‘Teen Mom’ Stars Amber Portwood & Matt Baier Confirm They Met with Adult Film Company Vivid Video

Please, God, don’t let there be a “Backdoor Matt” video in our future…

Just when you thought the saga of Amber Portwood and Matt Baier couldn’t get any stranger…someone gets the idea to talk about doing a skin flick.

TMZ broke the news this morning that the Teen Mom OG stars met with Vivid Video CEO Steven Hirsch for a discussion on May 8, while they were in town for Amber to attend the MTV TV & Movie Awards.

“We’re told Hirsch had reached out to Amber in the past, and since she was already in town for the MTV Movie & TV Awards … she decided to have the sit-down,” TMZ reports.

(This was, of course, before the couple’s engagement exploded and Matt took the infamous lie detector test.)

Before ‘Teen Mom’ fans doubt the validity of this story, it should be noted that Amber and Matt confirmed that they did, indeed, meet with the p0rn head honcho.

“The meeting with Steven and Vivid was very professional and low key,” they told TMZ.

They did not confirm, though, that they are actually making an adult film…at least, not yet. (Maybe they were just chatting about the economy or climate change or something?)

As TMZ stated, this is not the first time Vivid discussed Amber showing her baby-maker on camera. Back in 2013, Amber’s brother Shawn Portwood confirmed that Amber was once approached by a company to do a flick (a la Farrah Abraham), but at the time she refused.

“I know a girl who was offered a huge sum of $ to do the same thing. She didn’t bc of her daughter.#thankyousis,” Shawn tweeted at the time. “So funny Farrah sold herself for close to $1 million. I know a girl who was offered close to the same substantial amount of money but said she would never do it because of her daughter. Even when that girl was battling an addiction and could have used the money. Being an entrepreneur does not mean selling p0rn of yourself. Just saying…”

Anyway, while ‘Teen Mom’ fans may find it shocking that Amber even met with Vivid, The Ashley is not surprised, as Amber is apparently now working with Gina Rodriguez, who is the same woman who was managing Farrah at the time she did her “Backdoor Teen Mom” film. Gina was also managing Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee at the time that her “leaked sex tape scandal” occurred.

From what The Ashley hears, Amber’s brother Shawn and her ex, Gary Shirley, had no idea that Amber and Matt met with Vivid at all. Both heard the news via the TMZ report.

The Ashley has reached out to Vivid in hopes that they will confirm or deny TMZ‘s story, and she will update this when she has more information.

UPDATE! Amber has given an interview to The Dirty regarding the TMZ story. While she says that “there’s no sex tape” as of now, her statement didn’t exactly make it seem like there won’t be one in the future.

“Even if I did do something with Vivid it wouldn’t be like other celebrity videos. I was the first to be asked years ago and turned it down,” Amber said. “I’m not against them but I hate when people act like poor me. You made the decision. Make your money and do something good with it.”

She hinted that she might be willing to put it all out there (literally) in the name of sweet charity!

“If I ever did anything like that I would just say yeah I did it and now I have halfway houses opening up or I would use it (the money) for charity,” Amber said.

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  1. Who would the target audience for this be? I just don’t get Vivid’s angle…why do they think people will watch it…?

  2. What will the white trash Caitlyn and Tyler do next? Obviously they can’t handle all the money. Poor poor kids.Has anyone noticed Amber doesn’t even fight to see Leah. Amber is just another Janelle.

  3. Kailyn will be making a porn next.Chelsea is leaving the show. MTV must be making loads of money to kee this trading wreck of a show on tv.Amber getting plastic surgery went to her head.Amber isn’t Marilyn Monroe even though she thinks she is.

  4. Can’t even begin to process Amber’s nutbag response regarding the fallout from the Vivid story. That she and her deadbeat, greaseball, loser “pimp” Matt feel the “millions” that could come from this deal could open up rehabs centers and halfway houses for recovering addicts. Excuse me, what?

    If anything, these two social drinking, claiming to be recovered IMBECILES are the ones who need to be in a rehab facility THEMSELVES. And certainly far, far away from innocent 8-year-old Leah, who does not deserve to have this kind of stigma put upon her — at all.

    Talk about handing 100% custody of Leah over to Gary on a silver platter, and only seeing her under court ordered supervision. This, after constantly boo-hooing and crying on camera about not having enough time with her.

    Dumb ass.

  5. Literally all I could think of while reading this was Amber’s nasty Leah tattoo showing the whole time. Jesus God.

  6. Ew I can’t think of two more unattractive people to make a sex tape. I’m gagging right now just thinking about it

  7. I used to like Amber but what the hell has happened to her? She is so big headed, she seems to think she is somebody special. The way she talks to the producers, the faces she pulls and her attitude stinks! She really thinks she is the be all and end all of Teen Mom OG, she says they can’t make the show without her but all she ever does is sit on her couch or fake cry for the cameras. I’m so sick of hearing the ‘I-went-to-PRISON’, ‘Don’t fuck with us’, ‘we don’t give a fuck’ lines, all whilst she is waggling her head and hands from side to side like she is ten men! She seriously needs taking down a level or two! Going to prison does not make you hard and is not something to brag about. I used to feel sorry for her with her not having custardy of little Leah but now I see that Leah is better off with her Dad, she seems happy and settled and a well brought up little girl. If Amber is really going to do a porno she obviously is not thinking of Leah, who will undoubtedly see some repercussions from it, poor little lass.
    Amber, shut up, sit down, have a bit of self respect and some consideration for that little girl of yours!

