Rachel Leviss Accuses Ex-Fiance James Kennedy of Not Being a Good Dog Owner; Claims James Would “Taunt” & “Antagonize” Their Goldendoodle

We’d like to get Graham’s Hippie’s take on all of this.

**Trigger Warning: This story contains mentions of alleged animal abuse. 

Former Vanderpump Rules star Raquel Rachel Leviss launched her Rachel Goes Rogue podcast this week, along with some allegations aimed at her ex-fiance, James Kennedy. 

As you may recall, before Rachel and James ended their relationship in 2021, the couple had adopted a puppy together in 2018, whom they named Graham. Following James and Rachel’s split, Graham continued to live with Rachel’s parents, despite James speaking out publicly about how much he missed the pup. 

Fast forward to July 2023, TMZ reported that Rachel had abandoned her once-beloved dog at a shelter before heading to an Arizona mental health treatment center amid the Scandoval. Rachel denied abandoning Graham; however, the dog was ultimately reunited with James– and renamed Hippie– and now lives with James and his girlfriend Ally Lewber. 

Rachel, who has previously spoken about her former pet’s alleged aggression issues, revealed on her podcast this week that she believes James is to blame for the dog’s poor behavior. 

“The truth of the matter is that James was not a good dog owner,” Rachel claimed, as reported by Reality Tea. “In the way that James would taunt Graham. And he would just antagonize him. He would kick Graham off the couch when he was sleeping and not expecting it, so that would shock him.” 

Rachel accused James of “encouraging Graham to bite his hands,” thus reinforcing that “biting behavior” with the dog. She also claimed that when James would drink too much, he would become “unhinged” and yell, which would frighten the Goldendoodle. 

“ … Graham would hide under the couch,” Rachel said. “And dogs pick up on that kind of energy, so I’m sure that played a part in his behavior.” 

Rachel said although she attempted to stop James from “tormenting” Graham, she didn’t want to nag her then-fiance. 

“I would do my best to stop James from tormenting Graham, but I felt myself nagging him and my mom used to nag when I grew up and I don’t want to be like my mom,” she said. “So I would nag and nag, then I would stop and express to him that this was really bothering me.” 

James has yet to respond to Rachel’s recent allegations. 

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  1. Whatever. This show is toast. Not one likable person in the bunch, even without her. This dvr time slot is now clear.

  2. I was fully ready to believe James was abusive to the dog. But she didn’t even describe anything worse than “James acted like an asshole *around* the dog.” It is unacceptable that he drinks and gets loud and aggressive around *anyone*; don’t use the dog as sympathy bait for what is a more problematic human behavior.

    He antagonized the dog by kicking him off the couch when the dog didn’t expect it, and it shocked him? Please be for real. Neither of these adults trained that puppy so that they could nicely communicate, “Doggie, please move from the couch now,” in a non-shocking way. Thankfully she didn’t even claim he did something harmful to get the dog off the couch.

    I guess I should just be grateful that no one with a platform gives a shit to try to call me out, because apparently I antagonize my cat similarly. Sometimes, she’ll be sleeping or resting on me, all cute and peaceful, and I try not to move to bother her. But, eventually, I decide that my increasing need to go to the bathroom supercedes my cat’s need to remain still, and I move her off me when she’s not expecting it, and it shocks her.

    It seems both of them failed in training that dog and providing it a peaceful place where it felt safe. Maybe the environment was abusive to it. Maybe James’s behavior in general contributed to that. But this reach is not it.

    I thought going to treatment and getting off the show was the first semi-intelligent and healthy choice Rachel had made since she’d pushed her way on. But apparently it was just an escape for the time things were at their ugliest: now that attention is ramping back up, she’s neither remaining out of sight nor taking accountability for anything.

    Pick a lane, girl.

    I usually feel strongly that the person in the relationship should bear most of the consequences for choosing to cheat, and it’s bullshit how often “the other woman” gets smeared while the involved man is absolved, but they both acted dirty and they’re both trying to gain from it; Rachel is just too dumb to realize she’s not smart enough to branch out and create a new narrative for herself on her own.

  3. Thus chicken can’t take accountability for anything. Obviously all that mental health facility did was make her more delusional.

  4. Absolutely no one is buying anything from this backstabbing LIAR and cheater…slink away famewhore…slink on away…

  5. Who is to blame for your bad behavior, Rachel?? Maybe the dog learned aggression from you. I think you’re just jealous because Graham is living the good life with James and you were dumped. But what I am most curious about. If you’re “moving on” and “trying to heal” why are you still discussing anything from the past like that? To make money? So it’s not going to affect your mental health as long as your profiting from it? I’m confused how that works.

  6. Give it up! For someone that wanted off the show and to be done with the whole situation, it’s all she talks about.
    She’s starving for attention.

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