Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Explains How She Logistically Takes Care of Seven Kids With Four Baby Daddies: “My Situation Is Very Much Not Ideal”

“Kids and chaos are kinda my thing, ya know?”

Kail Lowry is now a mom of seven, and her fans are wondering how the former Teen Mom 2 star logistically makes her life work, with so many kids (and baby daddies to deal with). 

In a new TikTok, Kail explained exactly how she manages her kids, who range in age from about two months to 14 years old. (In addition to the twins she shares with current live-in lover Elijah Scott, Kail also has one-year-old Rio with Elijah; three-year-old son Creed and six-year-old son Lux with Chris Lopez; 10-year-old son Lincoln with her ex-husband Javi Marroquin; and 14-year-old son Isaac with Jo Rivera.) 

In response to another TikToker’s video asking her how she handles having seven kids, Kail broke down how she juggles her assorted kids and baby daddii (which is what The Ashley has decided is the plural term for ‘baby daddies’), as well as all of her kids’ activities and schooling.

Kail started off her response video by admitting that two of her kids (Isaac and Lincoln) spend half their time with their dads.

“So I only have five [kids] full-time,” Kail said.

“ONLY five?”

“Also, every other weekend, on the same weeks that the other two [Isaac and Lincoln] are with their dads, Lux and Creed go to their dad’s on the weekend,” she continued. “So then I’m down two more kids for about two-and-a-half to three days. Then I’m left with three kids [Rio and the twins].”

Kail admitted that, while she does get some relief from her baby daddii when it comes to childcare, her situation “is very much not ideal.”

“It’s also very not typical,” she added. 


Kail admitted that she has in-home “childcare” Monday through Friday, from around 7:30-4 p.m. but things still get “tricky” when she factors in that she has to shuttle her four oldest kids to and from school, while caring for the three youngest at home. 

“You have to figure out how to get four kids to school, and then someone has to stay home with the [younger] kids to be able to fit the four [older] kids in the car, and then keep the other three kids home,” she said, adding that her childcare person is home with the younger kids when she picks up and drops off the older kids.

“So that’s what works for us.” 

“Have ya thought of buyin’ a tour bus? Ya can pack all ya kids in somethin’ like that!”

Kail then sent some encouraging words to the mom who made the original TikTok video and said she was struggling with only having two kids to care for.

“You are not less of a mom because I can handle more kids [than you],” she said. “Everyone hits their limit, I also get overwhelmed…everybody’s load is different, and everybody’s breaking point is different.”

Kail recently announced on her Barely Famous podcast that, after the birth of her twins, she had her tubes tied and won’t be adding any more kids to add to her already full house.

You can watch Kail’s TikTok video response below! 

@kaillowry #stitch with @Alyssa Ice ♬ original sound – Kailyn Lowry

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(Photos: MTV)


  1. You don’t say gorilla, cmon you could’ve gotten them tubes tied years ago. You made your bed now lay in it.

  2. Having so many kids she knows how to NOT have let alone so close together. Not thinking once about the kids and crying about how hard it is? What she went through a lot of us have gone through with births it happens it’s life desl with it like we all do. Don’t cry like it’s something rare and unexpected. Also didn’t she used to go on about medical issues that made things difficult for her to get pregnant? Wouldn’t be surprised if she snuck some fertility meds from another country from her many childless trips. Yes it’s her life she can do what she wants but she’s milking the money from having her kids, the way she goes on keeps screaming it. Said she’d listen to Issac and not show her new babys faces on social media to respect them then boom the hospital pic of then in her arms with good shots of the new babies.

    Kids will spend more and more time at their dads and this guy never seemed like he’d stick around either.

  3. can someone please tell me what an incoming stitch is? I always thought it was an incoming sitch…like situation. wtf is a stitch?! help

    1. A “Stitch” is a feature on Tiktok… It’s where there is a split screen sometimes (I think?) or where there is a clip shown of the original video, and then a video from the person responding to the original video… Hope that makes sense!

