Audience Member Tells All! Amber Portwood & Matt Baier’s ‘Teen Mom OG’ After Show: What You Didn’t See on TV (Exclusive)

“I can explain…again.”

Amber Portwood and her fiance Matt Baier appeared on the Teen Mom OG After Show on Monday night to try to explain away the horrible behavior Matt displayed on Monday night’s episode. While Amber definitely seemed angry after watching some of the clips in which Matt calls her names, declares that he will never marry her, and cusses out her brother Shawn, an audience member who attended the taping tells The Ashley that Amber was more angry at MTV than her fiance who said all of those horrible things about her!

The audience member, who attended the After Show taping on April 19 but wants to remain anonymous because they signed a confidentiality agreement, tells The Ashley that a lot of statements made by Amber and Matt did not make it onto the air. 

“Amber totally called out MTV and went off on a total rant for like 10 minutes,” the audience member tells The Ashley. “It came right after the part where she says that no one can make her do or say anything for the cameras, but they cut out what she said next. She even said, ‘They’re going to edit all this out but f**k MTV! She kept saying she has other deals in the works, and other people want her, and that MTV should just fire her but they won’t because they need her.”

“Don’t make me call my old prison cellies!”

“Amber also said that when she was in prison there was no ‘Teen Mom’ because they couldn’t do it without her, and that as soon as she got out, they brought the show back,” the audience member added. “She said that she has her own deal in the works, and that if MTV doesn’t stop trying to f**k with her, that she’s walking away. I thought for sure that someone from MTV would come out and try to stop her from talking crap on them, but no one did.”

Matt also made MTV his scapegoat during the taping, although most of his comments also failed to make it on the air.

“Matt basically blamed MTV for why he got mad in the clip,” the audience member said. “He said he knew they’d take their great trip and just use that one part where she doesn’t want to marry him and make it look like she didn’t want to be with him. They both said that MTV was trying to screw them over.”

The audience member says that Matt, Amber and Shawn were all mad because the show’s producers basically tricked Shawn into coming to film the After Show. They told him he was there to surprise Amber and to chat, but really all they wanted to do was get his reaction to what Matt said.

“She was more mad at them for trying to start something with her brother,” the audience member added. “That really pissed her off and she said that they keep trying to ‘f**k with her and her family.'”

Although on the show it appeared that Shawn was upset with Matt, that wasn’t actually the case.

“Honestly, Matt and Shawn were getting along fine and were joking and laughing together during commercial breaks,” the audience member said. “But they only showed the part where Shawn seems to be questioning Matt’s motives.”

While Shawn and Matt were joking around while the cameras were off, Amber was definitely not.

“Shawn and Matt interacted a lot more than Amber and Matt did! She really didn’t talk to anyone or interact with anyone while she was filming,” the audience member said. “She didn’t talk to Nessa or Matt during the commercials. There was no real affection or anything happening there between them. Matt may have been acting like everything was peachy but Amber was really, really mad at him and everyone.”

The audience member said that Matt was actually sincere in his apology about calling Shawn a “f**king fa**ot” in the clip.

“I mean, who HASN’T accused their fiance of wanting to marry her own brother at some point or another, am I right?!”

“He said that he didn’t even remember saying any of that stuff until he watched the episode the day before the taping,” the audience member said. “He said he was just sitting in his trailer, crying while he watched it. He honestly owned up to everything, though. If you didn’t know anything about him, he would come off as a really likable guy.”

While MTV seemed to be the main target of Amber’s anger, the audience member said that she was definitely mad at Matt, and even more so than it came off on the final cut.

“The way they edited it made her look pretty calm, but those of us who were in the audience saw that she was very angry, very defensive and in a pissy mood,” the audience member recalls. “She also mentioned about 100 times that she’s from Indiana so no one should f**k with her, whatever that means!”

During the period in which Amber was on the stage with only Nessa, the audience member said that she was very defensive.

“She kept repeating that she’s not naive and that everyone on social media says she’s so dumb for staying with Matt, but that she’s a lot smarter than everyone thinks. She said she knows everything he’s done and she admitted that she’s kicked him out three times, although she had never mentioned that before while they were filming.”

The audience member was also in the audience for the taping of the ‘Teen Mom’ After Show that will air next week with Farrah Abraham, so stay tuned for more behind the scenes info on that!

To get the latest info on the Matt and Amber drama, click here!

