Tom Sandoval & Tom Schwartz Say Ariana Madix “Hit the Breakup Lottery” Being Part of Scandoval; Sandoval Says Ariana’s “Petty” For Not Selling Him Their House

“So, um, yeah, YOU’RE WELCOME, Ariana!”

Tom Sandoval is calling out his ex Ariana Madix for being “petty” for not allowing him to buy her out of the home they share, and even implying that the Vanderpump Rules star should be happy he cheated on her with Rachel Leviss, as Scandoval has provided her with a huge boost to her career.

During an interview with Nick Viall for his Viall Files podcast, Sandoval— along with his pal Tom Schwartz— discussed the lawsuit Ariana recently filed against Sandoval asking a judge to order a “partition by sale” for their shared house, which would mean the couple’s Valley Village, California, home would be sold, and the proceeds from that sale would be divided equally between Ariana and Tom. This type of sale requires both parties to exit the home, even if they are doing so against their will.

Sandoval– who has made it very clear that he wants to stay in the home– told Nick that he offered Ariana $3.1 million to buy her out and she turned it down.

“Yes, she’s being petty,” Sandoval said. “And she doesn’t want me to have the house. That’s it. I’ve offered her a million dollars over what we bought [it for] three years prior. If she doesn’t want to accept the offer, then she should take the house [and live in it herself]. 

“…it’s [her] flipping over the Monopoly board, that’s it,” Sandoval said. “It’s like, ‘I’m losing in Monopoly so I’m going to flip the board over.’ That’s what it is.”

The house of hostility currently shared by exes Sandoval and Ariana.

Nick– who appeared on the same season of Special Forces as Sandoval—asked if Ariana was entitled to be petty, given what Sandoval put her through.

“Yeah,” he replied. “And she’s doing a good job of it.” 

Sandoval and Schwartz then hinted that Ariana should be grateful for Scandoval.

“Considering that, like, dude, she was literally part of a cheating scandal and now has everything going for her, I think she’s being petty,” Sandoval said, later adding, “She’s definitely grateful. I know that’s weird to say.” 

“She hit the breakup lottery!” Schwartz offered.

“Yes she did!” Sandoval agreed. “I think she should be at least a little reasonable [and sell me the house].”

When Nick brought up that Sandoval broke Ariana’s heart, Sandoval stated that Ariana also broke his heart. He then went on to discuss all of the money he’s put into their home over the past three years, adding that Ariana hasn’t paid any bills for the home in over eight months. 

“I, like, paid to build the gym there,'” he said. “I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars into building this house into what it is. And now I’m going to have to move into another place and build another gym…”

“I can’t believe Sandoval is going to have to build ANOTHER gym!”

Still, Sandoval insisted that he has no hate for his ex, despite her potentially making him build another gym.

“Honestly, I hope that Ariana does f**king well, and keeps it going,” he said. “Go do it.”

“I love seeing her thriving,” Schwartz added. “She’s absolutely crushing it. She’s, like, glowing man. Everything she does right now; she’s got the Midas Touch.”

Sandoval then stated that he thinks Ariana should stop focusing her energy on him.

“Leave me behind,” he said. “It’s not a good look…she’s been a little spiteful. She’s been a little overreactive.” 

“Um….YA THINK!?”

Nick pointed out that Ariana had a right to be spiteful, but Sandoval disagreed.

“But, like, 10 months later? Let it go. Keep going, keep doing you,” he said. “…forget me, it’s not a good look. I just want her to, like, move on!” 

“And I just want you to move OUT, but here we are…”

Sandoval went on to talk about how he and Ariana spent four months in therapy (while Sandoval was humping Rachel on the side, natch), and that Ariana was aware that things weren’t working out.

“She knew this was ending,” he said of Ariana. “This was not, like, a surprise.”

He claimed that he planned to tell Ariana that he was having an affair with Rachel; however he wanted to finish up all of their ‘VP’ interviews (for Season 10) before telling Ariana, because he didn’t want it on the show. 

How Sandoval will feel about doing this interview in a few days… probably.

“I’m not a bad guy. I know I’m not a bad guy,” he said. “I’m a really good friend.” 

You can watch Sandoval and Schwartz’s full interview for The Viall Files below! 

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  1. Sandoval is the biggest narcissist on a show full of them. It’s crazy the things he says. And I bet the house is worth more than $1M over the price 3 years later but either way, why doesn’t he just buy it when it goes up for sale…because it will cost more, that’s why.

  2. “I’m not a bad guy.”

    Man, you are absolutely a bad guy. A good guy doesn’t victim blame on national tv. A good guy doesn’t cheat on his partner of 9 years with a co-star, and seemingly cheat for YEARS more the time to which he will admit. A good guy owns his actions and apologizes and doesn’t do interviews trying desperately to convince the public that he isn’t a bad guy.

    Also, a good guy doesn’t take hundreds of thousands of dollars from his own mother to open a bar, and then ditch said bar to go on vacations, tour with his ridiculous “wedding singer cover band” (as named last night by a guest on WWHL) or get his “grubby ass nails done” (Sandoval himself said that one).

    He truly cannot stand to be the bad guy yet he just can’t behave like a legitimate good guy.

  3. She doesn’t owe him a damn thing after the shit he pulled…I wouldn’t sell him the house either. It’s not her being “petty” it’s her doing what’s best for HER.

  4. This piece of sh*T only wanted to pay cost so she’d get no return on her investment but if he sold, which he would, he’d make a big profit. Dumba$$

  5. I never watched Vanderpump Rules until last night (couldn’t find anything else to watch). At the time it started, I just didn’t want to add another reality show. Last night I saw the last two episodes of the season and the reunion episodes.

    I don’t think I could watch the show on a regular basis because of the DJ guy (I forget his name). What an absolute douche! Couldn’t stand him. I also found Katie and Lala to be insufferable. Not sure if any of the others are actually likable but I’d probably go with Ariana if I had to pick one.

    I don’t think any of them know what friendship or love is. They’re too busy climbing over each other to inflate their egos more. They live in a world of fakeness and all of their personalities show it. Pretty sad really.

    1. I’ve watched since season 1 but you are spot on. I hate watch at this point. Katie has actually gotten A LOT better than she used to be. Same with James (DJ) and Lala, those two are some of the worst people I’ve ever seen on a reality show but they’ve actually improved their onscreen behavior quite a bit, as mind blowing as that prob is to read.

      1. Wow, to think I saw an “improved” James is amazing. LOL!

        If you quit watching it, you won’t regret it. I promise you that.

  6. You know what’s petty? To cheat on your gf with her best friend. She has every right to be pissed and to stay pissed for a long time. And she has no obligation to sell him her part of the house. He can go fly a kite 🙂

  7. He’s such a dumb dumb. When my mom died, I inherited a lot of money. That doesn’t mean it was t freaking awful to lose my only parent at 19. Just because good things can happen after, doesn’t erase the hurt and pain the action caused.

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