‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Kail Lowry Reveals the ‘Unique’ Names She Gave Her Twins; Amber Portwood’s Belgian Ex-Boyfriend Calls Her “Crazy” & More

“Whose ready for my latest name drop?”

From announcing baby names to announcing random things on the Internet, it’s been another busy week for the stars/former stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last week or so…

Kail Lowry Reveals the, um, Interesting Names She Chose For Her Twins

Kail, on why she chooses random words as baby names….probably.

Kail has revealed the names of her latest additions to her ever-growing litter of kids!

The former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star posted a video to Instagram earlier this week, showing her with her recently born twins— a boy and a girl— along with an announcement of the babies’ names. 

“Complete. Whole. Everybody’s here,” she captioned the video.

Blankets on the babies’ cribs revealed that her new son’s name is “Verse” and her (only) daughter’s name is “Valley.” 

As fans know, Verse and Valley are Kail’s sixth and seventh kids. They join brothers Rio (whose father is also Elijah Scott, Kail’s current live-in lover); Creed and Lux (whose dad is Chris Lopez); Lincoln (who is fathered by Kail’s ex-husband Javi Marroquin) and Isaac (whose dad is Jo Rivera). 

While Kail’s name reveals garnered her plenty of congratulatory messages, she also received some backlash for the, um, unique name choices.

@kaillowry ??☁️? #kailandthechaos #kaillowry #twins ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

“She picks the weirdest names,” one person wrote in the post’s comment section.

“Do people just close their eyes and point to something in a newspaper to find their kids’ names these days? another person wrote. “WTF.” 

“Those aren’t names, those are words,” someone else commented.

Kail has yet to share what inspired her baby name choices.


Amber Portwood’s Ex-Boyfriend Dimitri Garcia Shades Amber; Insinuates She’s “Crazy” 

“That’s the last time I date an American reality TV star I met on the Internet!”

Amber’s Belgian one-time beau has moved on— and is hinting about what his time with the ‘Teen Mom’ star was like. 

‘Teen Mom OG’ fans will remember that Amber dated Dimitri Garcia– a Belgian man she met online— for a long period of time. Ambie even flew her European lover to her home in Indiana several times so she could get to know him in-person—and demand he take a lie-detector test…as you do.

Anyway, Amber is now dating an Indiana man named Gary (but not that Gary). On Friday, Dimitri made it known that he, too, has a new boo, posting a photo with his special lady to Instagram. 


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Dimitri Garcia (@dimitrigarcia014)

In the comment section, several fans of the show commented that they were thrilled that Dimitri “found someone that isn’t Amber.” Dimitri thanked them, and even responded to another commenter who wrote that “Amber was crazy!”

“You are quite right,” Dimitri replied.

“Dimitri, bro. I’m gonna recommend you buy yourself a cup and helmet. It don’t even matter that you live across the Atlantic. Safety first!”

It’s unknown when Amber and Dimitri officially ended their geographically-challenged relationship. The couple split in 2021, but in July 2023, Amber and Dimitri appeared to be “on again.” A source told The Sun at the time that Dimitri had been acting as a “sounding board” for the ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ star while she dealt with custody drama with (second) baby daddy, Andrew Glennon. 

“Dimitri and Amber talk all the time,” a source told the outlet in July. “She is taking things slowly, but he’s been there for her during a really tough time. Dimitri has been her ear through the whole ordeal.”

“…or something.”

Obviously, things went south in the relationship shortly after that interview, because Amber began dating Gary 2.0 several months later. 

Amber has yet to comment on Dimitri’s remarks about her. 

Jenelle Evans Claims She— Not Kail Lowry— Was Lindsie Chrisley’s First Choice to Do the Coffee Convos Podcast

“Thankfully I was able to launch my own super-successful Jenelle Evans Podcast on my own. Oh…wait….”

Earlier this week, Jenelle took to social media to spiral attempt (yet again) to get the attention of her former ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star, Kail. In a post to Facebook (that was quickly deleted) Jenelle randomly announced that she could have had Kail’s spot on the successful Coffee Convos podcast, because Kail’s co-host Lindsie Chrisley approached her first to do the project.

Jenelle– who has made several attempts at podcasting on her own with crash-and-burn results— stated that she turned Lindsie down, causing the former Chrisley Knows Best star to then ask Kail to be her co-host.

Literally nobody at all:
Jenelle: “I could have had a job!”

“Fun fact: Did you know Lindsie Chrisley came to me first [about] starting a podcast before she started with Kail?” Jenelle wrote on Facebook. “I told Lindsie I didn’t want to do it because I just wasn’t interested with podcasting at the time.” 


