Amy Duggar Calls Out Duggar Family For Turning a Blind Eye to Josh Duggar’s Crimes: “How Can So Many [of You] Stay Silent?”

“Here’s your weekly reminder of how awful my family is… “

Amy Duggar King continues to speak out online about her disgust with cousin Josh Duggar following his conviction for receiving and possessing child sex abuse materials (CSAM).

As The Ashley previously reported, Amy has not only spoken out against Josh’s actions, she also blasted Josh’s wife Anna Duggar (as well as her aunt Michelle Duggar) online in May for not protecting the seven children she and Josh share, and even posted an open letter to Anna imploring her to leave her felonious Fundie husband in order to ensure her children’s safety in the future.

“Don’t worry, Joshy Girl has it under control! Or that’s what I’ve been told to say, anyway.”

While Josh is currently serving a 151-month sentence in federal prison, Amy continues to express her frustration over the Duggar family’s decision to seemingly overlook (or greatly downplay) Josh’s actions and hide the full extent of Josh’s early crimes against his sisters and another young girl.

On Wednesday, the Duggar cousin took to TikTok to share a quote presumably directed at her uncle Jim Bob Duggar and the other Duggar family members who have either defended or remained quiet regarding the severity of Josh’s crimes. 

“Sometimes, not saying anything can be quite telling,” the quote read.

Amy went on to confirm in her caption that the message– accompanied by the song “Toxic”– was, in fact, directed towards the Duggars. 

“And this is exactly why we call her couSIN Amy.”

“To my ‘family’ How can so many stay silent!?!” she wrote in the caption. “It blows my mind at the people who are turning their blind eye at what has happened!! HELLO THIS IS A BIG DEAL. We Have to be loud, we have to make a commotion, we have to talk about the hard things and the sad realizations. We have to get mad about this.

“Don’t listen to her, kids…”

“This isn’t just a sad one time occurrence,” she continued. “This is someone who preyed on the vulnerable and who is sick in the head! I have so many dang questions!? Don’t you!?” 

Many of the comments Amy received on her post were from people asking similar questions of the Duggar family or commending the (few) members who have spoken out.   

“It’s beyond me how anyone, especially his parents, who knew what he did, would let him be around any kid after what he did years ago,” one person wrote. 

“I commend those who have NOT tried to excuse away his actions,” another commented. “You can love someone, while not condoning their actions.” 

In addition to Amy, Deanna Duggar–- Amy’s mother and Jim Bob’s sister–- has continued to speak out against Josh, as well as those who have publicly supported him. Jeremy Vuolo, husband of Jinger Duggar Vuolo, has also slammed Josh for being a “hypocrite” and a fake Christian.

“Honestly, Jim Bob, you and your family disgust me more than tater tot casserole.”

“Often, the devil wears a suit and tie,” Jeremy said in a video posted in June. “The wolf in sheep’s clothing is more dangerous and more damaging to the name of Christ than the outright opponent.” 

Like Amy and Deanna, Jeremy also called out Josh’s supporters. 

Though choosing to take a more neutral approach, Jill Duggar Dillard and husband Derick Dillard issued a statement following Josh’s sentencing, noting “it may take over a decade in federal prison, and still more on probation, for Josh to have any potential for rehabilitation to the point he can safely live in society again.” 

After making the post about Josh, Amy set her TikTok account to private. It does not appear that any of the Duggars have responded to Amy’s comments. 

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(Photos: Instagram; TLC; TikTok) 


  1. What about HIS kids?? Your cousin in law needs help too…the kids have no chance if they were touched.Jim Bob and that thing would rather protect Josh than really protect females. Disgusting 0!!

  2. Amy Duggar needs to stop trying to get her 15 minutes of fame. Josh duggars family didn’t Commit
    any crime so she needs to stop trying to start shit.
    Nothing worse than hearing her 2 cents. So we know josh is a piece of shit but that don’t mean his family has to do what Amy thinks they should. She is so annoying.

  3. Making that distinction between nature vs. nurture–Josh is evil by nature and cannot be fixed. It was their right to decide what to do about the impropriety but they were wrong not to confront the behavior for what it was–a severe mental illness that requires monitoring, exclusion and registration for the public’s protection. Catching kids in the act of experimenting is one thing but what he did was outright predatory and he used the Bible as his shield. He clearly felt invincible and emboldened enough to continue exploring his perversions only because he didn’t face any real consequences. His wife sickens me, no matter the capacity of her knowledge because he got caught on Ash-ley Madis0n–grow a pair because all the warning signs were screaming in her face. Naturally she just gonna keep having potential victims for him because that’s all she’s supposed to be doing i guess.

  4. Can you imagine how sick he is that he read the Bible to them while he was molesting them?
    We all know where he will spend eternity.👹

  5. i agree and stand with what amy is saying. too many families in similar situations protect the family ped0phile/ r@p!st and ignore the hurt and trauma they caused to their victims and that’s why there’s so many angry and hurt people because they never got to talk about what happened. i get what josh did must’ve hurt the entire family and caused so much confusion but they need to start talking about it if they’re ever gonna heal and ignoring it isn’t helping anybody

  6. I agree Amy. I also do not understand how Ann stands by her husband when she has 7 beautiful children she should be protecting!

  7. She is 1000% correct. The way that most of the Duggars publicly ignore his abuse and exploitation of young children is disturbing. Asking a judge for leniency so he can be with his children when he is being sentenced for child SA material is insane. They seem to be just pretending it didn’t happen, which is wild. Also, the amount of young children who are in the care of the deniers is worrying. Not to mention the hypocrisy of Michelle Duggar calling people, falsely talking about Trans people harming kids in public bathrooms all while looking the other way as her son abused her daughters in their house. Like, seriously?? They have zero moral standing! No matter how long their skirts are or how many bible verses they say, it doesn’t matter. I bet it is awful for Amy to discover this is who her family is. They present themselves to the world one way but apparently, as we have learned over the last few years, they are not that.

  8. Prior to it being beneficial for Amy to take a stand,she didn’t condemn Josh or Anna either. Instead, she opened up a now shuttered boutique.

    1. While I agree with what she is saying, she really needs do move on. She spends so much of her time and energy shit talking the Duggars it’s becoming obsessive. She doesn’t want to be associated with them but talks about them unprompted every single chance she gets.

      1. I hear WAY too much about Amy when I’ve never even watched the series. Lady, you don’t need to let the world know your opinion on everything that family does.

        If you’re so disgusted, drop their name and quit tyibg yourself to them when you do speak up. Grown woman chases a pedo family’s coattails

    2. Can you imagine how sick he is that he read the Bible to them while he was molesting them?
      We all know where he will spend eternity.👹

  9. The Duggars have made it their life’s mission to create as many new kids for this world as they possibly can. They should feel more responsibility than anyone to make the environment for these offsprings as safe and happy as possible. Turning a blind eye to their creepy offspring is pretty much the worst thing they can do.

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