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  1. Has anyone else noticed – Matt mentioned this is the first season he’s getting paid for, meaning the first 2 he did free, meaning he was living purely off Amber’s money then. I’ve felt he’s been meaner to her this season, and I wonder if its because he feels more free to do that now that he’s got a little money of his own. Before he had to lick her ass all the time since she was his meal ticket. Now he clearly thinks he’s got his own marketable TV personality…

  2. wonder if they even mention Leah ONCE on the after-show… like sometimes I forget that Amber is even a mom. Leah is such a non-factor in her life, or at least what we see. The show isn’t focused on her being a mom whatsoever. PLEASE change the name of the show MTV. Seriously.

  3. WOW, I totally thought she looked like a chubby porn star when I saw this after show. Playing the part, I see. Yeah, we’re going to think she’s sooooo smart when she sells her vag a la Farrah ?

  4. Alright y’all I about lost it at the “I’m from Indiana” comment, because I live in Louisville, KY, about an hour from where she lives (Indiana is literally 5 minutes from where I live), and that’s what trailer trash junkies say. “I’m from Indiana don’t mess with me” what the FUCK does that even mean? It’s don’t mess with TEXAS boo boo! This is all a bullshit storyline. Guarantee she’s not even with this dude in real life. It’s too fake. Like Farrah levels of fake. And now with the Vivid story? Yeah THE FUCK RIGHT

  5. Although I love reading your round-up’s of the Teen Mom shows, what I would really love would be for MTV to cancel this trash and teach these girls not to bite the hand that feeds them. I would love to see a Where Are They Now, 5 years after they are fired. No marketable skills, foreclosures, bankruptcies, divorces, tons of kids… it would be amazing.

  6. Reading this, I couldn’t help laughing out loud about Amber/Matt and these other supposed “deals” in the works. First of all, who on earth would pay money to film her sitting on a couch with yapping dogs climbing all over her, while her middle-aged boyfriend sits waiting for her to drift off from her anti-psycho meds, so he can whip out his phone and do some sexting with one of his side pieces?

    And if I were Amber, I wouldn’t be so quick to tell MTV to eff off anyway. Don’t forget, Jenelle and Kailyn of Teen Mom2 started to pull the “diva” act last season — but now have to re-think it while they scramble for air time against MTV’s bold move to bring in Briana De Jesus from Teem Mom3 as a new cast member.

    The moral of this story: Always be ready to fulfill the MTV contract that YOU signed, put the fat MTV paycheck in your pocket — and STFU.

  7. I am so sick of these people. If you hate Mtv so much THEN LEAVE THE SHOW AND STOP BITCHING ABOUT THEM!!! It’s that simple. You can’t just agree to be on the show, take the paycheck and complain about the same things you have known about for 9 years. It’s a tv show and it requires drama because that’s what people want to see. If all they showed was everyone getting along and all happy dandy than nobody would watch it because it would be boring!

  8. I CANNOT believe nobody is discussing the fact that Matt lied to Amber and told her Leah was all about them getting married in Vegas but in reality she told him NO!!!!!! If that’s not extreme manipulation then I don’t know what is. While everything Matt did in this episode was horrendous, for some reason lying about Leah’s reaction is disgusting me the most.

  9. It’s just getting old hearing that all the teen moms want to move on and yet every time a new contract comes around they end up signing if MTV really wants to keep a show like this start over with actual teen moms I just feel like if they could MTV would continue this until Bentley is joining AARP… It’s time to let it go

  10. I really do think deep down she knows she shouldn’t marry him otherwise she would have done it already to prove everyone wrong.

  11. Yup, my prediction was true. She is trying to convince everyone else it was not a mistake she got with him and that’s the only reason she is staying with him: her pride.

  12. Of course MTV edits things, it’s a tv show. They all do. But what they can’t do is make up video/audio of things that clearly came out of your mouth. If you don’t like that they use that audio or video, maybe you should try to not be such a disgraceful human? Or did they magically dub all of those words together and fake you saying, “I don’t care who you have to blow around here…”

    He’s so good at turning situations around in his favor, it’s scary. To tell Amber he’s embarassed because it’s on tv and because of his age that he’s ready to get married already. I was in awe watching him work his magic and he throws in compliments to her, like how intelligent she is, so that she eats it right up.

