EXCLUSIVE! Amber Portwood Fights Back After Ex Andrew Glennon Claims in Emergency Motion That She Was Unsafe with Son James; Read the Court Docs

“It’s time to get Portwood AF in this courtroom!” 

Amber Portwood is fighting back against her baby daddy, Andrew Glennon, and his latest attempt to strip her of parenting time with their son, James.

In new court documents exclusively obtained by The Ashley, Amber responded to Andrew’s claims that she was a neglectful parent, providing photos and text screenshots that she feels proves that Andrew is just trying to interfere with her time with James and “cause her emotional and likely financial hardship.”

She also states that the timing of Andrew’s “emergency motion” is suspicious, given that he did not file it for 10 days after the events that took place. In addition, Amber claims that Andrew filed two days after he received an email (via her lawyer) with the dates she intended to take James for the “extended summer parenting time” she is allowed to have. (Amber requested to take her summer time from July 5- August 22.)

Two days later, Andrew filed his motion to suppress Amber’s parenting time with James completely.

“Petitioner genuinely fears for the minor child’s safety in Respondent’s care and
believes that it would endanger the child’s physical health and well-being and significantly impair the child’s emotional development for Respondent to exercise parenting time at this time,” Andrew wrote. “Petitioner believes that it is in the child’s best interest that Respondent’s parenting time with the minor child be suspended immediately pending further Order of this Court.”

As The Ashley told you last Thursday, Amber and Andrew faced off in court (with Andrew being beamed in via videochat, because he and James now live in California). The judge did not approve Andrew’s emergency motion but did not dismiss it either, as Amber had requested. 

“Maybe I should have added my Einstein doll to my witness list?”

In the court docs obtained by The Ashley, Andrew states that it was agreed that Amber would have James (while she was in California) from May 13-May 18. The visit seemed to be going well, based on texts that Amber provided to the court that were between her and Andrew from the previous days. (The text were friendly in tone and discussed James’ activities while with Amber. In one text, Andrew even tells Amber, “Well done momma.”)  

Things went south on May 16, however, when, during a video call with Andrew, James busted his lip while jumping on the bed.

“The minor child had busted, bloody lip,” Andrew claimed. “The minor child became hysterical, [Amber] began yelling, and [Amber] immediately terminated the video call with the [Andrew] and refused to respond for an extended amount of time to his numerous inquiries, including phone calls and text messages, as to what happened and what was going on.”

Andrew then stated that he “feared for [James’] safety” and went to Amber’s hotel and retrieved James (somewhere around 1:30 a.m.). He claims Amber made a big scene in front of James because Andrew was taking the kid.

“I’m back!”

Amber explained what happened in her response to Andrew’s allegation, stating that Andrew conveniently left out that James’ bloody lip was caused when he fell— while on video chat with Andrew.

“Father fails to advise the Court that James suffered bloody lip during the video call with his Father. James was jumping on the hotel bed and bit his lip. A five-year-old jumping and biting his lip (on video call with his Father) is not an emergency,” Amber wrote in her response to Andrew’s emergency motion. “When the child injured his lip, Mother terminated the video call to tend to him. During this time, Mother missed phone call from Father. She returned his call and spoke with Father two minutes later.”

(Amber submitted her phone’s call log to show what time Andrew’s calls came in, which ones she missed and when she spoke to him.)

She claims that James only became hysterical (as Andrew stated) because of Andrew’s actions.

“In my opinion, you belong in gel, Andrew!” 

“Mother advises the Court that the minor child only became upset because of Father’s exaggerated and relentless statements and reactions during the video call and upon arriving at the hotel where Mother and James were staying,” Amber wrote. “As result of Father’s actions and behavior, Mother’s parenting time was interrupted and prematurely ended.”

“How dare you ask to pick him up because he jumped up and bit his lip!” Amber texted Andrew at 1:36 a.m. (according to the screenshots she submitted to the court.) “…You broke my heart for this one seriously.”

In his original filing, Andrew questioned if Amber had been bathing James during the visit, given that he had developed a “painful, blistering rash” on his back side. Andrew stated that Amber “became very aggressive with [Andrew] when he inquired if the minor child had been bathed while in her care.”

