Lala Kent Addresses Rumors She’s Joining Cast of ‘The Valley’; Reveals Why She Unfollowed Ariana Madix & Katie Maloney on Instagram & More

“Bring it on!”

Lala Kent answered all of her fans’ burning questions during a special episode of her Give Them Lala podcast, even tackling such sticky topics as her feud with Vanderpump Rules castmates Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney.

In the bonus episode of the podcast— which was released on Monday— Lala also opened up about the “harsh criticism” she got during the show’s 11th season, and addressed where she stands, friendship-wise, with Tom Sandoval.

Here are some of the most-interesting things Lala revealed during the episode.

On whether or not she’s considering joining the cast of ‘The Valley’:

Lala said that, despite the rumors that are circulating stating otherwise, she has not been asked to join the cast of ‘The Valley.’

“I have not had any conversations about entering ‘The Valley,'” she said. “I have had no thought about going on ‘The Valley.’ 

While Lala is currently a resident of the area that the show films in, she said her decision to purchase a house there had nothing to do with the show.

“I bought a house in the valley because I could not afford a home that was large enough for my family, with a yard, in the flats of Beverly Hills,” she said. “When you’re ready to be a home-owner and you make what me and my friends make, you move to the valley.”

Lala insisted that there was “nothing behind” her decision to move, other than price point.

On why she seemingly rode hard for Tom Sandoval after ripping him during the Season 10 Reunion:

Lala insisted that, despite what viewers may think, she did “not ride hard” for Sandoval during Season 11.

“I didn’t show up to his events that he invited me to,” she said. “I practiced compassion and simply acknowledged that a human being was a human being.”

“You hear that, James Kennedy? I am a HUMAN…not a worm with a mustache!”

Lala said that, despite not siding with Sandoval, she was ripped apart by ‘Vanderpump Rules’ fans.

“It’s wild that I was actually lit on fire because of it this season,” Lala— who is pregnant with her second child– said. “I did not jump on the Tom Sandoval train any way, shape or form. I acknowledged where I wanted to be in my life, mentally and emotionally, knowing that I was going to be bringing a child into the world. I wanted to be in a healthy space.”

Lala insisted that, although this was probably kind to Sandoval, her actions were only for her own benefit.

“I did that all for me,” she said. “I think people are fixating on the ‘Tom Sandoval’ of it, but take Tom out and insert someone else. It doesn’t matter. This was my journey of healing. You’re gonna see me switch up a lot. That’s how life works.”

Lala did, however, admit that she can understand why ‘VP’ fans questioned her after they saw her annihilating Sandoval at the Season 10 Reunion and then seemingly siding with him the next season.

“While I understand that the audience feels like the Reunion happened and then the next day [I was defending Sandoval], time had passed for me,” she said, later adding, “But I am not someone who is friends with Tom Sandoval. I wasn’t friends with him before [Scandoval] and I most certainly wouldn’t be friends with him after this happened.”

On if she stands with Ariana or Sandoval, post-Scandoval:

“If you pick me, I’ll let ya borrow my white nail polish, Lala! C’mon! What do you say?!”

As The Ashley previously reported, Lala and Ariana are not getting along currently; however, Lala insisted that she would always side with Ariana over Sandoval.

“Even though I had questions for Ariana because, that’s just what we do in this environment that we’ve been doing for many years, I would always pick her,” Lala said. “Still, right now, even with us not seeing eye-to-eye, if you said, ‘Pick Sandoval or Ariana,’ it’s a no-brainer.” 

On why she unfollowed Ariana and Katie Maloney on social media: 

“Yeah, clearly we’re all broken up over it.”

Lala is no longer following Ariana or Katie on Instagram, something ‘Vanderpump Rules’ fans were quick to notice. On her podcast, Lala explained why she dirty-deleted her co-stars from her Instagram.

“I’m not going to say that I would never be friends with them again,” Lala said.

“What I do know is that this season was very tough for me, and I felt like there were moments where I was having people come at me for things that had nothing to do with the show,” she continued. “It got dark. And there are things that I do sometimes to kind of bring me back to the light. 

“And if one of those things is unfollowing people who don’t really make me feel good in the moment, I’m gonna do that,” she said. “And I think anybody and everybody she exercise doing everything that they need to in the moment to feel good….I just wanted to feel good for a moment….So if I needed to unfriend a couple people on Instagram to keep me where the light is— especially being pregnant—than that’s what I’m going to do.”

On the harsh criticism she took during Season 11: 

“This season I was really being obliterated. It was very loud,” Lala said. “And I’m used to having seasons where I’m not people’s favorite, but the amount of hate I was getting this season that had nothing to do with what was being shown on TV. It was a lot. And it really hurt my feelings.”

On how she really feels about Ariana and Katie’s sandwich shop, Something About Her:

Lala said that, despite how it may look, she has always supported Katie’s dream of bringing sandwiches to the West Hollywood masses.

“Sure, Jan…”

“I care tremendously about Katie’s business,” Lala insisted. “I have done nothing but support Something About Her since they came up with the idea….Something About Her was conceived on ‘Vanderpump Rules’ finale Season 9.”

On what type of friend Lala thinks she is:

Lala was asked what kind of friend she thinks she is and, for once, she didn’t give herself too much credit.

“I think I’m a friend. I don’t think I’m a great friend. I don’t think I’m a good friend. I think I’m a friend,” she said.

“But if you’re looking for a friend with very strange-looking fingers, I am that person.”

Lala said she doesn’t have time to prioritize a friend over her family.

“I’m 33 years old. I’m passed the point of being in the sandbox saying, ‘You’re my best friend.’ I have a family,” she said. “I’m always going to pick them over you. I can call you on the phone here or there, send you some text messages to let you know I’m proud of you. But if you’re looking for someone to be blindly loyal and show up and be a best friend, I’m not it. And I also don’t expect that from my friends.

“…I’m a friend. If you’re looking for a great friend, or a bad friend, I’m in the middle,” she added. 

You can watch the entire episode below!

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  1. I agree with you! The best thing I ever heard Lala say was, I never knew someone who got cheated on and then all of a sudden, became God.
    I got so tired of her crying about being cheated on. Does she think she’s the only one who’s ever been cheated on? Enough already Ariana, it’s been a year, get over it.

  2. Lala stay in the light and rise above the haters. I get you..You just have no time or energy to put in to petty conversations or the bull****. Go girl!

  3. Lala belongs on The Valley where she can be with no class Kristen and douche bag Jax. Big mouth, thinks she can say anything. Lala is a loud loser! Katie is almost as bad but not quite. Sheana and Ariana at least have some class.

    1. She is who she is and does not make her bad person. She tell her truth 👏 and is why people are haters. They don’t want to hear that

  4. Lauren needs to stfu, nobody likes her ass. She acts likes she is such hard bitch but oh no, they her hurt her feeling s this season. She just trying to stay relevant because nobody gives a shit about her. She needs to get back to what she does best, sucking dick for a range rover.

    1. I like Lala a lot!! I like that she is brutally honest and evolves. We should ALL do that!! People who hate her, must be afraid of something?! Why isn’t she allowed to have her thoughts like all of you express your’s, without being hated for it?? So, you disagree? What do you care??

  5. Compassion and Lala don’t go in the same sentence. She has always been cruel. Always. Giving up alcohol didn’t make her a better person. Her soul is still the same. She was wildly jealous of the opportunities that Ariana got versus the zero opportunities Lala got when her sugar daddy cheated on her. If I were Ariana I would be the one cutting ties permanently with Lala and her annoying sidekick Scheana. She doesn’t need either of them.

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