  4. I am a single mom of three boys- Twin 11 year olds and a 4 year old. My mom and (ex) mother in law help get my older two to school while I work. I drop off my youngest in the morning and pick him up after work. I do not get financial assistance from the father of my youngest. I do get some from my ex-husband for my older two and he helps whenever he can but his job is very demanding. I also run a side floral design business and I am active in recovery (I will have three years sober in April). I could only WISH I had a nanny or live in help. I also could only wish I could get a blow out- even once a month. LOL. I wash my hair once a week and have to take 5 minute showers otherwise. I don’t wear makeup unless it’s a special occasion. I have no social life really except for seeing my best friend every other weekend. That is the reality of a mom who does it *mostly* by myself. My youngest does go to his dad’s every other weekend- most of the time. One of the twins goes to his dad’s every weekend, the other twin likes to be with me for a day and his dad for a day. It. Is. HARD. That being said- it’s just hard to be a mom. But Kail has the luxury of a lot of help and the money she has. I will also say that my youngest was a… surprise (I was on birth control. Albeit, a happy one. But I am DONE having kids and no shade to anyone that has more than one baby daddy but I was very self conscious about having two dad’s for my three kiddos. It wasn’t what I saw for myself. She’s had a LOT of control of all of the pregnancies… I applaud all moms in general but the single mamas that have ZERO help- I REALLY applaud you. There are days where I literally have wondered how single moms that have no one- that have to work to support their kid(s)- how they get it all done. I feel VERY lucky to have my mom and ex mother in law help me transport my older boys to and from school because without that I’d be screwed. Kail is nothing to applaud. At all.

    1. Stories like yours are what the show was supposed to be like. Instead it’s turned into a bunch of entitled, emotionally stunted Kardashian wannabes who drag their kids through their messy lives.

  5. The fact that she is able to find time to read so many books and we aren’t even through January yet, or that her hair and makeup are always done, even if just to go to a football game screams she has so much outside help!

  6. Oh waaaaaahhh! This bitch thinks life is so hard with her undeserved wealth, ability to not work, and multiple Nannies. Please, she probably spends a solid 4 hours a day staring at a phone sitting on her ass. Meanwhile other women hustle multiple kids, a 40hr work week, and no father to help

    1. I watched the video. She was actually very polite and sweet to the tik toker she was responding to. She acknowledged that she has fathers that help and have their kids. She also mentioned her wealth and how she was able to afford child care and such. She was trying to explain to the commenter not to compare herself to her bc her situation is not the norm.

      1. yet she says, “just because I can handle more kids than you. everyone has their limits” bs

  7. Imagine having so many kids that you need a flow chart of your kids and their daddy’s to keep them all straight.

  8. She has some deep deep issues surrounding abandonment that is causing her to have all these kids? Idk maybe I’m just too judgy but this seems excessive.

  9. “You are not less of a mom because I can handle more kids [than you].”

    Uh, you can’t, Kail. You have a nanny most of the at-home kids’ waking hours.

    Curious as to why she also hasn’t bought a transport van? Or an SUV with six seats in the back and have Isaac ride up front? How can she not fit all her kids in once vehicle?

    1. She probably can fit all her children in one vehicle but why go through the trouble of fitting 7 kids (including 2 newborns and 1 toddler) if one person can stay at home with the younger ones?

      1. I only mention it because the way she words it is like the vehicle is kind of her justification for having the nanny, so she has somebody to be home with the younger ones while she takes the older ones to and from school. I also thought she had a Tahoe or Suburban (or something similar) and should be able to fit them all, but her comment says that they literally won’t all fit.

      2. Also the younger ones nap. Ain’t no way I would be waking multiple babies to get them dressed properly and get them in the car.

        1. Maybe when the 3 youngest are a little older, she will get a big enough vehicle to transport all the kids.

      3. She’s said she can’t fit them all in her vehicle, especially if they’re all in the seats they should be in. I’m sure we’ll be hearing of a new vehicle purchase in the near future.

        While I agree, if she doesn’t have to (because she has the financial means to pay others to do it for her, or so many baby daddies she’s only a part time mom), why bother trying. That said, though, she claims she “can handle more kids” all the time, which is a flat out lie. She can’t handle more than a couple of kids at one time, and has never been able to. that parts not me putting her down either, loads of people can’t handle more than a couple of kids at a time, nothing wrong with that.

        Her telling another mom that, though, is a ridiculous way she goes about putting herself on a pedestal, while also putting others down in a way she thinks is subtle. She throws a good amount of shade out there at people.

        As much as she posts and talks about being a mom on her podcast, she’s actually a pretty hands off parent-only hands on when it suits her sm needs. Most of the child rearing is done by other people. I’m not impressed by her capability to open her legs to any hot dog vendor around, watch offspring skip their way out of her uterus, hand said offspring off to other people to raise…then repeat the process every year or two. It’s a weird flex, to say the least.

        1. It was the smugness for me.

          She’s no authority on good parenting. Good delegating, sure.

          She has herself on the highest of pedestals. She did a great job complimenting the peasant. What an honor!!!

          Kail has joined the ranks of Farrah and Jenelle as fast as needing to go away

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