It’s Official: Farrah Abraham’s Furniture Store & Children’s Boutique Have Closed

“I’m kissing my retails stores goodbye!”

Farrah Abraham has closed the, ahem, “backdoor” to her Austin-area retail stores.

Just months after the former Teen Mom OG star’s infamous Froco frozen yogurt shop went out of business, Farrah’s father Michael has confirmed that her other two brick-and-mortar businesses have closed as well. Fans have speculated for months that the stores were in trouble, and the closures seem to confirm that.

In an interview with Starcasm, Michael stated that Farrah’s Furnished by Farrah furniture store, as well as the Sophia Laurent Children’s Boutique are no longer open, but may reopen in another location at some point…maybe.

“They have been closed since the end of September when the property leases ended for rent organization,” Michael told Starcasm of both stores. “There is a possibility of the stores going online only or just having a fulfillment company manage the store concepts of ‘branded’ items for her.”

As of press time, the phone number for the boutique was no longer in service. While the website for the furniture store is still up, the children’s boutique’s site is no longer working.

(The Ashley needs to take a moment to mourn the loss of the literary wonder that was the Boutique’s website. As you may remember, Farrah hilariously wrote the copy for the site herself, in her signature “Farrah Speak” way. If you want to relive the giggles the site’s copy brought, click here!)

When the Sophia Laurent Children’s Boutique opened in 2016, Farrah stated that her then-seven-year-old daughter Sophia would be the store’s boss.

“[Sophia] will be in charge of hiring, firing, picking the best products and clothing to order for the store,” Farrah told Radar Online at the time. “Sophia said she may bring her dog Blue in with her while she works.”

Apparently, having a kid run your retail store wasn’t a good idea….go figure…

Earlier this year, Farrah claimed to be working on a business-themed book. (She has yet to inform us if the book will include a nightmare-inducing accompanying musical CD like her My Teenage Dream Ended autobiography did.)

She also claimed that she will be putting on “Master Business” seminar for entrepreneurs; however, now that her three businesses have shuttered, it’s unknown if she will continue with that endeavor.

According to Michael, Farrah has been working her backdoor off with other projects.

“Farrah has been focused and extremely busy with her entertainment business activities and opportunities,” he said. “MTV Ex on the Beach filming, her own show activity, and a few surprises. Also, there is no rush [to move the stores] because the locations being considered are still awaiting start of construction or are under construction.”

As for Farrah’s Froco yogurt, Michael claimed back in July that the brand had been sold to a mysterious buyer who would be moving it into grocery stores. However, Froco has yet to appear on any supermarket shelves.

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(Photos: Bryan Steffy/Getty Images; Instagram)

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  1. Admittedly, it has been a while since I have been here, but I did not recognize the woman in the headline photo as Farrah Abraham.

  2. From Froco to Sophia’s kiddie boutique and furniture, Farrah’s tanked businesses have about as much of a chance of resurfacing online, etc., — as Farrah does becoming a virgin again.

    Michael, just stop.

  3. Called it months ago, but we all knew this was going to happen, because the reviews of all of her businesses sucked!! Anyway, no one in his or her right mind would be a customer of Farrah’s. Feel free to take that any way you wish.

    1. Posted too soon – but you can get it from the Wayback Machine (internet archive). It is beautiful. I don’t think it would be wise for me to copy/paste it here – I’m sure a top female celebrity in the nation has an entire team of lawyers that specialize in copyright infringement – who wants to deal with that? lol

      1. Kim Kardashian actually makes sense when she speaks. She also has had lucrative business deals (a $17 million wedding for 72 days for one).

  4. Michael is the classic example of a person with Stockholm syndrome. He has literally been abused by Farrah for so long that he’s clearly afraid of disturbing one single hair on her plastic head he’s willing to spout out complete nonsense for her (ie. “she’s extremely busy with entertainment business activities”) whatever Michael, plus he’s totally willing to follow her around no matter how low she goes (ie. accompanying her and her child to sign porn contracts). I understand a dad wanting to be there for his daughter, but there’s no way a normal father would cosign this nonsense, especially with a young child as a constant witness. No question Sophia is going to have a very very unhealthy, chaotic life for the rest of her life and once she’s older and the consequences of her upbringing land her behind bars or in the grave, he’s really going to regret being the assistant to the ringmaster of this s**t-circus. When Debz Og is the voice of reason in the family…….

    1. Ex On The Beach
      Ex TMOG
      Ex Girlfriend
      Ex Frozen Yogurt Owner
      Ex Furniture Store Owner
      Ex Children’s Boutique Owner
      Ex, Ex, Ex….ETC.

      Anyone else see a pattern here? lol

      1. Let’s just start off by saying she calls him “MICHAEL”…..that tells you something right there.

        Also, he’s a true ENABLER to boot.

    2. DebzOG ISN’T the voice of reason though, she’s absolutely the reason Farrah went off the deep end. I think Farrah herself has perpetuated insanity for long enough that we can’t blame Debz entirely anymore, but.. she’s no voice of reason.

      1. I’m not saying that Debz OG would be the voice of reason under any normal circumstance, but in this s**t show she is. Yes she and Michael are absolutely responsible for this monster, but once she married that creepy doctor Debz started getting some sense, saying Sophia should be in school, that Farrah needs therapy for a mental illness and she has said she believes she has a drug addiction. Yes Debz OG is a whackadoo, but no one else in Farrah’s circle is saying anything that might even remotely piss her off for fear of getting kicked off the gravy train.

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