Tom Sandoval & Ariana Madix’s Battle Over Shared Home May Take “Years” to Resolve; ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Exes to Do Private Mediation, With Trial Date Set For 2026

Maybe these two should consider turning this place into some sort of haunted Airbnb…

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix are gearing up for one lengthy legal battle over their shared home. 

According to The Sun, Sandoval and Ariana’s respective attorneys attended a hearing this week regarding the ongoing dispute over the Vanderpump Rules exes’ shared Los Angeles County home, during which both legal representatives informed the judge that they intend to participate in private mediation. 

While details of the planned private mediation were not provided, if the pair are unable to settle the house matter privately, the issue will go to trial on February 17, 2026. 



As The Ashley previously told you, Ariana and Sandoval have been at odds over the fate of their shared home– purchased for $2 million in 2019– since ending their relationship in March 2023. 

Last month, both demanded a non-jury trial to resolve the legal issues surrounding their Valley Village casa, in which they continued to cohabitate for months following their tumultuous split. In the separate case management statements the exes filed in May, both noted that “discord” exists between them. 

Understatement of the century.

Back in January, Ariana filed a lawsuit against Sandoval, asking a judge to force the sale of the residence. In her lawsuit, the Love Island USA host asked for the payment of debt involved with the partition costs (aka the force sale), including “reasonable attorney’s fees and title expenses.” 

Sandoval responded to Ariana’s lawsuit the following month, alleging that Ariana had borrowed $90,000 from him, which she had yet to pay back. The Schwartz & Sandy’s owner claimed that until Ariana did so, he would not agree to sell their home. A month before Ariana filed her lawsuit, Sandoval accused his former partner of nearly a decade of not paying “a single bill for [the] house in eight months”– including the mortgage– and argued that he put more money into the home than she did. 

“The galaxy lights, penis flute and white nail polish stains? That was ALL me!”

Sandoval also stated that he offered to buy Ariana out for substantially more than they purchased the home for, though it was revealed last week on the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 11 Secrets Revealed episode that he offered Ariana $600,000, which he claimed was equal to the two of them selling the home for (an estimated) $3.1 million and splitting the earnings. 

“OK, you officially need to start painting your nails in rooms with more ventilation.”

As for Ariana– who purchased a $1.6 million Los Angeles home of her own in March– she argues that she “paid for the majority of stuff” in her and Sandoval’s home. 

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  1. 2026, dang and if Billie Lee is spitting any truth the house is packed with crap and drugs everywhere. Also she said that Victoria forced Tom to kick Ariana out of the master suite so even post Scandoval the show, he’s not doing great. Good thing he at least got a great edit on TV because that is his realty.

  2. Awwww yes. Always house sale problems. When two separate people have 2 very separate thoughts on their part staked in the home. Im gonna be goingvthru this. Except im married. Ha ha. Good luck! SB – TN

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