New TLC Reality Show ‘Botched Bariatrics’ Helps Patients Fix Their Bad Weight Loss Surgeries: Watch the First Trailer

“Something’s not right here, Doc.”

Another reality show about weight loss surgeries is coming to TLC.

In a press release on Wednesday, the network that brought you My 600 lb. Life announced that its new show, Botched Bariatrics, will premiere next month. The show will be a “medical transformation series” that features patients who have suffered debilitating complications after having weight loss surgery. 

“These patients are in dire need of help, ranging from a woman who can only eat pureed food to a man living with explosive bowels,” the press release states. “Doctors and experts in their fields– bariatric surgeons Dr. Khan, Dr. Hodges, and Dr. Rao along with plastic surgeons Dr. Kundu and Dr. Caplin— take on these botched bariatric patients and see if they can undo the mistakes made during their previous surgeries.”

In the first trailer released for ‘Botched Bariatrics,’ we meet several patients, all of whom are suffering from shocking complications from their weight loss surgery.

We first meet Latoya, who was left with a giant mass as a result of a poorly done bariatric surgery.

“I woke up with a large ‘pendulum’ between my legs!” she tells us. “Part of my bowels had died.” 

One man named Sean tells the doctors that, since having his surgery, he now has “explosive bowels,” which makes it hard for him to continue to play drums in his band.

“I’d end up pooping myself on-stage!” he says. “I’m tired of having to fear I’m gonna s**t myself!” 

Thankfully, TLC spared us a visual of that…

We also meet Christina, a woman who has been pureeing her food for 12 years following her weight loss surgery. 

“Chicken, steak, everything,” she says. “If I don’t puree it, I throw it up.”

Another woman tells us she feels “disfigured” following a botched tummy tuck.

“I have a butt on my stomach!” she says. “It’s been at least six months since my fiancé has seen me fully naked.”

One patient–Alice– tells us that her lap band “eroded.”

“I ended up with a ‘golf course’ on my stomach…all because of a botched bariatric surgery,” she says, as she shows her tummy, which is full of lumps and divots. 

“This is NOT the look I had in mind!”

The doctors state that their goal is to help these patients, many of whom have no where else to turn, as there are not many doctors who specialize in fixing botched bariatric procedures.

“A lot of our patients are left dealing with these problems for years,” one of the doctors says.

‘Botched Bariatrics’ premieres Wednesday, May 15 on TLC. 

Watch the trailer below. (Just a warning, though, some of the surgery footage is pretty graphic!) 

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(Photos: TLC)

4 Responses

  1. I feel bad for these folks who thought they could solve an internal and mental issue with a physical one and ended up horribly disfigured.

    I hope the surgeons can help.

    1. I do, too, but I also don’t think it needs to be fodder for entertainment.

      I think these people are being exploited by the network—and I wouldn’t trust a surgeon who does his advertising on a “reality” show. That’s not someone who’s genuinely interested in helping anyone but themself.

  2. Is this what we are now? This is what passes for entertainment? I have second hand embarrassment for society as a whole.

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