Former ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Mackenzie McKee’s Florida Tanning Salon Closes After Just Six Months

“Everything must go! My husband, my salon– you name it!”

It looks like Mackenzie McKee can now call herself a former Teen Mom OG star AND former tanning salon owner. 

Less than six months after Mackenzie and husband Josh– who recently separated (again)– opened Beautifully Bronzed Sarasota in Sarasota, Florida, The Sun reports the salon has closed its doors.


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The McKees took over the salon in February and shortly after, they renamed and remodeled the nearly 1,000 square-foot space, located in the Sarasota Commons shopping plaza.

According to a post by u/gx2020 on Reddit, Mackenzie shared on Facebook that “tanning salon ownership takeover” at the Beautifully Bronzed Sarasota location is available for free, assuring interested parties the listing was “no joke.” 

” …unlike our marriage.”

“In operation for over 22 yrs, landlord wants to keep it an anchor salon in busy shopping plaza,” she continued, noting various operating equipment is included. 

“Just add your salon touch!” Mackenzie added. “DM me for details.” 

The tanning salon (soon-to-be) formerly known as Beautifully Bronzed Sarasota…

Commodore Realty describes the listing as an available “built out and equipped tanning salon.” The tenant site plan shows that the salon is located between a Dollar Store and a cannabis dispensary.

“Someone say cannabis?”

The tanning salon wasn’t the only large purchase Mackenzie made in 2022 before finding out her time with MTV was up: After renting a home in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, for a couple of years, the mom of three reportedly put down permanent roots in the Sunshine State in May by purchasing a $525,000 home near Tampa. 

Beautifully Bronzed Tanning Salon is just the latest ‘Teen Mom’ business to shutter. It joins Tyler Baltierra‘s clothing company Tierra ReignAmber Portwood‘s online boutique Forever Haute, and all of Farrah Abraham‘s businesses— including her Froco frozen yogurt shop — on the heap of failed ‘Teen Mom’ business ventures.

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  1. But Michael said they were putting the 🍨 in groceries store!
    Brick and Morter is his favorite term.
    Per Law!!

  2. Come and let that zombified asshole Josh and probably an equally gross friend spray tan you? Yea right. With WHAT qualifications and how many non existant years of experience?? Eeew. No thanks. Sounds rednecky enough. (And I can say that bc my family is all rednecks unfortunately hah.)

  3. It is to bad these teen moms businesses failed i am sure they put there heart and soul into there ventures for them to fail. Maybe a nail salon or a place wear they do facials, messages,maybe that would appeal more to the public? Well i wish them all luck in all there endeavors from now on.God bless you all

  4. I think teen mom franchise aka MTV did her wrong. They just ghosted her. She has shared a lot of her life. While not excactly the most interesting cast member she wasn’t the worst. I mean clearly it’s over her choice of words Ignorantly using “colored “. BUT AMBER can chase her baby with a machete and she is a keeper. I mean Cheyenne, is painfully boring to watch. She is so spoiled. Monotone. Just a snore. They could have cut her making a better choice.

    1. “Cheyenne, est douloureusement ennuyeux à regarder”.+ 1OOO! ah je ne suis pas la seul à pensée ça ! bisous de France!!!

    2. I kind of wonder why you’d need a tanning salon in the actual Sunshine State. Maybe doing it where I live (Michigan) would make sense because we have four seasons and our summers are so short but having one where you can get a tan from the actual sun year round doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. I think she could have had better success with a gym as long as she left her kids and her loser at home.

  5. I figured something happened to her financially. As soon as she started with that “divorce” BS again, I knew she needed some fast cash. Every time she needs money, her and Josh are gettin a “divorce”, and will be “working on their marriage” in 2 weeks.

  6. Zoom tan shut down all the small business tanning salons. I live an hour and change south of Sarasota. Zoom tan is all over swfl

    1. So Mackenzie and Josh didn’t conduct due diligence on the tanning salon market in their area before opening the business. Sounds about right.

  7. Is Amber still selling her Portwood AF shirts? And more importantly, has anyone actually purchased one?

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