Kail Lowry Says She Checks the Internet Every Morning Because Someone in Her Life Has Threatened to “Expose” Something About Her: “I’m Just Waiting For It”

“Doesn’t everyone spend the first 30 minutes of every day searching their own name on every social media platform…?”

Kail Lowry admitted this week that she starts her morning by scanning the Internet to see if a certain person has “exposed” her, as she claims they have threatened to do.

Kail revealed this detail on this week’s episode of her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast. During the episode, the mom of seven was asked by her co-host Vee Torres if she ever worries something from her past may “creep up” on her, now that she’s not in her “depressive rut” anymore. The former Teen Mom 2 star responded, claiming that she feels like that “every single day.” 

“Every single day I wake up and I’m in a good mood and it’s like, exit stage left depression, enter stage right anxiety about being depressed again,” she said. 

Kail went on to discuss her last three pregnancies, noting that she was “really depressed” during her pregnancies with fourth child Creed and fifth child Rio, but things have been much different since her twins Verse and Valley arrived in November. 

No pressure, you two!

(As fans know, Kail shares Verse, Valley and Rio with boyfriend Elijah Scott; sons Creed and Lux with Chris Lopez; son Lincoln with ex-husband Javi Marroquin and son Isaac with Jo Rivera.) 

“ … Like, they were born and I’ve been happy ever since,” Kail said of Verse and Valley, before also acknowledging the “craziest s**t” that has happened throughout the last couple of years.

“ … Between friendship fallouts, my depression, you know, my situations with people that were close to me or once worked for me,” she said. 

“And so I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop … like, one person specifically said, like, ‘I can’t wait to expose you. Like, this is, I’m gonna expose you. Just wait, it’s coming,’” Kail said. 

Raise your hand if you’re eagerly waiting for this mess to drop…

She went on to claim that she doesn’t know what information the individual could “expose,” however, that doesn’t make her worry any less. 

“ … What hasn’t been put out already?” Kail asked. “You know, like, I thought my worst was already out there, you know? So every single day I wake up and I’m like, is today the day that it’s gonna fall apart? 

“ … it’s almost like I feel like, one, I don’t deserve to be happy because if someone has something on me that can be released, like, I don’t deserve the happiness I’m having right now,” she continued. “But also, like, when is the other shoe gonna drop? I’m just waiting for it. It’s very weird.” 

Kail said she hates the fact that the first thing she does when she wakes up is “check the Internet” to see if she’s been “exposed,” reiterating that she doesn’t know what she has said or done that “could ruin my life.” 

“…Google alerts on my phone.”

“At this point, I feel like everything I’ve ever said or done that’s been awful is already out there, but I check the Internet and I’m like, OK, because I want to be prepared first thing in the morning,” she said, adding that if something does come out, she’ll “just handle it as soon as it comes.” 

While Kail didn’t reveal who has made these alleged threats, she did mention relationships that have soured between her and people who have worked for her, leading some to speculate that Kail may have been referring to her former friend and nanny Natalie. 


As The Ashley told you in February, Kail and the former caretaker of the Chaos have reportedly been feuding, leading Natalie to take subtle jabs seemingly aimed at Kail on more than one occasion. 

In addition to calling out bad moms on social media, Natalie has shared memes and messages about loyalty and honesty. 

The reason behind Kail and Natalie’s alleged fallout has yet to be revealed; however, the two were seemingly on good terms until late 2023. Fans may even remember Kail sharing a clip of her revealing to Natalie that she was pregnant with twins. 

Kail telling Nanny Natalie that she’s having twins
byu/Peppermint-pop inTeenMomOGandTeenMom2

Kail and Natalie continue to follow each other on social media and photos of Kail’s kids remain on Natalie’s Instagram page, along with comments from Kail from as recent as September. 

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(Photos: YouTube; MTV; Instagram; Reddit) 

22 Responses

  1. kail ? needs a ladder so she can GET OVER HERSELF. no one is keeping tabs on her trashy ?️ lifestyle (except to snark on it).

  2. I think it’s the real father of one or two of her kids.
    Maybe Creed isn’t Chris baby?
    Maybe Rio isn’t Elijah’s?

  3. Her life isn’t a “messy dumpster fire”, she had 7 kids. So?! She’s not on any government assistance and takes care of all of her kids. We all have skeletons in the closet, what’s the big deal? Also, she wasn’t in school to be a dental assistant, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mass communication and journalism (hence, why she’s so successful with all of her podcasts). Check your facts, before you’re in the public eye. I’m pretty sure she’s happy in the bed she made and laying in it

    1. ??? I guess there really are people out there who like Kail and listen to her podcasts. She was a dental assistant in the early years of the show and I’m the furthest thing from being in the public eye ???

    2. The amount of kids she has had, isn’t the problem.

      I currently have 8 kids living in my home, having a lot of kids is the last thing I would judge someone for…..except…..