In her response, Amber did not deny that James had the rash; however, she stated that she discovered it at the same time Andrew had, and that the rash was from James not wiping after using the bathroom. Amber claims she was unaware that James was not able to wipe himself and that Andrew had been doing it for him. She stated that she only became aware of this when James finally asked her for help, during the video call with Andrew, at which time she discovered his rash.

Amber pointed the finger at Andrew for this one, telling the court that Andrew— being the custodial parent— should have been teaching James how to clean himself.

As we saw on ‘Teen Mom,’ clearly Andrew wasn’t so great with the “cleaning”…

“A five (5) year old that develops rash because he has not been taught age-appropriate bathroom hygiene (by the custodial parent) is not an emergency,” Amber wrote.

The final reason Andrew gives for wanting to suppress Amber’s parenting time with James is that Amber was drinking alcohol during her time with James.

In her response, Amber does not deny that she had a drink while with James. However, she provided all her receipts from her visit with James, showing that the day in question, she had ordered one vodka spritz, along with dinner for her and James. (It’s unknown how Andrew found this out. The drink was ordered around 4:30 p.m. and the call didn’t take place until late evening. It’s possible that Andrew saw the can in the background during the video call, but The Ashley is purely speculating on that.) 

Amber states that, in his emergency filing, Andrew purposely left out details about her drinking to make it look like she did something wrong. In fact, she said that she and Andrew (and Andy’s mom) had gotten together for dinner with James a few days before May 16, and Andrew’s mother bought Amber a glass of wine to drink with dinner, and Andrew had been OK with that. (Amber provided a photo of her with James at the dinner, where the glass of wine is sitting next to Amber.)

“An adult responsibly drinking an alcoholic beverage in the presence of minor child is not an emergency,” Amber wrote.

“Sometimes you just need a vodka spritz, man!”

Amber asks the judge to dismiss Andrew’s emergency motion, and to make him pay her attorney fees (which she claims now amount to over $6,000) for the additional work they have had to do because of the motion. (Amber fired her lawyer and got a new one over this motion, although it’s unclear why.)

“As result of Father’s actions and behaviors Mother engaged new counsel,” Amber wrote, adding that Andrew purposely left out info to make Amber look bad in the public eye.

“As the Court is aware, Mother is public figure. Father has made baseless allegations and provided the Court with selective information. Mother believes that Father’s allegations are made to cause her emotional and possible financial hardship,” she wrote.

While the judge has not granted or dismissed Andrew’s motion, she did agree with Amber and ruled that what Andrew presented was not an “emergency” and did not warrant immediately stripping Amber of her time with James. 

“In your face, Andy!”

“The Petitioner has failed to allege any circumstance or fact that constitutes an emergency or that Respondent’s parenting time should be restricted,” the judge wrote in an order filed on May 30.

On Wednesday, Andrew and Amber had another hearing (where Andrew again appeared via video chat). Evidence was presented, and Amber gave testimony. They were only given 90 minutes, so the hearing had to be continued until July 17, at which time Andrew will be allowed to cross-examine Amber. They will have another 90 minutes. 

After that July 17 hearing, another hearing is set for July 31. 

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available…

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  1. First of all, I think he’s wrong for trying to strip her of her parents rights because first of all Amber has changed a lot a lot she’s a different person today. I think he’s just money motivated and for him to say that he feels unsafe with his James being with her did y’all see that house, did anybody see how he left that house and how it smell like piss how in the world can he have a child live like that?? He shouldn’t have that child cause what conditions do you have a child at the age of four living in? It was a nasty mess. He’s money motivated. That’s all he doing he don’t care about that child he care about the money because he want a check , because how he have a child live in the condition he had that baby living in?? Don’t tell me a four year old don’t know how to wipe themselves a five-year-old. Don’t know how to wipe them self that’s because he wasn’t teaching him, so who’s not the fit parent here??? I think the wrong person have the child. but go figure because Indiana DCS is bullshit. They don’t care they don’t care about them children they don’t care what type of situation they put them in they don’t care like you can’t tell me nobody never went to the house to see them living conditions, but they gave this man permission to leave out the state with this child. Nobody went to go look at how that baby been living that shit pisses me off they don’t care.

  2. He needs to be stopped once and for all from continuously filing these charges everyone can see his motive. It’s just not fair.

