‘The Challenge’ Exes Laurel Stucky & Nicole Zanatta Slam Each Other Online; Nicole Calls Laurel a “Thief” While Laurel & Jakk Maddox Call Nicole a “Liar” & “Homewrecker” (Recap of Events)

“Care to squabble on the Internet with me?”
“Sure, why not?”

File this under: “Things We Shouldn’t Care About But We Kind of Do.” 

Laurel Stucky and Nicole Zanatta took their nasty feuds to The Interwebs recently, with the stars of The Challenge jumping onto Instagram to hurl insults at each other! 

A few days ago, Nicole posted a slideshow of photos on Instagram with her girlfriend, along with the caption, “This is what a healthy relationship looks like.”

Laurel, obviously taking her ex’s caption as a swipe at their own (un)healthy relationship, commented “Hope you’re not secretly cheating on her too.” (Laurel’s comment has since been deleted.)


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Nicole was none-too-happy to see Laurel’s snarky comment, and unleashed on her ex in a comment of her own, implying that Laurel stole from her and played games, among other things.

“Thank you, she doesn’t have a tendency to get UNHINGED, or a THIEF (a person who steals another person’s property, especially by stealth and without using force or violence) than [sic] proceeds to play phone tag and I was never the type to kiss and tell but you like comparing notes with an ex fiancé and how old are you,” she wrote.

Laurel clapped back, accusing Nicole of gaslighting her (and several other ladies). She also called her former girlfriend “a cheater” and a “homewrecker” before referencing an incident that happened with the sister of her ‘Ride or Dies’ partner Jakk Maddox at Jakk’s wedding. 

“Jakk’s sister is still under your spell,” Laurel wrote to Nicole. “You are a homewrecker (almost ruining Mark’s marriage), you are a liar and you have no morals.” 

“God bless the Internet!”

She then explained the reason Nicole accused her of being a “thief.”

“I’m sorry I walked away with your cellphone in my pocket after I found out you were hooking up with Jakk’s sister at Jakk’s wedding trip in Italy that I brought you to after you had sat me down and asked me to be exclusive,” Laurel wrote. “You haven’t changed, you never will and you deserve everything that comes your way as a result.”


Nicole insisted that Laurel did steal her phone and left her stranded in Italy with no way to communicate with anyone.

“You are a pathetic liar, not only in the case of my phone but in the case of my relationships & my career & the way that you speak about me,” Nicole wrote. “You need to get a life, grow up, and live the rest of your days without trying to ruin mine.

“Now please, leave me be, and move on & stop harassing me & stop trying to call me this is the reason I have you blocked.”

According to @GamerVev, a ‘Challenge’ spoiler Twitter account, the drama started when Nicole allegedly cheated on Laurel with Jakk’s married sister at his wedding. As Laurel’s bestie, Jakk took to his Instagram Stories to defend his ‘Challenge’ partner.

“It’s actually worse that it seems. That woman has no morals, no integrity, no soul …” Jakk wrote of Nicole. “And I have kept my mouth shut on so much because disgusting narcissists like that thrive off attention, good or bad. I have nothing to prove because I know who I am and what my life stands for.


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“That is something that rat will never experience. She will always be an empty hole, latching on to bright lights until they are dimmed. People like that will never have an authentic experience in their life, they are riddled with self-hatred and leaky gut. The truth always prevails…

“Imagine taking what is someone’s most important days and making it about yourself,” Jakk continued. “It’s okay, it’s just a day and we can get married over and over again …. Her personality is only an imitation of who she’s talking to. She’s a gaslighter, a morally [corrupt] terrorist.”

Laurel and Nicole first met on The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions and struck up a romance, which went on for almost a year before they split. In 2018, Nicole hinted that the breakup was due to her getting “caught” talking to other people on her phone. 


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The duo may have rekindled their romance during The Challenge: All Stars 4. Laurel told fans that they can see it play out in the upcoming season and shared that she gave Nicole another chance after being told by her ex that she had changed.

“She told me she ‘had grown since 6 years ago.’ Watch AS4. You’ll see.”

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  1. Imagine your gf making a “romantic” slideshow of the two of you…not for you, but to try and embarrass /insult/hurt her ex. Embarrassing to be getting so obviously used. Nicole is obviously not over Laurel if she’s still trying to get her attention. Run!

  2. No One NEEDS to “expose” Nicole… She says it all in her actions. She is clearly a manipulative, UNFAITHFUL, scandalous, and couldn’t be less loyal to anyone but herself. I don’t know a lot about Laurel but after seeing Nicole on a few shows (Love on the Peak especially), it was clear that she doesn’t have any morals and she thinks the world revolves around her and anyone in her wake is collateral damage, without a second glance or any remorse from her. She will literally cheat with ANYTHING that walks. It is quite entertaining though, to watch two grown women go back and forth on each other LOL. I am actually very surprised that The NYFD continues to keep Nicole as an employee…

  3. nicole has always struck me as kinda unhinged and very thirsty. 🥤
    that said, laurel seems like a complete pain in the a*s. (maybe not in this case, but just in general.) 🤷🏼‍♀️

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