Nathan Griffith Reacts After Jenelle Evans’ & David Eason’s CPS Investigation Ends; Gives His Thoughts On His Son Kaiser Remaining in Eason Home

“I’m sure little Kevin is just fine!”

Nathan Griffith is speaking out after news broke that the CPS investigation into the home of his baby mama Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason has ended.

The former Teen Mom 2 dad— who is the father of Jenelle’s second son, Kaiser— spoke to the @TeenMomFanz Instagram page on Wednesday, providing his thoughts on his son Kaiser being allowed to stay in the Eason home, following the close of the CPS investigation. 

On Tuesday, The Sun broke the news that Kaiser, as well as David and Jenelle’s daughter Ensley, will be allowed to remain in the Eason home. The investigation began even before David’s alleged attack on Jenelle’s older son Jace in late September. (The Ashley can confirm that the kids were spoken to multiple times during the investigation, including at least one time where their parents were not present.)

In response, Nathan— who is currently dealing with a plethora of legal issues in Nevada— stated that he will not attempt to fight for custody of Kaiser again. Nathan admitted that it’s been more than a year since he’s even seen Kaiser. (During a TikTok Live in July 2023, Nathan called himself a bad father and admitted it’s been even longer since he’s seen his daughter, Emery, whom he shares with his ex.)

“I’m not in a position to go to court,” Nathan said. “I just want what’s best for my son. That’s all I want.”

“Even I admit that I’m a dramastically bad dad!”

Nathan also stated his thoughts on CPS’ decision to keep Kaiser and Ensley in the Eason home.

“I’m not happy or mad. I think the agents did an investigation and came to a conclusion based on the facts,” he told the Instagram account.

Nathan stated that he gets along with Jenelle and David now and have a “stable” co-parenting relationship. 

“I finally figured out how to get along with Jenelle and David! I just stopped seeing my kid! Easy peazy!” 

“We don’t fight, we haven’t fought in a long time,” Nathan said.

(While Nathan hasn’t seen his son in more than a year, Kaiser has visited with Nathan’s mother, Doris Davidson, in that time.)

While the CPS investigation regarding Kaiser and Ensley is now closed, the CPS case regarding Jace is still open and active. David’s criminal case (in which he is being charged with child abuse, as well as felony assault by strangulation), also remains active. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. This makes me sick. Nathan hasn’t seen Kaiser in over a YEAR?? That poor little boy! Praying for a miracle that Kaiser can come out of his neglectful and abusive childhood without being seriously damaged.

  2. I cannot BELIEVE the amount of praise that people are giving Nathan for admitting that he’s a shit Father! It’s completely unacceptable to praise him for that. As far as his TBI is concerned, I have a personal friend who fought in Desert Sheid, Desert Storm and was reactivated after 911 and was gone for 4 year’s he also has a TBI and was only discharged after an IAD blew up causing him to have facial reconstruction, he has severe PTSD to the point of not being able to be around fireworks. Have you ever seen a grown man fall to the ground and watch him relive everything or hearing a car backfire and crying like a baby? It’s bar none THE most heartbreaking thing I have ever seen in my life! He is a shell of the person he used to be and guess what? He doesn’t have substance abuse issues, doesn’t beat women and has been able to maintain a healthy relationship with his kids as well. He thinks he’s a shit Father because he was off fighting for our country 4 year’s of their lives. He’s been able to start and run a very successful fishing charter business and has done it regardless of the issues that he came home with so to those that think Nathan is being a good man for admitting he’s a crappy parent…Bravo! Lastly, this man was given disability by the military to the highest level available and he chose to run a business rather than sit home saying poor me! That’s a REAL man and combat veteran in my book! My daughters senior year AP English paper was written about him, she not only received an A but her story about him was published in our local newspaper as well as by our local American legion, VFW and DAV! Why? Because she as well as him earned recognition even though he will say that he doesn’t deserve it because he was just doing his job!

  3. Clearly he doesn’t want what is best for his son. He has known for years that his son is being abused and he has done nothing about it. He would rather abuse and strangle every girl he is with than pull his head out of his own ass and make sure his son is safe. Damn these kids have really hit the shitty parent lottery.

    1. But also, would his son be safe with him? We all so much hope and wish for it. But this guy physically strangles anyone who is smaller/weaker than him whenever he has an interpersonal issue. I WISH he was good/normal—with “normal” legit just meaning not an abusive, life threatening asshole, for Kaiser’s sake…..but he just isn’t.

      Our hopes should be with Nate’s family. And I’m so mad at Nate’s parents for not saving this kiddo.

  4. Yeah but all that “””love””” can turn bad in a heartbeat.

    I do not put it past David to cross lines with his female daughters.
    He’s undoubtedly inappropriate with his language in the very least. He’s a pig.
    I’d hate to have him as a father.

