‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Kail Lowry Says She’s Considering Adopting or Fostering Kids; Jenelle Evans’ Husband Bans Their Daughter From Filming & More

Kail…talking about her ability to keep adding kids to her household.

From getting more kids to keeping their kids off the TV screen, it’s been a busy week for the stars/former stars of the Teen Mom franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last week or so…

Kail Lowry Says She’s Considered Adopting or Fostering Kids

“Keep ’em coming!”

Kail has shot out seven—count ’em— seven babies over the past 15 years, and the former ‘Teen Mom 2′ star has made it clear that her baby birthin’ days are over. While Kail insists she will not be shooting out any more kids, that doesn’t mean her family will stop growing. 

During the most-recent episode of her Barely Famous podcast, Kail revealed that she is very open to the idea of adopting or fostering a kid (or kids) who need a home. She also talked about why she doesn’t want to have any more pregnancies, despite her live-in lover, Elijah Scott, feeling like he may not be done having biological kids. (As fan know Kail and Elijah share infant twins Valley and Verse, as well as son Rio. She shares sons Lux and Creed with Chris Lopez, son Lincoln with her ex-husband Javi Marroquin, and son Isaac with ex Jo Rivera.) 

“I definitely think that the journey of me carrying children is over, and I’m confident in that,” Kail said. “I’m solid in that decision. I’ve loved my time [pregnant] and I appreciate the opportunity, but we’re moving on now. That chapter has closed.”

Kail’s uterus upon hearing this news…probably.

Kail mentioned that Elijah– who got a vasectomy earlier this year—  had a bit of “snippers’ remorse.”

“I don’t know if it’s regret. Just, like, realizing that that door has closed, that chapter has ended kind of thing,” Kail said.

While she may not want to birth another child, Kail said she is interested in expanding the family even more.

“Would I adopt a child? Maybe I would explore an opportunity like that,” she said. “Maybe not even adopt, but, like, maybe foster a child. I feel like that would be more of something that I would entertain more than, like, IVF or something. Because that feels like a lot. And, I don’t know; I would rather help another child that needs a home than bring another one in. Like, I think 7 is a lot.”

“On behalf of all the Lowry-Rivera-Marroquin-Lopez-Scott children, we thank you for not birthing any more kids.”

Kail— who, earlier in the podcast episode revealed that, counting her live births and miscarriages, she had been pregnant for more than 10 years of her life– said she doesn’t want to shoot out any more babies.

“This has been a 15-year journey for me. Right? Like, I’ve been having kids for 15 years,” she said, adding that Elijah has “only” welcomed three babies in three years, so he’s more open to having another one.

“We don’t have three toddlers yet,” she said. “When we have three toddlers, he might be like, ‘Wow. I’m glad that we didn’t continue with our own.’

“With the foster[ing] situation, I don’t know what that looks like. I’ve never explored it,” Kail added. “I’ve never really entertained it before, but we might be able to foster, you know, a baby and then hopefully they would reunite with their mom or their parents. Or we could foster a toddler or an older kid and that might be a very different experience, too. Like, that would fulfill us in a different way.”

“The limit does not exist, Dr. Drew!”

Kail— who also recently had her tubes tied— said that she is not interested in pursuing IVF to get another baby.

“Like, I personally am not willing to put my body through it. I don’t wanna deal with the hormones,” she said. “I get it, that’s some people’s only option. But for me, personally, I would rather explore the idea of, like, adoption, foster, surrogacy.”

Kail said she has even brought up the topic of adoption to her plethora of kids.

“Jesus God Leah…”

“I asked the kids …I was like, ‘Hey, what would you guys say about, like, adopting a toddler?’ Lincoln was like, ‘Can you adopt one my age so we can play soccer?’ And I’m like, ‘You literally have siblings for that.’ I was thinking more so, like, toddler and up…Those are the children that need homes. Like, they’re the ones that need [homes] because people want [to adopt] babies. They want [to raise them] from infants to adult. Right?”