  13. That whole after show was uncomfortable and confusing to watch. Amber made really bizarre random statements about “real women” and other crap. They really are grasping at straws now. She is becoming so obnoxious like her bestie Farrah. She thinks that because she went to prison she’s a toughie and she thinks because she has MTV money she is better than everyone. No amount of money will change what she and Matt are and as soon as MTV pulls the plug on this trainwreck Matt will split and Amber will end up in a trailer park alone.

  14. I don’t feel any sympathy for Amber.

    She’s the same as before she​ went to prison, a POS. So is Matt. They belong together.

    MTV…it’s LONG past time to cancel this franchise. This article is 100% reason why. These dumb c you next Tuesday’s need to be placed back in the real world.

  15. Well, if this is true, its even worse than I thought. Amber is either burying her head in the sand or is an abused partner. Matt is disgusting. He is using her. he could care less about her and it is obvious. He only cares about her money. The fact that he said he handles the finances is disgusting and proves my point. Why on earth would Amber allow Matt to handle her finances? We are talking about a guy who has repeatedly lied to her about everything. From his relationships, how many kids he has, etc. He is also really bad with money. He goes out and buys a corvette and claims it is for her but it is in his name? Then same day goes out and buys her a cadillac. Why? What a waste of money. This is who you are having manage your finances? What a joke. I wouldn’t let that man near my money. He is such a loser and such a user. He is clearly after her money and nothing more. She sits there making excuses for him and you can tell she doesn’t believe what she is saying. She is trying to convince others. I find it very sad that she thinks she needs this guy in her life. His motives are clear. He does not love her. Look at the horrible things he said about her and her brother. What kind of guy would try to trick her into marrying him in Vegas? He was willing to ruin another couple’s wedding in order to try and trick Amber into marrying him. That is disgusting. This other couple went there for their wedding and he ruined it. He complained and nagged and harassed Amber the entire time making it uncomfortable for everyone else. The way he talked to the producer was extremely disgusting. He was asking her to give oral sex to someone so the things he said didn’t air. The way he talked about Amber’s brother was awful. He called him the F word, said she wants to marry her brother, etc. Look at how he treats everyone. It is awful and self serving. If I were Gary, I would NEVER let my daughter near that man. God knows how he treats her or behaves around her. It is awful. Run Amber, if you know what’s good for you. Don’t be a statistic. Don’t let this guy ruin your life this way. You see extremely unhappy with him.

    1. great comment but they really do deserve each other. He’s a compulsive liar and a free loader. As long as Gary keeps his daughter away from Amber and mooching Matt then let those two ride off in to the sunset together.

  16. I love how she thinks that the show couldn’t go in while her ass was locked up…like no sweetie that was because there were two other teen mom franchises and new seasons of 16 and pregnant, not because of your dumb, drug addicted ass

  17. Clearly she is not that smart if she has to continually try to convince us that she is. We know better Amber. You are so desperately trying to convince everyone that everything is ok and it’s not. A comment from the show the other night where Matt said you were badass because you sent yourself to prison. That’s not badass my dear. That was the easy cowards way out. You had no self control then and you don’t have any now. Everyone clearly sees it but Amber. I honestly don’t believe you are any better off now than when you went to prison. Prison is not something to be proud of. Stop throwing it around like it was a badass badge of honor.

    1. Agree 100 percent! She isn’t a thug or a “Real Woman” because she was in Prison ! She is a mess ! ! Once again

  18. The way Matt talked to the producer… made me want to throw up.

    He’s not throwing a fit because he was embarrassed.. he’s throwing a fit because he couldn’t trick amber into marrying him spur of the moment..

    COME ON AMBER, what more do you need to hear to RUN AWAY from him?!

  19. All of the show’s trainwrecks blame it on MTV and its bad editing. Yes, we all know Leah was just tired, Jenelle is a calm, caring mother, Amber and Matt are madly in love etc. This is just getting old. These girls think MTV wants them bc they are such great role models but really they’re there for the drama and views. Period.

    1. Exactly. MTV edits a lot and tries to play up/recreate/manipulate drama for sure. But, they didn’t make Matt, or Leah, or Adam, or Jenelle say or do anything. If you get caught saying nasty, abusive things about your fiancée and her family, it actually happened and you are a POS.

  20. You have to be a moron if you expect of business you work for and make a lot of money from to shoot itself in the foot .
    Of course they’re going to show Matt going and throwing tantrums with the producer that’s what makes ratings making big money
    So they can go by there Corvette houses it opens stores .

