Christine Brown Celebrates Ex-Sister Wife Meri’s New Love: “I’m Just Thrilled for Her!”

“We got the Christine Brown seal of approval!”

Meri Brown and her new beau have gotten the thumbs-up from one of her former sister wives.

In an interview last week with People, Christine Brown and her new husband, David Woolley, shared their excitement over Meri finding love with Amos Andrews, and maybe threw a little shade at their mutual ex, Kody Brown.

“We just found out about it, too, on social media. That’s how I found out about it,” Christine told People. “I’m just happy for her. So happy for her. That is absolutely awesome. I’m just thrilled for her to be able to be in a romantic relationship.”

As The Ashley reported, Meri went public with her new relationship last month, introducing Amos to the world via social media on her birthday.

“Meet Amos, the good looking guy I’ve been dating since October!” she posted.

Within days of debuting her new man, Meri defended his past relationships (he’s been divorced four times) and his finances (he filed for bankruptcy), The Ashley reported.

“Listen, everybody has been through issues before,” Meri said in an Instagram Live session featuring her best friend, Jen Sullivan. “Who the heck cares that you had a bankruptcy? I can’t even … like, whatever! It doesn’t even matter…. Things happen, and you just build your way out of it. It doesn’t define who you are.”

During the Instagram Live, Meri shared that she herself filed for bankruptcy and also has four ex-spouses.

“It doesn’t matter what happened to you in the past, who you are now is what matters and how you act on it,” Meri told her social media followers.

Christine and David didn’t comment on any of the gossip surrounding the new couple, just shared their excitement that Meri has found in Amos what they’ve found in each other.

“One day we’ll both be in happy, healthy relationships … with two different men!”

“It’s just, really, an incredible thing to feel like you are loved more than anybody else,” Christine told People. “David loves me more than anybody else. I love him more than anybody else. It really is a powerful thing to know that you really have your person.”

(Photos: Instagram, TLC)  



  1. Meri is a person who is loyal to a fault, and I think Amos saw that trait in her and thought she was a good mark partner.

    1. And filing multiple bankruptcies *is* a big deal.

      Don’t come at me, I have personal experience being with someone who’s been through multiple bankruptcies and divorces.

      Everyone has the ability and opportunity to make meaningful change, but when someone shows you who they are, with concrete evidence, you should believe them.

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