Mackenzie McKee Says Her Divorce From Josh Is “Close To Being Done & Finalized”; Former ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Gives Update On Their Living Situation

We hate to say we told you so but…

The saga of the McKee marriage is (almost) over!

In a video recently uploaded to her YouTube channel, Mackenzie gave fans an update on her plans to divorce her husband, Josh. Last month, the former Teen Mom OG star announced that she had left Josh after three kids, almost nine years of marriage and more makeups and breakups than we can count. 

Mack said that the divorce is very much still on and, in fact, it is almost complete.

“Josh and I are divorcing, and we’re in the middle of a divorce, and it is very close to being done and finalized,” she said.

This breakup is unlike their previous splits, due to the fact that they have already gone through mediation and decided the legal terms of their divorce.

“The divorce is not a yucky, go-to-court type of divorce,” Mackenzie said. “In the end, we aren’t each other’s people, we aren’t meant to be, which is hard to admit because I carried three of his kids.”

“Not to mention I also dealt with his many, many affairs with chicks he met at Billy Bob’s!”

Mack said that she and Josh agreed on “literally everything” in terms of the divorce, and they decided that she would get the house that they purchased together in Florida back in January.

“Now it is just my house,” she said of the four-bedroom home in Palmetto, Florida.

“Broncs has dibs on the garage, though!”

Mack stated that Josh is planning to move back to their home state of Oklahoma. (Mackenzie moved to Florida several years ago during a break from Josh, but Josh eventually moved there when they reconciled.)

“The kids are going to have parents way back and forth…it’s hard, but I chose to do it so it’s not the same hard,” she said.


Mack said that the kids will only see Josh “on school breaks.”

“I am now a single mom of three kids, pretty much on my own,” she said.

Now that they have split for good, Mackenzie said that she and Josh get along much better and are able to respectfully co-parent their three kids.

“In the end, Josh told me, ‘I’m so proud of you for actually having the courage to leave and do it because nothing was ever going to change. I was never going to change.'”

Mackenzie told her followers that she wants Josh to find someone else.

“Please, take him! He’s all yours, ladies!”

“We are respecting each other’s dating lives. I have so much love and prayer for whoever Josh ends up with,” Mack said. “My prayer is that they have a relationship that was better than ours, a true love…and he has said the same for me.”

Mack goes on to describe how hard it was to leave Josh, despite their years and years of makeups and breakups.

“I did not walk away from Josh; I crawled away from Josh,” she said. “And it was hard. But staying [with him] was harder…it is no secret that Josh has had affairs on me. It’s no secret that I haven’t always been the best wife. All in all, we are both walking away from this marriage with deep wounds and scars. No one wins here; no one wins in divorce.

“Josh wasn’t really someone who cheered me on in life or was ever proud of me…but you aren’t going to walk away until you are ready. They can cheat on you, they can talk down on you, they can do it all and you just simply aren’t going to walk away until you are ready.”

In posts made to social media earlier this month, Mackenzie accused Josh of verbally abusing her daily during their 12-year relationship.

“People see me unleashed and finally happy after years of hell [and tell me] ‘I’m worried you are gonna go downhill’ bitch why were you not worried when I was suicidal and being emotionally abused daily,” she tweeted. “I’m good and free. Never been better in fact.”

You can watch Mackenzie’s full video about her divorce below! 

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(Photos: YouTube, MTV)


  1. I can’t stand when women who split with their children’s father , whom is still involved with the kids , claim that single mom bullshit. You are NOT a single mom . You’re a mom WHO is single. There’s a huge difference little girl.

  2. It’s sad any young girl would have a baby with a man to trap him into staying longer. I do feel bad for the kids, but she could of made better decisions. Hopefully she has learned her lesson and will only invest her time in a man that is truly open to her and her children’s needs.

  3. While they are in mediation or whatever, I’m still not believing this until it’s finalized. She’s always throwing around the word “divorce” any time she needs a pay check.

  4. This was always going to happen.
    Now maybe Josh will look less depressed and Mack can focus on the kids instead of worrying Josh was going to cheat.
    She knew back when Gannon was a baby this was never going to work. But she made sure to have two more trap babies to keep him around longer 🙄

    1. Right! If she put more energy into her kids they’d be doing better in school and not sh*tting in her boss’ garage. Her kids are wild, which isn’t a bad thing to a certain degree (kids need to play and explore). Hers are wild to the point of knowing she doesn’t discipline them.

  5. Women like Mac thrive off the drama and BS their cheating man gives them. She’s been dealing with it for so long she is accustomed to it. Mac give a new guy a chance, ur body is smoking and you are a milf. Drop that hanger on

  6. I think people forget she also contributed to the toxic relationship. Mackenzie has never publicly admitted she too cheated!

  7. Considering Josh doesn’t even take care of his own kids when he’s in the same home with them, why subject those kids to like a 20 hour road trip or a 3 hours plane ride for him to ignore them?

    Mack has said so many times she’s leaving Josh, so I’m just like show me the divorce decree and then I believe its happening.

  8. Josh never seemed in to the relationship ever. I remember feeling he wasn’t up to stepping up to even being a dad with their first baby. Hopefully they stick to being split and focus on themselves. Too much time down this dark road that was dark since the beginning.

  9. They may not get remarried but they won’t leave each other alone. Josh never realizes how good he has it with Mack till he is alone for awhile. …and she is a bit of a pushover.

    It shouldn’t be to different for her to be single with the kids. She did everything to begin with. Every thing except for the corporal punishing he did to the kids. She was always saying she didn’t discipline right. He was more “hard” on the kids.

    Too bad MTV wasn’t around to film all her drama…my bet is it would have been better than 3/4 the storylines of the crew they’ve kept. 🙄

  10. At least (according to her) the divorce is civil, which is good for the kids and more than can be said for many couples going through a divorce. But perhaps it is an amicable split because Josh just doesn’t give a crap.

  11. Good for her for walking away.

    It’s hard. I get it.

    Now she needs to make her personal storyline not about Josh any more.

    1. I’m happy for her as well. Now I hope she can heal and find herself again. When I left my husband I was 7 months pregnant and $0 in my bank account. He left me so broken. But I’m glad I left, even when I knew I was going to struggle. It takes time to open our eyes but when we are ready, we hit the ground running and make things happen for the sake of our children.

      1. Good for you as well.

        It takes a woman an average of 7 attempts to leave.

        Been there done that myself. Never looked back.

      2. I’ve been divorced 2 times.
        Both my choice.
        First was easy I was done with him.
        Second was harder, I stayed 2 long because I already had 1 divorce.
        But he gave me no choice I had to go.
        It’s really hard to get divorced when you still love them, even though you know you have to. I left 8 yrs next month and I still don’t want another man.

    1. RIGHT?! Why stay for 12 years with someone who never cheers you on or is proud of you? Like isn’t being in a relationship about how much you love the person and what all will you do for them? Sounds like he didn’t like her at all and he only stuck by cuz he got used to it…It seems love was far gone.

      I don’t like Mack (she’s a problem on her own) but goddamnit, those words just made me sad for her. Imagine having a partner who is never excited for you.

      1. To tell her he’s proud of her for leaving cause he didn’t think she could, like why didn’t he leave? That made me sad.

        1. I actually asked my ex-husband to leave me because I wasn’t strong enough..He wouldn’t. So I had too.
          That remark made me sad for Mack too.

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