‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Jenelle Evans Brags About Taking 5 Rounds of (Court-Ordered) Parenting Classes; HGTV Gives Update on Season 2 of Chelsea Houska’s ‘Down Home Fab’ & More

“Dude, court-ordered knowledge is power, OK?”

From doing some (court-required) learnin’ to dissing yet another business online, it’s been another busy week for the stars/former stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last week or so…

Jenelle Evans Brags That She’s Had to Take Court-Ordered Parenting Classes FIVE Times

“This motherhood stuff is exhausting!”

Fired ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast member Jenelle truly out-“Jenelled” herself this week by taking to social media to brag about the fact that she’s taking court-ordered parenting classes for the FIFTH time. 

Sometimes the jokes just write themselves, guys…

The Lady ‘o’ the Swamp shared this news (again, willingly!) in a series of Instagram Stories– the first, featuring a screenshot of a woman leading the online parenting courses. 

“Normalize #ParentingClasses 😂💯 doing this for the fifth time in my life,” Jenelle stated in her failed flex. 

After getting absolutely destroyed in responses to her first post, Jenelle doubled down and posted again, insisting that being court-ordered to take parenting classes five times is really no big deal. 

Jenelle, after seeing that her post did NOT go over how she expected…

“For those saying ‘that’s concerning you took that class 5 times’ over the course of being a mother for 15 years and doing this to please others but also become a better parent speaks volumes,” she posted, seemingly throwing proofreading to the wind. 

“Bet most of you haven’t had 1 class, you should look into it,” she continued. “Maybe you would be able to control your emotions messaging random people, and then you can focus on your kids  #JustAThought” 

“Well Juh-nelle, ya probably shouldn’t be givin’ out ya friggin’ thoughts when ya have so few to spare as it is.”

Of course, Jenelle’s new quest to be Mom of the Year is part of her latest CPS investigation and not something she’s doing voluntarily. 

As The Ashley told you last week, a CPS investigation of Jenelle and her husband David Eason recently concluded, during which it was determined that Jenelle’s son Kaiser, as well as David and Jenelle’s daughter Ensley, would be allowed to remain in the Easons’ abode.

“It’s FINE, dude. What parent HASN’T been investigated by CPS a few times, am I right?!”

Meanwhile, David is still facing a pending child abuse charge and an “Assault by Strangulation” charge for his alleged assault of Jenelle’s eldest son Jace last year. A CPS case involving both Jenelle and David is also open and active for Jace.

Kayla Sessler Talks About Her Co-Parenting Situation with Ex Luke Davis; Reveals If She Gets Along with Luke’s Family Now

“Um…that’s gonna be a NOPE-ie from me…”

Kayla recently posted a new Q&A video to her YouTube channel, covering a variety of topics— including how her ex Luke gets along with her current (and also former) man, Ryan Leigh. Kayla also gave an update on how things stand between her and Luke’s family.

“Overall, co-parenting with Luke is going great. There’s no drama. We’re friends, we’re cordial,” Kayla said, adding that Ryan gets along with Luke now, despite all the drama they had in the past. 

“They’re not, like, friends or anything like that, but Ryan had reached out to Luke, just letting him know, like, ‘Hey, I respect you as the kids’ dad, and I know we’ve had our issues but let’s move past them.’ They hashed it out, or whatever, and now they’re fine.”

“And we didn’t even have to call in the cops or anything to handle it! That’s #Growth right there!”

“…there’s no bad blood between them, as far as I’m aware of,” Kayla added. “That’s going very smoothly, and that’s great. I love that for the kids. I don’t want them around any more drama than they’ve already been exposed to in the past from my mistakes.” 

Kayla then addressed the topic of Luke’s current girlfriend, Kylee, stating that she “has no issues” with the girl. (As The Ashley previously reported, Kayla got into a physical altercation with a girl named Dez Salias, who was dating Luke last year. Luke and Dez have since broken up and he’s now dating Kylee.) 

Kayla said she doesn’t know Luke’s new girlfriend very well, but that the kids like her.

Luke and his girlfriend, Kylee, and their kids…

“There’s no drama. As much as you guys want there to be drama between Luke and Ryan, or me and [Luke’s] new girlfriend, or me and Luke, there isn’t any,” Kayla said. “So I need y’all to chill a little bit!” 

While Luke and Kayla have made amends, Kayla said she has not mended fences with Luke’s mom Noopie or his sister Chasidy. (As ‘Young & Pregnant’ fans will remember, Ol’ Noop tried to box Kayla during a tense scene that ended with Kayla’s infamous “He looooove me” line.) 


“We have no relationship,” Kayla said of her and Luke’s family. “They do their thing, I do mine. We don’t interact. I don’t see them, and that works for us.” 

Law enforcement officers from the state of Illinois surely appreciate this arrangement…

Kayla said she did invite Noopie to her daughter Ariah’s birthday party last year, and Noopie came without incident, although the former feuders did not speak at the party.

“I did not invite [Luke’s sister] Chasidy,” Kayla admitted. “We’ve not had any interactions, and I don’t care to have any interactions with her.”

You can watch Kayla’s full Q&A video below! 


