‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Nathan Griffith Ordered By Court to “Detox” Following Wife’s Arrest; Mackenzie McKee’s Son Sets Fire To Her Kitchen on TikTok Live & More

“Maybe nobody noticed!”

From dealing with court woes to dealing with kitchen fires, it’s been another busy week for the stars/former stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last week or so…

Nathan Griffith Ordered to “Detox” By Court; His Wife May Posts About Her Own Court Troubles

“His & Hers court cases aren’t what they’re cracked up to be!”

Nathan and his current wife, May Oyola, are each dealing with legal issues, and both took to Instagram this week to share their feelings about what’s going on in their lives.

As The Ashley previously reported, May was arrested last month for allegedly committing domestic battery against Nathan. (Although the couple has been on-and-off since their 2022 wedding, they had been giving their marriage another try since at least December.)

May was arrested after allegedly hitting Nathan over the head during a fight in their Las Vegas home. A no-contact order was issued barring May from seeing Nate until at least April 8.

Earlier this week, May took to Instagram Stories to reflect on her current situation, writing that she has to find a place to live and that she can’t leave Nevada. (As The Ashley previously reported, May— who was living in Miami prior to this move to Vegas with Nathan— is currently being monitored by Clark County, Nevada’s PCU, as is Nathan, so neither can leave the state right now.)

“Looking for a place to live…suffering from anxiety…I’m stuck in this state…went through a horrible situation a few weeks ago…I received horrible news…” she wrote, adding in that she’s grateful for what she still has.

The incident with May also seems to have affected Nathan’s current probation for his 2023 strangulation charge. As The Ashley previously reported, Nate admitted to the cops that he was under the influence at the time of May’s alleged attack. This is a direct violation of Nathan’s Veterans Court probation terms for his 2023 attack on his sister, which forbid him from using or possessing alcohol or drugs.)

The Ashley can reveal that, 10 days after the incident with May, Nathan was ordered at his probation status check hearing to detox for 48 hours and place his service dog in a boarding facility during his detox, or be taken into custody. Nathan was ordered to begin his detox on January 17, and he appears to have done so.

Earlier this week, though, Nathan took to social media to sing the praises of his dog, whom he wrote is now his “girlfriend,” among other things.

“Never have I ever been this close to a female in my entire life LOL!” Nathan wrote. “She’s my service animal. My baby. My GF. She’s mamma and most of all my best friend.” 

“Whatever, dude. We were close. I bailed you out of jail NUMEROUS OF TIMES. Doesn’t that count for anything?”

Nathan currently owes a balance of $1500 to the court as of press time. His next status check for his case is February 6.

Mackenzie McKee’s son Gannon accidentally set fire to their kitchen while Mack was on TikTok Live

“It’s fine! Everything is FINE!”

Mackenzie’s recent TikTok Live was fire….literally.

Mack— who will next appear on Teen Mom: Family Reunion Season 3— was in the middle of a doing a Live video on TikTok on Thursday, when literal flames erupted to the left side of the camera. (Ironically, she had just said, “things can spiral out of control really quickly” about something unrelated to kitchen fires.) 

Mack’s oldest son, Gannon, can be heard screaming, causing Mackenzie to look and then run off-camera to put out the flames, which viewers can see via a mirror in the background. The fire appears to get bigger, with light from the flames flashing on-camera. A hysterical Gannon then runs screaming into the camera’s view as Mack battles the flames and assures her son, “It’s OK!” 

Viewers can hear as Mack swats the flames off-camera, all the while telling her son to stay calm and laughing about the inferno incident.

“I mean, whose kid HASN’T lit the kitchen on fire at least once, am I right!?”

“OK! A little thing just caught on fire, oh my GOD!” she screams when she gets back into the camera’s view.

Gannon appears extremely upset, telling Mack, “Mom! The whole house just caught on fire!” 

Mackenzie tries to end her Live, but isn’t successful, so viewers can hear as Gannon tells his mom that he doesn’t know how the fire started, but that it may have had something to do with him playing with a lighter.

As you do…

“I was just sitting there and I flicked the lighter, it wasn’t on,” Gannon said. “I was just sitting there flicking the lighter and it didn’t have a flame, though.”

Mackenzie then reveals that the flowers she had in the middle of their table were what started the fire. 

“Why would I think that flowers could catch on fire in one second!?” Gannon asks. “And I didn’t even light ’em!” 

Mackenzie keeps insisting that it was “just a little fire,” while Gannon disagrees. 

