Late Night Rant: Jenelle Evans Implies Her Mom Barbara Is a “Master Manipulator” Who’s Responsible for Jenelle’s Behavior As a Teen

“Ya just can’t stop talkin’ about me, can ya, Juh-nelle?!”

Jenelle Evans is pointing to her mom Barbara to explain why she was such a menace during her teen years.

The fired Teen Mom 2 star– who is currently in the middle of a CPS court battle with Barb over Jenelle’s oldest son Jace— took to social media (again) late Saturday night to imply to her followers that Barb is to blame for Jenelle’s past bad behavior, and that Barbara has “manipulated” everyone to believe she is a person of good character.

(Of course, this is just Jenelle’s latest online attack on her mother. Earlier this month, Jenelle compared her mother to Dee Dee Blanchard, the abusive mother of Gypsy Rose Blanchard.)

In the late night video posted to Facebook, Jenelle claimed she was “reminiscin’ on some stuff.”

“The way I was acting out as a child and a teenager, goes to show the chaotic household I grew up in,” she said. “If I never grew up in such a chaotic household, then I would not have learned those behaviors and even have done half of them. It’s like, no wonder I acted that way. I learned it. And I thought it was normal.”

Jenelle then hinted that nothing has changed in terms of her mom’s behavior.

“The pattern is, like, still happening,” Jenelle said.

“I’m so sick of protecting her peace and I’m so sick of protecting her character,” Jenelle said of her mom.

“I haven’t had any peace since that day ya were born Juh-nelle! Are ya kiddin’ me!?”

Jenelle then told her followers— in her odd “Jenelle Speak” style– that her mom’s “character is not the way it perceives to be.” (And, no, that is not a typo.) 

Although Jenelle doesn’t specifically say Barbara’s name during the rant, it is obvious who the fired ‘Teen Mom 2’ star is talking about.

“[She’s a] master manipulator,” Jenelle said, before insisting that she’s glad that she is able to “break the cycle” with her own kids.

“This is no time for jokes, Juh-nelle. Oh…wait? Ya were bein’ serious!? Christ on a Cracka!”

Jenelle goes on to claim that she can “be calm about a situation now, instead of freakin’ out like you guys used to see me do.”

“I can handle situations now, but can she? No,” Jenelle says. “She hasn’t learned a damn thing.”

Jenelle states that she’s willing to go to therapy, but Barbara is not.

“I’ve been to therapy a million times but some people don’t think they need therapy in their whole life,” she added.

Jenelle mimicking her husband David’s signature “social media finger scratch”…

Jenelle goes on to reveal that she is “dead to” Barbara now.

“I guess I don’t mean nothin’ to her anymore,” Jenelle adds, implying that Barbara no longer considers Jenelle her daughter.

Jenelle tells her followers that, while she’d like to be even more chatty with them about the Barb situation, she is legally unable to do so. (As The Ashley previously told you, Jenelle, David and Barbara are all currently under a court-ordered gag order to not speak about each other, the CPS case involving Jace, or Jace himself online or in the press.) 

“Right now I can’t say nuthin’,” Jenelle said.

“Ya can’t say nuthin’, yet here ya are, sayin’ somethin’!”

“I’m not allowed, but whenever I can, I will and I have it all ready to go and outlined,” Jenelle said. “Just hang in there with me.” 

As The Ashley recently told you, Jenelle recently began visiting Jace again, now that he is being cared for by someone connected to David. The CPS case is still open and active.

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(Photos: MTV; Facebook) 


  1. Barbara may have contributed to the awful person Jenelle was as a teenager and became as an adult, but the biggest reason Jenelle is an awful person is Jenelle. She’s in her 30s now and hasn’t lived with her mother in nearly a decade.

  2. Christ on a cracka’! 😂😂 Jenelle is so exhausting. In what way has she “broken the cycle”?

    Domestic violence (with multiple partners), constant fighting, mental illness, substance abuse, child neglect/abuse (multiple cps cases), only fans creators, homeschooled 🤷‍♀️, and living in a sinking home.

    I’m probably missing things.

  3. David is on video choking her son snatching him by his neck and holding him and tossing him around like a ragdoll. He obviously assaulted chase no one’s just feeding that just the reason why he did it so explain to me why CPS will allow those other two children stay in that home??? This man has killed a dog he’s attacked his last baby mama we all know he attacked Janelle and hurt her. She was on 911 screaming about it. How many more times does he have to hurt somebody for the authorities to step in?

  4. Jenelle is so “dramastically” irrelevant she would say anything at this point. You would think she was related to Miss Per Law herself, Farrah.

  5. People grow up in fd situations all the time. I did. My mom was/is a pos. But as an ADULT you recognize that behavior isn’t ok and you choose to do better for yourself. If you are a parent, you will go above and beyond to give them a very different life than what you had growing up. That will be your main focus. My children know right from wrong. They are responsible about their future, they don’t bully others and are respectful to teachers and adults in general. They choose their friendships wisely and don’t get involved with trouble makers. Get As for grades, always. -because they want to. And I must say – no drugs.
    Janelle, you have always blamed everyone for your faults. However, your choices as an adult falls in you. You are a very sorry person. Always been. Never cared about your children, they were never your priority.
    It’s your choice to have your children witness domestic violence and victimize them in every way you can.
    You chose every man you got involved with. You are an abuser, not a victim. Your children are the victims in your story. Those children are showing signs of abuse on their everyday lives. We can all see that the life you are giving them is very bad. You are destroying their self-esteem. That’s on you-alone.
    This is so bad that your children are growing up not having what they need the most: A safe environment, a parent who’s there for homework, extra exercises for study time, to show up so they can feel important, a loving home.

