‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Kail Lowry Gets Nothing (But Shade) From Her Baby Daddies for Mother’s Day; Tyler Baltierra Clarifies How His Bio Daughter Carly Feels About Seeing Him & More

“All these kids and not one grocery store flower bouquet or regifted scented candle!? WOW!”

From getting called out, to getting back to the friendships that left you hit in the head with drumsticks, it’s been a busy week for the stars/former stars of the Teen Mom franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom Family ReunionTeen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last week or so…

Kail Lowry Gets Nothing (But Shade from Chris Lopez) For Mother’s Day

“I at least expected a ‘Thanks for shooting my kid outta your crotch!’ text from Javi!” 

She may have four baby daddies, but former ‘Teen Mom 2′ star Kail said she got no love from them on Mother’s Day!

She did, however, get called out by her third baby daddy, Chris Lopez (whom she shares sons Creed and Lux with), after she complained on her podcast about the lack of acknowledgement she’s received from her plethora of baby daddies over the years. 

“My kids’ dads don’t acknowledge me for Mother’s Day,” Kail said on the most-recent episode of her Coffee Convos podcast. “They haven’t acknowledged me for a long time.”

(We can assume that Kail was not addressing her current beau, Elijah Scott, with whom she shares three kids).

Kail admitted that she’s most disappointed in her second baby daddy Javi Marroquin (whom she shares son Lincoln with) for the lack of Mother’s Day love, stating that she and Javi currently get along well. (Kail and Chris have always had a very tumultuous relationship, and Kail recently revealed that she and her first baby daddy Jo Rivera currently “have no communication at all.”)

“I think I get more upset about Javi not doing [anything for me], just because we are very much co-parents through and through,” she said.

“He doesn’t even need to bring a present to my house! He could just drop it off to me…”

“We’re in a really good place, so I do get a little offended when he doesn’t [acknowledge me],” Kail added (after admitting she forgot to give Javi the gift she bought for him last Father’s Day). “Not even an email saying, ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ or ‘Happy Birthday.’ Like I don’t even get that.

“You don’t need to send [me] a gift but remember this is how Lincoln’s going to treat people when he gets older,” Kail said.

“That kid better acknowledge ALL of his baby mamas on Mother’s Day!”

“So even sending me a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ [message] in an email doesn’t really suffice, because you’re not teaching Lincoln anything because Lincoln doesn’t see the emails,” Kail said, adding that Javi should be showing Lincoln that, despite the fact that he and Kail are divorced, they still “work as a team” as co-parents. 

Kail made it clear that she wasn’t trying to just shade Javi by calling him out. She then proceeded to call out most of the men she’s had babies with.

“Chris, you can hate me. Javi, you can hate me. Jo, you can hate me. But at the end of the day, you’re teaching your kids how to treat their future situation,” Kail said.

Chris, bringing up a few choice words for Kail (aka his “situation”)…

Chris did not take well to the public scolding he received from Kail on her podcast. In response, he took to Instagram to comment on a post about the podcast episode, calling Kail out in the process. Chris seemed to take particular offense to the statement Kail made about the dads’ (lack of) acknowledgment toward her having an effect on their kids’ future actions.

“How does a gift equate to treating people when they get older?” Chris wrote. “She buys gifts but treats people like s**t and property… It’s the nerve to get on these podcasts and portray an image for viewers and listeners but you DON’T even work as a team.”

Chris then switched and spoke directly to Elijah, advising him that he will likely have a tough road ahead with Kail.

“And for homeboy [Elijah] SMH, you’re in a terrible cycle,” Chris wrote. “You’ve been groomed from the start, love-bombed, I bet alienated from your family [and] put in a position of them or me. All that comes from this is pain. [Kail] will take from you until you have nothing left [f]or yourself and will discard you and be on to the next with no hesitation. Be safe playa…I’m gone.” 

“He’s exaggerating…right?!”

Kail has not responded to Chris’ comments. 

Tyler Baltierra Claims He & Catelynn Lowell Have “Confirmed” It Wasn’t Their Bio Daughter Carly’s Decision to Not Have Their Annual Visit

“We’re not like regular bio parents, we’re COOL bio parents.”

Tyler Baltierra is still not happy that he and wife Catelynn Lowell won’t be getting an annual visit with their biological daughter Carly this year, and on Tuesday, he addressed some fans’ theories that it’s Carly— and not her parents Brandon and Teresa Davis— who wanted to skip this year’s visit with Cate and Ty.