Farrah Abraham Uses Random Legal Words & Claims She Was “Gas Lite” in New Yelp Review of Texas Salon

Me, every time I see a new Farrah Yelp review has been posted…

File this under: “No one should care but sometimes life is tough and we need to chuckle at a Farrah Yelp review.”

Farrah has once again blasted a business in an online review in the way only the Backdoor Teen Mom can do: using her signature word salad “Farrah Speak” and managing to work in random legal terms.

This week, a very disgruntled Farrah took to Yelp to slam a hair salon in Austin, Texas, and claim that she was “pressured into none-consensual hourly rate” of work. The Big F also called the salon “fraudulent,” and accused them of “gas-lite customers” (no, that’s not a typo) after she claims she was charged for services she didn’t receive from her stylist, and that she was charged a different price than she was quoted.

“Now I have to wear a shower cap due to this incapabilityness of a stylist to do a celebrity’s hair!”

And, because it’s written by Farrah, the review also contains odd usages of legal terms and a complete lack of punctuation.

“This is against consumer laws, fraudulent as this is not the pricing that matches booking online and this needs to be consensual upon check out and this was not handled properly,” Farrah writes in her review. 

Farrah burned up that free Starbucks Wi-Fi as she showed off her self-proclaimed JD law student knowledge.

“If the salon can not have front desk staff, stylist or manager break down costs, and match their own price structure online this is fraud and they do not know how to run a business with consumer laws,” Farrah— who has crashed and burned several of her own businesses— wrote.

“PER LAW, I will not be standing for this, PER LAW!”

Farrah also manages to work in the word “consensual” several times throughout the review, as that appears to be her “Word of the Month” for January on social media. At one point, she also legit asks to “speak to the owner”…seemingly forgetting that she’s writing an online review and not complaining in person.

The salon has yet to respond to Farrah’s review.

This is certainly not the first business that Farrah has one-starred on Yelp and unleashed her anger on. Over the years, Farrah has used the review site to blast everything from an apartment complex she lived in (and allegedly caused a fire in); Harvard’s online college; the LA nightclub she was arrested in front of in 2023; her “women-hating” OBGYN; and a day spa she accused of committing “facial robbery” after they did her Botox. 

(If you’d like to further fry your brain and read more examples of Farrah’s absolute decimation of the English language, click here!)

HGTV Gives Update on Premiere of Season 2 of Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer’s ‘Down Home Fab’ 

Chelsea and Cole, still in disbelief that people want to watch them paint walls black and throw cowhides everywhere…

Break out the fireplace disco balls and animal antler décor– another season of Down Home Fab is coming our way very soon!

While making a guest appearance on HGTV’s Battle On The Mountain this week, ‘Down Home Fab’ hosts and former ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer announced that Season 2 of their show is set to premiere in March. 

Chelsea also shared the news on social media.  

As The Ashley told you last February, HGTV officially green-lit a second season of Chelsea and Cole’s show after ‘Down Home Fab’ became the network’s highest-rated freshman series since May 2022, prompting the (relatively rare) mid-season renewal.  

“Chelsea and Cole’s undeniable on-screen chemistry and enthusiasm for renovation brings in millions of fans each week to HGTV’s platforms,” Loren Ruch, Head of Content at HGTV, said last year of the show receiving a second season. 

When discussing what’s in store for the DeBoer family in Season 2, Chelsea revealed last year that her oldest daughter, Aubree, had expressed interest in having a bigger role on ‘Down Home Fab’ than she did in Season 1. 

“I think we’re gonna be filming Season 2 [of ‘Down Home Fab’] a lot in the summer and [Aubree] wants to be a part of it,” Chelsea said last spring. “She’s said that multiple times. She’s so creative and artistic. I could definitely see her really getting into this. And so it will be fun to incorporate her as she gets older into our projects and more of [our home décor line] Aubree Says.” 

Please don’t tell us we’re in for another storyline about Aubree’s cellphone…

As fans of ‘Teen Mom 2’ may remember, when Chelsea and Cole announced they were leaving the MTV series in 2020, Chelsea claimed it was because she no longer wanted her children’s personal lives to be the focus of a reality TV show. (Prior to appearing on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Chelsea and Aubree made their reality TV debut on 16 and Pregnant.)  

While all four of Chelsea and Cole’s children have appeared on their HGTV series, the show does not delve into the kids’ lives.

 To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here

(Photos: YouTube; Instagram; MTV; HGTV) 


  1. I’m a hairstylist and I would let turn Farrah away if she walked in my salon… that would be a big no, not dealing with that for any amount of money!

  2. Since it’s coming from jenelle, I don’t want to agree because come on, this is jenelle bragging about being courtorderd to take parenting classes for fifth time and still has failed to see the issue.

    I think every person could benefit from parenting classes for all ages. So that we can all better support our kids. These wild kids need direction.
    Shoot, may not even be your kid you help, but your child’s friend when they get older. My oldest friend is having it pretty rough, but I’m able to relate and offer some help because I’ve been thru it. I’ve learned how to be able to talk to them. I can set my pride aside etc.