  3. This poor child…his dad will do anything to hurt Amber..he has never had good intentions when he got to her..he saw her as a paycheck and that was all….she is trying to better herself and he is a POS…and his family enables him…guarentee his rich parents are watching the kid more than he is….have never been a fan of his…and for those that don’t understand mental illness do some research…

  4. I wouldn’t leave amber alone with a goldfish let alone a child, everyone piled on Gary at one point screaming that he was keeping Leah away from Amber and etc. etc. then we all found out the truth. Amber is never gonna be a good person. She still an addict. She was an addict on the reunion when she was nodding out, and accusing Christine of being a whore. I don’t think she’ll ever change. I don’t think she’s better now I just think that Leah is older and better at managing her and frankly they want the money.

  5. Not an Amber fan but Andrew is really clutching at straws, nothing she did was wrong, and waiting ten whole days to file is suspicious. She should not be drinking, but if he had a problem with it really I doubt his mother would be buying wine for her.
    It does seem like he thought she would be her usual messy self, but she has proof.
    He is going to continue on with this petty nonsense, tying up the courts which should be used for actual emergencies until she gives up and he never has to see her again.

      1. Seeing how petty they are, I can see bitter exs trying to play nice just to get comfortable to see what things they actually do, yo use against.
        Have they thought of this tho?

  6. Sounds like ol’ Drew is looking for any little thing to rid Amber of time with James. I get it, she’s a shit parent, but if she’s honestly trying and being a decent person around her kid, let her be. How can one improve if not given an opportunity to? Should she be drinking at all around him? Probably not, she should be a friggin’ angel around them, given the circumstances.

    There’s probably a lot more to this story, but it seems like her and Andrew are oil and water and their poor kid is caught in the middle. You know you’ve made some terrible decisions in life when you have to parent with a judge and court orders. Thank God Leah has Gary.

  7. Man I’m not a fan of Amber but Andrew is definitely being petty here. A 5 year old should know how to wipe. I made sure my child was fully capable of this by 4 before starting school. And it’s plausible that Amber didn’t notice a rash if James was bathing by himself, as he should also be able to do. If Andrew if failing to teach the kid basic hygiene then that’s something Amber can use against him. It’s definitely suspicious that Andrew waited so long to file the motion and didn’t provide all the details about the incident with James jumping on the bed. And I would be mad too with him showing up and taking James over it. It’s also really suspicious Andrews mother would buy Amber a drink if they didn’t want her drinking around James, that seems like a set up. Amber is right none of these things are emergencies. I wonder if her missed summer parenting time will have to made up for throughout the year or something. I know she has a sh!tty past but I does seem like she’s trying here.

    1. She didn’t bathe the 5 year old, which is a serious issue. Imagine the lice and skin problems this child will have if sent for an extended visit.

  8. I feel for James!!! It’s going to be a long 13 years…hopefully doesn’t go that long.

    WE, here at The Ashley, know that Amber shouldn’t be drinking. As a recovering alcoholic going on 3 years, I know I cannot have one. I will not give in to the temptation.
    However, how are you going to be okay with her drinking when out at dinner with you but then have an issue almost two weeks later as mom is requesting their visitation time?

    Amber met her match, some karma. She’s being tested and will be continued to be tested. I will pray for Amber, although I don’t have much hope for change for her, but I hopeful for James’ sake. Andrew is going to use this child against her.

    It’s either going to be end of her demise( because he’s going to challenge her so much she’s either going to be back on drugs harder than before because she cant cope, unalive self, jail for murdering Andrew, I can go on with scenarios) or encourage true change. Usually what happens.

    Andrew has the control rn and will continue this. It’s a game for him, maybe for both of them.

    1. That’s awesome! 3 Years! I hit 2 years on 4/10. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it for sure!!! Congrats on 3 years!

      1. Thank you!! It’s been hard but I’m getting through it. I do have health issues that keeps me more accountable. It’s kinda bitter sweet in a way, like sucks the health issues, but I’m grateful for the extra security to keep me straight.

        The mental clarity!! You realize what your real normal is and it feels good, encouraging. I learned so many of my strengths that I’ve always had, just didn’t realize they were strengths during addiction.
        I’ll pray for Amber to get like is!

  9. 1. Amber shouldn’t be drinking given her history, period. Not a ‘once in a while’ social drink, not a drink with dinner, nothing. It is not in her best interest.