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A post shared by TEEN MOM (@teenmomfanz)

Lindsie and Kail did not respond to Jenelle’s out-of-the-blue declaration. However, in the past Kail has invited Jenelle to come on Coffee Convos, as well as her Barely Famous podcast, but Jenelle has declined. 

Coffee Convos— which was started in 2017—has gone on to become very successful with Kail and Lindsie as its co-hosts. 

Lindsie, feeling like a boss for dodging THAT bullet…

Jenelle’s attempt to do The Jenelle Evans Podcast in 2021 was cringy, with the fired ‘Teen Mom 2’ star only putting out two episodes, one of which featured Jenelle’s ever-present husband David Eason as the “special guest” who basically burped and grunted into the mic for an hour. (You can relive that horror here by clicking here to read The Ashley’s recap of the episode!) 

“That’s all them podcasts is!”

Earlier in 2021, Jenelle was hired for the Girl S**t podcast, which was supposed to bring girls from reality TV, social media influencers and other areas of entertainment together to do a joint podcast. Jenelle was promptly fired from the project before it even got off the ground. 

Last month, it appeared that Jenelle was once again attempting to jump into the podcasting world, with her The Time of The Day podcast. However, earlier this week, she stated on Twitter that she has reconsidered doing that podcast because she is “afraid of the backlash.” 

“Well Juh-nelle, I’m sure tha world is weepin’ ova the loss!”

Tyler Baltierra Shades His Daughter Carly’s Adoptive Parents & Reveals How Much Money His OnlyFans Is Bringing In 

“Who wants to see some ‘Teen Mom’ dad gluts and giggleberries!?”

Tyler is defending his right to show his rump on The Interwebs– no matter who disapproves!

As The Ashley has previously reported, Tyler currently has an OnlyFans site that is run by his wife Catelynn Lowell. Catelynn frequently posts sexy time pics of her husband showing off his man parts (and, in a recent post, his rear clothed in a red thong…as you do).

However, after the latest batch of man-meat modeling shots went live on the site, Tyler and Cate received plenty of backlash from fans, with several even stating that Brandon and Teresa Davis— the couple who adopted Ty and Cate’s bio daughter Carly at birth—would disapprove of Tyler’s new, um, hobby. Tyler clapped back, stating that he couldn’t get the approval of Carly’s parents even before he started showing his naughty bits online.

“What in the H-E-double hockey sticks are you doing, Ty?”

“What are you going to do in 10 years when the MTV money is gone and no one gives a damn about your [OnlyFans]?” the fan asked Ty in a tweet. “Oh, and how do you expect Brandon and Teresa to respond to this? They don’t want to be associated with this nonsense!”

“IDK, I’ll prolly just move back into a trailer park where I belong,” Tyler responded. “And as far as B&T go, I couldn’t please them or get their approval if I was damn Mother Teresa herself lol. Besides, I refuse to live my life trying to live up to anyone’s expectations besides my own!” 

When another person tweeted that they no longer like Cate and Ty due to their “degrading” OnlyFans hijinks, Tyler clapped back again.

“Your opinion is totally valid from your perception. But I’m choosing to raise my daughters with the understanding that body’s are nothing to be shameful about,” he wrote. “They’re meant to be embraced & loved in all their various forms, especially through the freedom of expression!”

I don’t blame you kid…that thong pic was A LOT.

Tyler also informed his haters that he and Catelynn are rolling in the cash thanks to his online nudie-cutie pics.

“We’ve been having a blast doing this together tbh! It’s making well over 6 figures already & has stayed in the top 1%!” Tyler wrote. “So everyone who chooses to hate can keep on hatin & we’ll just keep on rollin I guess!”

“Six figures, eh? Do you KNOW how many candelabras that kind of money could buy?!”

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22 Responses

  1. Tyler takes jabs every chance he gets and then wonders why they don’t want Carly around them. I wouldn’t either! She’s not HIS daughter, she’s THEIR daughter.

  2. “Those aren’t names, they are words!”
    Hahahahaha best comment! Funny because it’s true.

    Jenelle must be high again.

    Tyler ?
    They gave Farrah such a hard time on their high horse.

  3. Podcast is only popular to find out when Kails gonna bag herself a new man. Tyler is a joke. No way should he expect approval from Carlys adoptive parents. Best choice they did was give her away but now they’re selling themselves online. So much for giving her a good life to grow up and do better. Obviously it’s their choice to do what they want but given the situation it’s pretty crummy and they always seemed so full of themselves despite how bad things were they went through. Would have liked to see them actually do something with their lives. But then again Kail worked hard for an education and does nothing too.

    Kail also purposely wants to dig their kids down by giving lousy names. Saying she will keep them private til they want to be shown online then blasts them. Broke another promise to Issac. None of the kids will stick around full time when they have a choice.