As The Ashley told you last week, Cate and Tyler shared on social media their frustration and anger that Carly’s parents couldn’t “make the time” to visit with them this year. Catelynn stated how disappointed she is that they likely won’t see the teen until well after her 16th birthday. 

After sharing the update with fans last week, Tyler insisted that the visit wasn’t cancelled as a result of anything he or Cate had said/done on MTV/exposed on OnlyFans. 

“Avert your eyes, BrandonAndTeresa.”

Tyler continued to set the record straight on why he claims Brandon and Teresa made the decision, even taking to X to respond to a comment from someone asking if he or Cate had considered that “maybe Carly herself doesn’t want anything to do with y’all” and that her parents were “canceling” the annual visits on her behalf. 

Tyler denied that there was any truth to that theory. 

“I wish this were the case [to be honest] because it would be way easier to handle, knowing it’s Carly’s decision,” Tyler replied. “However, we’ve confirmed that’s not the case.” 

While Tyler didn’t reveal how he and Cate had “confirmed” this detail, he took issue with fans focusing so much on “WHY the decision was made” rather than the pain that said-decision caused him and Catelynn. 

“… The priorities or everyone’s interests in this matter are definitely…interesting to say the least,” he continued. “Especially when those people continue to use these ‘theories’ & opinions as a way to negatively attack the ones who are suffering from the pain that was expressed.” 

“We are, ONCE AGAIN, asking to be excluded from this narrative, Ty.”

In the lengthy statement addressing the visit drama last week, Tyler called out Brandon and Teresa for choosing “not to follow through” with their annual visits “MULTIPLE times,” though he added that he and Cate have to “trust” that Carly’s parents are making decisions that are in the best interest of Carly.


Tyler also recognized that the situation “is hard for everyone involved.” 

“We’re only human after all & I believe we could all use some more grace and understanding towards one another!” Tyler concluded. 


 Tori Rhyne Publicly Celebrates That She & Jenelle Evans Are Back to Being Besties 

The only thing stronger than this friendship are the filters they use on their photos…

It’s out with the old and (back) in with the older, over on The Land. 

Since kicking husband David Eason to the curb– or to the broken down boat, to be more specific– Jenelle Evans has rekindled her friendship with Tori Rhyne and the dynamic duo are back to being thick as thieves. 

Viewers may remember Tori as the on-again, off-again bestie whom Jenelle got into a physical altercation with on Season 2 of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ (The scene in which this altercation took place is, in The Ashley’s opinion, one of the best moments in ‘Teen Mom’ history ever!) 

The drumstick beating heard ’round the world.

Another one of Jenelle and Tori’s infamous falling outs occurred when Jenelle and David tied the knot on The Land and Tori and her then-boyfriend allegedly showed up to the event tardy, intoxicated and talking about eating a**. 


Jenelle called Tori out in a Facebook post made soon after her September 2017 nuptials.

After a long period of estrangement following the wedding, Tori and Jenelle briefly rekindled their friendship when Tori made a fieldtrip to The Land to make weird TikTok videos, but the friends were feuding again soon after. 

Despite their tumultuous history, Jenelle and Tori recently resumed hanging out and hitting each other with drumsticks the town together. 

Over the weekend, Tori took to Instagram to express how happy she is to have her occasional BFF back in her life. 

“There’s no doubt about it that we have our ups and downs, but our friendship is more like a sisterhood and no matter how bad the downs can get, we always seem to find our way back to each other and have a tighter friendship than ever,” Tori wrote. “Going on 19 years of friendship with you. 19 years worth of stories and 19 years worth of memories and luckily our story doesn’t end there, more memories are in the making and many more years of friendship to go.” 

Tori confirmed last month that she’s even welcome on The Land these days, presumably because Jenelle’s estranged husband no longer is. 

“Made it to the She Shed,” Tori posted in April, referring to the shed that sits on Jenelle’s property that Jenelle often sits in to…do whatever it is she does all day.  

Tori has also shared content to her social media featuring Jenelle and David’s daughter, Ensley, which likely got David’s barnacles in a bunch. 

“That dang friendship sinks stinks!”

Ironically though, Jenelle’s boaterhome boo reportedly played a part in reuniting the longtime pals, albeit unintentionally. 

According to an anonymous Twitter user who has been known to leak information about Jenelle in the past, David isn’t too pleased about his estranged wife making nice with Tori, as he was trying to make nice (so to speak) with Tori himself before Tori and Jenelle made up. 


