Former ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Mackenzie McKee Responds to Ex Josh McKee Going Public With His New Girlfriend

“I’m seriously SO happy for you, Jawsh.”

Days after former Teen Mom OG dad Josh McKee hard-launched his new relationship on Instagram, his soon-to-be-ex-wife Mackenzie McKee took to social media to discuss how she feels about seeing her ex move on with someone new, nearly four months after she and Josh announced that they had called it quits

For those not keeping up with the McKees post-split, Josh shared a photo to Instagram Saturday featuring his new girlfriend Halie straddling his leg at Billy Bob’s a bar as he buried his usually frowning mug into her chest.

According to her Instagram page, Halie is a 29-year-old mom of two daughters named Indie and Lyric. As ‘Teen Mom’ fans may recall, Josh has three uniquely-named children of his own–- Gannon, Jaxie and Broncs–- with Mackenzie. 

Despite Josh posting his first photo of Halie just this week, he made an appearance on Halie’s social media weeks ago, and the two appear to be getting quite serious. Halie even posted a series of cheesy photos and videos earlier this week, telling Josh in the caption that she “would fight the world over and over again for you.” 

“Uh, you won’t get any fight from me, girl. He’s all yours! Hope you can learn to decode all of his grunts!”

In response to Josh going public with Mackenzie’s doppelgänger Halie, Mackenzie took to TikTok on Thursday to answer some questions she’s received regarding her ex’s new relationship.

The TikTok kicked off with Mackenzie claiming that she has been “turning down about five interviews with tabloids a day” due to Josh being “in a serious relationship” and deciding to “put it out there.” She also noted that, although she and Josh are still legally married, they are currently separated. 


A healed heart has a lot of room for love and grace.

♬ original sound – Mackenzie Taylor

Mackenzie then tackled the first– and allegedly most asked– question she’s received: Is it hard watching Josh move on?

“The answer is absolutely not,” she stated. “I was very unhappy for a very long time. I was miserable. I was living with a lot of anger, resentment and bitterness and sticking up for [Josh] so I didn’t look silly for being with him.” 

While Mackenzie has previously opened up about cheating that occurred within her marriage–- by both Josh and herself–- ‘Teen Mom OG’ viewers frequently questioned why Mackenzie stayed married, as Josh was often dismissive of her feelings and their relationship was seemingly plagued with problems.

Like, many, many problems…

In her video, Mackenzie admitted that both she and Josh were to blame for the many issues they had as a couple, claiming that the first thing she did after they separated was begin working on herself, learning and healing. She also promised herself that she would remain single for a year in order to continue making progress. 

“I have healed a lot and I am living to my full potential,” she said. “I was never going to live to my full potential– you CAN NOT live to your full potential with someone you’re not happy with. It doesn’t mean that he’s a bad person or I’m a bad person, it means we were not the people for each other, that’s all it means.”

“And it only took us a decade and three reality TV shows to figure that out!”

Mackenzie said it’s important that people choose to heal, claiming “that’s when your life starts.” Part of the healing process for Mackenzie involved her writing her feelings down on a piece of paper, crumbling it up and lighting it on fire. 

“That means that I can live the rest of my life not hurting over that,” she said. “And you know what the first thing I did was, after that was all lifted from me? I got on my hands and knees and prayed for [Josh] because I’m a believer in people and that they can all change. And I prayed for him and his future spouse, that she can love my children, she can respect our co-parenting situation, and that they can be happy together.

“So whoever he’s with had a friend in me and someone who prays for them before she even knew it,” she added. 

“…a friend and a fellow Britney stan.”

Mackenzie went on to say that she’s “simply happy” for her ex because she is healed “and healed people don’t care to take others down.” 

As for how she feels about Josh’s new girlfriend, Mackenzie said she has no qualms and as long as she is respected, she will return that respect. 

“I’m the baby mama that can just be your friend, invite you in my house and love you, love your children, and hopefully me and you can have a healthy relationship,” she said.