  4. I’m sure Fake Gary will realize just how crazy Amber is soon too. Don’t worry Fake Gary, you’re not the first, you won’t be the last.

  5. So he discovered Amber is “crazy”?? When did he find out water was wet? Last night?? These boyfriends she gets always sit there and act like it’s not public knowledge that Amber has mental health and anger/violence issues.

    Tyler seriously needs to STOP shading B&T. I feel like he’s always bashing them in some weird attempt to have it documented that he and Catelynn love Carly, but he’s too dumb to realize his consistent bitching is probably pushing Carly further away from him and Catelynn. Adopted kid or not, you can’t sit there and talk crap about someone’s PARENTS, and expect them to be ok with it.

  6. Apart from Isaac (and maybe Lincoln), Kail never gave good names to her kids. Valley and Verse, really?! So when will then Verse be able to…converse? *ba dumm tss* (Sorry)

    Hahaha, I love how another ex of Amber agrees with people how crazy she is. Gary 2.0, RUN!

    I don’t believe Jenelle.

    Ty immediately lost me when he talked about how he wants to show his daughters…that it’s okay to put pictures of your intimate parts online? I’m sorry, I don’t understand…and as someone suggested, I don’t think his viewers are actually women. Brings back an old rumor about him. Plus I still don’t understand all the shading they are trying to do to the PARENTS of their first born. I feel in their head they still think she will run back to them the moment she is 18. While I think it will be the opposite. She has no relation to them apart from being her birth parents, otherwise emotionally she is way more attached to Brandon&Teresa as they actually RAISED her.

  7. The captions! ????? I love them!

    Every OF ‘stah’ says they’re in the top 1% of popularity.
    Every one of them.
    I dunno if I’d brag that I’m as popular as Jenelle’s OF ?

  8. “Tyler clapped back, stating that he couldn’t get the approval of Carly’s parents even before he started showing his naughty bits online”

    Does Tyler really think that he is shading B&T? He is actually shading himself.

  9. My head is spinning from all of the trashiness of this roundup. Cate & Ty being the grossest, and it’s a low bar when they’re out-trashing the likes of Kail, Amber and Jenelle. They SHOULD care what Brandon’nTeresa think. How embarrassing for Carly, but even more so for their other kids who are stuck with them.

    Also, is Cate aware that probably 99% of Tyler’s “fans” are men? Or does she not care, as long as she doesn’t have to get a JOB.

    1. HAHAHAHAH never thought of it this way! She’s so “look at my man everyone” which is cringey in itself but to know his OF is all men is hysterical lol

      1. Swamp Thing David Eason’s “fanbase” on OF is probably also 99% male which is hilarious as he’s a raging homophobe (or perhaps is in the closet and just self-hating). But anything to not have to work a real JOB!!!

  10. So… if they’re making 6 figures off his photos then why was she begging for money for her dads fiance a few weeks ago?

  11. Only Fans is just gross. It’s debasing and degrading (and pretty pathetic that people actually support it). I know, strong words— and some may disagree with me. I’m okay with that.

    Yes, bodies (not body’s, Ty) are whatever he said, but c’mon. Have an ounce of self-respect or at least feign respect for the offspring who will continue to suffer the effects of their parent’s poor choices.

    Too many things to unpack with Jenelle, Kail and Co. Woof.

  12. His audience isn’t women, though, right?

    And ugh with the names. Kail always goes the extra mile with needing attention for her chirren.

    Yes I realize she’s keeping them from the public but we aren’t her audience she’s looking for approval from. Hint, same audience she got the BBL for.

  13. I bet Lindsie Chrisley is thankful she dodged a bullet, Jenelle, seeing how much you suck at podcasting (as well as in every other aspect of your life).
    What Tyler and Catelynn are doing is pure trash and must be very embarrassing to Carly which is a teen. She probably dodged a bullet too.

    1. I used to like Cate and Tyler in the first season of teen mom. But now I think I’m looking at them and wondering you might be lucky if you get to see Carly ever again or you might have to wait until she’s 18 years old. To Cate and Tyler not think about all of their children possibly getting picked on or bullied over this. I think it’s safe to say that they might have sabotage anything with the adoptive parents.

      1. Seeing as Carly is a teenager now, she might be declining visits on her very own.

        I can’t imagine her NOT being mortified and wanting to distance herself from them in the likely event she knows about the Only Fans activity. Not even out of judgement per se, just being mortified at the association of anything sexual at that age. I saw my mom’s diaphragm once in middle school (this was post 9-11, my mom was just the last person to use one).

        1. Carly likes seeing the sisters.. so I doubt she’s going to turn down visits.

          Limit her conversation with the Trash Pile? Sure. She probably gives them polite one word answers to them as it is.

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