    2. James should be wiping his own ass. He’s five. If there’s a huge concern he’s not doing a good job, get him some wet wipes. Custodial parent should be providing this support so James has some basic skills for his age.

    3. BOTH of these jokers handled the entire thing poorly & blew it completely out of proportion. Of course Amber can’t stay on the damn phone when she’s consoling the kid. Andrew should understand. Amber shouldn’t fly off the handle if Andrew shows up to make sure all is well since Amber doesn’t appear to have replied to him. However- Andrew is a complete dipshit for taking James back just because he sustained a typical childhood injury.

    4. Andrew shouldn’t have been allowed to move back to California with James as it appears to be causing conflict and issues in their ability to coparent.

    FUCKING. DO. BETTER. Morons, both of them.

    1. Amber did call him back, two minutes later, after taking care of James. She showed that to the judge.
      And she had to hang up cause Andrew was stressing James out.
      Hate to say it but she actually protected James wellbeing and was responsible by calling Andrew back within 2 minutes.

      And ofcourse she doesn’t have to agree with Andrew coming to pick up James hours later when the boy was asleep, while there was no emergency at all.

      Andrew also waited 10 whole days to suddenly realise James was so unsafe, just after see requested more time with James. Probably didn’t fit his schedule and scheme to hurt Amber and make her look bad. Didnt want people to know Amber was allowed more parenting time cause the judge had nothing against it as there is nothing against it at this time.
      JC, perhaps Amber’s mental health is better managed or better overall even than his at this moment.
      That poor boy. I hope Andrew’s parent are doing much better mentally and are keeping an eye on things.

  10. Honestly I work in a preschool and none of our 5 year olds can sufficiently wipe when they poop. They still get it on their hands, use way too much toilet paper, etc. They’re still learning. As a mother, she should be aware that he can’t fully clean himself. After all, how would he know if he wasn’t taught? A MOTHER would know these things or have the common sense to check on him.

    1. my kids could clean themselves really well by aged 3 as they were taught..I work in a preschool as well and all the kids that are 5 wipe their butts well….so he should be able to

  11. I am team Amber on this one.He should know how to wipe by now at 5. And she has texts and cell records to show she tried. Kids fall all the time.he is just being dramatic.Its shameful it’s taking the court that long to settle this.

  12. This “extended summer parenting time” you have in america is crazy! A small child being away from his or her primary bonding person for 1,5 month is insane and it would be seen as child abuse in my country. My parents divorced when I was little and even as a teenager I would not have been able to cope with having to stay with my dad and not see my mom for that long. My summers would have been torture.

    1. I agree with you in this case, particularly because James barely knows Amber. But just to clarify, the whole ‘extended summer stay’ thing isn’t common. It does happen, but it’s definitely not a common way to handle splitting the time. I believe in this case it’s probably in place because they live across the country from each other, so going back and forth every week or every 2 weeks isn’t ideal.

      But overall yes, it seems like it would cause kids trauma, especially if they are too young to understand that their other parent will be back after X amount of time. I guess at 5 , which is James’ age, at least you could explain to the child that he’ll see his Dad again, but imagine a 2 year old or younger, when you can’t explain to them that their Dad didn’t just vanish forever for no reason. Or Mom/vice versa.

      1. @Duck— So this was all considered in the custody plan. It’s been rolled out in phases for James’ sake, and they are currently on Stage 5. Amber didn’t even have overnights with James until he was 3. -The Ashley

    2. What was common for summers when I was a kid was flipping the parenting time for the summer, e.g. my mom had primary custody of us and we visited my father every other weekend (thurs-sun) and the opposite week an overnight on Wed. This was flipped for half the summer break. It was torture for me. I did not get along well with, feel comfortable around, or enjoy time with my father. My feelings were never considered even after I turned 13. I really cannot imagine how James will feel about all this, especially as he gets older and sees it not only as an interruption to his normal life, but likely develops a better relationship with his primary parent and/or makes his own opinions on Amber and the things that come along with her.

  13. She doesn’t know how to be a mother of a toddler and still obviously has anger issues. Don’t leave that poor baby with this deranged woman

  14. Andrew’s family has money so he can fight Amber with just as good of a lawyer. An out of State custody battle costs major $$$$.