Mackenzie’s son Gannon started a fire in their house last night while on TikTok Live by playing with a lighter
byu/loubling inTeenMomOGandTeenMom2

Later, Mackenzie addressed the fire fiasco in another TikTok video.

“I’m always worried because people are really judgmental about moms,” she said. “I just want you guys to hear it from me first, because it’s probably going to hit the Internet. If you hear it from me first, maybe I can control the narrative just a little.

“So, life happens over here. I’m not perfect,” she continued. “I’m sure there’s a lot I did wrong in this situation.”

Mack assured viewers that she has always told her 13-year-old not to play with lighters, but he still chose to play with a lighter that was on their table. 

“I’m on Live and next thing you know, boom! Fire!” she said. “So that happened, unfortunately, on Live. Fortunately, I was able to walk over and just take a broom and put out the fire. I’ve never dealt with that before. I’ve learned my lesson. I don’t want lighters in the house, not even candles. Nothing… I’m so thankful everyone’s fine.”

@mackenzietaylord♬ original sound – Mackenzie Taylor

Kail Lowry’s Nanny Speaks Out After Allegedly Cutting Ties with Kail; Chris Lopez Offers His Thoughts

“Nanny out! I’m no longer on #TeamKail!”

Kail is seemingly down yet another friend/nanny. 

The mom of seven is reportedly feuding with Natalie, her longtime nanny and friend, leading the latter to take her frustration to social media recently.

Last weekend, Natalie took to her Instagram Story to post a meme calling out “horrible” moms. 

“You’re a good mom on Facebook,” the meme read. “Too bad you’re a horrible one in real life.” 

“Imagine that ‘fakery bakery’ moms,” Natalie wrote alongside the meme. 

While Natalie’s comment didn’t call out Kail by name, a clip from Kail’s Coffee Convos podcast shared by @teenmomfanz on Instagram features audio of Kail using the term “fakery bakery” on her podcast–- a term which Kail has used rather often. 

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Chris Lopez–- the father of Kail’s third and fourth children, Lux and Creed–- went on to share Natalie’s Instagram Story, while adding a shady comment of his own. 

Chris “An Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend” Lopez, ladies and gentlemen…

“Snapple facts. Now email that,” he wrote, referencing the fact that he and Kail only communicate via email. 

While the reason behind Kail and Natalie’s falling out has yet to be revealed, the two were on good terms up until recently. Fans may even remember Kail even sharing a clip of her revealing to Natalie that she was pregnant with twins. 

Kail telling Nanny Natalie that she’s having twins
byu/Peppermint-pop inTeenMomOGandTeenMom2

As of now, Kail has yet to respond to Natalie’s apparent call out and continues to follow Natalie on social media. Natalie is still following Kail on Instagram, as well.

On Friday, Natalie posted a series of memes and messages that seemed to be aimed at Kail.

“Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer care,” one reads.

“Stop expecting honesty from people who lie to themselves,” another reads. (Natalie added her own comment of “This” to her post.) 

Farrah Abraham Doles Out Unhinged (& Incorrect) Legal Advice to Teens

Thanks, I hate it.

Self-proclaimed legal expert/alleged JD law student/word salad master Farrah Abraham continued her alleged crusade for pic-sharing pre-teens this week by taking to YouTube to talk about consent forms and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). 

Just days after the fired ‘Teen Mom’ star accused a proposed Florida Bill that would keep kids under 16 off social media of committing “ageism online”, Farrah rolled out a YouTube video in which she shared her solution to issues regarding social media safety for kids…or something.

Through a series of instructions in which Farrah uses the word “consent” no less than 4,825 times, viewers are told how to “live your fullest relationships fearlessly with your own automated consent agreements process.” 

….Stop watching the video?

Farrah then walks us through her three-step process of creating a consent agreement to send to any potential boyfriend/girlfriend/friend/person who breaths near you. She tells us that everyone has been doing consent forms “for decades” and frankly, we’re just impressed that she didn’t claim to have invented them herself. 

According to Farrah, throwing together random documents found on the Internet makes them both official and legal, as long as you “pop them” into an app, “pop on” some signatures and fire it all off via email.   

Not even sparklers, girl.

“I wish I would’ve known this when I was a kiddo,” Farrah states at one point.

Farrah’s video then gets downright uncomfortable, as Farrah encourages young teenagers to whip up one of these consent/NDA forms and send it to anyone they plan to send sexy photos to.


Farrah presumably believes that having someone sign one of these documents will prevent that person from sharing the “risky” photos the kid sends them.

“This whole video is gonna be a NEIGH from me, dawg. Yikes!”