Kail is not the only ‘Teen Mom’ alum with a desire to adopt a child. Maci Bookout has stated for years that she and her husband Taylor McKinney would like to adopt or foster a child; however, in April she said that she and Taylor are not currently in the position to do so. However, Maci remains open to the idea.

“Even if it was fostering and not adoption–- just fostering in hopes that they do find adoptive parents-– I could never take it off the table,” she said during an interview last month. “But right now, it’s just not realistic for what we wouldn’t be able to give, everything that would need to be given and what we want to provide. It’s just not possible right now.” 


David Eason Reportedly Bans Daughter Ensley from Filming ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Season 2

Sounds like someone has a mad case of FOMO…

Jenelle Evans’ return to the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise has hit a snag, leaving her with one less person to film with. 

As The Ashley previously told you, shortly after kicking her swampmate David Eason to the broken down boat curb earlier this year, Jenelle was asked to return to the franchise she was previously fired from. However, according to The Sun, David is not allowing his and Jenelle’s seven-year-old daughter Ensley to partake in the filming festivities. 

“No daughter of mine is gonna get no JOB! We are Easons, we do not work!” 

The aspiring “rapper”– who was fired from MTV back in 2018– reportedly told ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ producers “no” when they contacted him to get permission for Ensley to film with Jenelle and Jenelle’s two other children, Jace and Kaiser. 

“David hates MTV,” a source told the outlet. “There was no way he was going to allow them to film with Ensley after they fired him and then Jenelle. 

“They’ll have a really hard time filming around Ensley, she’s a whole personality so I’m not sure how that will go down,” the source added. 

“Don’t worry, I have plenty of personalities I can tap into to make up for her absence! Activate: Single Jenelle Personality!” 

While Jenelle’s oldest son Jace will be able to film without issue as his father, Andrew Lewis, doesn’t have custody or any rights to the 14-year-old, nine-year-old Kaiser– whom Jenelle shares with former fiancé Nathan Griffith– will only be able to film under certain conditions, per Nathan. 

Nathan, praying that Kaiser will be down to loan him some of that MTV money down the road…

“Nathan knows the kids being on the show can set them up in the future,” a source told The Sun. “He’s currently in talks with MTV and he’s ready to allow Kaiser to be filmed, he just wants to make sure the money is protected for his son before he gives a definitive yes.” 

As The Ashley has previously stated, parents who have shared custody of a child (like Jenelle and David currently have for Ensley) have to both consent in order for the child to film for the show. 

Javi Marroquin & Lauren Comeau Reveal Why They Chose the name Maizee Joelle For Their Daughter

“I think it goes without saying that the name ‘Kail’ wasn’t considered…”

Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ dad Javi became a girl dad last week when his longtime girlfriend, Lauren, gave birth to their daughter. As The Ashley previously reported, the baby girl (who is Javi’s third child and Lauren’s second) came a few weeks early and hadn’t been given a name when the couple announced her birth. 

Over the weekend, though, Lauren and Javi announced that they have named their daughter Maizee Joelle Marroquin…and the Internet had…thoughts… on the interesting spelling chosen. In a series of comments on the Instagram name announcement post, Lauren revealed the way she and Javi came up with the baby’s name and it’s unique spelling.

“Did someone say UNIQUE baby name? Hmm…nice, but I did it better.”

Maizee–pronounced “May-zee,” according to Lauren— was chosen by her, Javi, their son Eli and Javi’s son Lincoln.

“It was on my short list [of baby names] and then we let the boys chose between my top 2 [names] when they came to visit her,” Lauren explained in an Instagram comment. “The Linc and Jav decided on the spelling. Fam effort lol!”

“I’ve never seen the spelling before,” Lauren told another person in the post’s comment section. “The boys picked it, but I love it…”

Lauren confirmed that the other names they were considering were Nora and Remi.

“Maisey was just on my short list of names I love, I thought Maisey Marroquin was adorable. Joelle is what Eli called her before we even knew it was a girl so that’s where Sissy Jo came from & we wanted to keep that,” Lauren told another person.


