Brief Update: Amber Portwood & Andrew Glennon Appear in Court For Hearing To Respond to Andrew’s Motion to Suspend Amber’s Time with Son (Exclusive)

Oh to be a couch in that courtroom…

Note: The Ashley is aware that this is not a full update. She will post new details from the court hearing as she gets them. Stay tuned…

Amber Portwood came face-to-face (kind of) with her baby daddy Andrew Glennon on Thursday in custody court

As The Ashley previously told you, Andrew recently filed an emergency motion to have Amber’s parenting time with their five-year-old son, James, suspended. On Thursday, the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star and her attorney appeared in an Indiana courtroom, with Andrew appearing via video chat, due to him (and James) now residing in California.

The court hearing lasted about two hours.

The Ashley can reveal that Amber and Andrew were both sworn into court, and then both sides were able to show their evidence and give testimony (and witness statements). 

The judge has set another hearing for Wednesday, July 5 for 90 minutes, with Amber and Andrew both being ordered to appear. 

Andrew’s motion has not been dismissed, but it has not been granted either. 

Amber has battled back against Andrew since he filed the motion on May 26. She responded to the motion days after it was filed, and filed a motion of her own to have Andrew’s request denied. She also asked the judge to make Andrew pay for her attorney’s fees for the work done because of Andrew’s emergency motion.

In the days since, Andrew has filed a witness list and/or a list of exhibits that he feels will show that Amber’s parenting time with James should be suspended. On Tuesday, Amber filed a rebuttal.

The Ashley will have more on what Andrew’s motion entailed soon. Stay tuned…

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12 Responses

  1. Isn’t it funny that just before the next season of the show comes out, suddenly all these teen mom’s are popping off and showing up on social media when we haven’t heard boo for months

  2. I won’t jump to conclusions until I see actual facts. Andrew hasn’t won any saint awards either. He has done everything he can to completely cut Amber out of her son’s life – also cutting Leigh out of her brother’s life. I have never felt he was trustworthy or honest. Sadly, James is the one who truly misses out in the end. The hostility and manipulation that Andrew displays is not good for anyone especially for James. It’s sad how everything has played out and in the no one knows what type of damage it really being done to an innocent little boy.

    1. I am no Andrew fan, honestly, as a person I do not like him one bit and never have. As a parent, however, he has done nothing but put James’ interests first. He IS a good parent and always has been. Yes it sucks that James isn’t isn’t in Leah’s life the way he should be, but sometimes that’s an unfortunate side effect of having an abusive parent (Amber). She is both physically and psychologically abusive to both of those children, she always has been. The judge would not have ruled the way he did, if there wasn’t ample proof that Amber is harmful to the children. Amber deserves to be cut out of both Leah and James’ lives permanently. The sooner the better for James’ sake. I only wish Gary had cut her completely out of Leah’s too. Thankfully Leah is old enough now to understand a bit more and make her own choices, even if it’s a painful realization.

      I do know what it’s like to have a child with a sibling that lives states away and how hard that is to manage. We do our best to ensure they spend whatever time they can and always have the ability to contact one another too. Neither the sibling’s family, nor mine, are doing this on purpose. We happen to live in separate states-doing what’s best for our families, especially the children. They had to move away and I don’t resent them for doing so.

    2. I’m not a huge Andrew fan or anything, but how has he ever cut Leah out of James’ life? He literally had Kristina & Gary be the caretakers of James for a long while, so that James could be with Leah and the family.

      Then, yes, he moves to California, but wouldn’t you? His entire family is in California, and his friends… Indiana he knows no one except Amber, and Kristina/Gary. It would be completely unfair for him to be forced to live in Indiana forever just because that is where Amber lives. Especially when he’s the one with all the custody.

      Also, the judge has no dog in this fight. If Amber truly did nothing wrong, the case wouldn’t have been put on hold, it would have been thrown out. The judge doesn’t care about Andrew. He’s impartial.

  3. I cannot understand why parents, especially a mother, doesn’t get her shit together for her kids. I could never imagine repeatedly failing my daughter. Thankfully Leah was blessed with Kristina. I do hope James lives in a happy, loving and safe environment.

    1. What I don’t get is why she keeps fighting for custody. If she truly hasn’t been utilizing her parenting time or has been doing whatever that shows she doesn’t care to be in James’ life why does she always argue every step of the way? Would it not be easier for her & better for the kids for her to just disappear entirely? I assume because not seeing them could result in more child support & whatever fans she has left would likely abandon her

      1. You’ve nailed it at the end it will be about money, keeping her job on T.M and her reputaon. She also stikes me as a massive CONTROL FREAK and having some custody gives her some control and the ability to contol and d1ck Andrew about. I think she lives and breathes for that.
        I feel sad for James. Thank Jesus God Leah he has Andrew and Leah has Gary and Christina!

    1. It does seem sudden .,.we haven’t heard boo for months and months and months …now all of a sudden BOOM ?

      1. Right. Forgot about ol Ambie.
        Well, I heard she was leaving TM, but she didnt.. so maybe that’s something here, too…

    1. Amber can’t afford to leave TM. No other jobs are going to pay her to stay in bed all day, and between her legal expenses and her flying expenses she literally has to keep his job.

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