      When you can’t, don’t, in fact absolutely refuse, to actually take care of said kids-I will judge and I will judge harshly. She pays absolutely no attention whatsoever to their actual health and overall wellbeing. Her kids are more of an extension of herself, humans she created so that she doesn’t have to be alone, or so that people will love her (she has sad so herself). That’s actually sad, and is where my sympathy for her ends. It sucks she felt she needed to create that for herself because she never had it before. It sucks more that she can’t see past that need of hers to see that those are actual human beings, not emotional support beings.

      Her life is messy because she forgets, each and every time, that when you create this family for yourself, you also have to take care of them. Those children are not an extension of her, they are 7 individuals, with 7 different sets of needs, 7 personalities, 7 mouths to feed and bodies to take care of, and they need her to be on her game more often than not. She chooses not to be, and she’s proud of that choice. She’s proud that she’s so hands off in their care and upbringing. I honestly can’t imagine that.

      Plus, she chooses not to vaccinate (and not for health reasons), so that automatically makes her a shitty parent right out the gate. Any bad parenting decisions she makes after that, just compound her shittiness. That’s medical neglect in my book, and any neglect is a form of abuse. I truly hope those children never have to deal with the repercussions of *her* choices.

      All her other shit, it is what it is, everyone has bad shit in their lives, everyone makes mistakes, perfection isn’t anything any human can ever achieve. Shitty parenting, is shitty parenting, though, and we all deserve to be called out on our shitty parenting choices. Being able to afford things doesn’t make you a good parent, she thinks it does.

    3. So, because she’s not on government assistance and “takes care” of all her kids (ahem, with a nanny and Elijah…), she’s not a dumpster fire? Oh okay… Look, I know people on government assistance that aren’t dumpster fires, first off. Secondly, it’s not that she has the 7 children- it’s that she has, what, four different baby daddies (?) and cannot possibly give the proper attention to these kids. Having money does NOT make you a good parent- LOL. That’s absurd to even say. I know quite a few “rich” parents that actually are way worse parents and worse adult role models, that the ones that are financially struggling. She may take care of these kids in the sense that yes, they’re all alive, fed, clothed… but she’s got Four kids under age four… That is straight up chaotic and also, those kids need a LOT more attention than the older three so likely, they get left out quite a bit. She’s got insane drama with EVERYONE- including the fathers of her kids (except Elijah- well, what we know anyway).

  4. Is it that she’s afraid Natalie or whomever the baby sitter was, is going to tell everyone Rio isn’t her current dudes?

  5. I bet it could be Chris…has she even mentioned him lately? I can’t keep up…if you are so afraid, then something MUST be true. But how does she even have time to google herself with like 7 kids? Are you doing while they are sleeping and the older ones are in school?

    1. I think that baby looks like his real dad Malick (the ball player), Elisha said he didn’t want a paternity test.

  6. Kail- If you have not done anything wrong, then nothing to worry about. Simple as that. I think there is likely a lot that could be divulged and she’s panicking because there is SO much, she just doesn’t know what and how much could get out for public knowledge. I have always SERIOUSLY disliked Kail. She is a mess and I’m sorry but she is just a terrible example.

    1. This all goes back to the fact that Kail was always in charge of the narrative of what they showed of her “story” on TM2! If the producers had some guts and showed the real story, then there would be nothing, we didn’t already know, but instead, we got Isaac picking out tile and Lincoln going to practice (yawn) instead of what was really going on in the house of horrors! Lol.

  7. She has way too many kids but at least the first two have good dads in the area that can take a lot of responsibility for them.. I can’t imagine having twins and a toddler on top of the older two from Chris! SHE IS CRAZY

  8. This sounds like nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt at some sort of counter suit to prove mental anguish and anxiety due to the prior vague threats. And it sounds a lot like she is referring to the recent nanny that left her and mumbled something about things not being what they seem in sleeve tattoo world. I guess we will all have to click THIRST FOLLOW to see if anything new happens ANY DAY NOW with Kail’s follows and subs lol. I look forward to the quashed release and slander suit as these ladies like to do… I keep saying she just needs to don a Target apron and a bow in her hair and just leave reality D list land. Onward and upward 🙂

  9. It’s the price to be paid for having a dumpster fire messy life in the public eye. There’s always the option of dropping out of public life and going back to being a dental assistant. But that wouldn’t cover the bills for her lavish lifestyle plus 7 kids. She made her bed, now she has to lay in it…

  10. As we all know the best cure for depression is having hoards of children and not being satisfied until the final one is a girl. How sad is she?

    1. All those hormones must have been insane to deal with, on top of dealing with Kail’s normal self.

  11. “Like THEY [twins] were born, and I’ve been happy ever since!” What a thing to say or imply to your older children, who have been dragged through YOUR CRAP for YEARS!! She is such an unthoughtful mother! Clearly plays favorites, too!!

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