  15. We all know Amber has issues but dang Andrew has always seemed like a sketchy person with ulterior motives. As a parent you would advise anyone caring for your kid about bathroom issues or any other issues for that matter. Questionable what’s with the unable to bathe him issue too? If he goes with Amber for a week he can’t be washed up? And the mom buying Amber a drink…. Obviously she shouldn’t drink it or have bought her own especially since doing anything will risk this happening. Amber could probably simply sneeze and Andrew would jump to take visitation away.

    I hope if they do find that this should be dismissed that Andrew should be held accountable and Ambers visitations adjusted for more time in her favor.

  16. I would place money on the fact that Andrew will dismiss this motion once the timeframe for Amber’s extended summertime stay has passed. Manipulative behavior at its finest.

  17. Expect this same court case every so often, for the next 12, 13 years.

    A 5 yr old should be fully potty trained. He’s probably even in school now.

    And a rash? How long do you need to be shitty before you develop a rash? Something is really off and Amber needs to be asking tough questions there.

    1. They can wipe, but not well and he’s newly 5 so you should monitor to make sure. But why is no one weirded out that she wasn’t BATHING a 5 year old? He definitely needs help with that. Had she bathed him she would have seen the poop smears. The eff?!

  18. I called this one. Listen, I’m not saying Amber is mother of the year, or even a great parent- but she’s trying. Andrew seems like a very bitter and petty man that tries to play on Amber’s downfalls and mistakes. Personally, I think they are both a mess though and I’m not sure either one of them should have James on a regular basis. Honestly, I sort of side with Amber on the whole not cleaning himself properly… Andrew DID leave her home in a piss riddled state so why would he teach his son how to wipe himself? And if James can’t wipe himself and Andrew assists, then he should probably give Amber a heads up that he needs help. I don’t exactly like the father of my youngest but when it comes to what’s going on with potty training, any picky eating, if he’s got a runny nose, cough any scratches on even small bruises from playing and his general demeanor before he goes with him for visits, I let him know. That is what you do.

  19. I can’t believe I agree with Amber on this. How does a 5 year old not know how to take care of that business? Wouldn’t that be child neglect? That poor kid.

    1. I do have one question.. why was a 5 year old awake and jumping on the bed at 1:30 in the morning? That’s what I would’ve been questioning..

    2. I didn’t let my child wipe her own ass without a follow-up swipe from me until prob 7yo. I am positive she could have but for my own peace of mind I double checked. How do you not check in with your 5yo to be sure he can wipe? or ask the other parent? & if he was being bathed regularly she would know if he had been wiping well… I certainly think all of these things could have been addressed between them, without court involvement. He is clearly trying to cut her out. It is a little worrisome that she gets so little time with James & can’t refrain from drinking. She is an adult but she knows how Andrew is & he is absolutely using it against her. Just not super well thought out on her part.

        1. That’s fine. It’s good to check behind bc girls are really susceptible to UTIs so this isn’t excessive. I check behind my 5 year old bc he’s impatient. But I also BATHE my kid so if he wasn’t wiping well we’d see it. The not bathing is insane.

      1. You’re kidding, right? You would follow behind your 7 year old and wipe them?

        That’s gonna be a memory your little one will be talking to a therapist about in a decade. Good job!

          1. I’m a parent and I haven’t had to wipe my daughter since she was maybe 3. She’s 7 now, I think it’s completely ridiculous to be wiping a 7 year old as well.. it’s creepy!

  20. I have to side with Amber on this one if all the facts are true. Andrew is just trying to take the time away from her over things that are petty. Yeah he shouldn’t be jumping on the bed but what rlse is there gor a 5 year old to do in a lonely hotel room. I bet Andrew didn’t even send toys so of course James is probably bored as any active 5 year old would be. If my ex called for emergency custody every time my kids got hurt I probably would live in a court room. Lastly Andrew saw what happened to James per the court documents so was he planning on saying Amber hit him or something?

    1. I do overall agree with Amber too, if the facts are correct. Id like to wonder, if Amber had been bathing james, how she did not see the rash? Sometimes kids only get bathed every other day though. A 5 year old should be more than capable to wipe themselves.

      If Amber is making an effort and being kind to Andrew and his family, this is also just sad.

    2. I think what goes around, comes around, and Amber is getting a good serving of karma that Gary could never seem to dish up!! 🤷🏻‍♀️

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