‘Sister Wives’ Star Christine Brown Opens Up About Dating Following Her Split From Husband Kody: “I Don’t Want to Be Single For the Rest of My Life”

“Here’s to finding a partner with a better personality and way better hair.”

Christine Brown is free of Kody Brown–- her frizzy-haired husband of more than 25 years–- officially single, and ready to mingle. 

Well, almost ready…

The Sister Wives star told People she’s planning on dating, though she admits she isn’t ready to jump back into the dating pool just yet.

At least you won’t have to worry about finding THIS in the dating pool, Christine.

“[I’m] looking forward to dating, of course– because I’m not, you know, I don’t want to be single for the rest of my life– but not yet,” she said. “Like, I’m enjoying [my life] now. I didn’t know life could be simple. I didn’t know that my life was complicated, I didn’t know my previous life was complicated and now when I look back on it, I’m like, ‘Oh my Gosh!’“

Christine revealed she felt “free” when driving away from her house in Flagstaff, Arizona, and even though she wasn’t sure what to expect, she remembers “feeling hope for the first time in a long time.” 

“What is this ‘hope’ thing you speak of?”

Though Christine plans to date in the future, she recently revealed on TikTok that she’s “pretty picky” when it comes to potential partners. 

“The thing is, is I have pretty high standards [now],” Christine told her followers.


I would daye again! Of course, but I’m pretty picky! #durotan#warcraft#loveofmylife#sisterwives#christinebrown#fyp#foryoupage#dating

♬ original sound – Christine Brown

“I love the idea of a romantic partner. That sounds lovely…I’m just going to let fate take care of that one,” Christine told People of when another man will come into her life. “When it happens, it’s just going to happen. I just believe in fate with this one.”

As for what kind of guy she’s looking for, Christine has a few requirements, one of which is the man must not be married to any other women.

“I will be a monogamist from here on out,” she said. “I want a partnership. I want a guy who actually loves me, and wants to be with me intimately, that would be great! Someone just honest and kind would be really, really nice. The attraction needs to be there, though. There needs to be a mutual chemistry.”

This poor woman was married to THIS for over two decades…she deserves a hunk!

“But I love the idea of a romantic relationship, eventually. [An] adventurous [man] would be great; someone who just wants to try new things,” she added.

Until she’s ready to begin the hunt for the man of her dreams, Christine said something she’s enjoying the most at the moment are “spontaneous adventures,” many of which include her and Kody’s youngest daughter, Truely, who relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah, with Christine after the split. 

“Just being adventurous, deciding to go do something spontaneous,” she said. “Like, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened up Truely’s door and been like, ‘What should we do for fun today?’ And so we just pick a destination and go and have fun and explore. I mean, it’s just absolutely amazing.” 

“Spontaneous adventures” won’t be the only thing keeping Christine busy. According to People, her cooking series with TLC, Cooking with Just Christine, has been renewed for a second season, proving that good things happen to those who walk away from a toxic marriage to someone like Kody. 

“Mmm…. tastes like victory with just a hint of revenge.”

Season 2 of ‘Cooking with Just Christine’ premieres September 11 on TLC.com. 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram; TikTok) 


  1. Good for her for knowing her worth. Never again give anyone a discount on that. Find someone who love you and his action show you that. We Are rooting for you Christine.

  2. I wouldn’t mind a spinoff with Christine and Janelle and their kids. Doesn’t seem that SW will have much to offer now, unless it’s going to show what’s happening with them.

  3. I’m happy for Christine and Truely. The light is back in their eyes, and they seem really happy. Good for them! Kody’s theatrical performance of “the sacrifices I made…. To love you….” Was laughable. Gaslighting at its finest.

  4. The comedic irony is arrogant Sobbing Robyn thought she was winning when she won Kody’s heart. She probably is sobbing to Kody going Marsha, Marsha, Marsha everytime Christine does well

    1. Couldn’t happen to a shittier person! Sobyn, I hope you’re eating your cold heart out, thinking about Christine getting her own show, and you stuck with that jackass of a ramen noodle headed bastard.

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