  8. WHAT?! Those two have ZERO chemistry. They’re like brother and sister. I can’t imagine them making some hot video. I can see Amber doing one but NOT with gross Matt. That would be a comedy not a porn.

  9. I don’t judge. If you want to make a porn video to make a quick buck then whatever but I think if you have children that is something you shouldn’t be doing. That is just my opinion though.

  10. Look, I would never shame a woman for doing porn, because I’m a feminist and that is not how I roll. But I do think that regardless of whether she decides to do it or not, she will one day regret doing it with Matt.

  11. My stomach actually turned when I read this headline and I hadn’t even read the story yet.

    On the other hand, I wouldn’t be the demographic for the video so…no, just knowing it’s there and knowing I’ll never watch it turns my stomach.

    Amber does look like she lost weight and actually looks pretty nice in that picture. She’d look better once she gets that hairy lump removed.

  12. Amber doing porn is a big step backward in getting full or more custody of leah. Now that this comes out it makes Matt seem more of a creep than he already seemed. I really hope and don’t think he has but Matt needs to stay away from that child

  13. It’s bad enough seeing these two with clothes on….I can’t imagine them doing the deed….YUCK! Their sex tape could be called “The pill head and pedophile”. The only reason they want to make a sex tape is because she wasted all her money! How pathetic!

  14. Who the hell wants to see the Droopy dog twins via a sex tape? Why would ANYONE think this is a good idea?

    Amber, honey, give it up. At least wait till TMOG is done for good.

  15. Ewwww!! I just threw up in my mouth!!!
    Please say it’s not so!!
    This is making me think they kind of had this on the drawing table for a while!! There had to be some reason this cluster*uck saga has been continuing!!
    Matt naked-Amber naked Ewww!! Backdoors and more no thank you!!!
    Anyway if Amber thinks this is a good move for her trying to get custody of Leah she’s dead wrong.
    Big Gar and Christina aren’t going to put up with that nonsense..
    She slammed Farrah for doing porn, what’s the difference?
    Maybe I’m wrong and this is what a REAL WOMAN does, Lol And that’s right from a REAL WOMAM from Indiana!! ? I.e. Plz see @TheAshley on Mambers aftershow rant.

  16. JESUS GOD.

    I feel like you’d catch something just by looking at Mooch’s hideous half naked old man body on his book cover , let alone seeing him in a skin flick.

    That’s just a crime against humanity!

  17. I had to take some Pepto because this whole article made me nauseous. Gross. Nasty. Gag!!! Literally who… who would watch that???

  18. I’ll say it again she is doing drugs and not the ones for her bi polar. I belive she turned them down she trashes farah all the time for this and now your going to do it? no matter how classy they say it will be she will look like trash and you know that is coming if we do it will be very classy

  19. I find it strange that vivid thinks people want to watch a girl who isn’t in the best shape, bang some dude old enough to be her dad.. a vile as Farrah is, she at least has the plastic body usually seen in these kinds of videos. Along with the fact that her partner was someone some people actual want to see naked..

    1. You realize how vast the porn industry is right? And that many consumers of porn like full figured women?

  20. Is this what you meant by other projects LOL I honestly think this is matts influence I don’t think she would do something like this on her own believe me I’m not trying to pass the buck. Amber is responsible for her own person but I just think she lets him in way too far and way too fast legit question though was she on something during the after show? She was talking about things that were completely off-topic and had nothing to do with what she was being asked it was almost painful to watch

  21. My first thought was ew and that is coming from someone who doesn’t see a problem with doing porn.

  22. Leah’s school friends will have a field day with this one. Gary please restrict your daughters visits with Amber and mooching Matt. This is disgusting.

  23. Concluding: being with Matt has a larger negative impact on you than having drug issues so severe that you choose drugs and gel over your child. Just saying and sending lohoove…

  24. OMG I thought Amber hated Farrah and didn’t want to be her obviously she does want to be her.Amber is crazier than I thought.Please put yourself in a mental institution. MYV please take the train wreck off of tv.

    1. the whole reason amber says she hates Farrah is because she is jealous of Farrah and wants to be just like her. But the joke is on both of them because they already are the same person – bitter, entitled, selfish brats.

  25. NO ONE wants to see EITHER of them in a skin flick or anything else – we barely even want to see them on Teen Mom! Amber can do so much better than Matt. Not that she’s a grand prize of any sort but I still think she can do better than Matt.

  26. It was only a matter of time before Matt led Amber into this morass. Anyone could see this coming. I am disappointed because I was rooting for Amber, but it is clear she has no interest in being a mother anymore for anything other than a paycheck. Well, she gets what she deserves with that loser – all of the writing was on the wall.

  27. GOD NO AMBER DON’T DO IT!!!! Matt is just pulling her further and further down the toilet! Gary will never let her see Leah if this goes down!

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