  5. My attorney told me to always leave CPS out of the cases. She explained briefly the reasons because they always mess things up. So I can see why she would say this if you look at David and Janelles cases brought up by cps throughout the years, they always fail to make their case and ultimately keep those children safe. SC is a scary place to live.

  6. Go get your son you POS! How can you let your son be in that house with those yahoos! Grow a pair Nathan and step up! Scum Sucker!

    1. In Late 2023, Nathan pleaded guilty to Attempted Battery by Strangulation of his sister.

      In January 2023, he was just charged Domestic Battery of his gf.

      He’s had multiple DUIs, including one last year. I think that was his 4 or 5, he had a bunch in the military that they covered up for him. He’s lost his license multiple times, and then gotten caught driving on a suspended license while also drunk. Showing a clear issue with alcohol dependency.

      He’s also been charged for assault on other woman including two of ex-gfs, not including Jenelle. One where he pinned a girl against a toilet and the shower.

      I wouldn’t want Kaiser 10 feet from Nathan, not like the courts would allow it anyway.

      I feel a little sympathy for Nathan, its clear he suffered a TBI while on active duty, and it has effected his life since (and yes he collects disability from the VA). But at the same time, it doesn’t mean he a safe person to be around. He has two children, has never been in their lives, never tried to get sober.

      He can talk the talk all he wants, but the only person in his family that cares about Kaiser is his mom, and she’s in no position to taken in Kaiser.

      1. Yep! It seems Nathan might be even more dangerous than David or maybe David just has not been caught very often. I don’t know which.

    2. Nate is a strangler to the people he feels he had “more status” over!

      I do much fucking wish he was better bc Jenelle and David are horrible, but he’s just….not. Like “oh he only attempts to MURDER people who do x, y, z…..” doesn’t make him a good person or parent!

  7. Imagine if there were items/pills available that would allow you to have sex without procreating and created life that neither party can look after. These children deserve better.

  8. David must be thrilled to still have his little punching bag “Bubba” under him grimy thumb.

    Poor kid NEVER stood a chance at the parent lottery.


  9. Poor kaiser really lucked with his parents, bless his heart, Ensley didn’t cop good it in that department either.

  10. Honestly, even though I don’t necessarily agree with leaving these kids in Jenelle and Swamp Thing’s custody and care, I DO applaud Nathan for being willing to admit that he can’t provide a better life for Kaiser and stating that he just wants what’s best for his son. I am not necessarily a fan of Nathan’s and I am not making excuses for him but… I truly believe there is obviously some deep seeded addiction issues as well as mental health issues that need to be treated long term- I think he potentially, could be a good person, if he removed illicit substances and alcohol and did some deep therapy and was properly medicated. You have to understand that yes, even though he’s abusive and has made a LOT of mistakes- A0 These have almost always happened while under the influence and B) he at least is accountable and admits his shortcomings and isn’t fighting for Kaiser just to put him in the same or worse conditions- just to be at odds with Jenelle and David. I just want to see what’s best for Kaiser. I don’t know much about Nathan’s mom (so enlighten me if you do have knowledge of her background/circumstances/history) but I am curious as to why they haven’t at least considered her to take custody of him…

  11. While it’s heartbreaking that Kaiser’s father has abandoned him and stuck him permanently with the swamp dwellers, I guess it’s good that he recognizes he’s not in a position to provide any better life for his child than Delujenelle and Big Ugly are. As a parent, I cannot imagine going a day without seeing my baby, let alone a year.
    I still wish Doris could get custody of Kaiser and give him a better life than he’s doomed to live in his current circumstances. I’m eager to see how soon after Big Ugly gets convicted of felony assault, Jenelle sends Kaiser off to live with Doris because we alllll know that one of the main reasons she stays with Big Ugly (besides their drug-addled, raging co-dependency) is that he does the heavy lifting with the parenting…if you could even call it that. She cannot handle two young kids on her own. She can’t even be bothered to pack them lunches or give them healthy meals consistently.

  12. I mean, having pending legal charges on top of substance abuse and mental health (and possibly physical health) doesn’t put someone in a position to parent or fight for custody.

    The fact Nathan isn’t consistent in Kaisers life and hasn’t spoken to him in more than a year speaks volumes.

    I’m not going to argue over who’s worse because all options are bad for poor Kaiser. The fact people are bullying him about his weight makes it worse for him. That’s the least of his problems for trying to survive and cope.

  13. Kaiser has the worst set of parents for every TM child. Every kid at least has one decent parent. Kaiser and Ensley have none.

    Nate might be a trash human. But I think his moral compass is in the right place and if he didn’t have his TBI he would be a decent human.