    But court ordered parenting classes for fifth time, is nothing to brag about. If you’re stuck on something, ask questions. Tuere are so many resources and I’m sure the people who ordered this would know plenty.

    Jenelle has the money to even hire a parenting expert.

    I would love one! After my brain injury, I’m having difficulties remembering and keeping up. It’s been challenging.

    This si conical tho

  3. Jenelle is so dumb. Can’t she understand that a person is ordered parental classes because there’s a child going through some trauma and is suffering? For the government to be involved there’s something major going on. FIVE TIMES? you are an abuser who have no business having children.

    Farrah is just Farrah. It’s impossible to figure her out.

    Chelsea and her husband: Amazing how people will watch anything. She was on tv for being a pregnant teenager who got a ged diploma and have no real knowledge in design… kind of silly to think she would get a show but here she is. I wonder what someone who actually went through years of school and have some knowledge (and real talent ) think of this.

  4. Honestly, for the majority of us, we have a sense of maternal or paternal instinct- naturally. We know what’s batshit crazy and what’s not. What’s safe, and what isn’t. What children need to thrive- physically, mentally, emotionally… Maybe if Janelle had some counseling to see why she clings to these POS dudes she gets with, instead of her children and their well-being, she wouldn’t be in a position to be court ordered to complete such classes. And yes, if you take these classes VOLUTARILY to improve upon your parenting skills, then it should be applauded. No shame in wanting to improve your parenting skills- of your own accord. But this is court ordered… and your FIFTH time, Jenelle…

    Farrah… I have little words. She needs to just stop. She’s been beyond embarrassing herself with her strange word salad reviews. Maybe some accountability, instead of deflection, would improve her experiences with these places. The last time I checked, Salons aren’t required to give their consent, or, require consent from customers, to perform a service. LOL

  5. Court ordered parenting classes will never work on Jenelle. One would have to recognize there is a problem or something needs to change in order to have a class like that work. Jenelle thinks she is a perfectly suitable mother despite learning how to parent from Casey Anthony!

    1. I took parenting classes back few years prior due to apc (like dui except wasnt drivin) and child endangerment.
      The parenting class sucked, but made me realize everything I didn’t know.

      I wasn’t a bad mom, I just never had a good example of being a mom. There’s a lot more to being a parent than just doing best you can and love best you can.
      I was a teen when I had first.

      That incident woke me up tho. Me getting into trouble woke me up and wanted to learn everything I can.
      Step one admit there’s an issue.

      Jenelle is incapable of admitting there’s anything wrong because she doesn’t see anything wrong.

  6. No Jenelle, we shouldn’t normalize people having to take mandatory parenting classes because they are negligent parents like you who doesn’t learn a thing after 5!! rounds of mandatory classes. That’s not something to brag about.
    And Farrah wasn’t so incoherent this time, good for her.

  7. Jenelle, who’s had ALL her children TAKEN OFF HER and her unemployed swampy soul mate, trying to brag about being COURT ORDERED to take classes for something that adults usually pick up fairly easily, just made my day 😁

    I guess that’s right up there with UBT bragging that his counsellor said he’s banned, I mean, he doesn’t need counselling.

  8. While doing COURT ORDERED parenting courses deserves some of the hate.

    I agree we should normalise parentkng courses. I have completed a number of different ones to help me parent my child better. Some even dealt with how i was raised as a child and how to overcome/break the parenting cycle.

    Also, generically (not necessarily talking about Jenelle) but i believe we should not judge those who have had child services involved but still have their children. I rang them and reported myself on a number of occasions because i felt me child deserved a better parent and i need help to understand why my child behaved in certain why’s and how to safely and successfully parent it. My child is doing 150% better and my parenting is better.

    Normalise parenting courses and stop hating on child services.

    1. The difference with Juhnelle is that you recognized that you needed help to be a better parent. You voluntarily asked how to do better for your child.
      So you are an intelligent person who wants to improve.

      Juhnelle brags about being a horrible mother, she’s proud of it.

    2. If I was in my thirties with three children and a step daughter, I wouldn’t brag about taking remedial parenting courses. It’s just sad.

      Farrah needs to ride off into the sunset, she’s too ridiculous words.

      And, finally, I hope the other couple have grown out of baby talk phase, because,forgive me for those who love home renovation programs, I’d rather watch grass grow.


      Jenelle – Having to repeatedly take court ordered parenting classes is not a flex. You are quite literally the worst Mother and person, and I think that if it was a “thing”, you should be court ordered to be sterilized. Fucking moron.

      Farrah – Shut up. Just please shut the fuck up. Don’t you have to find a d**k to cram in your ass or fart/poop in jars or go get your vag rejuvenated again??? Yet another fucking moron.

    4. I think its great that you reached out for help when you needed it! That is to be commended. The problem is Jenelle still doesn’t get that she is a bad parent & obviously hasn’t learned from the classes. Hope you are doing well.

  9. I didn’t even recognize Chelsea.,…what did she do to her face? Has it been that long or did she have work done?

    1. I keep seeing that longer face in reality stars once they hit the injectables.
      Kim K’s got it, their face seems to lengthen from their under eye area to their top lip area 🧐

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