Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer’s Show ‘Down Home Fab’ Renewed For Second Season; Show is HGTV’s “Highest-Rated Freshman Series” In Almost a Year

“Cheers to never having to go back to ‘Teen Mom!'”

Break out the black paint and antler chandeliers because Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer have big news!

The former Teen Mom 2 couple announced on Thursday that their HGTV show, Down Home Fab, has just been renewed for a second season by the network.  In a press release issued by HGTV on Thursday, it was revealed that ‘Down Home Fab’ is HGTV’s highest-rated freshman series since May 2022, which prompted the (relatively rare) mid-season renewal.

‘Down Home Fab’ is currently the No. 1 cable show (that is not a news or sports program) in the very coveted demographic of women ages 25-54, as well as the even more coveted upscale women ages 25-54 demo.

In addition, ‘Down Home Fab’ has the most-popular page on all of

“I’m so happy! Cole, go fetch my paint! I have the urge to blacken something!”

“Chelsea and Cole’s undeniable on-screen chemistry and enthusiasm for renovation brings in millions of fans every week to HGTV’s platforms,” Loren Ruch, HGTV’s Head of Content, wrote in the press release. “We can’t wait to get the ball rolling on a new season, and in the meantime we’ve got three upcoming episodes and lots more digital content with this dynamic couple in store.”

According to the press release, the network will add two additional episodes to the order for Season 2, bringing it to eight. Season 2 is slated to air in early 2024. 

Chelsea and Cole posted an Instagram video showing them reacting to the news that ‘Down Home Fab’ was getting another season.

“We have officially green-lit Season 2 of ‘Down Home Fab,'” a producer tells a very surprised Cole and Chelsea in the video.


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“You guys don’t understand how much this means to us!” a choked-up Chelsea says. “I have been refreshing the ratings all day…I want to show you guys that we’re doing a good job. I just feel like this means so much to us!”

“We couldn’t be happier,” Cole added. “Thank you so much. It’s a dream come true, it really is. We’re extremely grateful for this opportunity and we’re gonna work our asses off!” 

Chelsea went on to address some of the critics of ‘Down Home Fab’ who questioned whether a former ‘Teen Mom’ star was qualified to have a show on HGTV.

“Coming from a show like ‘Teen Mom,’ I feel like it’s hard to get people to believe in you…I never felt like [people would take] anything I did… seriously. This just feels so good and I feel very proud of it. I’m so happy,” Chelsea said.

“So I guess I shouldn’t even bother asking if you’d like to appear on our new spin-off, ‘Teen Mom: Street Fight Night?'”

As The Ashley previously reported, ‘Down Home Fab’ premiered with pretty good ratings earlier this month, but has had a steady climb each week. Monday’s episode garnered an impressive 878,000 viewers and finished in the No. 15 spot of the night’s top cable telecasts. (That’s up from the 850,000 viewers the show got the previous week.) 

‘Down Home Fab’ is currently airing Mondays on HGTV.

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22 Responses

  1. I am glad for her she was one of my favorites and it was beautiful when she came out if that adam spell to start to grow up.

  2. If you look at Chelsea compared to the girls on the show still fighting, you will see those who have matured vs those that have not matured.

  3. I loved the third episode so much. Just seeing the kids, their farm animals and how happy they are as a family, its so refreshing after watching all the trash on Teen Mom for so many years. And the house looked awesome when they were done. Except the missing shower curtain/door of course lol. Idk about everyone else, but I like *some* kind of privacy while showering, even in my own bathroom.

  4. Good for them! I think she really did grow up over the course of Teen Mom and got off of the show when she thought it was not healthy for her daughter so am happy to see this family move on from reality dreck and do well!

    1. I liked the show. I stopped watching these type of shows several years ago bc they all became the same but I tuned into to Chelsea’s and really enjoyed it.

      1. I agree. The HGTV shows had become just too precious and were relevant to only the very wealthy. Chelsea and Cold are a youthful breath of fresh air, antlers and all.

  5. I have enjoyed the show–little cheesy at times but they are good at listening and adding their own spin and getting nice results

    1. I thought Janelle was now in talks with Candace Cameron’s wholesome Christian network because who better represents family values than Janelle?

  6. Jenelle’s somewhere on the swamp punching the air right now LOL…but in all honesty, congrats to the DeBoer’s. They got out of the TM franchise at the right time, and have actually been able to make a decent career off of it.

  7. How??? My only guess is because viewers are so shocked by her facial transformation and cant stop watching. They want to tune in next week to see how awkward she looks now. Also, they do nothing outside of a typical pinterest board.

    1. I actually think she is incredibly beautiful!
      She has only gotten prettier with age.
      Some females feel the need hold on to their teenage images as trophies (embarrassing & sad) but the real test of beauty is growing with age and maturing into a stable well rounded adult with goals, work ethic, and genuinely caring about others.
      Her beauty is not just physical, although she undeniably is physically stunning!

      Chelsea was blessed with an amazing platform (MTV) but has also PROVEN her character by ELECTING to move on when it was best for her family and very successfully making the transition into adulthood while never having to exploit her kids or her morals. The only reason she was “boring” on TM is because she was always way too classy & mentally stable for that show. It’s not that she “wasn’t meant for TV”, she wasn’t meant for TRASH TV!

      Wishing you the best in season 2 and beyond!

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