Farrah states that if the person who you want to send the pics to refuses to sign her hokey NDA, then they might not be someone you want to send sexy pics to.


“ … If you’re a kiddo in middle school and you’re sending some risky pics, this is gonna save you and you’ll know from the jump if that boy or girl has your best interest,” she says to the camera. “Will they sign this, yes or no? If they say no, then that’s not the person for you to send risky pics to. Wink, wink; nudge nudge.”

How I feel whenever Farrah starts giving kids tips and tricks for sending “risky pics.”

“No. Not good for your self-worth, self esteem and self compassion,” she said, adding that kids should cut ties with other kids who refuse to sign this NDA.

“Next. Cut it clean. We’re not friends no more.” 

The Backdoor Teen Mom went on to say that these straight-out-of-the-search-engine NDAs and consent forms are also useful for parents, as well as… sports teams? 

“Everyone at every age needs to have, just like a doctor’s day 1 A-1 for kids, consent waivers and medical offices,” Farrah explained. (Can we get a welfare check on Farrah? Is she having a medical emergency and just stringing together random words at this point?)

Even Farrah herself-– the latest version, that is–- has made use of her copy/paste documents by making the current boyfriend of her 14-year-old daughter Sophia sign one. 

“…humiliate your child, anyone can do it!”

“You don’t have to be a lawyer to know this,” she says. “Just use your laws that are for you.” 

Watch Farrah’s calamity of a consent video below. 

To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!

(Photos: YouTube; TikTok; MTV; Instagram)

26 Responses

  1. She needs to be arrested for this video, for real.
    She’s urging and giving advice to middle school age kids to send sexy pics and videos… wtf is this and honestly turn this over to fbi bc I’m gonna bet she’s involved in some pretty disturbing stuff.
    I could see her doing a ghilaine style business. My God.

    1. Ghislaine was born from an evil family, a crook father robert maxwell, whos real name is Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch.

      And Farhoe is a disgusting p0s….

  2. So Natalie is effectivly gagged by an NDA and this is all she can say and do for now?! Hmmmm I wonder what caused the alledged falling out? Wouldn’t surprise me if Kail was being cheap and expected Natalie to look after the 2 new babies aswell for barely any extra money.

    Please don’t hate me but Chris’s response is funny! Kail’s Chicken’s comin’ home to roost.

    1. Oh and the sad part is it’s the kids who’ll suffer. They probably love Natalie like a second Mum and now may never see her again.

  3. All good mothers give their kids lighters and matches to play with, then laugh at them when they get scared after starting things on fire ??

    Forced detox isn’t going to help someone if they don’t want help. I don’t know if Nathan actually wants help or is ready to be sober or confront his own issues.

    I’m not even going to day too much about Farrah because her “advice” is disgusting and incorrect to be giving to kids. Kids shouldn’t be tsexting at all and should be monitored.

  4. I knew Farrah was crazy but this is a whole other level. She is basically condoning children to produce and distribute child p0rnography. You don’t have to be a lawyer to know that a child’s signature means absolutely nothing without a parents signature. If a man had said what she did about kids, specifically MIDDLE schoolers, signing NDA’s so they can send risky pics than people would be outraged and calling the FBI. Shtt like that is what predators do. She is the type of mom that would sell her daughters virgin!ty to the highest bidder. Sofia is in danger with her, I really hope she rebels by being the exact opposite of her mother.

  5. When I heard this story about McKenzie I assumed it was her younger son. But 13 years old, that’s almost a high schooler! Old enough to know better for sure, and definitely not the first time he’s been playing with lighters! ?

  6. I think the fire scared Gannon straight. It’s ok for her not to freak out. The fire was put out, no one got hurt. It could have been much worse.
    I would have put the phone down, though and handled it without the internet as an audience.
    Does she live online? Hang up the phone and watch your children.

    Farrah pimps her kid. Water is wet.

    Kail fell out with someone else? Water is still wet.

  7. I don’t think Farrah is worrying about waiting until her child is 18: that sounded like her understanding, per law, was that someone underage could give consent and just get NDAs from “all” of the recipients of CSA, sorry, “risque” pictures, and she could legally pimp out her daughter. PER LAW!

    And here my concerned that raising the minimum age for social media accounts would both drive actual underage users–and the predators searching for them–further underground and make prosecuting stings significantly more difficult: does “but how could I have thought I was grooming a minor when they’re not allowed on there?” become a reasonable defense for ‘*intent* to [x]’?

    But, when Mom is the grooming and trafficking the child, I guess law enforcement doesn’t need to troll as underage users to find their offenders.