    1. It’s a toss up between ALL of Jenelles baby daddies for me. Imagine being Einsley. Dads an idiotic bigot who is crazier than a sack of weasels, and her mother is Jenelle…then you have Jace who’s dad is a “model” that is “over qualified” for a job at McDonalds, and his mother is Jenelle…and then you have Kaiser who’s dad is a woman beating moron who dramastically needs to get his shit together, and his mother is Jenelle. All of Jenelle’s kids lose in the parent department, and it’s a shame because you can’t pick your parents.

    2. I think Ensley has it worse. At least Kaiser has Nathan’s mother who seems normal. Ensley has Lurch as a father and his family (who are a disaster too) and then Jenelle and her family (I like Babs but she’s worn out, she couldn’t raise yet another grandkid). Poor girl she’s doomed

      1. Ensley doesn’t have it nearly as bad as Kaiser. Ensley is the golden child. She is David’s daughter so I seriously doubt he’ll ever physically abuse her the way he has Kaiser. Dick-head David has been beating Kaiser ever since he started walking, and the people who film Teen Mom know it! They’ve seen him abuse Kaiser so many times and never did a thing about it. Remember when Jenelle reported that Kaiser was so afraid of David that he’d start stuttering whenever David walked into the room? Remember all of the gifts and clothes they buy for Ensley, but nothing for Kaiser? And how they laugh and encourage Ensley to call Kaiser an ass-hole? Nah, I don’t think we have to worry about Ensley. She’s the only one they care about. Besides themselves.

        1. I don’t know about David never hurting Ensley. Remember the video with the baby chicks he threatened to smack her in the mouth, that wouldn’t have meant anything to her unless he’d done it before. And let’s not forget the CPS report from one of their previous investigations that said there was evidence she’d been sexually abused.

  14. You know, he is a POS but at least he admits he is one! I know, a weird thing to praise him for but in contrary to Jenelle and David at least he doesn’t think sun shines out of his ass. I am glad Kaiser is at least seeing Doris, the only stable adult in his life rn probably. You poor thing. This kid is gonna have a lot of issues when he grows up.

    Now if only Nathan would admit he has a problem and stop attacking people who want him good like his sister, hm. I do hope he also gets locked up.

  15. Poor Kaiser, both his parents are truly just so terrible, that it’s like picking between two piles of garbage.

  16. It is a shame, even though nathan is a pos father and nost likely partner he seemed to be at least helpful in taking care of kaiser when he was an infant when he was still in a relationship with jenelle. How do you go from taking care of a litte one all the time to not giving a crap where he ends up. Saying cps has got it. No questions for anyone huh nathan? I do have to say that him saying that he isn’t in a good position to have his kids takes some balls. It isn’t easy admitting that and he seems to know what is going on in his own life to know it isn’t right for a child.

    It is seriously crazy watching older episodes of teen mom. She was a crap parent with ecery kid.

    1. I was thinking exactly this!! I was watching old episodes the other day where Kaiser was a baby and Nathan is holding him or feeding him in every scene. The only time Jenelle interacts w Kaiser is to plop him in his crib. It honestly shows that nathan did have a genuine interest in Kaiser at the time.
      Nathan has his issues but he admits that he isn’t in a position to go to court which I guess is respectable. And him saying he wants the best for his son. That part really broke my heart! Jenelle being a pos idiot and Nathan being too unstable to fight for Kaiser, poor baby.

  17. Nathan is ok with David “disciplining” Kaiser. IDGAF about his opinion on the matter, he doesn’t even see Kaiser anymore. 🗑️ Parents all of them. Poor kids.

  18. Sorry but I would NEVER trust a decision from CPS! Too many kids end up killed by a crazy parent after CPS deems things ok. So the spoke to the kids ONE freaking time without the parents present. Those poor kids are so manipulated. They’re terrified to say anything bad. I’m sure they see David at his worst every day! It’s sad.

    1. FACTS! CPS is honestly deplorable. They often fail more kids than they help. I’ve seen it with my own eyes- with those I have known personally with involvement with CPS and obviously the TONS of stories in the media about children that had NO business going back to their parents/caretakers and then ending up killed. Then you have the children that are likely better off with their parents and a slight misunderstanding is BLOWN out of proportion and they are thrust into a dysfunctional and abusive foster family that leaves them abused and traumatized and also, sometimes dead. CPS needs their “power” revoked and they should have those in power looking at them closer for their intentions. There are too many advantages and benefits that they PERSONALLY gain from, that cause them to make ill thought out decisions. I don’t really know what I think about this- I have a feeling, that this was an oversight on CPS behalf and likely, we will see more instances where Jenelle and/or David are exposed for inflicting more abuse and trauma on these kids…

      1. The whole system needs an overhaul—and more social workers. I really don’t blame individual social workers at this point (are there ones that are terrible, sure, but I think they’re few and far between). They have huge caseloads and little support. There are so many factors to consider and moving pieces to connect—there are no one-size-fits all situations or solutions.

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