Jax Taylor’s Bar Investigated By Health Department After Jasmine Goode of ‘The Valley’ Shares Video of Jax & Brittany Cartwright Changing Their Son’s Diaper On Bar Top (Updated)

“Welcome to Jax’s Studio Sh***y City!”

Jax Taylor’s Los Angeles patio extension bar, Jax’s Studio City, recently received several visits from the L.A. County Department of Public Health in response to multiple complaints made by patrons. 

According to The Sun, the most recent– and arguably, most disturbing– complaint was made to the Department of Public Health in April, claiming the former Vanderpump Rules star was “changing baby diapers on top of a bar where food and drinks are served.”  

(The Official Inspection Report for the follow-up visit on May 1— which was exclusively obtained by The Ashley— reads that the violations noted in the April visit and complaint were “observed corrected.”

Brittany’s guilty face says it all.

The complaint that caused the health inspector to trek it to the Valley to visit Jax’s bar was made around the time that Jasmine Goode– one of Jax and estranged wife Brittany Cartwright’s castmates on The Valley– posted a video to her Instagram Story of the currently-separated couple seemingly changing their three-year-old son Cruz’s diaper on top of a bar at Jax’s. (It does not appear that Jasmine meant to cause any harm by posting the video, as she jokingly wrote in the video’s caption “Adulting.”)

Jasmine’s Instagram Story was later shared to the BlockedByJax Reddit page…and, apparently, the LA County Department of Health.

Can’t believe my eyes
byu/Malcho1 inBlockedByJax

Jax and Brittany’s makeshift diaper-changing station went on to launch an investigation that was conducted April 16. During the visit, the inspector noted that “the complaint was not observed.” 

“No one in the facility was changing diapers in the bar at the time of the inspection,” the Inspection Report obtained by The Ashley reads. “Discussed with owner that employees and customers are not allowed to change baby diapers in the bar counter or on tables. It is the owner’s responsibility to enforce this. Owner demonstrated understanding.” 

The complaint was closed as of the May 1 reinspection, and no further action was taken.

It’s worth noting that the Official Inspection Report lists Rocco’s Tavern as the facility name, NOT Jax’s Studio City, as Jax’s Studio City is essentially a patio connected to Rocco’s Tavern, not a separate establishment, and both share the same kitchen.  

…Per Jax Taylor and Jax Taylor only.

Months before Diaper Gate, Jax’s– which “opened” in October– also received a complaint regarding the menu item “Mamaw’s Beer Cheese.” According to a customer, the allegedly homemade dip was “made off premises” and merely sold at the sports bar and that the “kitchen doesn’t even have recipe for allergies.” 

Dig in– if you dare.

Upon inspection, one container of the beer cheese was reportedly being stored in the walk-in cooler and an “invoice was provided for the cheese spread.” 

“At the time of the investigation, the manager stated the beer cheese is made on site,” the public official noted during the investigation. “The manager did not have a recipe card for the beer cheese but informed Environmental Health Specialists beer cheese is made with sharp cheddar spread that is purchased through Amazon or Angie’s Wholesale.” 

“…don’t let Mamaw find out about this!”

The inspector was also informed by the manager that the chef makes the beer cheese and that it’s prepared by “adding dry spice mix and beer to the cheese spread.” 

This complaint was closed, as well. 

Both Jax’s Studio City and Rocco’s Tavern had a complete inspection on April 16, according to The Sun, during which both were hit with violations related to shellfish storing containers, which were not properly maintained. The violations were found to be corrected during a re-inspection on May 1. 

Despite Jax admitting more than once that he did not contribute financially to “his” sports bar and that there are “three partners footing the bill,” the former bartender claims there are plans in the works to open two more locations.

“We’re opening, actually, two more locations– one in California and one is out of state,” he told The Daily Dish in May. “I can’t say exactly where, but yeah. We’re really excited.

“I hope ‘The Valley’ can follow more of Jax’s Studio City,” he continued. “I mean, that’s kind of the dream, right? I could be the next Lisa Vanderpump.”

“I can’t believe…that Jax Taylor is THAT delusional.”

Reviews for Jax’s Studio City have been mixed, to say the least. In fact, three of the five most recent reviews for the sports bar on Yelp are 2 stars and below, with customers calling the drinks overpriced and comparable to those offered on “a booze cruise,” the food “barely edible” and the overall ambiance low effort. 

New episodes of ‘The Valley’ air Tuesdays on Bravo.

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(Photos: Instagram; Reddit; Bravo)

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  1. I without a doubt would not give them my business. Changing a kid’s diaper on the bar? Not only is that stupid, it is disgusting.

  2. I don’t know which one is the most stupid:
    – The couple changing the kid’s diaper on the bar
    – The girl filming and sharing the video (and not finding anything wrong with that activity)
    – The inspector writing that nobody was changing diapers on the bar while he was inspecting it

  3. So the health inspector didn’t observe diapers being changed on the bar during their visit.🥴I’m pretty sure they would avoid that.

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