Tom Sandoval Accuses Ex Ariana Madix of Being “Months Behind” On Bills; Calls Rachel Leviss’ New Podcast “A Really Bad Look” & More

Tom Sandoval and The Most Extras Insulting Comments…

**Trigger Warning: This article contains mentions of suicide and suicidal thoughts.

As the Vanderpump Rules Season 11 premiere draws near, Tom Sandoval appears to be taking every opportunity he can to share his narrative of all things Scandoval and the events that followed. (As you know, Sandoval was outed in March for carrying on a months-long affair behind the back of his longtime girlfriend Ariana Madix with his and Ariana’s friend and ‘Vanderpump Rules’ co-star, Rachel Leviss.)

On a recent episode of the Two Ts in a Pod podcast, Sandoval revealed to hosts Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge that while he would have “loved” to go to a wellness facility the way Rachel did after the news of Scandoval broke, he didn’t have the luxury to do so because he already had shows booked with his band, Tom Sandoval and The Most Extras.

“I gotta give the people what they want…all 16 or 17 of them.”

Sandoval said he also had bills to pay– some of which, he claimed, Ariana was behind on at the time. 

“Every single month, all the bills come out of my accounts,” he said. “The mortgage comes out of my account every month. I have to make money. So while Ariana is shooting all these ads, she’s six months behind on bills.” 

Sandoval’s comment regarding Ariana’s financial situation and their shared Valley Village, California, home raised the question many have asked both he and Ariana since the news of Scandoval first broke: “Why do you guys still live together?”

According to Sandoval, it all comes down to “the housing market” and “interest rates.”

“ … I mean, we’re busy, too,” he added. “Like, it’s a lot. This has been a lot to go through.”

While he and Ariana continue to cohabitate, Sandoval noted on the podcast episode that they do not see each other on a regular basis and that Ariana is “currently staying in some place.” He also confirmed that they still aren’t speaking and continue to communicate through either his assistant or a mutual friend. 

Though it probably goes without saying–- we ARE talking about Sandoval, after all–- Sandoval admits to having some ill feelings towards Ariana, despite being the one who cheated in their relationship. Sandoval expressed this while attempting to explain why he never came clean to Ariana about the affair with Rachel and why he has appeared “mad” in some of his post-Scandoval interviews.

“It’s been hard to fight through,” he said. “I do harbor a lot of resentment and anger of being with somebody and them looking at me like I’m a serial killer … that I’d been, like, scheming for eight years for this moment, which is f**king ridiculous. Wishing death upon me, like, creating a climate that, like, pushes most people to f**king suicide. And I was on the phone with Rachel and literally, [we were] debating on f**king killing ourselves. That’s not f**king cool.”  

(Sandoval made similar comments on an episode of his own podcast back in September.) 

As The Ashley previously told you, Sandoval stated on the podcast that he still misses Rachel and was “fully in love with her” at one point; however, that didn’t stop him from criticizing his former fling/co-star when asked to comment on her new podcast, Rachel Goes Rogue, set to debut in January.

“ … I just think it’s a really bad look on her part to just keep pushing blame on everybody else,” Sandoval said. “She’s a 29-year-old woman, ya know what I mean? She’s not 16.” 

“Says the man who still plays dress up and pretends to be a rockstar.”

Sandoval–- who happened to use the exposure from Scandoval to launch his own podcast, Everybody Loves Tom, a few months ago–- went on to accuse Rachel of finding herself and proceeding to take that newfound confidence too far.

“ … She came into her own and she got this confidence and she went too far,” he said, alleging that it was Rachel who made the first move in their affair. “She went too far and got herself in a position, but she did that herself. She didn’t have to come onto a guy [who was] in a relationship. She did. She came onto a guy in a relationship that was severely, I was depressed, I had no confidence, [such] low self-value.”

“Good one, Tom.”

While Rachel will not appear in the upcoming season of ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ her name will. In the recent trailer for Season 11, Sandoval is shown having a heart-to-heart with Lisa Vanderpump about his non-existent relationship with Rachel, during which he appears to become frustrated. 

Season 11 of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ premieres January 30 on Bravo. Watch the new super-tease trailer below.  

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  1. I do not buy that. Especially when she in an interview says he is refusing to buy her out of the house. If he is behind wouldn’t he want to?

  2. OMG! What a fucking girl he is! He’s the victim here! Such an asshat. No one cares, Tom! You act like a dog you get treated like a dog. So now this is all Rachel’s fault and that she came on to you? You couldn’t stop it or walk away. Clearly neither of you understood how to do that. Wah, wah,wah. You’ll never grow up. 🙄 Rachel healed her mental health and decided to move on from a toxic situation, but hey, if you can make money off of it, let’s ride that gravy train for a while. No need to get a job. Do you ever just take a step back and listen to your girly victim whining? And stop throwing around “suicide.” That’s not a trivial, by-the-way type thing. Most people who commit suicide don’t repeatedly talk about and use it as a chance for pity. So gross! And don’t say you’re not doing that. Clearly you are! Cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it. Oh, and GROW UP! I can’t believe Lisa went into business with such an entitled child!!

  3. Sir Tom “everyone else’s fault but my own” Sandoval. He needs to stop playing victim. HE was in a relationship with Ariana so if Rachel did come on to him, he had the obligation to respect his relationship and shut it down. It’s not difficult. If you are in a relationship and you don’t want to be & want to see other people then break up with them first!

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