‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Mackenzie McKee Defends Her Marriage to Josh McKee, Says Infidelity Helped Them: “I’m Glad I Cheated On Him &; I’m Glad He Did What He Did To Me”

“Here’s some solid marriage advice, if anyone’s interested…Josh clearly isn’t interested…or awake!”

Mackenzie McKee is defending her marriage, giving thanks to infidelity, encouraging people to walk away from toxic relationships, and slamming Teen Mom OG editors after an anniversary post to her husband Josh McKee was met with criticism on social media. 

Earlier this week, Mackenzie posted a series of photos to Instagram in honor of her and Josh’s eighth wedding anniversary. While comments on the post have since been disabled, it didn’t stop Mackenzie from taking to her Instagram Stories to complain about the backlash she initially received on the post. 


In the series of Stories, shared by the Instagram page mtv_reality_tea, Mackenzie claimed that fans ask her why she doesn’t “post about Josh,” though when she finally did post something after more than a year-and-a-half, she was inundated with negative comments. 


“Y’all it’s exhausting,” Mackenzie wrote. “Every freaking time.” 

The mom of three went on to tell fans the infidelities that have occurred within her marriage have actually improved her relationship. 

“I’m glad I cheated on him and I’m glad he did what he did to me,” Mackenzie wrote.

“We are no longer stuck in the same place we were. It helped us grow and move forward. I’m happy your marriage is perfect. But mine isn’t and this is our story. And please stop saying I fought to keep him. Y’all I will NEVER fight for a man.

“The show is so off from how things really are. I’m not a weak bitc,” Mack added.

Josh, still looking slightly scared about Mackenzie having that axe…

Mackenzie then encouraged her fans to move to Florida “walk away” from their own troubled marriages, as she claims she did by relocating her family– sans Josh– out of Oklahoma. As ‘Teen Mom OG’ viewers may remember, Josh eventually joined Mackenzie and the kids in the Sunshine State. 

“Ladies, when times get tough, walk away,” she wrote. “If it works out it was meant to be. Stop putting me in a category with the women who fight for a marriage. Who fights for a marriage? Not me. I will leave and if you don’t come for me, BYE!!” 

Mackenzie continued defending herself/her husband/her marriage, claiming she and Josh “met as literal children and grew through many seasons of life together.” 

” …and hopefully MANY seasons to come, if this show keeps getting renewed.”

“He chose to forgive me and come work it out when I chose to walk away,” she added. “So please allow me to simply post about my marriage. Josh and I live our life laughing together and have a better friendship than most of you [with a] ‘perfect marriage that was always faithful’ but TV makes us look ridiculous.” 

Mackenzie and Josh, laughing their way through marriage…

Mackenzie claims to have “spilled [her] guts on camera” talking about her own infidelity, only for the content to be edited out for ‘Teen Mom OG’ and in turn, Josh looking “like a damn cereal cheater.” 

“Like Infidelity-O’s and Cheater-Loops?”

Mack’s rant ended with some “food for thought”– and no, it wasn’t “cereal.” 

“If my marriage was so perfect, I wouldn’t be miserable enough to comment on other marriages on social media,” she wrote… presumably without proofreading. 

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV) 


  1. I’m not sure if Josh is capable of emotions, but if he is, I imagine reading these comments from his wife wouldn’t feel good (being glad she cheated on him, refusing to fight for her marriage to him).

  2. Damn, this chick is up and down like a tart’s drawers. When she isn’t on MTV, she’s dying to get attention by any means possible, and when she is on MTV, she bitches and moans about all the attention she gets.
    And sorry, but it strikes me as quintessentially redneck to caption a wedding photo with “I’m glad I cheated on him”. I mean, Jesus God Leah, have some dignity.

  3. What’s with this “perfect” nonsense? I don’t have to own a”perfect” car before I can point out the dead toddler embedded in your grill. I suppose next you’ll say that “everyone makes mistakes”, as if we were talking about misplacing your car keys?

  4. Oh for Gods sake, here goes the broken record again. This girl is an idiot, and her “cheating” is probably her having a conversation with another dude, and his cheating is probably actual physical cheating. Talk about beating a dead horse with a stick. Screw any other “scandal” she’s recently had, she needs to be off the show for trying for force feed us this RIDICILOUS storyline of her whining that “Josh cheated on me, and I dunno what to do about my marriageeeeeee” for the 1348932715983th time, and for the simple fact that she speaks like she’s reading. I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds having to constantly fast forward her segments annoying.

  5. This is why you shouldn’t talk sh*t about your partner everytime you have a disagreement. Now she wants to pretend she never aired their dirty laundry for her thousands of followers to see and that she is so happy. And the fact that she spent months (or even years) obviously fighting for her marriage and now she says no one should do that just shows how deeply stupid she is. I feel second hand embarrassment for her right now

  6. She’s a moron. Saying she cheated and walked away and expected him to follow but she won’t fight for a marriage
    Both people should be fighting for the marriage. If you’re the only one, then yeah walk.
    She is really terrible at explaining herself.
    She might need a lolly.

  7. She sounds so stupid talking about not fighting for a marriage. She obviously doesn’t understand what the concept is about.

  8. Am I the only one who thinks all their marital issues were fake & for the cameras only? She’s so desperate to stay relevant and she has done some shady things in the past too, like her supposed “p0rn” video with Josh that was supposedly on her stolen phone or something and “someone” was about to air it… The only genuinely true storyline was her poor mom’s illness, God rest her soul. She’s just making up the rest, and maybe that is why Josh is annoyed and emotionless when cameras are around cause he knows it’s fake and is tired of acting/too stupid to act.

    1. i think the marital problems are real but she’s definitely talking all that sh!t for attention! even when her poor mother would talk about her illness mackenzie would make it about her like how she won’t be able to help her with the kids anymore or do stuff for her, or how her mom is her glue that keeps her together just making her mom feel worse

      1. I think the problems were real also.

        But what she said was that Angie was the glue that kept EVERYTHING together (that to me meant her family:her dad, her brother and sisters and her marriage). Angie was the only one Mackenzie could go to to complain because she would actually listen and not judge.

        She tried talking to friends but all they wanted to do was judge, which only confused her about what to do in the long run. Angie encouraged her to stay married and work through things and she has.

  9. You know what, I’m glad these kids worked it out, good for them. Life is short, be happy.

    and, stay lit

  10. she purposely aired out all her drama on the show and on social media every time he messed up what did she expect? it’s embarrassing for her because she ends up taking him back everytime and expects everyone to be happy for them. instead of focusing so much on jawsh she should focus on raising her kids instead of letting run around like untamed animals who bite people and poop on strangers floors

  11. Mmm. Well, saying she’s glad they cheated on each other is stupid. That’s like when the Duggar parents told Anna she should be grateful for Josh’s sins because it brought them closer to God and made them stronger.

    BUT, that post of hers on the left where she says it’s exhausting b/c it goes like
    People: Why don’t you ever post about Josh
    *Makes a post after over half a year*
    People: He’s trash, he cheats, you deserve better…

    She’s got a strong point there. She can’t win.

    This is why I would never want to be famous. You can’t share anything without the whole internet picking it apart and criticizing it. And it’s your actual real life, so it’s hurtful. What a weird way to live life. I’ll take the riches, but they can keep the fame.

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