    Matt and Amber know Exactly what MTV Would not cut out Matt didn’t get his way and he not just once but multiple times to the producer with
    The most disgusting vulgar language knowing Amber would hear his every word.
    Fact is Matt can have sex in the middle of room with another woman and Amber will find away
    To blame MTV for it or the purple rug on the floor was just too much for Matt to hold back from.

    Amber should stop biting the hand that feeds her and get rid of that piece of garbage that is all he is
    And pay attention to her self and her daughter .

    Amber could find a better man even if she walked into a bar and pulling a miscellaneous man off the stool guarantee you he be a better man than Matt.
    Enough with this nonsense already stay alone or find someone decent to be with.

    He’s so disgusting the first remark heiede made to the producer was who do you have to blow to keep this off TV
    I couldn’t even think of kissing someone like that on the cheek.

    Such a lowlife but then again she must be used to it after all she put herself in prison.

  21. This is EXACTLY what happens when you throw hundreds of thousands of dollars at girls who have done nothing extraordinary in their lives, and whose only jobs are capitalizing on their 15 minutes of fame: ungrateful, selfish, lazy, entitled, irresponsible, plastic 20-something-year-olds. It’s a sad, sad day when Chelsea “I can’t quit sleeping with the guy who called our daughter ‘that mistake'” Houska seems like the most stable and normal. I’m not holding my breath, but I applaud her for so far not writing a memoir or trying to do speaking engagements, despite having made no personal progress, like the rest of them. I stopped watching TM and TM2, and I don’t miss it. Nothing new or interesting. The girls still suck.

  22. I don’t feel sorry for Amber. She deserves whatever she gets with Matt. She’s a horrible mother and has accomplished nothing in her life. She made her bed so she can lay in it with Matt she deserves no sympathy. What’s funny is how she was mad that she owed Gary 10 grand in child support so she won’t support her own child, but will support a man pushing 50. Amber is a worthless mom and human her and Matt deserve each other!

  23. For a show that was supposedly made to highlight the struggles of teen pregnancy, why on earth MTV would continue to pay these people extortionate amounts of money and turn a blind eye to the insults and abuse their own staff receive is beyond me.

    So they all reckon they have other options, yet all still willingly sign new contracts… Only to complain about the editing, which, after 8 years, you would have thought they were used to.

    So over all the drama, getting way too repetitive and boring.

    Would like to see a Teen Mom series on the other girls from 16&p, see how they are doing without all the additional MTV paychecks, show the real reality of teen pregnancy!

  24. “If you didn’t know anything about him, he would come off as a really likable guy.” -Amber says of Matt.

    Really. No, really?

  25. Does the way Mooch says “oral pleasure” make anyone else’s skin crawl? ?

    It seems like Amber is “forever haute” when she goes on these epic rants, similar to the previous TMOG Reunion when she ranted about Gary and threatened to quit the show. Makes you wonder if those anti depressants are doing their job. Maybe she needs an antipsychotic instead.

    1. Yes!! Yes!! Skin crawl absolutely!! Effin skeevy pervball!!
      If I had anything to do with the firing for anyone on MTV his ass would have been grass. He would have been gone!! All his shit packed up again and off to Boston, with that fake ass scammer!! How dare he say that to any one ever!!
      That was so way out of line!! Yet Amber sits there like he’s MY MAN!! I no longer after watching that cluster *uck feel nothing but disgust for Amber…she gets everything she has coming!! Oh yes and it will come!! It’s all in his plan, side chicks, more pregnant baby mommas and wiping out their bank accounts!! He’s a glorified POS!!

      1. I think she is back on her hard core drugs this is not due to her bi polar ones Matt is scum but she is just as bad don’t blame it all on her. She is no better then janelle crying she can’t have kid yet doing stupid things to prevent it so she only wants leah when its filming time she is only depressed during filming hmm sound familiar aka janellle aka cait and matt should have been fired for saying that to a producer great job mtv

  26. I love how Matt trash talks MTV constantly (and I guess Amber was too) yet he can suggest that a Producer “oral pleasure” her bosses as a favor to him, to keep a part of his story off tv……..and the producer says nothing, does nothing, and he gets away with it scot free. He’s damn lucky they didn’t end his contract right then and there and that she didn’t report him for sexual harassment. I wish that part had been discussed more in the after-show. That was disgusting of him, and it was worse than the other things he got called out on. Amber should have been pissed that he talked to the Producer that way.

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