Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Javi Marroquin & Lauren Comeau Welcome Baby Girl

“We’ve spawned again!”

Javi Marroquin is a proud 3rd-time Papi papa!

The former Teen Mom 2 dad and his girlfriend Lauren Comeau welcomed a baby girl on Tuesday, May 28. 

“Sissy is here!” the couple wrote in a joint Instagram post on Wednesday. “Our sweet sister girl arrived last night & we are all head over heels in love.” 


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Javi and Lauren have not yet revealed what they named their daughter, or her birth details. However, she was born a couple weeks early, as Lauren’s due date was June 13. 

This is the second child for Lauren, who shares son Eli with Javi, and Baby No. 3 for Javi, who also has son Lincoln with his ex-wife, Kail Lowry

“Our daughter is here!” Javi posted on Instagram Stories on Wednesday, along with several polaroid photos of him and the kids visiting Lauren and the baby in the hospital. 

As ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, Lauren and Javi have had a long history full of break-ups, make-ups, a broken engagement and at least a few cheating scandals. The couple gave things another go a few years ago, and, in June 2023 Javi sold his home in and moved into Lauren’s home. Lauren and Javi announced that Lauren was pregnant right before Christmas last year.


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(Fans may also remember that Kail “let it slip” on her Coffee Convos podcast a few before Javi and Lauren’s baby announcement that one of her kids told her that his dad was trying to have another baby with his current partner. Although Kail didn’t mention Javi by name, fans were easily able to deduce which baby daddy Kail was talking about.)

Kail has yet to publicly on Javi and Lauren’s new addition.

“This is sooo going to be discussed on your podcast, right?”
“Ohhhh yeah, you know it, Javi!”

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19 Responses

  1. Why would Lauren choose to continue to procreate with a prolific cheater who can’t even keep his antics out of her OWN HOME??? How’s she gonna feel when her daughter has some dude doing the same humiliating crap??

  2. It never ceases to amaze me when toxic couples keep procreating. Let’s hope this baby isn’t exposed to cheating and domestic violence.

  3. My twin sister and I have called each other Sissy for 42 years. My dad called me Wiffy because my brother couldn’t say Sissy when he was young.

    My sissy and I are the only remaining living people in our immediate family and first degree extended family. To have the stupid nicknames is a comfort.

  4. hopefully they’re actually happy and javi learned to try to stop cheating on lauren every second he gets. she’s also the idiot thought for allowing him to continue treating her like that

  5. I don’t know how to explain it and it’s not about who Lauren is as a person but she looks like she doesn’t know how to use deodorant or wash her hair regularly

  6. Awesome! Another innocent child who gets to one day look back on the Internet and discover her dad is a liar and a chapter. That is if one of her friends does not drop the news on the playground first. By then, MTV will have a spinoff show where they follow all the Teen Mom kids to see how they navigate their own teen pregnancies, drug and alcohol addiction, and blame it all on their parents, who blame it on the child.

    In the series finale, I wonder if we will finally discover if it was Maci’s fault all these years.

  7. If Kail didn’t have all her BD to talk about she’d have no other topic. Lame.

    I’ve always thought Lauren is so pretty. They both look happy.

    1. Walking in on my partner railing some other chick in our home, in our bathroom would’ve been immediate game over.
      This girl’s either a saint or de-lu-lu….

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