Halie took quite the bashing in the comment sections of her and Josh’s posts. When one person claimed that she was only dating Josh for his reality TV fame, she denied it. 

“Chick wants her 2 mins of ‘fame’ lol . Josh isn’t really a prize,” someone wrote to Halie.

“He is to me,” Halie responded. “Y’all don’t know Josh like I do. I’d rather not be apart of this ‘fame.'”

“Well…that’s good ’cause my baby mama done got us booted off that show!”

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(Photos: Instagram; TikTok; MTV) 



    1. I wish they had bypassed Briana and put BOTH Maci and MacKenzie on, I can’t stand Bri and her entitled ass!!!

      I bet they only put her on because of Jade!! The production crew new that if she didn’t have Bri The Bodyguard then she get a beat down within 5 seconds!!

      Bri is so demented to think anyone (mainly Kail) could possibly be jealous of her. Granted Kail is just as much of a bitch BUT at least Kail hasn’t gotten an STD by any of her exes!!

      I couldn’t believe she won that lawsuit but I’m actually glad because Kail was petty to start it to begin with!!!

  1. “Y’all don’t know him like I do!”

    🤣🤣🤣 yeah we probably know him better

    If Josh is a prize, I don’t want it

  2. So new girl would fight the world over and over for….JOSH?? Girl BYE. She’s another opportunist. I give her 2 months before she starts posting clickbait and doing interviews with the blogs.

    1. At least this week anyway. Next week Josh will be at Billy Bob’s bar with the rodeo groupies again. No one knows if he even sees his kids…

  3. Staying single and working on herself might be the wisest thing she’s ever done. Although I believe it when I see it. These girls jump from one ‘soulmate’ to another quicker than Nick Cannon fathers a new kid.

    1. Unrelated to the article, but the fact that Nick Cannon has the number of both kids & baby mamas just a bit under the number of kids & baby daddies the current Next Chapter TMs’ do combined is unsettling.

  4. Mack and Josh have “broken up” so many times, I guess feel like I will believe when I see the divorce papers signed.

    He’s physically cheated on her, she emotionally cheated on him. Like these two deserve each other at this point.

    I worry about their kids.

  5. I mean josh has been cheating on Mackenzie for years, the only difference is he put it online.

    Mack speaks in these weird platitudes like she wants to sound like she’s gone to therapy and done some internal work but if she actually went to therapy she could do better.

  6. It’s hard to tell if this is genuine or not. A lot of things Mackenzie says feels like a forced response. But I hope for the kids involved, they can all get along and have a healthy relationship.

    1. He looked happy with MacKenzie at first too.

      He’s still in the honeymoon faze with this new chick (plus he hasn’t cheated on her yet), it wear out fast…like the scent of a new car!!!

  7. Why does everything she post seem to be aimed at increasing her “influencer” status? She uses all the hype phrases that you could find quilted on a pillow or painted on a distress style frame at a Hobby Lobby. I’m not mad at her but it’s just funny that her followers can’t see through it. 🤷‍♀️

    1. Um, her parents raised her like that, they used those sayings. That’s the reason she stayed as long as she did, her parents had a morally righteous marriage and talked her into staying with him because they were thinking if themselves.

      Im glad she left him, I wish it was sooner and I’m sure it would have been if her parents didn’t try to influence her with their upbringings and make her feel like she was doing something wrong by following her heart.

      I thought Angie was one of the sweetest woman in the world but she shouldn’t have been so blind to Josh’s actions and she should have wanted what was best for her kid and grandkids.

  8. Why does everything Mackenzie says sounds like BS? It’s worse because I read the entire article in Mackenzie’s annoying voice.😳

        1. When you’re traumatized and have gone through therapy this is the stuff they teach you. It allows you to move on – let these girls move on. Just because you still want the trainwreck doesn’t mean their healing is fake.

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