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Kail Lowry’s Son Isaac Posts Video Roasting Kail’s Past Red Carpet Looks 

“Why did we spend so much time talking about wallpaper on the show when we could’ve been talking about my mom’s history of terrible fashion choices?”

After years of creating content and filming storylines based around her children–- including eldest son Isaac Rivera–  Kail Lowry got a taste of her own medicine over the weekend when Isaac posted a video rating– and in some cases, hating– on some of Kail’s red carpet looks from over the years. 

Isaac– whose dad is Jo Rivera– kicked off his video with an ensemble that Kail wore the MTV VMAs in 2016. Before going on to complete his description of his mom’s fit, Isaac paused to let everyone know his thoughts on her hot-roller hairdo.

“In my opinion, the hair was NOT eating,” he said. “It just doesn’t look good.” 

“Well, now I can see why your hair product line didn’t last.”

Isaac then slammed his mother’s decision to wear a see-through red lace top…with nothing underneath. 

“This is not cute to me and I hope she’s wearing a bra under this,” he added. “What is going on? Also, what is going on with her nails? It kind of looks crazy.” 

Don’t ask questions you don’t want to hear the answer to, kid.

Onto look No. 2— a black lace jumpsuit that Kail sported at the 2018 MTV VMAs— Isaac gave his stamp of approval on Kail’s makeup, emphasizing that “she looks so good.” As for Kail’s nails, however, once again, Isaac wasn’t a fan. 

“Not your worst, mom.”

“Why are the nails green but she has a gold purse?” he asked. “The hair is eating. The makeup is eating. I don’t know what even to call this but it’s a black outfit. I don’t even know what to say.”

Isaac absolutely lets his mom have it as he moved on to look No. 3, which showed Kail wearing a long sleeve black dress at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards. (Kail’s escort for this event was— randomly— Isaac’s dad, Jo.) 

“What do you look so old in this picture?” he asked. “The hair? Getting there.” 

We have a feeling Jo threw Isaac a little extra allowance after this comment.

For look No. 4, Isaac treated fans to a two-for-one critique as he shared a photo of Kail and her former ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star Leah Messer at the 2019 MTV VMAs wearing semi-coordinating denim and bustiers/bra looks on the red carpet. 

This is the same face I made upon seeing this coordinating catastrophe years ago…

“Leah’s wearing a cute top, but she could’ve picked better pants for this,” he said. “Leah’s shoes, they look like elf shoes. What is mom wearing for her earrings? You look like you’re in a cult. The shoes, the makeup, it’s alright, I just think you can do better.”

As he wrapped up his video, Isaac declared look No. 2 as “the best overall,” though he declined naming a “worst overall” look. 

‘Teen Mom’ fans seemed to enjoy watching Isaac playfully poke fun at his mom’s best and worst looks from over the years, and even after catching some strays herself in the post, Leah encouraged Isaac to keep the videos coming.  

“Elf shoes 💀😭 This is great!!!” Leah commented on Isaac’s post. Keep them coming [Isaac.] [Ali & Aleeah] up next 🤣.

Kail also seemed to find humor in Isaac’s post after insinuating in the comment section that he posted the video without her knowledge. 

“I take a nap and woke up to thisssssss 😂😂😂,” she wrote. 

Watch Isaac roast rate Kail’s looks below. 

To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!

(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 

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  1. Kail has made some of the most racist comments in this whole franchise. I realize that her kids are mixed but she always loved to weaponize the law against Joe and Javi whenever she thought it would help her.

    1. Remember when she told Jo that he was dressing Isaac “ghetto” and then declared that Isaac was white? Good times.

  2. You people hating on Kail for having 7 kids are such trash. She has the money the time and clearly loves the shit out of her kids. Moms like her should have as many as they want…women who spend their time trolling people should have 0 imo

    1. I think it’s more of the 3 or 4 baby daddies that is embarrassing. How many baby daddies do you have?

      1. I have 2 kids 1 husband, but if I could comfortably afford 7..I’d consider that a blessing. Why ppl have a problem with more than one bd I don’t understand..all of her kids have a relationship with their dad and a blessed life. I’m sure the kids would rather they be born than not.