  6. I can’t with this woman! How can you call your mother, who RAISED your son for 14 years and when he got to your house, he was immediately abused by your POS husband, a manipulator?! I am sure Jace sees more of a mother figure in her than he ever will in you and you can’t deal with that.

    STFU about this, you have still two kids who are unfortunately still under your custody. (Please someone save them, thank you!)

  7. You’re still a menace but you squared your menace by pairing with UBT 🙄
    (& continuing generational abuse with ya kids)

    Kudos to The Ashley for preserving Bab’s captions SO well that I always read them in her voice 😄

  8. So blame your messed up life on having a chaotic, unstable childhood but then give your children a chaotic, unstable childhood!

  9. Why is she still talking like she is living in the past?!? She has never matured over the age of 15 and what shes’s hitting 35?? At what point do you just stop thinking about yourself and start stepping up for your kids already? She’s just annoying at this point and a sad joke

  10. She’s been living out of her mother’s house for almost as long as she lived with her. So what’s her excuse for the last 14-15 years of her behaviour? She was not living under her moms influence so….

  11. seeing only the headline (‘late night rant’) is giving:
    the swamp queen and king 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️ were drunk and/or high and/or strung out and/or whatever other term for on…something. 🚬🌿🍺🥃❄️💊
    now, off to read the post. 🤓📚

  12. I don’t doubt that Jenelle had a tough life. Her Mom was single and has 3 kids. I imagine that was draining and frustrating and financially difficult. She was/is not a perfect human. However, Juh-nelle has done nothing but test all the limits and leave a child with her mother, and then goes on to get pregnant at least 3 more times. She became addicted to heroine and has an abusive husband. Take some responsibility in your actions girl! Many of us had hard lives and have grown as people to be good humans. That is not an excuse.

  13. 1) you haven’t been a teenager for more than a decade. What’s your excuse?
    2) when did you protect your mother? Never. You are always complaining instead of thanking her for raising the child you were irresponsible enough to birth.
    3) it’s you, not her, that are rambling non stop on social media.
    4) you are trying to gaslight everybody since you took back your abusive husband. You are not a master at it, mind you, but you are the only manipulator here

  14. I just rewatched her 16 and pregnant episode and she is seriously delusional. There was once scene that I think someone needs to send to Jenelle as a reminder. After more than a month of her not doing a thing and complaining and going out leaving her newborn with her mom she sat down and told Barb yeah I cant do this I need your help to raise “it”… Barb had tears and said “of course I would help regardless, he’s my grandson and I love him. I just want you to try and be better.”
    I’m not saying Barbra is perfect or was a great mom because it’s evident she had her own issues but to blame her for your being worthless trash of a mother is ridiculous.

  15. She will NEVER take accountability for her actions and choices. It’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault. She is so incredibly self-absorbed that she can’t see the damage she’s doing to her children. Everything revolves around HER, she’s the “victim”. At this point I don’t even think therapy would help her, she’s too deep into her delusions. The poor kids, we can only hope they will survive & someday be able to address the emotional damage that was done to them 😭

  16. She will NEVER take accountability for her actions and choices. It’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault. She is so incredibly self-absorbed that she can’t see the damage she’s doing to her children. Everything revolves around HER, she’s the “victim”. At this point I don’t even think therapy would help her, she’s too deep into her delusions. The poor kids, we can only hope they will survive & someday be able to address the emotional damage that was done to them 😭

  17. Oh please, what an ungrateful, disrespectful piece of trash. Millions of people grow up in troubled households and don’t act like she did. And she’s still behaving the same way at THIRTY-TWO!!
    And she has said worse things and done worse than her mom ever did. Not to mention we watched her mom take her back in over and over after every boyfriend break-up, even though Jenelle treated her like dirt. And RAISED HER SON when Jenelle didn’t want him and was out partying and in jail.
    She’s so stupid to attempt this new narrative. It’s absurd.

  18. Unpopular opinion but… To be fair, re watching her first episodes and Barbara isn’t exactly the model parent she’s portrayed as. I can see where Jenelle is coming from… Yes Jenelle absolutely has issues but to say they aren’t stemming from her upbringing is probably unfair. I remember some footage and Barbara is downright mean to her daughter. At the end of the day, a 16 year old is still a child.. just saying I can see Jenelle’s point here 🤷 that being said, her relationship with David appears to be just as toxic in an entirely different respect. It’s a shame for her.

  19. We only “used to” see you freak out because MTV isn’t filming you anymore. Yet, even though you control what we see of your life, we still see you acting irrationally!!!!!

  20. Go to hell, Jenelle. The fact that you felt the need to publicly post this nonsense shows you still have no self restraint. Dumbass!

  21. If she’s a master manipulator wouldn’t she have manipulated you into not being a complete bonehead by now?!!

  22. Oh Jenelle! We watched the show! Your mom stepped up and raised your first born. You should be thanking her! You need therapy!

    1. I read about a week ago when the CPS case involving the 2 little kids weren’t getting removed I thought her husband was already talking about things. And if that’s true then either there’s no Gag order anymore or the case is being dropped. I’ve been reading all of it from The Ashley Roundup in the last few days and weeks. It’s there somewhere.

  23. She’s such a useless loser. Breaking the cycle?! YOUR CHILDREN ARE BEING ABUSED BY YOUR HUSBAND… how is that breaking the cycle you moron?!

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