‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Pay Off Massive Tax Debt; Kieffer Delp Considers Joining OnlyFans & More

“What a weight off our shoulders. This must have been what Butch felt like on the day he cut his mullet off!”

From paying off big debts to making big changes in their relationships, it’s been another busy week for the stars/former stars of the Teen Mom franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last few days…

Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Paid Off Their Massive Tax Debt

“It’s no fun having Uncle Sam breathing down your neck!”

Catelynn and Tyler seem determined to start fresh in 2023– by paying off their old debts.

The ‘Teen Mom’ couple— who had been buried in tax debt for years—managed to pay off their massive $321,000+ tax lien earlier this month.

The Sun reported that Cate and Ty are now free of all of their tax debt, which once amounted to more than $856,800. The debt was paid on January 13, according to the Michigan Register of Deeds Office.

“We’re just gonna pay our taxes from here on out!”

As The Ashley previously reported, Cate and Ty were hit with the first of two federal tax liens in November 2019 (for the tax years 2016 and 2017) in the amount of $535,010.97. The pair received the second federal tax lien the following month (for the tax year of 2018) in the amount of $321,789,06. In 2021, the Baltierras’ debt increased again when almost $7,000 in property taxes for the two Michigan homes they own were added to their tax bill. 

Although they made a large payment to the IRS in 2021, Cate and Tyler still owed more than $321,000 to the federal government until this month.

Catelynn, Tyler and their daughters will soon be relocating to a $435,000 4,296-square-foot home located on six acres of farmland in Michigan. The couple is currently in the middle having the new home renovated.

Kieffer Delp Is Considering Joining OnlyFans

“DM me for collabs!”

If you’ve got a kink for dirty green hoodies and/or felons (hey, it ain’t illegal!), The Ashley has some great news for you! 

Kieffer Delp— who is arguably Jenelle’s most-famous (and most-legally challenged) former soulmate of all time— announced on Thursday that he’s interested in joining OnlyFans, the subscription site that Jenelle uses to post photos of her unclothed rump ‘n’ humps for cash.

Unlike his former soulmate, though, Kieffer says he isn’t interested in joining OnlyFans because he needs the money. 

Girls with a felon fetish running to subscribe to Kieffer’s OnlyFans…

Instead, he wants to post sexy time footage of himself to the site in order to get his rocks off.

“Damn I don’t really care about the bread, I’m ’bout to jump on that OnlyFans wave cuz gettin’ it on-camera knowing ppl gone peep ya work is so f**kin hot to me…,” The Kieff tweeted on Thursday.

“Who would have thought that both Juhnelle and Kieffa would end up showin’ their naughty bits on tha Inta-nets! Why don’t they just get a job at Waaaahlmart?”

The last time we heard from ol’ Kieff he was being arrested. Back in June 2022, Kieffer was thrown behind bars and charged with one count of misdemeanor theft and one count of criminal conspiracy. (Much like Jenelle’s feelings for Kieffer, the conspiracy charge was eventually dropped.)

Since then, Kieffer has kept a relatively low profile. He’s currently living in the Pittsburgh area, according to tweets he posted earlier this month. 

Tyler Baltierra Addresses Catelynn Lowell’s Sister Claims That He Had A Gay Lover In Arizona

Tyler in Arizona, according to his sister-in-law.

‘Teen Mom’ dad Tyler Baltierra took a moment this week to laugh off rumors about his sexuality after his sister-in-law claimed on TikTok Live that “Tyler is gay.”

As The Ashley previously told you, Catelynn Lowell‘s half-sister, Sarah Haviland, has been spending a lot of time on social media recently throwing insults and accusations at Catelynn and defending their mother, April Baltierra. In her latest TikTok video, however, Sarah made Tyler the target of her slander.  

Sarah responded to a comment about her brother-in-law that stated, “Tyler isn’t into women I thought.” Sarah laughed at the comment before going on to imply that she believes Tyler once had a same-sex relationship with someone living in Arizona. 