“Funny story..David is mad he brought Tori and Je back together,” the account posted. “He was trying to hit up Tori in the dms and Tori went straight to Je and told her. That brought the friendship back. Props to Tori for girl code.”

Brittany DeJesus Announces Her Wedding Date & Posts Her Engagement Photos

Brittany, celebrating the fact that she will soon be legally wed…

Brittany is about to be a bride!

The sister of Briana DeJesus announced on Wednesday that she and her fiancé Steven will be getting hitched on September 22, 2024. The unofficial Queen of the ‘Teen Mom’ One-Liners also posted several of her engagement photos, some of which featured her nieces Stella and Nova.

Brittany and Steven announced their engagement back in February 2023, but had not publicly posted much it about since then, making some fans wonder if Brittany and Steven were still together. Britt confirmed on Instagram Stories earlier this year that she and her boo were, indeed, still engaged, but did not go into much detail regarding the plans for her nuptials. 

On Wednesday, Brittany revealed via Instagram Stories that Nova will be the ring bearer for the wedding, while Stella will be the flower girl.

“She’s going to be my WIFE!” Steven wrote in the comment section of their joint Instagram post.

“PERIODDD. Can’t wait to call you my husband,” Brittany responded. 

Brittany received plenty of congratulatory messages from her ‘Teen Mom’ co-stars and crew members; however, it’s unknown if the wedding will be filmed for ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.’

“You KNOW I’m gonna be wearing my red pumps for this blessed event!”


To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!

(Photos: Instagram; MTV) 



  1. -We all know Chris is a POS, but it’s still great that he’s always calling Kail out on her bullshit. The fact that she treats everybody in her life like garbage and then has the audacity to expect the exes (that she badmouths all over the internet, where her kids can see) to acknowledge her on Mother’s Day is so crazy and hypocritical!

    -Props to Brandon and Teresa for most likely lying to Catelynn and Tyler and saying it had nothing to do with Carly not wanting to see them. Y’all know if they found out that was the case, they’d drag that poor little girl the same way they do her parents.

    -Jenelle is coming back to MTV without David or Barb, so of course Tori is back in the picture. Who else would she talk to?

    -Brittany’s butt looks like she shoved a throw pillow down the back of her pants as a joke.

  2. Completely agree with Chris being awful too. I was just pointing out the hypocrisy of talking badly about the baby daddies via social media as if it’s not worse than not acknowledging Mother’s Day to her

  3. Jenelle mentioning “once in a lifetime” when getting hitched is pretty funny, you have to admit

  4. Ty and Cate need to stop their lousy behavior they’re only hurting Carly more. Kail come off your high horse who the heck cares if the dad especially if you’re not together doesn’t say anything you’re not their mom. You barely even have all the kids together at a time. Probably truthfully mad cuz new baby daddy prolly blew her off. Besides, doesn’t she just spoil herself cuz only she exists and matters in her life?

    1. There were SO MANY TIMES fans told them Carly will just “come home” when she turns 18 as if BrandonandTeresa stole their child! It’s THEIR child now, you are only her bio parents. I feel like it’s good that they are not letting her see them cuz that will only leave the poor girl confused as to why do these people CLAIM her even though she has adopted and has loving parents now. Ty and Cate should be happy their bio daughter is living such a great live they weren’t able to provide at that time.

  5. Why would Carly, Brandon, or Theresa tell Tyler if Carly didn’t want to see them? There is no way to confirm that. Also, if Tyler doesn’t want the public’s opinion on this, then he and Cate should stop airing their grievances publicly. They can’t complain loudly about this and then act all hurt when people weigh in.

    Cate and Tyler treat their “relationship” to Carly as clickbait, something they parade around for attention instead of doing what they need to do to actually maintain a relationship with her. I’m fresh out of sympathy for them.

    And speaking of attention, Kail, just stop. You have treated Jo like shit, so why would he do anything by for you? Both Jo and Javi have wives they need to focus on for Mother’s Day. If she wanted a close friendship with them, she shouldn’t have been so nasty.

  6. Kail’s kids see how she interacts with everyone. We could start an excel spreadsheet of everyone Kail has had problems with.

  7. Does Kail spend time crafting loving Insta posts on FATHERS DAY ???

    Looks like Dr Miami put wet cement in to make a shelf. You regular ass was fine!!