    My gawd, I truly believe Farrah would (if she, I hope, hasn’t already) happily sign away whatever documents she thought made it legal for her young child to go “date” an R. Kelly type if the pay was right.

    For someone who thinks anyone treating her poorly at Applebee’s is guilty of “crimes against woman,” she truly has no concept of or interest in consent. For all of the abusive and neglectful Teen Mom parents we see and worry about the kids in their care, it’s Farrah who frightens me the most.Having a mom who neglects you and supports her husband over you and your siblings when he *allegedly* beats you and murders your dog is pretty damn awful, but I think it is quite likely Farrah is more like, “You want to pay me attend your yacht party with thirty of your closest t0-yezr-old friends? How much more would you pay if I brought my under-15 daughter? You’d need to sign NDAs, and we’d sign a permission slip, so it’s all legal.”

  8. Mack has to make always everything about herself. Staged or not, Gannon was hysterical over what happened and you just laugh it off. Weird mother.

    Farrah is INSANE. Why is she so desperate to expose teens to dangerous situations?! She has a teen herself, if she was a real mother, she would do anything to protect her (and her boyfriend, look, just because she was on TV from the day she was born, her private life doesn’t need to be on blast and whoever she dates is up to her, not for you to use for your exposure!) But then she is here talking about consent online…Farrah, a teen can’t perfectly understand why posting risque pics to someone or god forbid, online, can damage them in the future, you are just a nutcase. I feel like she even thinks those creeps writing her daughter are not a problem as long as she gets attention.

  9. Y’all, was it Mackenzies’ kids who allegedly ripped a live animal in two? Search Mackenzie Mckee+monster children for story. Saw it posted on a IG comment. Happened a few years ago. As an animal lover I can’t even look

  10. Has Mackenzie ever been cross with her kids about anything? I’m pretty sure my parents would have murdered me if I had set something on fire by playing with a lighter as child. Why is everything funny to her? Is she insane?

    1. Or taking a dump in her new employer garage.

      I’m over her going on a cruise with her man, while her mom was dieing & her dog was clearly neglected at the same time.

    2. Totally agree ?!!! I don’t understand how she’s a mom of three but her two sons are totally out of control for example remember how her youngest son decided to take a crap on the floor of her boss’s house instead of the toilet and when he hit his teacher at school? What did she do? SUGARCOAT IT!! And remember how Gannon wanted something and she told him no so in retaliation what does he do? HE RUN AWAYS and what does she do?? SUGARCOAT IT again!!! And now he catches the kitchen on fire!!! Instead of disciplining him, she sugarcoats it!! The HUGE PROBLEM IS THAT SHE DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO PARENT THEM!!!! Mackenzie needs to go to parenting classes and send her sons to military school or do something because her sons are totally out of control here and if she continues to sugarcoat them the discipline will continue to get worse than before!! And Josh needs to get more involved with his kids instead of being not in the picture!!!

  11. Poor McKenzie. She is so desperate! This was obviously so staged. Nothing authentic about this fire. Poor Gannon probably had to rehearse this a dozen times.

    1. If it was staged then Mackenzie was the only one who knew about it and was hoping for him to set something om fire, that was not staged,that boy was scared. You can laugg under stress and the fire seemed to go out quickly which is why she seemed to laugh pretty soon after fire was noticed.

    2. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. Why would she stage that her son set something on fire? Only a crazy person would think that without any proof of that being the case

      1. I don’t think it was staged, but Mack has posted on the internet about her son smearing poop all over best buy and her kids ripping a ferret in half at a pet store. So it’s not as farfetched as it may sound without that context, LOL.

  12. Mackenzie is a complete idiot. Her two boys have been out of control for a very long time. She thinks it’s funny. They rip a ferret in half at a pet store she goes on social media laughing and says “Boys will be boys”. One of her sons pooped in Best Buy and smeared it on a refrigerator they were selling in their stores. I know this because she posted about it laughing. They have thrown food at other diners at restaurants she laughs and says it’s embarrassing. What is embarrassing is not parenting your kids. She is laughing that her house was caught on fire by her son playing with a lighter. What would have happened if he did that in the middle of the night? Or if he did it where he wasn’t around an adult and got badly burned or worse if he had accidentally died. Would she still be laughing?

  13. Mackenzie’s kid is old enough to know damn well not to play with lighters. I’d slap the crap out of him if I were her.
    And Farrah, someone needs to ban her from social media. Her “advices” to teens are disgusting, especially knowing she has a teen at home.

      1. Maybe Farrah would like that but Sophia doesn’t appear to be the kind of girl that’s interested in doing that

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