“ … Everyone says that Tyler is gay and I swear by it, I swear Tyler is gay,” she says in clip, captured and reposted by @teenmomfanz on Instagram. “The only reason why I say that is he had this friend in Arizona and … he never wanted Catelynn to come with him to Arizona to see this guy and then he was on Instagram talking about babies and s**t–- like, commenting on his stuff–- I’m like, what? Okay.” 

A few moments later, Sarah assures the original commenter that they hadn’t gone too far with their comment, as Sarah really believes Tyler is gay. 

“I swear it’s true,” she adds. 

Tyler later addressed the accusations while going live on TikTok for something unrelated. During the Live, someone in the comments notified Tyler that Sarah accused him of having “a secret man in Arizona.” Tyler appeared somewhat caught off by the claim, but also very amused. 

“I can’t wait to slam this biotch in an angry poem later.”

“You guys, what the f**k,” he said, while still laughing. “You can’t make this s**t up, guys! Ya know what I’m saying? Y’all, [I’m] f**king dead.” 

Tyler went on to ask if Sarah had made the claims recently, telling viewers he doesn’t keep up with his sister-in-law’s social media. 

“I ain’t paying attention to all of that,” he said.

Josh McKee & His Girlfriend Halie Lowery Call It Quits; Mackenzie McKee Has a Surprising Response

You heard it here, folks: Josh McKee is single and searching for a girl without a lifetime ban at Buffalo Wild Wings…

While their relationship may have seemed promising–- what with their sappy social media posts and declarations of devotion to each other– former ‘Teen Mom’ dad Josh McKee and his girlfriend Halie Lowery have called it quits.

As The Ashley previously reported, Josh and wife Mackenzie McKee split last year and in November, Josh began dating Halie–- a single mom who The Ashley will always remember as the girl who was arrested for engaging in a beatdown at a Buffalo Wild Wings.

Unfortunately, Josh and Halie’s months-long romance has come to an end. 

“Now that I know it is official. Josh and I are done. No bad blood,” Halie posted this week to her Instagram Story. “Please be kind to the next woman in his life.. I have thick skin and could take it but the next may not. Love y’all.” 

Halie later followed up her breakup announcement with a video of her embracing “that newly single stage where you’re like oh ok my turn to act like an ass again.” 

In the caption, she introduced her followers to “single Halie,” telling them, “it’s a party here.”

Surprisingly, Mackenzie popped up in the comment section to show support for her ex-husband’s ex-girlfriend. (Mackenzie has previously stated that she was happy about Josh and Halie’s relationship)

“Kids and I are sending you all the love” Mackenzie wrote. “Go do great things. And keep in touch.” 

“Absolutely!” Halie replied. “I’ll get with you to send Jaxie a birthday gift in February. Take care!”

Let’s be honest…these two were destined to be friends.

Elsewhere in the comment section, Halie responded to a few questions and insisted that Josh doesn’t have “commitment issues.” Instead, Halie claimed the relationship ended because she and Josh “just weren’t meant for each other.” 

“He is doing great in life and I wish him the best,” she said. “We both have our own paths.” 

Halie also denied that Josh–- who was known to have a wandering eye throughout his marriage to Mackenzie– had cheated on her.

“Just going separate ways,” she added.


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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. Some of the confusion might arise from the fact thatCatelyn has not made it clear which name she prefers. And then there are those whose spouses change so frequently that it is hard to keep up😂

  2. There paying up cause they see ratings on new show and they suck. Hoping mtv finally realize no one wants to watch these 30 years old playing teen moms still. Let them get real jobs then tell me how hard it is to raise kids. Show needs to go back to original idea showing how hard it REALLY is being teen moms not showing damn near millionaires using their kids for paycheck give these kids semi normal life and privacy not being paycheck for useless parents

      1. I don’t get why people are so desperate to drag someone out of the closet. I hated it when it was being done to me. It’s his business. If he is gay and he wants to be great, if he don’t want to or want to keep it a secret , just let him be.