  8. Out of all of that trash, the thing I am most aghast about is whatever animal has taken up residence in Brittany’s ass. What IS that?!

  9. Tyler, shut the fuck up. Until Carly is old enough to address the situation publicly, if she chooses, the shit you say is just that. Shit. I know it’s a foreign concept to you but silence is golden.

    Poor Kail. Imagine being so ignorant and privileged to think your multiple baby deddies MUST wish you happy Mother’s Day. This girl has a serious case of grandiosity & needs mental help. You ain’t special.

    1. Exactly. Why would B&T admit that? Protecting a child is important, especially in complex situations.

  10. It is real rich for Kail to point out that her baby daddies are teaching their kids how to treat people yet we’ve seen how she treats people! She’s the Abby Lee of humans…”everyone is replaceable!”

  11. Tyler and cate need to stop acting so psycho. They don’t REALLY know how Carly feels and what she knows. She’s prob embarrassed, why do they constantly need to talk about this everyday online?

    1. Because their fans feed them with delusions. They think Carly will just come running back the moment she turns 18. Ty and Cate are basically STRANGERS to her, sure she knows they are her bio parents, that they have daughters on their own now but apart from that…she is emotionally attached to her parents, NOT them.

  12. I don’t understand Kail, she can’t treat people like shit and then expect them to be kind to her. So she’s trying to teach her kids, to treat people like garbage and then when they refuse to celebrate you, call them out, and treat them worse.

    But Chris is to sit back down. This man hasn’t done anything for his two kids, so he can stop complaining about Kail. He should be thanking the ground Kail walks on that she can afford to raise those kids without his help, either physically or financially. But the comments about Jo and Javi are stupid. Her kids are old enough to make something in school, and if you aren’t going to send a gift to Javi or Jo on father’s day, stop expecting them to do something for you. Jo and Javi are active fathers they both have 50/50. Jo moved to Delaware to fight for custody of Issac, and has been an active father to Issac.

    Tyler needs to shut the hell up. He can’t post this stupid long rant about how dare B&T refuse him and then get mad that the internet- interneted. Yeah, put things up for comments and people will comment on it. Also, I think Tyler is naive to think that B&T wouldn’t just lie to protect Carly. I’m not saying that’s this situation, but yeah, parents lie to protect their kids all the time.

    Tyler is the only one yapping about his situation, he doesn’t like it, go talk to B&T work on building a relationship with them, see what they are willing to allow, go to therapy to deal with the rest. Maybe they won’t allow a physical visit, but they could allow a video call or letters. I know Kim has said in the past she’s allowed and does send Carly gifts every year for her birthday and Christmas, Why can’t Tyler start with that? I think he said he doesn’t do that. Why not? Write letters, send emails, its 2024, you can build a solid relationship on the internet.

    1. How do you know what Chris does for his kids? You can’t assume. I think Chris calling out Kail is gold. I’ll say it over and over again, Kail has met someone as equally disrespectful as her, and she can’t handle it. I like Chris. It’s refreshing that someone else won’t let her rest and he throws all her business out there. Yes Javi and Jo aren’t doing it but someone has to contradict her every now and then or else she keeps running her mouth about everyone else with no repercussions.

      1. I find it funny that Chris didn’t want to be in front of the camera, and actually get paid from MTV for like 3 years. But now is always on social media posting about how much he hates Kail.

        They both messy, and they would be smart to both just keep it off the internet, at least for their kids.

        I think Jo and Javi just know that its not worth the fight. Jo has know Kail for 15+ years, and Javi like 10+ years, so for them, why get on the internet and “defend” this dumb shit. It does them better to just not even engage.

  13. Kail is awful.
    I’m glad no one accommodates her, the way she does not accommodate anyone else.

    Jenelle and Tori. I’d be pissed if every time my friend got a man she dumped me. But Tori isn’t too bright, so..

    I can only imagine the phone call Tyler made to the Davis household demanding answers.

  14. I don’t know who’s most dense, Kail or Tyler.
    Jenelle needs a sounding board for her segments in TM now that Barb is not around and Tori can surely use some bucks

  15. I agree with Chris 💯 you talk shit to the media which is an awful way to teach your kids to treat someone than omitting a happy Mother’s Day acknowledgement. I find it odd that vee is friends and does podcasts with kail even though her and Jo do not get along.

    Ahhhhh Jenelle and Tori. Almost as entertaining as Jenelle and her scum of soulmates.

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