was born, I think Amber is a lost STUPID Mental case, and I’m sure we will see her pudgy body and wrinkly old dick face in a horror film any time now, how gross and sad for Leah and Matt’s 20 or so children that he never sees or supports. I knew from day one that she was the same loser she was before she went to prison and the same lost loser she is now, imagine where and what she would be with no MTV money????

  17. Being honest. I’d totally watch a p0rn0 with amber in it. Matt however, not something I wanna see ever.

  18. The irony in Farrah’s comment is that she basically dissed herself. Sadly she is not intelligent enough to realize it.

  19. Amber said a few years ago that vivid approached her first to do a sex tape while she was in the height of her addiction and she also said that the Marriage Boot Camp Family Edition approached her first too yet Amber is the one copying Farrah. Seems like Farrah is the one picking up Amber’s rejects.

  20. Awwwww farrah is just jealous they didnt ask her for a threesome. not digin the idea of seeing any part of matt naked.

  21. Lol Lol Lol
    This is one saga I’m watching play out!!
    This will be one backdoor to many!!
    Thank you @TheAshley
    I really needed this tonight!!

  22. Good grief Farrah and her word salad are so ridiculous. lol at her talking about fake scenes when she tried to say that her porno was a “leaked sex tape”. Also talking about Amber not being confident with her body from the girl whose had 394 plastic surgeries.

    1. Agreed like how she said on an recent episode “I look so good my plastic surgeon won’t inject me with anything” WOW!!!

      1. Because if they inject her with anything, her transformation to full on plastic robot would be complete.

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