EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Wants To Take Her Failing Clothing Online Boutique In New Direction

Amber Portwood is hoping to revitalize her once-booming online clothing boutique by taking it in a totally new direction.

Several clickbait sites recently reported that Forever Haute, Amber’s online clothing, accessory and makeup store, had gone belly-up. While the website was, indeed, down for a stretch of time recently (as well as back in January), a source confirmed to The Ashley that Amber’s store is not out-of-business; at least, not yet.

The source stated that Amber wants to give the boutique a last-ditch overhaul to better reflect her current life, and try to salvage the store.

“Amber wants to sell out all of the inventory from the current boutique,” the source explained. “After that’s done, she really wants to switch to selling only maternity and plus-sized clothing.”

Amber recently gave birth to her son James, and the source said that Amber thinks she could make a nice profit off of selling fun maternity clothes.

“Right now the clothing on the boutique is just average stuff that people can get anywhere,” the source added. “It’s pretty generic.”

Amber is reportedly going to take a much more hands-on approach to the online store once it’s been overhauled.

Forever Haute has been plagued with problems almost since Amber launched it in 2016. From customers complaining that it was taking months to receive their orders, to the site being shut down for stretches at a time, the online store has caused quite a headache for Amber.

“She saw how well Maci [Bookout]‘s clothing line was doing and she thought she could do her own version of that,” another source said. “She was with Matt [Baier] back then and he was really encouraging her to do it, because it seemed like easy cash. Once she split with Matt, things with the clothing store really went off the rails and she was kind of over it.

“Hey Amba! If you need models for your new online store, call me!”

“She doesn’t really like to put in any of the work that’s required to do something like this successfully,” the second source added.

A quick check of the social media accounts for Forever Haute show that they have not been updated since the beginning of the year.

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

27 Responses

  1. I would hesitate to buy anything that made me look like that orange bulldog. Hope it continues to flop.

  2. “She doesn’t really like to put in any of the work that’s required to do something like this successfully,” head of nail, meet hammer.

  3. Are we surprised? This is Half Arsed Amber we are talking about! Couldn’t even commit to getting her GED until she went to “gel”.

    Maybe she can start her own line of detachable hair buns and top knots, nana glasses and maybe couch apparel? The ideas are limitless!

    1. Don’t you remember the camel toe inducing toddler onesie she wore in the scene where the black mascara went running down her face?

  4. Her “once-booming” clothing line? Seriously? I didn’t realize her clothing line was ever that popular.

  5. Waiting for the new cast on Young and Pregnant to all start their clothing lines too. It’s amazing if you get knocked up at 16 that suddenly makes you a fashion designer.

  6. She can’t even be a mom at times because she’s too depressed over something. Matt’s scandal with his litter of children, the break up, etc. Luckily Leah has Gary.
    She’s way too lazy and unmotivated to work. What happened to flipping houses, opening a sober house, and all her other plans? And she’s almost 30, not a teenager.

  7. I can’t say I’m surprised by any of this. Amber was the third one from “Teen Mom” to get a clothing line. Tyler appears to do a lot of the work with his and Catelynn’s children’s line. Maci and Taylor also appear to put in a lot of work on their TTM line. I’m not sure what Amber will actually do successfully once “Teen Mom” is over, she doesn’t even have the motivation to be an involved mother.

  8. she doesn’t like to put any work into something that won’t work out please she can’t get off the couch for anything. Also her clothes were gross cheap street walker give it a rest sick of the clothing lines the worst being cait and tylers crappy line

  9. she’s a loser, she always was and always will be. Come back in ten years when Teen Mom is long over, she will be yelling at _________________ (insert soul mate number 200 here) in some trailer somewhere in Indiana.

  10. Amber make millions with a comfort furniture store. She could sell great mattresses and couches. Testing couches anencephaly beds seems to be all she does with her life anyway. Now she can get paid for it

  11. She doesn’t have a clue on how to run a business. People go to college and study to get a degree in business. Then they usually work for someone else before launching their own business. Her clothing line was doomed to fail.

    1. I don’t think anybody would want to wear her ugly muumuus. I love a pair of comfortable jeans that fits well and looks good.

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