    1. What about the guy in New Orleans when he went down for the modeling or acting job, I can’t remember which it was now.

      1. Oh yeah the politician. I think it was for acting.

        Funny bc the guy found another “acting student” after Tyler went back home. Same suit and everything.

        That’s who I thought Sarah was talkingabout. Odd to hear that theres another guy, too.


  3. 1) very glad Cate and Tyler could pay off their debt. Hope they get an accountant now. And even if Tyler was in a gay relationship that’s non of his SIL’s business. It’s clear to me she was trying to blackmail them and when they didn’t give her anymore money she decided to go to the tabloids to talk sh*t
    2) also glad Mackenzie can have a mature relationship with his ex’s gf. Josh is a dog.

    1. Amazing how many losers support these 2 idiots,they probably gathered the money from idiots who give money to them.These losers make more money than any of us,yet they rip off people by charging them to FOLLOW them..these 2 bozos are always acting so high and mighty,trying to ” SOLVE” other people’s problems when these 2 crying asses can’t get their own crap together,especially him,crying ass dude,” poor me ” syndrome has him by his gay balls..they need to just go away!!

      1. They may not have their shit together career wise and they may struggle financial wise but they’re still pretty damn good parents.

        They’re loving, caring and they aren’t just having kids to have them…unlike Amber and Jenelle.

        And they’re the ONLY couple from the 16 and Pregnant franchise that are still together to this day. Literally nobody else has stuck it out.

    1. It’s basically a usual thing, esp on this day and age (social media) that they will feel like they need to comment on their ex breaking up/getting married/having a kid/etc. It’s a stupid thing but many people do it. If you still care who your ex is/isn’t with, maybe you are not over them as you say you are. (No matter if kids are involved)

      1. Or…maybe she’s over him but friends with the new girl?

        That happens too, im friends with my ex husband’s former girlfriend. And him and I have no kids.

      1. I feel like you can be over your feelings of love for the person and still be bitter about they treated you?

        True, what she did was immature, but that other girl can say all she wants about how they just decided they shouldn’t be together but that idiot did something to her that she’s just not ready to admit to. I can feel it with every fiber of my being.

        MacKenzie put him on blast by bringing it up. The more times that people blast him, maybe he’ll learn his lesson and grow up a little?

  4. Do we think sis Sarah first tried to sell her false information to tabloids but they poked so many holes in her intell that the deal was off?
    To take revenge on the tabloids and Cate, both didn’t shove money her way, she’s leaking “intell” for free.
    This girl has issues and Cate and Ty are NOT the cause of it. I hope she gets a job and a therapist and keeps both for a couple of years. She really needs help.

  5. I was thinking the same thing but I guess it’s like Britney Spears or Jennifer Lopez. Since they are famous everyone knows them by that name instead of Jennifer Affleck or Britney Asghari.

  6. They also call anyone who ever made an appearance on any of the Teen Mom franchises a “star”. It’s never made any sense to me.

    1. Her personal choice. 🙄 Not every woman takes the man’s name. It is NOT a requirement. Clear it up for you?

      1. Mean much…damn!! All I did was ask a simple question.

        And I have seen articles that refer to her as Catelynn Baltierra, but it’s like Stephanie said people know famous peole by the name they became famous with which in her case is Lowell.

        1. Some articles will refer to Chelsea as Chelsea Houska. Maci is still known as Bookout, Jenelle is still Evans, etc. Like you mentioned, it makes it easier to recognize them when articles use the name they used when they became famous. It’s like their ‘brand name’.

          1. I get that now, I was just wondering…that’s literally all.

            But RANDOMCHICK had to go be mean, like dude…chill out.

        2. @Karol– as a general rule, I will always refer to a person by the name they became “Famous” with (usually their maiden name). There are a few exceptions of course, but that’s generally how I do it. -The Ashley

          1. No disrespect intended, and I absolutely understand that.

            I wasn’t necessarily talking about just your articles, others do it too. I just wondered why, so I asked, and now I get it.

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