        1. I dont get the mulitple baby daddy thing either. I think its better to have realized they arent going to be a good dad and moved on then to keep having kids with the same loser. Some people think just because they are married to a loser and have multiple kids with him they are better than some girl that had a kid with someone who started to suck so she left him and found someone that treats her good then had a kid with him too. Now, her continuing to have kids with Chris when he was a POS…. and then to have an affair with Javi at the Wa Wa….

    2. A-Money doesn’t make you a good parent, it never will, ever. full stop.
      B-She can’t even be alone with more than two of her kids at a time. This is something she has said herself since her third child was born. It is something she openly admits to and has for years. Even SHE thinks she can’t be a good mom.
      C-She has stated, since Issac was born, that she has no motherly instincts at all. Again, this isn’t something others accuse her of, it’s something SHE has said.
      D-Even loving your kids isn’t going to be enough to raise 7well-adjusted, happy, properly fed (and I do not mean just nutritionally, but also developmentally, emotionally, etc..) kids. She lacks some of the most basic things a good parent need. Need I state again that SHE has said this, countless times.
      E-Her own son has admitted that while she loves them, and he loves her, she’s not a great mom. That’s all we really need, to be honest. Issac lives it, he knows what his family is like. He knows what she’s capable of. She hasn’t once listened to him, despite him encouraging her to “act normal and not so weird all the time”. She thinks he’s just being funny, when in all reality, it’s a cry from him for her to FUCKING LISTEN and DO BETTER! Listen when your kids tell you that you’re hurting them, odds are pretty good they’re not lying.

  3. I agree that Issac is also gay. Nothing wrong with it, I just think it’s pretty obvious. He also unfortunately resembles his mom a lot and also has his mother’s dirty look down pat! I love his roasts though Haha

  4. I have five kids. You have to work hard to make sure you give each kid your time and have the ability to communicate with all of them to facilitate that open door. There is no way with 8 kids she’s giving them that. Then she wants to add more? Unfortunately a lot of kids in the foster system have special needs/behaviors from abuse. What the hell is she thinking? This is the dumbest thing I’ve heard from her and that’s saying something.

  5. Is adopting and fostering the new look-how-good-I-am trend for celebreties? I feel like everyone is talking about it, but few actually does it.

    Isaac is 100% gay(it was clear when he was like 4) and Kail is going to make that all about her and use it to show the world how Good And Tolerant she is. When Teen Mom is no longer a thing she will become a professional LGBTQWGJKLOFETHBÖ-activist.

    Also, what the heck does “eating” mean in this context?

    1. I have two 11 year old boys that constantly use this term- “She ate that!” means basically she slayed that (slayed: AKA nailed it, it’s on point).
      “The make-up is eating” Translation: Her makeup looks really good/on point
      Hope this helps. Believe me, I am learning all of this too SMH

      1. Someone just said their 11 year old says they ate that. Which to me that meant, like they ate that, they crashed, or whatever. I am 34 lol

  6. Issac roasting his mom doesn’t look goof for her especially after him telling her to quit having more kids and having 3 more. O u c h

  7. Javi should’ve known way better than to pick that specific spelling, Javi’s whole family is from Guatemala and Maiz means corn in spanish so he basically named poor baby girl Cornee

    1. That was my first thought too but I’m also a huge fan of corn so I didn’t even think of it as a bad thing hahaha

  8. nathan may not be doing the best as of rn, but at least he’s still looking out for the best for kaiser and his future!

    i just KNOW isaac’s tired of all these kids and jail even talking about having more 😂😂 but kail is a good mom and i can see her at least fostering kids especially since she was a foster kid herself at one point

    lincoln and javi choosing the spelling for maizee’s dumb name explains A LOT on why it’s so stupid

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